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  1. I think the clock cleaner would work so well for the simplistic style of “Classic World”. I could imagine something really simple with that like them trying to fix the clock or something along those lines. Though I’m kinda curious which one will be Sora’s favorite game to play?
  2. Dang I wish I could have some of that sea-salt ice cream. I wonder if it truly is salty, but sweet...
  3. I remember at my old library, they used to have a bunch of the kingdom hearts mangas. I was really young when I first read them, but years later, I remembered them and that's how I got into Kingdom Hearts.
  4. Seeing the trailer for the new season of steven universe. Cause dang, it looks like it's going to be a good one.
  5. I can't just pick one!!! I guess my top 5 I would want to be announced(but may or most likely won't) would be 1.Spirited away One of my all time favorite movies of all time with an amazing story that could work with kingdom hearts. Demons and spirits with heartless and nobodies, ohhh that would be amazing. 2. Atlantis: the lost empire With a beautiful world and a great cast of characters, I feel like with one would be amazing for a world in good ol KH. Being able to meet the crew and explore Atlantis, yeah that sounds soooo good. 3. Zootopia If I could see lion sora just one more time, I would love this idea for a world all the more. 4. A Final fantasy world It will never be announced, but I suppose seeing radiant garden in the new engine would be nice. 5. Shibuya (The world ends with you) I really hope sora decides to actually meet up with everyone in Shibuya. And yeah, that's my list.
  6. I was actually going to upload this on the day of the 15th anniversary of good ol KH, but I kinda forgot to. Hope ya Enjoy! And happy 15th Kingdom Hearts! Please do not repost this in any form without my permission to do so first. Also, if I do give you my permission, please remember to credit my work as done by me. Thank you very much!
  7. Maybe do some job searching though if I can, all I want to do is nothing. And... A bit of drawing, just to kinda spice it up a bit.
  8. Have a Happy Birthday Veemon!!!

    1. Veemon


      Thank you so much, XV! I like your avatar! :D

  9. I'm soooo in love with the new Kingdom Hearts Union Cross update!

    1. Wolf on the Run

      Wolf on the Run

      hows the anniversary pulling going for you

    2. Organization member XV

      Organization member XV

      Pretty good surprizingly! I got one of the key arts, hd riku, illustrated sephiroth, and a few other ones. :)

  10. If anyone's still on, please pray for the Noble family. Their son who was my childhood best friend growing up just died last night in a car accident.

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    2. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      Oh dear, I'm very sorry to hear this. :( My thoughts and prayers go out to you, your friend and his family during this difficult time.

    3. Veemon


      *startled* No way... They were all only 15 and 16... Oh man... :(

    4. Organization member XV

      Organization member XV

      Thanks so much for the many prayers and support guys! It really means a lot!

  11. Funny enough, even though I've play through KH2 a ton of times, I think the only time I ever used a limit was trons. That and Donald's once, but that was kinda an accident since I forgot to turn his off.
  12. Welcome to KH13 EricL! Hope you enjoy the awesomeness of the great KH community!
  13. Merry Christmas everyone here at Kh13!!! :D

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