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  1. I keep waiting for you, but you never show up. (A joke I've always wanted to make. If you don't get it, I'll explain.)

  2. "mr jackson, im sorry but you cannt prove akihiko drank the coffe unless you have Hard Evidence" godot shook his head sadly. "i didnt want ot have to do this but im afraid you lost this battle. please turn in your coffee investigator badge." it wasnt supposed to end this way.........................but he had to accept that the coffee had escaped.
  3. im so happy for you guys you and her are so cute i hope you get married hehe
  4. should i buy parasite eve

  5. u should definitely get it!!! even tho there isnt a big lineup of vita games right now, theres a lot of psp games and ps1 games available in the ps store so if ur interested in any of those then go for it remote play is p cool too theres a lot u can do with vita imo
  6. thats actually not what i said at all but ok have fun and i honestly dont care about people in the majority getting pissed over because i can be killed or denied a job because of my sexuality or gender. the worst that can happen to someone in the majority is that i hurt their feelings because i said that maybe the world doesnt revolve around them sometimes
  7. thats the dictionary definition that isnt used when talking about this situation. you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how oppression works--one group has power (in this case men) that they use to oppress another group who historically does not have as much power. sexism is built off of oppression. you can be discriminatory towards men which isn't ok, but you can't be sexist towards them. either way, it's not the same thing. you didn't even try to understand what im saying. 9000 reports isnt a little but the reason why more action isn't taken is because of what i said before. i said that argument was irrelevant because it's cissexist--not all men have prostates and not all women have breasts. it's exclusionary towards trans and nb people and has nothing to do with the argument at hand. i never said it was fine to have prostate cancer and that it was bad to have breast cancer, please stop putting words in my mouth. anyway if any of you want to ask me privately about this (w/out being rude please) then you can do that but im not going to add more to this thread. peace out
  8. violence towards men =/= sexism it's not justifiable to be a dick based on gender but it would be incorrect to call it sexism due to the oppression thing i mentioned earlier. it's not ok to rape men, and the reason why so little male rapes are reported is because of the patriarchal assumption that all men love sex and that he should be a man and "suck it up" if he gets raped which is incorrect and extremely harmful. the same thing goes with the "it's okay to be abusive towards a man, but not a woman" which is also wrong. and the point you made about breast cancer and prostate cancer is extremely cissexist and irrelevant.
  9. mmmm it all goes back to what i said about oppression. honestly, compared to how women are treated in society, being called a women-bashing pig is really nothing, and isn't as bad as a sexist joke against women. im not saying anything about you personally, or any guy specifically, and i can confirm that when people say that, they aren't talking about all men--just the ones who do say and do sexist things. i dont want to clog up this thread anymore but yeah thats rly what im trying to say
  10. you cant be sexist towards men tho. we live in a patriarchal society, so men have power. the oppressed (women) can't be sexist towards their oppressor (men). the reason why men making jokes about violence towards women is wrong is bc in real life, men do have power in society and violence towards women happens every day. it's not a double standard
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