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  1. My sister loves Kingdom Hearts as much as I do, but she uses tumblr more I believe.
  2. Though there's a plum tree in our garden that belongs to me, I can't stand plums. And you can get a lot of plums from that tree, though only every 2 years. I absolutely can't stand the smell of plumpie while it's baking, I get really nauseous from that smell. I also don't like fruit pies in general. I prefer fruits raw, not in pie or tarts cake, especially when there's that weird jelly between the pieces of fruit. Ew.
  3. I'm mostly a shounen type, so I tend to watch that, if I'm not working my ridicilously long list of animes I wanna watch. So I don't know whether you will actually like what I suggest, especially since you watch more shorter ones than I do.... For the shorter ones: as already mentioned by others, mahou shoujou madoka magika, and apparantly Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru is similiar, I'm still watching it, though I rather enjoy it. Ummm, Black Butler? I'm not a huge fan, it shows a lot of blood, I don't know if that's reason enough to watch it. You could give Cowboy Bebop a shot it's also not really long. That's about it for the short ones that are on my list. I have a few longer ones that I like too: Inuyasha, if you don't mind a love triangle that might get annoying from time to time Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! If you don't mind an anime with a slow start, the first 20-25 episodes are more comedy than what it's supposed to be, the action kicks off after the long start. It's kinda long (203) I don't know if you're into Cardgame animes, if you are, you can checkout Cardfight!! Vanguard, Selector Infected WIXOSS, apart from Yu-Gi.Oh! Have fun watching
  4. It was hard, but in the end it is This is Halloween for me. Mostly because I watched Nightmare before Christmas, only a few years ago. And I have been playing Kingdom Hearts longer, so This is Halloween is the song I heard the most, reminds me of KH and I have also heard it in so many variations, and with each variation I heard, my love for that song grew. So Yeah, This is Halloween for me. ( Although I'm absolutely not a Halloween person haha :lol: )
  5. ^ agreed Honestly, that always happens with a female character when she has more boobies than the rest of the females in the respective series. I don't get the weird obsession, especially if they make her boobs really huge (stumbled upon that too once, ugh) and if they just focus on her boobies. I personally never understood how some go nuts when they see boobs. I mean, sure they are aesthetically pleasing but in the end they are sacks of fat for feeding babies. I too find them aesthetically pleasing, but I wouldn't go crazy about them. But I guess that's something I'm never ever gonna understand, which, I think, is probably for the best.
  6. coolest weapon is a little bit harder for me because there are so many weapons I think look really cool, though I really like the scythe type most creative is definitely Ruby weapon, since she can use it as scythe and also other type of weapons and I really really love how it kinda changes
  7. It looks pretty cool ^^ Though I somehow totally missed the last movie......
  8. oooh! That's the demonstration they showed quite a while ago to show what the console is capable of in terms of graphics right? Though I have to agree, give it more years. I mean it came out 9 years ago, so I hope they wait a few more years and don't do it now....
  9. I agree, I mostly like it as a platonic ship, maybe as a romantic one if I see really adorable fanart of them, kinda depending on the day for me. But generally mor eof a platonic ship for me, a really strong platonic relationship. Though I always kinda thought Aqua and Terra kinda adopted Ventus, but again, more a platonic "parents".
  10. Wheee! My currently favourite classic FF game! I really love it. Especially after playing the first 4, well completing 1 and 3 and abandoning 2 and 4 for different reasons... But I really like 5. You get a job system, which I absolutely love, I spent hours grinding for abilities and I didn't get bored, well then again I really like level grinding and don't mind spending hours on that... It's also the first Final fantasy game chronologically speaking where you actually really need a walkthrough I think? Since you would miss a lot without one, well, and you can get the quick n dirty tips, too. I'm not finished yet (currently gathering the tablets for the legendary weapons, on my way to the second one) but I'm really enjoying myself. Though I agree, the characters are not really something to talk about, though to be honest, I felt the same way about the characters from the 4 previous games, but perhaps that's just me. I also like the puns they put in (I'm plying the gba version) , I like it when a game/show whatever else isn't taking itself too seriously. And it's not such a straight-line of a plot, especially compared to the very first game, so i really enjoy seeing the slow progression. The game is also slowly starting to get longer. Yeah, that's my two cents to FF V (so far!). In the end what made me want to keep playing it was the job system...... and the puns. I'm just a sucker for job system and puns. Then I'll go continue playing, so I can move onto 6 soon.
  11. Glad I'm not the only one who says some of those things. Seriously though, I really liked the gummi ship section in KH 1, I was way better at the one in KH1 than the one in KH 2. I also quite liked Atlantica in KH 2, because, again, I was good at the musicals and I enjoyed them. And of course I wanted to be able to play KH3 like yesterday, I'd rather wait for the game to be finished than have a completly bugged game because they were hurrying and wanted to push the game out. And I also don't think the story is that hard to understand, if you played the games you can, and watch the cutscenes for those that can't. It worked for me, especially if you do it now, where we have an actual timeline. But I really like that guy, that other video he made I watched was hilarious, too. (I Think it was stuff people say who haven't played Kingdom Hearts or something like that?) I find myself reacting and sometimes saying stuff the same way. Anyway great video
  12. I was thinking "what?" for a second, but then I saw it's in the random section, so I don't really take it seriously. Though you're right, anime certainly has a truckload of issues, but there are also hopespots
  13. Favourite Manga and Anime: Detective Conan, Inuyasha, Katekyou Hitman Reborn, Bakegyamon (though I'd like to smack some of the characters in the head a lot), Chrono Crusade, Fullmetal Alchemist, FMA Brotherhood, Soul Eater, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, MMPPP Pure (absolutely stupid name, but great if you just want to watch something absolutely ridicilous) and Kaleido Star Favourite Manga: Pokemon Special Adventures, Zodiac P.I.
  14. RIP Terry Pratchett. Thank you for all the laughs.

  15. I love gravity falls :] I can't wait for the new episode on Monday and I'm really interested what's going to happen, especially since they have a whole countdown dedicated to the new episode.
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