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  1. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    1. Xiro


      fish n chips

    2. Alicia Maddox

      Alicia Maddox

      Goodbye old friend. Going to miss you on here. Thank God we can still talk on other platforms though.

  2. Riku and Sora are the same person broken in two, because Ansem and Yensid got dank off their butts one night, and played around with genetics.
  3. "I knew this day would come...this is what happens when you put the little green sh/ts in a microwave as a child."
  4. i only pop in to check on things. I literally have posted nowhere else but here, and my FF novel in the past week. I think TA kinda outgrew KH13. And no, it doesn't: KH13 is pretty much the same all the time.
  5. Chapter 18: Local Flora and Fauna Puts Up A Hell of A Fight From then on, there was little to do but try and look around, in the hopes Garnet had landed close by: the forest offered little in the way of scenery, as everything that wasn't trees dripping in moss were pits of brackish water, and the odd small creature. Zidane had some fun whacking them with his sword, as none of them gave much of a fight, and were quite easily dispatched, leaving meat for a meal later, and hide for tarps, if they were needed. And it kept his fighting arm loose. The air stank of rot and decaying meat, making Zidane wrinkle his nose. Dead things littered the waterlogged holes, and he tried to step carefully; A wrong move would suck you down into the dark recesses of the water, and god knew if anyone would hear you, let alone be able to come to your aid. These types of places weren't ever meant for man to stride around in them, but what could you do? The thought that Garnet was truly dead lurked in the back of his mind: he tried to ignore it, like a bothersome itch, but it gnawed at his brain as he trudged through the muck, occasionally calling out in case she was close by. The only answer was the caw of birds. A cry caught his attention: it was close, coming from a murky gulch ahead. Zidane snuck forwards, hand on his sword hilt: it sounded big, whatever it was, and the last thing he needed was prematurely dropping his sword mid fight. Screw ups like that got you killed, and he'd rather not die this early in life, with all the women, wine, and stealing in his future. He snuck close, trying not to startle whatever it was: his boots sank in the muck, making him wince, as he crept closer. Vivi lay on the ground, staring at something ahead. Zidane crept closer, tapping him on the shoulder lightly. Vivi jumped like a fire had been set under him, as Zidane hastily hissed a "Quiet! This place is full of monsters!" "S..she's in trouble...big trouble!" Vivi choked out, making Zidane frown, hands on his hips. "What? Who's in...." It dawned on him, suddenly, and he rushed past Vivi into the clearing ahead, sending a spray of brackish waster across Vivi's face. He wiped it away, sniffling. He followed behind, slogging through the muck. Zidane skidded to a halt, staring. "...what the hell? What is that thing?" Sprouted from the ground like some sort of vile flower, a massive plant was arching tendrils along the gully floor, making sickening noises as it burbled in the thin water covering the thin roots. Inside, hidden by cage-like branches under a thick cap, Garnet lay on her side, scratches marring her cheeks. Zidane drew his sword, as the plant moved towards him, defying all logic and plant science in one go. His heart rammed into his throat on seeing Garnet, and barely stilled when he saw her breathing shallowly. Steiner was at the side of the thing, whacking it uselessly with the hilt of his sword.. "Release the princess at once, you fiend! I'll see you hun..err...i'll see you picked like the weed you are!" He slapped it with the flat of his blade. "Overgrown milkweed! Corpse Flower! Sap filled dandelion cast off!" The plant didn't seem too fond of this name calling, and swiped Steiner aside, sending him reeling into a muck hole, face first. He struggled for a moment, bubbles frothing the filthy water. Zidane sighed, and hurried over, yelping as a vine swiped at him. He barely jumped over it, his knees cracking on the landing. "Like it's gonna really listen to you," he griped, hauling Steiner upright. The once proud captain was coated in mud and weeds, and smelled like the sewers on Thursdays, before they were flushed clear. Zidane wrinkled his nose. "I'll kill it...I'll weed it!" Steiner cried, hauling out his sword. Zidane took a stance, blade at the ready. "Come on, then...time to weed out the trash!" Slightly proud of his terrible one liner, he swung, slicing a vine clear off. Green fluid bubbled from the now useless appendage, as the plant gave an almost human like cry, making him wince. It didn't last long, as Steiner was sent flying again by newer, tougher vines, sprouting off the things sides. Zidane sliced and sliced, ichor coating his gloves as he ruthlessly attacked the plants' roots. With a defeated groan, it shuddered, and collapsed into a shuddering ruin, withering into a small husk, Garnet nowhere to be seen. "Princess?" Steiner got to his feet, shakily, his knees weak under him. "Princess?!" He cupped his hands around his mouth, calling out for her until it echoed along the branches and trunks surrounding them, with no reply. "What the hell?" Zidane scanned the area, squinting in the gloom. "Where'd they go?" He glanced at the ruins of the plant, but it was gone, leaving behind a few bubbles in the murky waters of the bog. Vivi shook his head, fists tight at his sides. "She's gone..." His tone was lifeless, as he walked over to the water, glaring at his reflection in the scummy surface. "I...I was too scared to cast any spell," he confessed, trembling. "That monster's probably gonna eat her!" Steiner groaned, face buried in his hands, ignoring Vivi. "How could I let this happen?" He wailed, punching a rotting tree trunk. "How could I let this happen?!" "Don't worry," Zidane said, trying to defuse the situation. "She's not dead..." "...yet," he added, under his breath. He swallowed back a bitter taste. "That monster was only a minion, by look of it. He's probably gonna take her to his master." Steiner looked up, eyes bright, mouth tightly in a frown. "That means the princess might still be..." He snapped his fingers. "Come! We must go find her at once!" Steiner started walking off, leaving Vivi and Zidane behind. Zidane rolled his eyes. "Give me a break..." "Woa, what?" Vivi cried, startled by rustling in the trees. Branches snapped, sending leaves tumbling, as something heavy crawled rapidly across the tops. With a loud snap, they gave way, a plant of vines and branches dropping right onto Vivi. He struggled, but the thing wrapped thick tentacles around him, dragging him into its warm embrace, swinging back up to the treetops like a rabid monkey. "Holy.." Zidane swore, drawing his sword. "Steiner! Help me!" "What am I to do?!" Steiner wailed, pulling at the few tufts of hair that escaped the confines of his helmet. "Fight like a man, for once in your stupid life!" Zidane cried, as he jumped forwards, lunging at the creature's side.
  6. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...... I have. Crooked looks good, Nun does not.
  7. *Wanders through, looking at the dusty, empty thread* *Tossing paint on everyone's sigs, and leaves*
  8. Wasn't Annabelle also the daughter in Annabelle 1, who attacked Mia and John after killing her parents for that cult? Supposedly her blood drips onto the doll after she gets killed, making it evil, and leading to the demon possessing it. So what's this about another Annabelle dying, and making the doll evil? Is this thing just going through random women named Annabelle and knocking them off, or is it just a plot hole they're ignoring for sequel sake? And how the hell the thing ended up in a thrift store is anyone's guess: you'd think a doll linked to a possible murder and cult activity would be kept in a police evidence locker, not sold off to the first random passing by.
  9. Terra, honestly. Might be slower attacks, but that thing does some real damage.
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