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  1. Hey there everyone, I left this site years ago (2014 maybe??) so I don't know how many people will remember me or if the right people will see this thread, but I will make an attempt anyway. I occasionally think of this site/drama that went down with people here, but these past few months it has really weighed on me. Now that I'm nearing my graduation from college (I think I was last on this site as a high schooler?), it's time for me to start thinking about a career. And I don't know what kind of job I want, but I do know the kind of person I would like to be when I get there. I want to be better than I am. So recently I've been reflecting on my past mistakes and behavior and how I can avoid repeating history again as I go forward. One thing I am truly regretful for is the way I treated some people on this site. I'll keep it brief: I was a transphobic, abusive "friend" who argued with people and whipped up unnecessary drama. I even created a Tumblr just to perpetuate these unkindnesses. Much of what I put on this site was a lie. I liked creating an escape here and pretending to be someone else. I liked being able to construct an identity out of nothing and make friends without ever feeling embarrassed about who I am (though, obviously, I was not a good friend in return). Basically, I was a liar and worse, a bully towards the end of my time on this site. And this is behavior that is disgusting and I am so ashamed of on its own. But as someone who was bullied (offline) myself, it is even more revolting to me now that I would bully others, even knowing damn well how much pain that inflicts. So here is what I came back to say. Anyone I ever hurt or offended or was just plain rude to: I'm sorry. There was no excuse for my behavior and I hope you see this apology. I would've reached out to you privately instead of making a spectacle here, but I can't remember those usernames or Tumblr URLs anymore. I know this drama is all years past, but it just felt wrong to me not to ever apologize for the awful way I treated others on this site (and off of it on Skype and Tumblr ) and I hope I didn't ruin this website or any other for you with my behavior. I'm sorry for everything and I sincerely hope you're all doing well. I know that apologizing does not absolve me of any blame or make things right. I just wanted to put it out there for anyone that I hurt that I know what I did was wrong, I own and acknowledge it, I will never be that kind of person again, and I wish you the absolute best. I appreciate the friendship and kindnesses you all showed me, even when I was being cruel in return. You're better and stronger people than I. EDIT: I would ideally like to have this account deleted, but I know that's not something they're willing to do. So I'm going to ask for it to be permabanned instead. I wish everyone old and new the best of luck
  2. fam where you at

  3. I love learning languages! I think it's so interesting and although it's hard and I'm not great at it, it's a lot of fun.
  4. A life goal is something important and very personal to you: we can't tell you if it's good or bad. Being a doctor is a good life goal. But not for me. Being a Marine is a good life goal. For me, yes, but not for other people. So yes the goal itself is good, but it's you who decides whether the life goal is good for you or not. That's not something we can tell you.
  5. You get to start a new stage of your life and go some amazing place to live on your own and learn lots about exciting new subjects and make new friends and go on college adventures!!
  6. I actually love filling out college applications!! It's very exciting!! I'm actually applying ED to my top choice college so I only need to fill out one, but I've been filling out Wake Forest, Johns Hopkins, and UVA apps too because I'm just so excited.
  7. I'd heard about that but I didn't understand what swatting is, so thank you for providing an explanation. This is absolutely awful though. I can't believe someone would think something this dangerous is funny.
  8. I'm on the opposite coast so I'm not experiencing drought but I'm so sorry for you and your area D: hopefully this'll end eventually. California just took another blow from that earthquake, which apparently ruined some vintners and will turn off a lot of "wine tourists" from visiting, which will hurt the economy in that area. Poor California is just getting hammered.
  9. I think this would probably be more appropriate near christmastime lol. But yeah it's an annoying misconception. Everyone in my family is atheist or anti-theist and yet we love christmas! We have so many decorations and it's my favorite time of year! I think it's just a very pretty time of year, people are happier, and you get to spend time with family (which has its downsides but is still nice) and it provides a much-needed break from school. Regardless of why people celebrate it, I think everyone can agree it's a lovely time of year where families get to come together and that's nice.
  10. I think I'm just going to reuse my Princess Anna cosplay and continue my tradition of dressing like a princess every year
  11. I'm fluent in english, I know some spanish and french, and I'd love to learn japanese and arabic. IMO arabic would probably be most useful in my career so I should probably get around to learning it. For anyone who wants to learn a language: at the moment the available languages are somewhat limited, but Duolingo is a great language learning app! It can get you to the point that you're semi-fluent and it's really fun! They're also releasing more languages soon, so if yours isn't there, just check back at some point and it probably will be.
  12. Well, I know it's not what you wanna hear, but I think you've just gotta let these girls go. If it's not working out at this point then it's unlikely it ever will. I'm sure there are other girls out there who you'd be able to have a great time with, so I think it's best to pursue those relationships instead of wasting time on girls who it probably won't work with. I think you'd be a lot happier if you just moved on and found a new crush (or just focused on yourself for a while!)
  13. For starters, the fact that you talk about having a girlfriend and not about any girls you have a crush on seems to show that you're in love with the idea of having a girlfriend, but there isn't a girl you particularly care about. Personally I don't think that's a good place to start in a relationship. My advice though is to just do whatever you want. At least in every relationship I've had, it's been unexpected. It's the kind of thing you don't generally see coming, even if you're destined to be in a relationship in another two months. I'd recommend trying to get her phone number or snapchat and talk with her a lot. If it doesn't seem like you'll move past the friends stage then just keep being friends! There's no harm in having a new friend, and she might be able to introduce you to a single friend of hers.
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