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  1. Hello everyone. I know I haven't updated in a while. Just to give updates, I'm still currently working on the rest of the Superboy series. This leads into the next thing I'm doing. Now, I got the inspiration to do this a while ago and started going with it. My next project after Superboy is something I decided to do because it made sense to me. Just know this. ''Worlds will live. Worlds will die. And the universe will never be the same'' That's right. I am writing my own version of Crisis on Infinite Earths. This is a little bigger then Darkseid War. However, I do hope you, my readers, enjoy this next crossover. Superboy will hopefully be done later this summer and I can start putting Crisis up during the fall/winter. Until then my readers.
  2. Superboy -Chapter 1- ‘’ Dying is the easy part. The dead are at peace. The real heroes are the ones who have to keep going.’’ Oliver Queen ‘’ My name is Joseph Kent. Some call me Kon-El. I was a clone of Clark Kent, aka Superman. After years of being a hero and trying to not be like him, he gave me something. A gift. He gave me his mantle after we defeated Darkseid. However, I don’t believe I can live up to it.’’ Joseph wrote in a journal as he in an apartment. He didn’t chose to live at the farm because of the past it reminded him of. The place was empty. He breathed as he stood up. He was a younger version of Clark, just some minor details like having Lex Luthor’s DNA inside him. He closed the book and walked on the balcony. ‘’ You’re still here?’’ Joseph turned and saw Henry standing there.’’ I knocked but you didn’t answer. You were supposed to be at the unveiling of the Superman Museum.’’ Henry said as Joseph turned around. ‘’ Yeah. I couldn’t bring myself to go.’’ Joseph said as he rubbed his own arm. Henry looked puzzled. ‘’ You still miss him don’t you?’’ Henry asked as Joseph nodded as the two walked inside. They sat down on the sofa as Joseph handed him a drink.’’ Is that why you haven’t been out?’’ ‘’ Yeah. You know, when Clark passes on his legacy to you and then vanishes again, I don’t know what to think.’’ Joseph said as he breathed.’’ It’s been only a month, however, I feel like he’ll be in the sky, watching over us.’’ Henry stood up and panted Joseph’s back. ‘’ Clark wouldn’t have given you his cape if he didn’t think you could handle it.’’ Henry said as he walked out of the apartment. Joseph closed his eyes. Elsewhere, Lex Luthor stood in his office. He overlooked Metrophilis. He held a drink in his hand as he took a slip of it. He heard his door open as he turned around. He smiled. There stood Lena Luthor. ‘’ At last, my dear old sister has come home.’’ Lex said as Lena quickly transformed her arm and pointed it at him. Lex smiled. ‘’ Why?!’’ Lena yelled as Lex placed his drink down. ‘’ Why what?’’ Lex asked as Lena stood there shaking. ‘’ You left me! Five long years! You left me behind!” Lena yelled as Lex motioned her arm down. ‘’ I know. You did try to kill me. I was going to reactivate you, however, I was bested by Clark again.’’ Lex said as Lena’s arm turned back to normal.’’ I am sorry for that. But, I have officially moved out of father’s shadow. I now have bigger plans now that Superman is gone.’’ ‘’ Like what?’’ Lena asked as she studied her brother as Lex smiled. He revealed something to her as she was puzzled.’’ What is that?’’ ‘’ A game changer.’’ Lex smirked as he took a slip of his glass and looked at the city.’’ No longer do I seek to rebuild a city. I seek to rebuild the world.’’ Joseph stood in front of Clark’s statue. Many people swing by, remembering the great hero that was here. Joseph wore his normal clothing. Soon, a woman approach him. ‘’ Did you know him?’’ the woman asked as Joseph turned. She had long brown hair, white skin, blue eyes, and wearing a business attire. Joseph nodded. ‘’ I did. He was my friend. Yet, I feel like I failed him.’’ Joseph said as she turned to him. ‘’ I’ve never seen you here before. What’s your name?’’ the woman asked as Joseph stared. ‘’ Joseph. Joseph Kent.’’ Joseph said as he offered his hand. The woman smiled and shook his. ‘’ Mary. Mary Stacy.’’ She said as the two smiled. Meanwhile. Henry was walking through the forest as he approached the cave ruins. He entered the cave and saw the remains of the scout ship that once was here. ‘’ You know. This is where I found out who I was.’’ David said as Henry turned around.’’ I had headaches when he disappeared. Then I was lead here.’’ Henry stared at him. ‘’ What are you doing here?’’ Henry asked as David sat on a rock. ‘’ Same as you. Missing him. You know, I was told. He didn’t die.’’ David said as Henry shook his head. ‘’ Only the three of us know. He was given a reward. For his hardships he endured. A life he wished for. Now, we must carry the torch and keep this world from falling back into despair as it did five years ago.’’ Henry said as he closed his eyes. -Five Years Ago- Henry panted as he killed another Parademon. He lifted his hammer as he noticed the horde starting to retreat. He quickly flew off and into another part of Metrophilis. He landed on the ground as he carefully over stepped the bodies. He wished he could’ve done more. ‘’ Superboy!’’ Henry called out as he approached a ruin building as he entered it. His helmet disappeared as his eyes widened. Joseph stood there with tears down his eyes. Holding a dead Lois Lane in his arms as Sam laid next to him passed out. ‘’ I couldn’t protect her.’’ Joseph said softly as Henry dropped his hammer and punched the ground. David soon landed outside and became shock as well. The three Supermen remained in silence. -Present Day- Joseph sat in his apartment. He held the cape he was given. He breathed as he sat it back in the box and closed it up. He didn’t know what to do. He stood up and walked out and put on his outfit. The Black shirt with the red S symbol and blue jeans. He quickly flew out and explored the city. That’s when Joseph noticed something. He noticed a truck driving down towards the docks. That’s when he silently landed on a pole. He watched as the occupants exited the truck. ‘’ Were you followed?’’ a man asked. He had long white hair, a blind left eye, a burned scar around it, white suit, and black jeans. He had a sword on his waist. He stood there as the smuggler freaked for a second. Another thug punched him as the other grabbed a box and placed in front of him. ‘’ I never thought you would be alive sir. We all thought Harper killed you in Bludhaven years ago.’’ The thug said as the man drew his sword and slashed open the box. Joseph couldn’t see it. ‘’ Harper almost did. When he and Leo destroyed the Syndicate, I remained. They attempted to rebuild through project Cadmus, but Luthor shut it down when he came back.’’ The man said as he grabbed a small box.’’ However, I am their enforcer and I will enact the last of its will.’’ Suddenly, Joseph landed in the middle as he everyone was caught by surprised. The thugs quickly drew their weapons and opened fired. ‘’ You morons! Stop firing!’’ yelled the man as he drew his sword. Joseph turned around as the men backed up. The man chuckled. ‘’ Well. Well. Well. If it isn’t Superboy.’’ The man said as he spun his blade.’’ Or is it Superman now?’’ ‘’ Hand over what you have and I’ll let you go. I don’t know who you are, but I will stop you.’’ Joseph said as he walked up. The man quickly dodged a punch as he kicked Joseph. He then swung his sword as Joseph blocked with his arm, however, he felt pain. He backed up. ‘’ Like that? You are like Superman so why shouldn’t it affect you too?’’ the man said as he waved his sword as it had Kryptonite lining on the edge.’’ It’s a shame. I wanted to kill you, but you’ll just have to wait.’’ The man quickly threw a smoke bomb as Joseph couldn’t see. It was lead based. He quickly flew into the sky and blew it away. He was gone and thugs were killed. ‘’ Whoever that was, I believe James could help me.’’ Joseph said as he flew off back into the city. James sat in a café as he drank some coffee when he saw Joseph walk in. He looked ahead and smiled as Joseph sat across from him. ‘’ So, why did you call me here?’’ James asked as Joseph sighed as he got piece of cloth out. He showed it to James as he was shocked.’’ This is an old symbol.’’ ‘’ I know. I saw it last night. I was stopping some thugs from taking it. That’s when he a man with a sword started fighting me.’’ Joseph said as James crumbled up the symbol. ‘’ This symbol belongs to a group that was called the Syndicate. However, I stopped those years ago. The one you fought is named Scar. He has no other alias. He was a tough one. I thought I stopped him and the Syndicate, but it looks as if he’s trying to finish what they left behind.’’ James explained as he looked up at Joseph.’’ You know, I saw. You were talking to an older gentlemen after the funeral.’’ ‘’ How do you know?’’ Joseph asked shocked as James chuckled. ‘’ I know Clark anywhere. So, are you going to fill his shoes yet?’’ James asked as Joseph shrugged. ‘’ I have no idea. This is a role I wasn’t prepared for. It was just dropped on me.’’ Joseph said as he sulk in his chair a bit. ‘’ I just want to know how to beat these guys.’’ ‘’ Well, find out how to beat them first. Clark was able to figure out Lex’s plans on his plans.’’ James said as he stood up.’’ If you encounter Scar again, let me know.’’ James walked away as Joseph pondered on what to do. Meanwhile. Lex stood in his office as he overlooked the city. It had improved since the invasion five years ago. Something he wished he had a hand in doing. He turned around and noticed him. Scar stood in his office. ‘’ Why hello Scar. It’s been a while.’’ Lex said as he walked closer.’’ Did you get it?’’ ‘’ I did. However, Superboy was there. If I wasn’t there, he would’ve taken the shipment.’’ Scar said as he handed the box to Lex. He smiled as he opened it. It was a shard of Kryptonite.’’ The last of it. I’m glad you were able to tack it for me. Now, let me show you what I’ve been working on.’’ Lex said as he motioned for Scar to follow as he typed in a code and the box he showed Lena appeared out of the wall. He opened it and showed it to Scar. ‘’ What is that?’’ Scar asked as he was confused and surprised. ‘’ A game changer.’’ Lex said as he smiled. Joseph laid in bed as he attempted to get some sleep. He turned in his covers. -Five years ago- Joseph sat on the bench in front of the farm house. Henry and David were inside. Joseph didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t heard from Clark. ‘’ Where’s Sam?’’ Henry asked as he stepped out as Joseph shrugged. ‘’ When we came here, he left to assess the damage. He didn’t want to be here. I don’t blame him.’’ Joseph said as he looked down. That’s when they heard the boom. Joseph stood up as they saw him. Clark. ‘’ Where is she?’’ Clark asked with hope but Joseph shook his head. Clark fell to his knees as Joseph walked up. ‘’ I’m sorry.’’ Joseph was able to mutter as they were in despair. -Present- Joseph woke up sweating as he looked around. He didn’t know what was going on. He never had nightmares before. ‘’ This is too much.’’ Joseph said as he stood up and grabbed a glass of water and drank it. He stared in the reflection of the water. All he saw was Clark’s look on his face. He threw the glass at the wall. Joseph stood in the park as he was staring at the statue again. It was the next day. He sighed as he turned around and saw her. Mary as she held coffee. ‘’ Figured I would see you here again.’’ Mary said as she sipped her coffee as Joseph coughed and shrugged. ‘’ I always find my way back here every day.’’ Joseph said as he looked at the statue. ‘’ I’ve noticed. I walked through here to work every day and I see you. Did you know him?’’ Mary asked as Joseph nodded.’’ What was he like?’’ ‘’ He was something else. He was the man that brought hope to the room even though you didn’t feel it. However, I did him wrong. I keep blaming myself for it. Even after his passing, I didn’t get the chance to seek forgiveness.’’ Joseph explained as Mary started walking past him. ‘’ Well. You seem to be an interesting guy. Call me.’’ Mary said as she handed him her business card as she walked away. Joseph smiled. Meanwhile, as Joseph walked away towards the Daily Planet, an unknown figure watched him. ( And here it is. The Superboy spin-off. I decided to continue it in this thread because it focuses on Joseph's journey on becoming the new Superman after Darkseid War. It does feature some flashbacks as you guys read. This is only going to be a one arc mini-series. I am continuing work on Batman, but I don't want to rush that since it has proven harder then I thought to write, but don't fret. Superboy was one I always knew was next so expect more soon. Until then.)
  3. Hello everyone. I am here to announce I have started working on a Batman story now. I introduced Bruce Wayne/Batman in my season 3 of Steel. Every since then, I was wondering, how can I write this character? After my work on him in Darkseid War, it became clear I had an overall idea for a Batman story. So here it is. I am also currently working on a Superboy spin-off as well. This Batman story does take place in the same arrowverse that Steel took place in. It takes placed in his early days of Batman so there won't be any crossovers unfortunately. However, I will explore the idea on why Batman disappeared and reappeared. Until then, enjoy! The Night -Chapter one- ‘’ I was told by my parents that the world only makes sense, if you force it to.’’ -1983- Gotham. A city divided. Crime rate high, corruption throughout the levels. It wasn’t a city for the weak. Yet, throughout it all, a young teenager was able to see the life it had. He had short black hair, white skin, blue eyes, and was wearing casual outside clothing consisting of brown shorts and a t-shirt. He ran through the fields. He was behind a looming mansion. He stopped as he stared at the trees. He walked up to them. Ever since he was little, he was told to be weary of the forest. He gulped and walked towards it. ‘’ Bruce!’’ a man called out as the young Bruce quickly turned around. That’s when he saw him. His father, Thomas Wayne. He was an older looking Bruce, except for he wore a business suit. He kneeled at the boy.’’ How many times do we have to warn you? You have to stay away from the forest.’’ ‘’ I know father, I just wanted to go explore it. I’m 13. I believe I can handle myself in there.’’ Bruce said, trying to convince his father. Thomas smiled and hugged Bruce. ‘’ You know. I remember when the forest was small.’’ Thomas said as Bruce laughed. ‘’ I know. You always tell me that.’’ Bruce said as Thomas picked him up and turned around. ‘’ Then let’s go. Your mother is waiting for us.’’ Thomas said as the two began walking back to Wayne Manor. -1990- Bruce stood at the footsteps of a temple. He approached the giant doors that loomed over him. He was currently in Nanda Parbat. He breathed as he knocked on the doors. Soon, two assassins appeared behind him as Bruce was held in a lock as the doors opened. He was soon face to face with him Ra’s Al Gaul. ‘’ What brings you here?’’ Ra asked as Bruce stared at the man. He breathed and quickly took down the two assassin’s behind him. A young Talia Al Gaul, the same age of Bruce, quickly drew her sword as she appeared from behind Ra’s. Ra stopped her.’’ You process skill boy. Why are you here and how did you discover the League’s existence?’’ ‘’ I’ve came to learn. To be taught the ways of the league in order to bring justice to my city in order to avenge my parent’s death.’’ Bruce said as he breathed as Ra walked up to him. ‘’ Do you have fear?’’ Ra asked as Bruce breathed. He stood his ground. ‘’ Fear? Yes. Of you. No.’’ Bruce said calmly as he breathed. He trembled. Ra smiled at Bruce.’’ Will you accept me?’’ ‘’ Yes. From this day, you are a member of the League of Assassin’s. Today, remember it as the last day of your current identity.’’ Ra’s said as he turned and walked inside the building. Talia put away her sword as she turned away. Bruce breathed as he walked inside, not knowing his life was to be changed. -1991- Two hooded assassin’s spared. The two were equal in combat. One held a sword while the other fought with a bow. The two soon locked weapons. The sword wielding one quickly gained the upper hand and flipped the other over onto the ground. The assassin quickly pointed the sword at the other’s neck. The latter proceeded to take the hood off as Talia was on the ground. The other took his off as it was Bruce. He helped her up as the two straighten up. ‘’ You made a lot of progress in the year of your acceptance. I’m surprised Bruce. Yet, you lack one motive.’’ Talia said as Bruce fixed his hair.’’ You don’t fight to kill. ‘’ I don’t believe in killing. I fear that if I kill, I’m no better than the ones who do it.’’ Bruce said as he walked towards his room. Talia followed him. ‘’ Today is the day Bruce. The day you get your League name. The day you step out of Bruce Wayne’s shadow.’’ Talia said as she placed her bow down.’’ And I’m truly glad I didn’t kill you the day you walked up here.’’ She said as she got closer, however, Bruce backed up. ‘’ Today is the day I also ask your father to leave.’’ Bruce said as he revealed a bag behind him.’’ I’ve learned all I could and thanks you to you, I believe I can finally begin my mission. To avenge my parent’s death.’’ Bruce said as Talia didn’t understand. ‘’ But Bruce. The league needs someone like you to lead them. Not my father, or Nyssa. I always believed my father would never let me be the demon’s head, and I was right. They need you. I need you.’ Talia said as Bruce shook his head. He walked away as he left Talia behind. She turned around and watched his back. -Later- Bruce walked in the main chamber as Ra stood there. He held his sword as Bruce walked in. He saw the bag. He walked up to Bruce. ‘’ I believe you have means to leave Mr. Wayne.’’ Ra’s said as Bruce stood there.’’ Why must you leave so soon? You have the League’s will to enact.’’ ‘’ I will go to Gotham and I will fight. I will ensure the League’s will to be acted there. To save humanity from itself in order to be free.’’ Bruce said as Ra’s approached him.’’ With your blessing, I asked to be free of the League.’’ ‘’ Do you feel fear?’’ Ra’s asked as Bruce stood there, firm and strong. ‘’ Fear? Yes. Of you? No.’’ Bruce said as Ra’s smiled. ‘’ In the past year, you’ve changed Wayne. Today, I grant you the name, Al-Wat.’’ Ra calmly said as Bruce looked up.’’ The Bat.’’ -Later that week- ‘’ Breaking News! Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham! It’s been 7 years since Bruce has left Gotham after the death of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. We are getting word that Bruce has returned in order to finally claim his company after all these years of being gone!’’ the news reported as Bruce sat in his car as it was being driven through Gotham. It had gotten worse since he left. Across from him was Alfred Pennyworth. His butler. The man was still a little young. He had white skin, a thin black mustache, middle of his head was bald with black hair on the sides, and he wore a casual business suit. ‘’ It’s so nice to finally have you back sir.’’ Alfred said as Bruce looked at him and nodded.’’ Were you able to find the answer you were looking for?’’ ‘’ I did Alfred. Now, I have returned in order to save our city.’’ Bruce said as he saw Alfred take something out. It was a box.’’ What is this?’’ ‘’ Well, I’m surprised you didn’t notice. It’s your birthday Master Wayne.’’ Alfred said as Bruce opened the box.’’ Happy 21st birthday.’’ Bruce opened it and saw it. It was his father’s watch. ‘’ This was my father’s.’’ Bruce said as Alfred nodded. ‘’ Your father wanted you to have it on your 21st birthday. He always did say there was never enough time in the world.’’ Alfred said as Bruce nodded as they approached Wayne Manor. Bruce stepped out as he grabbed his suitcase out of the truck. He and Alfred walked inside. ‘’ Alfred, is the basement still intact?’’ Bruce asked as Alfred showed him the door.’’ Excellent. This is where it begins.’’ Bruce said as the two walked downstairs.’’ The reason I left Alfred, was because I needed to find myself as you can recall. I journeyed the world, learning techniques and methods.’’ Bruce set down his suitcase on the table. The basement was huge. It was underneath the manor. It was more like a cave. He opened the suitcase and Alfred saw the assassin’s outfit. ‘’ You became a member of the League?’’ Alfred said as he was shocked.’’ I only heard rumors back when I was part of the S.A.S’’ Alfred said as Bruce then took out a gun.’’ Why do you have that sir?’’ ‘’ Because Alfred. I’m going to use it. This is the same gun the mugger dropped when he killed my parents. My father always loved to work on metal in his free time. It’s time I use it.’’ Bruce grabbed the gun and walked up to work bench as he took out a hammer and went to work. An hour passed by as Alfred came down with a drink. That’s when he saw it. Bruce was finished. ‘’ What is that?’’ Alfred asked as Bruce showed the metal off. It was a symbol of a bat. A metal bat as Bruce had placed in the assassin outfit. ‘’ My symbol. The symbol of what I fear. This metal. It made me feel fear when I was young. Now, as an adult. It will protect me.’’ Bruce said as he got the outfit on as he lifted his hood. ‘’ What will you call yourself sir?’’ Alfred asked as Bruce pulled up his mask to cover everything but his eyes. ‘’ The Bat.’’ Bruce said as he placed his sword on his back as he was ready to begin his mission.
  4. Darkseid Part 8 Elsewhere, Jimmy stood up. He wiped the dust off him. He was under a piece of rubble. That’s when he saw a Parademon fly towards him. That’s when Victor destroyed it as he landed in front of Jimmy. Kara landed as well. ‘’ We need you Jimmy.’’ Kara said as her and Cyborg walked up. ‘’ Why? What’s going on?’’ Jimmy asked in disbelief. He then stare at the massive battle that was underway.’’ I wake up earlier today, then I get chased, and now I’ve been brought to the future? Why?’’ Cisco then appeared through a breach as he vibe blasted a Parademon away from Jimmy. ‘’ Because we needed to. We are from a timeline that failed. We thought by bringing you here from the past, we create another timeline where none of this happened. Where the Earth didn’t fall victim to an invasion we never recovered from.’’ Cisco said panting. Jimmy stared as he stared at his hands. ‘’ It’s because you have something called the Anti-Life Equation. It can be used to bend the universe to his will.’’ Kara pointed at Darkseid as Clark and Zor-El were fighting him. ‘’ We believe it can be turned into the Life Equation. So, Jimmy, we need you to focus on the power inside you.’’ Cyborg said as Kara nodded as she flew off back into the battle. Clark dodged another swing from Steppenwolf as he blasted him with his lasers. Kara landed right next to him. She nodded at him as they both soon turned into solar flare mode and rushed towards Darkseid. He simply did a glare as the two were blew away. He then smiled. He turned and saw Jimmy in the distance. ‘’ At last. The Equation will be mine.’’ Darkseid as he floated towards Jimmy. Zor-El landed in front him. ‘’ Everyone! Hold the line! We must prevent him!’’ Zor yelled as he was grabbed. ‘’ You. You’re the Kryptonian that stole my Equation in the first place. I am glad to finally be able to kill the being who stood in my way all those years ago.’’ Darkseid growled as his eyes started lighting up. Suddenly, Darkseid was struck by a lightning bolt as he was sent into the ground. Zor landed on the ground as Barry appeared in a white suit and yellow eyes. ‘’ This is Godspeed. I can use it to stop you.’’ Barry said as Kara and Clark landed, still in their solar flare mode. Darkseid stood up. ‘’ I will get my Equation mortals, even if I have to kill you all!’’ Darkseid yelled as he rushed towards the four heroes that stood in his way. Clark and Kara flew directly towards him as they dodged his fists. Darkseid launched his omega beams as Barry began to out run them. He circle around as the beams hit Darkseid to the ground. Zor then stabbed an eye as Darkseid yelled in pain. He quickly slapped Zor away as he stood up.’’ I will not fall! You mortals are nothing compared to the new gods!’’ Darkseid yelled as he had a giant aura surround him as he punched the ground as a giant explosion occurred and scattered everyone away. He stood there as red aura formed around him.’’ I see. My future essence is allowing me to use his Equation! You mortals cannot stop me!’’ Darkseid then started powering up as he yelled. ‘’ Jesus.’’ Jimmy said as he stood in the rubble. He was in complete shock at what was happening to him. Clark struggled to get up as he was next to Jimmy.’’ Clark. What do I do?’’ Jimmy asked as he began to sob. Clark managed to stand up as his cape flew off. He panted as he was wounded. He looked around as the battle was ongoing. He saw everyone hold their own however, Darkseid was getting stronger. ‘’ You need to focus your power. Like I have. The power inside you. The Equation simply alter your already hidden Meta abilities. Just close your eyes. I will buy you time. Go Jimmy. Be the hero you always wanted to be.’’ Clark then flew directly towards Darkseid as he began exchanging blows with him, not being able to keep up. Jimmy looked at his hands and closed his eyes. ‘’ Just focus.’’ Jimmy said to himself as he breathed. Soon, his hands glowed white as soon aimed them at Darkseid.’’ Begone!’’ Jimmy yelled as white beams were then unleashed as Darkseid swiped Clark away as he launched dark beams from his hands. The beams collided as they struggled to overpower one another. ‘’ I will not lose to a puny human being! I am Darkseid!’’ he yelled as the beams were struggling. Clark struggled to get to Jimmy as he began to lose. ‘’ No. I’m not strong enough.’’ Jimmy said to himself as Clark placed a hand on his back. ‘’ You got this. Trust me.’’ Clark then engaged Solar Flare again as he transferred some power to Jimmy.’’ Now. Go.’’ Clark said as he fell back. Jimmy then became focused as he yelled as his beam became stronger as he overruled Darkseid’s. ‘’ No. This is impossible! I am a god! The Equation was mine! No! I won’t die here-‘’ Darkseid yelled as he was engulfed by the beam and was destroyed as Jimmy yelled as the beam soon split into pieces and destroyed the rest of his forces as Steppenwolf yelled as he was vanquished. Jimmy panted as he soon collapsed into Clark as he caught him. ‘’ I did it. I did it Clark.’’ Jimmy said as Clark held him as he nodded. ‘’ You did Jimmy. You were always my best friend. I’m glad I was able to see you again.’’ Clark said as he had tears form. ‘’ Thank you Clark. I see Lucy. She’s calling for me…’’ Jimmy said as his last words left his mouth as he laid there dead. Everyone stood around as Clark held a dead Jimmy in his arms. Clark had tears go down his eyes. They had defeated Darkseid once and for all and manage to create a new timeline. A bright white light soon flashed throughout the ruined battlefield. ‘’ Where’s Clark?’’ Barry asked as sped up to the lifeless Jimmy as he laid there. ‘’ Don’t tell me.’’ James said as he walked up holding his arm with Bruce beside him. ‘’ He must’ve used the last ounce of his strength to insure Darkseid was defeated.’’ Zor-El said as he kneel and picked up the staff as he held it. ‘’ We did it.’’ Oliver said as he looked up to the sky as helicopters were heard in the distance.’’ Superman did it.’’ Clark slowly opened his eyes. He was in the same void he was in after defeating Pandora. That’s when he saw him. The Monitor. ‘’ Thank you once again Ka-El. You have saved the universe once more. If it wasn’t for you, Darkseid and his forces would’ve destroyed the whole multiverse. Now, you and your friends have created a new timeline where he never showed up after the events of Kandor.’’ The Monitor said as another light flashed Clark’s eyes. He was now in his farmhouse. However, it wasn’t the one he and Sara spend time together. He knew it. It was when he left Lois to gather his allies for the battle of Kandor. He walked through the kitchen and made slight noise. That’s when Lois walked in. Clark didn’t know what to say. ‘’ Clark?’’ Lois asked as she walked up to him. Clark didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t seen Lois for 5 years.’’ How? You just left and you look older.’’ ‘’ That’s because I am. I’m from the future. I.’’ Clark stumbled on his words as she held his hand.’’ Was given a chance to say goodbye to you. I lost you and I couldn’t move on. I want you to know, before I leave, that you were and always been the love of my life. No matter what. So, when Clark returns from the battle, hug him and kiss like you’re never going to see him again. I know I never did.’’ Clark hugged Lois as she embraced him. ‘’ Clark. I love you so much.’’ Lois said as Clark had tears fall down. ‘’ And I love you too.’’ Clark said he slowly faded from the timeline as he knew he didn’t exist in this one. Clark opened his eyes once again and saw The Monitor. ‘’ I gave you the chance to see your love once more. However, I gave you a choice many years ago. To restore the timeline or give you the life you want. Since you restored it on your own. This is a reward.’’ The Monitor said as a portal appeared and Clark saw it. He smiled. ‘’ Thank you.’’ Clark said as he walked through it. Meanwhile, in the Darkseid timeline, Central City has begun rebuilding. Meanwhile, in Metrophilis, a statue of Clark was unveiled. Zor-El walked up to a stand. ‘’ Ka-El. He was known to you people as Superman. However, he was known to me as my nephew. He carried a burden with him. He was the symbol of hope for the planet. No matter how dark it was, his light stood out. It guided us out of darkness. The people of Earth forever owe an unpayable debt to you Ka. I hope you forever have peace in the next realm. May you join Jor-El’’ Zor said in a speech as everyone clapped to honor Clark. Meanwhile, in Smallville, a casket was being carried to the farmhouse. It was being held by Oliver, Barry, James, and Bruce. Sara walked behind them with Joseph and Henry. David and Susan was behind them. They soon buried the casket. It was in a fresh grave. Next to Lucy’s, Lois, and Ava. Everyone stood in silence. Barry walked up. He breathed. ‘’ Clark. He was an interesting man. We may have barely known each other before, however, I now feel like I’ve known you for my whole life. Five years ago, when you came to us, I was shocked. I didn’t know my life was going to change, but it did. Then, we finally were able to do it. We won.’’ Barry said as he wiped a tear.’’ I just hope you’re in a better place.’’ ‘’ Long live Superman.’’ Bruce said as he walked up and everyone nodded and repeated. Everyone soon began to split up. Joseph and Henry stood at the grave as Sara placed flowers on Clark’s grave. James walked up to her. ‘’ You going to be okay?’’ James asked as Sara nodded. She stood back up. ‘’ Yeah. You know. When you’re given so many chances of happiness, its best to know that none of them work out because it just describes your life. I’ve been given chances, now, I can rest easy I made a couple people in my life happy.’’ Sara said as James smiled. ‘’ I wish Clark was here. To know it was an honor to fight by his side. I never really got to say I was sorry for targeting him.’’ James said as placed his picture of Laura and Sydney on his gravestone. ‘’ Trust me. He knows.’’ Sara said as she had tears fall down. She noticed the picture and patted his back as the two turned around.’’ They all know.’’ She wiped her eyes. She looked at the two and nodded. She walked off. They decided to keep the funeral a secret. Oliver, Barry, and Bruce watched from the background. ‘’ So what happens now?’’ Oliver asked as he looked at Barry. ‘’ Well, we continue doing our best. We created a timeline where Darkseid never showed up. So that means, we saved everyone. If only Clark was alive to see this.’’ Barry said as Bruce nodded. ‘’ Trust me. He is watching.’’ Bruce said as he walked off wiping his face. Oliver and Barry soon walked off as well knowing they saved the universe. Bruce turned and looked at the distance and noticed something. He smiled.’’ Well I be. Hope I’ll see you soon, my old friend.’’ Bruce said himself as he walked away smiling. Joseph and Henry were about to do the same, until Henry noticed something. ‘’ Wait. Who’s that?’’ Henry said as Joseph turned and saw an older gentlemen looking at the graves. Joseph stopped Henry from walking as he walked over there. He knew who it was. ‘’ Clark?’’ Joseph asked as it was older Clark as he turned and smiled. ‘’ Hi Joseph.’’ Clark said as he sat down on the bench. ‘’ What happened?’’ Joseph asked as Clark smiled. ‘’ Well, after we defeated Darkseid, I was transported away. Given a gift by The Monitor. I was given a life I always wanted. A life I never thought I would get. ’’ Clark said as he breathed. ‘’ How was that?’’ Joseph asked as he sat down. ‘’ It was beautiful.’’ Clark said as he smiled. He looked at the graves. Joseph looked at him. ‘’ I’m happy for you. I really am. It’s just. Now we don’t have a Superman.’’ Joseph said as Clark smiled. ‘’ Hold that thought.’’ Clark said as he grabbed something and handed it to Joseph. It was his red cape with his yellow S symbol on it.’’ Take it.’’ ‘’ No. I can’t. Maybe Henry or David, but not me.’’ Joseph said as Clark placed it in his hands. ‘’ Try it on.’’ Clark said as Joseph stood up and placed the cape around him. He felt a sudden sense of pride as he stood there. Clark looked up.’’ How does it feel?’’ ‘’ Like someone else’s.’’ Joseph said as Clark smiled. ‘’ Well it’s not. It’s yours Superman.’’ Clark stated as Joseph smiled and stood there smiling. He took a deep breathe. ‘’ I’ll make you proud.’’ Joseph said as he shook Clark’s hand. He noticed the ring on Clark’s finger.’’ Who ended being luckily?’’ Clark chuckled and looked onwards at the sky. ‘’ No one special.’’ Clark simply said as leaves fell from the tree as the scene switched to a wedding as Clark stood there with Jimmy as his side. Younger across from Lois who had Lucy at her side as the two shared a kiss and started dancing with all their family watching. Including Johnathan, Martha, Jor-El, and Lara-El. Clark Kent, the son of Krypton who bridge two worlds together, is now at peace. -The End- ( And here it is. The ending of Darkseid War. Man, was this a hard one. This is the ending of my Superman story. After everything he went through, he was given his happy ending. This was my intention of ending. I am planning a sequel based on Superboy's transition into Superman, however that might not be out for a while. I want to thank everyone who had stick with me and my story. I am glad to be able end it the way I wanted. If anybody has questions about my story and the choices I made, feel free to ask. I am glad to be able to bring this to life. Until then everyone and remember, hope is out there, you just have to grab it!)
  5. Darkseid War Part 7 Meanwhile, Bruce and James appeared through a hole as they landed in an ally. James looked around. ‘’ This is the ally way we saw Jimmy. That must mean.’’ James said as Bruce nodded. ‘’ He’s close. Let’s find him quick.’’ Bruce said as the two started running down the ally way. Clark tumbled through the cornfield as he was sent somewhere by the explosion. He stood up. He felt the breeze go through his hair. His eyes widen. He was at his farmhouse again. However, it was different. Clark noticed the tree was still young. No gravestones. That’s when he realized. ‘’ You’re in the past.’’ A familiar voice said as Clark eyes widen as he turned around. He was shocked to his father, Jor-El standing there. ‘’ I don’t understand. How are you here? Wait.’’ Clark quickly turned and ran towards the window of the farmhouse. That’s when he saw them. Johnathan and Martha Kent holding a little Clark in their arms. Tears fell down as he went towards the door but Jor-El grabbed his shoulder. ‘’ You can’t.’’ Jor said as Clark turned around. ‘’ Why? I see my parents in there. I want to go say something. They have a right to know.’’ Clark said as Jor’s eyebrow went up. ‘’ Their fate?’’ Clark shook his head. ‘’ What I became. A hero.’’ Clark said as Jor started laughing. Clark stared in confusion.’’ Wait. How are you here? I thought you were with the refugee family right now?’’ Clark then became shock at what he said. ‘’ The fact you know about them, means we’ve met in the future. That must mean you know everything Clark. I just finished talking to your parents actually. I learned how much they love you as their own. It was right sending you here. Tell me, did we actually get to talk normally or did Pandora take over by then?’’ Jor asked as Clark nodded wiping his tears. ‘’ You became corrupted. I defeated her and sent you to the afterlife. That was the last time I saw you. But, there is something you must know father.’’ Clark said as Jor nodded. ‘’ I know Clark. Your mother is alive. I hoped to join her, however, it’s alright. Knowing your alive and well. I’ve seen the future actually.’’ Jor stated as he walked to the tree as Clark followed.’’ You don’t have much time before the Speed Force takes you back. I believe it’s giving you guy’s closure before you guys finish the mission. I do want you to know one thing.’’ ‘’ Don’t. You’ve said it plenty and I know.’’ Clark said as Jor hugged him. ‘’ Your time on Earth did make you human, however, your time on Smallville made you who you are.’’ Jor-El said as Clark started disappearing. Clark smile and nodded. Then he heard familiar footsteps. He turned and saw them. Johnathan and Martha. He couldn’t say anything. Johnathan walked up. ‘’ Always hold on to Smallville.’’ Johnathan said as Martha walked up. ‘’ We love you Clark.’’ Martha said as Clark smiled as tears fell down. ‘’ I also left something for you Ka. In your time of need, just call for it and it’ll come.’’ Jor-El said as Clark nodded as he wiped his tears as he disappeared back into the Speed Force. Clark opened his eyes as he and Oliver were next to each other. They had arrived in the ally way as well. ‘’ Did you get separated too?’’ Clark asked as Oliver nodded. ‘’ I got to see my mother again. It didn’t feel real, however, it did. We made it to 2019. Now, what’s the new plan since we didn’t get to do the one you came up with.’’ Oliver asked as Clark closed his eyes to listen in. ‘’ The Parademons are here. However, Bruce and James located Jimmy. Let’s go.’’ Clark said as he grabbed Oliver as he flew them towards the location. Jimmy looked in confused as James and Bruce had found him, until Clark showed up with Oliver. ‘’ Wait. Clark? What’s happening?’’ Jimmy asked confused. Clark walked up. ‘’ Jimmy. You’re in danger. Actually, the whole world is. We need you to come with us. Now. That way we can save everyone.’’ Clark said as everyone nodded as Barry appeared. ‘’ Everyone, grab on.’’ Barry stated as they all grabbed each other as they all disappeared into the Speed Force. An explosion occurred as they left as Steppenwolf walked in. He growled. He sniffed the air. Soon, a boom tube appeared behind him as Darkseid himself stepped out. ‘’ My liege.’’ Steppenwolf quickly kneeled. Darkseid walked up. ‘’ The Equation is gone. I no longer sense it.’’ Darkseid stated as Steppenwolf looked up. ‘’ How is that possible?’’ he asked as Darkseid looked around. ‘’ It seems multiple people were here. Gather the horde and leave this planet, I’ll call for you when it is time.’’ Darkseid said as Steppenwolf nodded. ‘’ As you wish my lord.’’ Steppenwolf snapped his fingers as he disappeared into a boom tube as the hordes soon vanished from the Earth. Soon, a different portal appeared. Darkseid walked through it as he was soon confronted with himself in another realm. ‘’ It seems you heard my call.’’ A voice said in the darkness as an orange aura floated around Darkseid. ‘’ What is the meaning of my summon to the 4th dimension?’’ Darkseid called out as he looked around. The orange aura soon stopped in front of him. ‘’ I am Darkseid from another timeline. One where we succeeded in obtaining the Equation, however, lost my physical form.’’ The aura spoke as Darkseid was surprised. ‘’ Then how can I be successful?’’ Darkseid asked as the aura soon flew around as a portal appeared. ‘’ This will lead you to the timeline where the Equation went. Now, I shall merge with you so they cannot stop us from obtaining the Equation again.’’ The aura spoke as he flew into Darkseid. He glared and snapped his fingers as Steppenwolf appeared. ‘’ Gather the horde, we are going to the future for my prize.’’ Darkseid commanded. Meanwhile, back in the future, a portal appeared as Cisco stood up. Everyone came out of the Speed Force as Barry panted. Everyone looked in shock. Cisco eyes widened as he walked up to Jimmy. ‘’ We did it.’’ Oliver said as he laughed as he stood up.’’ We actually did it.’’ ‘’ This means, if we were successful, then with Jimmy gone from the past, a new timeline was officially formed.’’ Barry said as he walked up to the computer and typed up something. He then saw the timelines branch off.’’ We did it.’’ Suddenly, the building shook. ‘’ What’s happening?’’ Clark asked suddenly as unknown to them, Darkseid hovered above STAAR Labs as he had an energy beam form in his hand as he launched it at the building, causing a huge explosion to occur. Clark opened his eyes as lifted the rubble off him. He looked around as STAAR Labs was destroyed and Central City downtown area was in ruins. Clark stood there with wide eyes. That’s when he turned and saw him. Darkseid across from him. ‘’ How? Oliver killed you’’ Clark said as Darkseid walked up. ‘’ I am Darkseid from the past with the essence of the one you killed. I am a being from the 4th dimension. Don’t hold me to your mortal’s standards. I have come to claim my equation. Now, where is it?’’ Darkseid asked with his cold voice. Clark breathed in. He stood up straight and fixed his cape. He let his breathe out. ‘’ I will not tell you. I will stop you here and now. I defend this planet. I failed to do it five years ago. I won’t fail this time.’’ Clark said as he got into fighting position. Darkseid simply stared as he snapped his fingers, Steppenwolf quickly came out of a boomtube and launched himself to Clark. Clark dodged the strike and punched him away. He then flew towards Darkseid.’’ I lost friends! I lost family! It lead me to this moment!”’ Darkseid simply slapped Clark, who caught it, which surprised him.’’ And I will fight you to my last breathe. I am!’’ Clark yelled as he punched Darkseid across the rubble, dodging a swing from Steppenwolf as he let his hand out, suddenly, the Staff of El came into his hand as Clark spun it around and launched a green blast towards Steppenwolf which sent him to a building. Darkseid walked up, with both hands at his side.’’ Ka, son of El. Clark Kent. And’’ Clark yelled as he flew off the ground as he swung his staff.’’ SUPERMAN!’’ Darkseid absorbed the attack as he launched his omega beams at Clark who dodged them and backed up. ‘’ You have no hope.’’ Steppenwolf said as he landed next to Darkseid.’’ We destroyed your base. Your city in ruins. How can you possibly beat us on your own?’’ Steppenwolf asked as he gripped his axe. Clark closed his eyes. He breathed. He gripped his staff. That’s when he opened them. He stood across from Lucy. His eyes widened as she smiled. ‘’ You truly have grown. Much more than I thought. Lois was right. She did love you. I’m sorry for trying to have you not be with her.’’ Lucy said as Clark eyes watered a bit. He wiped them.’’ You really did become a hero. I guess my sacrifice wasn’t in vain.’’ ‘’ She’s right. None of us were.’’ Jimmy said as he appeared as well.’’ You were our friend. My friend. I was the first one you told me your secret. I helped you become a hero.’’ ‘’ And I helped you reclaim your memory. Your identity.’’ Bruce said as he appeared after.’’ I taught you being a hero is more than your powers.’’ Henry, David, and Joseph appeared next. ‘’ You gave me hope that I can be more than a machine.’’ David said as Henry walked up and revealed his symbol. ‘’ You saved me and you gave me inspiration to save the ones you loved when you weren’t here.’’ Henry said as Joseph walked up. ‘’ And you gave me a place in this world where I didn’t know.’’ Joseph said smiling. Clark soon saw Lex Luthor walk up. ‘’ I was your first trial. Then, I gave you the courage to do what you were meant to do.’’ Lex calmly said as lastly, Lois appeared in front of all them. ‘’ And you gave me the best life I could ever asked for. You gave me the feeling of love and happiness.’’ Lois said as she and the others all placed their hands on Clark. Behind him, he felt the hands of Martha, Johnathon, Jor-El, and Lara-El. He closed his eyes. ‘’ You are the beacon of hope. Now, guide them. Save them.’’ Jor-El said as Clark’s eyes opened with hope. He stood across from Steppenwolf and Darkseid as he had orange and red aura surround him. ‘’ I may not have anyone next to me. I may be the last one to stand against you Darkseid! But everything I have went through. All the enemies I fought. The trials I went through. It all lead me to this moment! To stop you and save this planet once and for all!’’ Clark said as he had the essence of Solar Flare form around him in an aura cloak as he flew towards the two. He began using all the tricks he learned. He dodged. Swung the staff. He was landing hits on Darkseid as he punched Steppenwolf. He dodged the beams and a swing of the axe. He punched Darkseid directly into in the face and into the ground. He then flew straight into the sky as he powered up the staff. He launched a red blast towards the two. Darkseid simply grabbed it and destroyed it. ‘’ That’s enough.’’ Darkseid commanded as Steppenwolf appeared behind Clark slashed his back and kicked towards the ground. Clark regained his balance as he lost the staff in the landing, but was soon met with a pair of omega beams landing dead center in his chest as was sent across the battlefield. He coughed. Clark stood up. Panting as his S symbol crumbled. His clap flapping in the wind as Darkseid stood across from him. He wiped the blood off his cheek. ‘’ Kryptonian. I admired your strength years ago when I fought you. That is why I spared you all those years ago. However, as a show of my gratitude, I will grant you a quick death.’’ Darkseid said as he snapped his fingers and boom tubes emerged as Parademons soon flew out as well as Steppenwolf landed next to Darkseid as he swung his axe. ‘’ As long as we stand against you Darkseid, you’ll never win!’’ Clark yelled as he panted. He walked up as he was ready to make his last stand against the army. That’s when he heard static. Clark looked around. That’s when he saw a boom tube appear. Cyborg stepped out of it as he smiled and nodded at Clark. Clark panted as he saw more appear. That’s when he noticed them. Zor-El and the Kandor army emerging from the tube, David, Henry, and Joseph came from one. Clark had a little smile on his face. Soon, another tube opened, out came Diggle, Rene, Dinah, Kara who looked much older, Alex, Martian Manhunter, and Dreamer. Streaks soon flew around as Barry appeared with Bruce, Oliver, James, and Cisco. Darkseid stared in disbelief as an army has emerged. Clark soon landed in front of them. ‘’ I told you Darkseid. You can’t stop us. We will defend Jimmy. You will not be achieving the Anti-Life again. We killed you once.’’ Clark said as Oliver walked up. ‘’ And we’ll do it again. You have failed this universe!’’ Oliver yelled as Darkseid simply rose his hand and motioned it forward. The horde soon charged with Steppenwolf leading them. Clark extended his hand. The staff flew in it. ‘’ Charge!’’ Clark yelled as everyone yelled as they all ran towards it. Soon, a huge battle occurred. Clark dodged a swing of the axe and blasted Steppenwolf away with the staff. Cisco and Dreamer were blasting demons. Joseph and Zor-El were working together. David launched his yellow beams as they reflected off of Henry’s armor and killing more. The soldiers stood there grounds and opened fire. Bruce and James were working together. Oliver dodged a demon and launched his arrow as Diggle covered his back. Everyone was fighting. Not letting Darkseid win again. ( And here is part 7 my fellow readers. Part 8 is the finale. I am so pleased with how this ends. I am also planning a new series. It'll follow what leaves off here. Until then!)
  6. Darkseid War Part 6 -Gotham City- Bruce stood on top of a ruined Wayne building as he overlooked Gotham. It was in chaos since the invasion. When the invasion occurred, the criminals overtook the city and the government destroyed the bridges to disconnect the city. Bruce had spent the last five years keeping it controlled. That's when he heard a boom. He turned and saw Clark land in front of him. ‘’ Why are you here Clark?’’ Bruce asked as he turned back around. Clark walked up to his friend. ‘’ We found a way. To turn it all back and we need you.’’ Clark said as Bruce just listened. ‘’ There’s no way. Barry said he couldn’t go back in time.’’ Bruce said as Clark stood there.’’ There’s no hope. Not anymore. Not since we tried to take everything back.’’ ‘’ However, we do have hope again. Trust me. Remember 6 years ago? How you helped me become who I was again after being gone. Now, we need you Bruce.’’ Clark said as he placed his hand on his shoulder.’’ It’s time you became who you need to become in order to honor the fallen like your parents.’’ Clark stated as Bruce had a tear fall down. He turned around and looked at Clark. ‘’ Where are we heading?’’ -Central City- Barry and Cisco stood in the speed lab as they just finished the Cosmic Treadmill. Cisco smiled for the first time in years. Barry turned to him. ‘’ It’s alright man. We will make a new one. We may not be able to revert the changes in our timeline, but we can create a new future for our past selves.’’ Barry said as he patted Cisco’s back. ‘’ Yeah. I hope. We have a chance now. To change everything. Let’s hope everyone is here.’’ Cisco said as he heard noise. The two then turned and saw them. Clark, Oliver, Bruce, and James.’’ Where’s Kara?’’ ‘’ She said she’s going to sit this one out. She has to watch her Earth still for her Darkseid.’’ Clark said as everyone stood there. Barry smiled. ‘’ Now, to explain. This is the Cosmic Treadmill. This will allow us to travel to the past in order to defeat Darkseid. Thus, allowing us to create a timeline where none of this happens. Now, we are going to the year 2019 again. We must prepare for anything. No talking to past selves. We get the job done.’’ Barry said as everyone nodded. Oliver walked up. ‘’ Suit up.’’ Oliver said as everyone began suiting up. Clark wore his suit. He hadn’t wore it in years. He held the cape. He flung it around and placed it on as he took a deep breathe. James equipped his shield. He pulled out a picture of Laura. He stared at it and folded it up. Bruce put the cowl over his head. Barry had lightning go through his eyes as he prepared. Lastly, Oliver wore his Prometheus outfit but refused to put on the mask. Clark walked up as everyone walked towards the treadmill. ‘’ Five years ago, we lost people we cared about. Friends and family. Now, we finally have a real chance to revert everything. Create a new timeline. We have our mission. I will Find Jimmy before he goes to Metrophilis. He could be anywhere. Then, we can lure the parademons away. Oliver. Find Feclity and contact everyone. James and Bruce, alert the Legends. Lastly, Barry will find a way to lure Darkseid to the Speed Force. We are going back to a time we know, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know what to expect. Good luck. We said we would never do this again.’’ Clark said as he place his hand out.’’ But we now can, Justice League.’’ Everyone else placed their hands on top of each other’s as Barry got on the treadmill. Everyone grabbed onto each other as they all held onto Clark who in turned held onto Barry. ‘’ Alright. Let’s go.’’ Barry said as Iris and Wally watched from the sidelines as he started running as the machine began to turn on. Blue lightning formed as it surrounded everyone and soon they disappeared into the Speed Force. Barry ran as fast as he could as everyone held on tight. Everyone was so awed on how it looked. That’s when something happened to the treadmill.’’ Hang on!’’ Barry yelled as suddenly, an explosion occurred around them as they were all flung off each other and sent outside the Speed Force into different times.’’ Guys!’’ Oliver stood up as he rubbed his head. The explosion in the Speed Force brought him back. He was at Queen Manor. He hadn’t been here in years. He stood up as he popped his shoulder back into place. ‘’ Clark? Bruce? James?’’ Oliver called out. That’s when he stopped in his tracks. He saw her. His mother through the glass to her bedroom. He was sent to a time before she died. He walked through the doors quietly. He knew he couldn’t be seen. That’s when he heard a noise. He turned around and saw nothing. Then a tap on his shoulder. He quickly turned and saw her. Moria Queen. ‘’ You know, you’re a little too old to play hide and seek.’’ She said as Oliver stood in his tracks. She smiled and felt his face.’’ You’re not the Oliver I know. He’s usually somewhere else right now.’’ ‘’ What are you talking about? I am you’re Oliver.’’ He said as she chuckled. ‘’ Then when did you get married?’’ she asked as she pointed to his ring. He stood there shocked.’’ You’re from the future.’’ He started having tears fall down. He quickly hugged tightly. ‘’ I missed you so much.’’ He said as he cried. Moria held him close. ‘’ Oh my baby boy.’’ She said as Oliver let go. ‘’ I need to talk to you.’’ Oliver said as she nodded. ‘’ We can talk.’’ She said as the two walked upstairs. Meanwhile, Barry ran and ran until he appeared in the center of the Speed Force. He knew the area. It was the main lab room of STAAR Labs. He lowered his mask as he looked around. That’s when he turned and saw Joe. He knew that wasn’t him, but just an image the Speed Force took. ‘’ What happened?’’ Barry asked as Joe sat down. ‘’ We need to talk Barry.’’ Joe said as the Black Flash appeared next to him. ‘’ His body then fell down. I killed a god myself. Yet, we lost. Then.’’ Oliver said as he looked at his outfit.’’ I became this.’’ Moria sat across from him. ‘’ Seems you went down a dark path Oliver. Don’t worry. It happens to all of us in times of grief.’’ She said as he looked up. She placed her hand on his shoulder.’’ It even happened to me when I joined Malcom. Yet, you know who showed me the way?’’ ‘’ Who?’’ Oliver asked as he looked up as she kissed his forehead. ‘’ You did Oliver. And now I need to show you how to come back. Become the man your father wanted you to be. Forgive yourself for what happened that was not your fault.’’ Moria said as Oliver saw himself flicker. He knew he didn’t have much time. He was about to be pulled back into the Speed Force.’’ Now, I must get ready for my debate with Blood.’’ Oliver stood up. ‘’ Mom. There’s something I need to tell you about tonight. You’ll-‘’ Oliver was interrupted by Moria’s hand covering his face. ‘’ You must fix your time. Not mine. I don’t need to know my future.’’ She said as Oliver nodded as he began to disappear. ‘’ Thank you Mom. I love you.’’ Oliver said as Moria smiled and mouthed goodbye as he disappeared back into the Speed Force. ‘’ So why did the explosion occur? I thought it was stable.’’ Barry said as he asked Joe, who was the Speed Force. He stood up and walked around. ‘’ Yes. It was. I caused the explosion because everyone on your mission, is in doubt. Well, almost everyone.’’ Joe said as Barry stood in confusion.’’ You can create a new timeline, however, the upcoming battle, you won’t win unless everyone is free on their conflict.’’ ‘’ Like who? I’m perfectly fine. I came to terms with it.’’ Barry stated as Joe shook his head. ‘’ You, James Harper and Bruce Wayne don’t have any conflict. However, Ka-El, Oliver Queen did. I’ve sent them somewhere in their past to come to peace.’’ Joe explained as Barry walked up. ‘’ Then why am I here?’’ Barry asked as Joe walked up. ‘’ Because you feel differently. Don’t be afraid. I know you’re scared of losing everyone again, but trust in the Speed Force and the universe and everything will be fine.’’ Joe explained. Barry stared at him. He nodded. ‘’ I will. Now, it’s time for me to get back.’’ Barry said as he sped away and back into the time stream.
  7. Darkseid War part 5 -Five years later- The world was still recovering after the Parademon invasion. Barry was still The Flash, trying his best to keep Central City safe. Bruce remained The Batman, making sure Gotham wasn’t overrun ever since it was sealed off from the country. Diggle, Rene, and Dinah kept order in Star City. Meanwhile, Clark and Sara were at his farm. He stood in the backyard as he stared at the three gravestones. Sara walked out and went to him. ‘’ I knew I’ll find you right here.’’ Sara said as she placed a hand on his back. Clark had regained his bearded look. ‘’ Yeah. I just. Have to keep visiting. Lois and Lucy would want that.’’ Clark said as he placed fresh flowers on the graves. ‘’ I miss them too.’’ Sara said as she hugged Clark from behind and placed her head on his back. Clark nodded as he wiped his tears away. They turned and walked back into the farm as the gravestones were for Lois, Lucy, and Ava. He stood there as Sara had walked back inside. He turned and saw the tree. He wiped one tear away as he walked back in. Meanwhile in Central City, lightning booms were being heard throughout the sky. It wasn’t The Flash running as he was in STAAR Labs with Iris. Soon, a portal opened and out came a yellow streak of lightning. The streak soon stopped in the outskirts of Central City. It was no one else but Wally West. He panted as he looked around. He looked panicked and scared. ‘’ What happened? Where am I?’’ Wally asked himself as he sped into the city to find out what was happening. He looked around as he sped around. Everything seemed normal, but he realized the city wasn’t lively as it should be. That’s when he saw it. The center of the city was a carter. He stared as it was a memorial site. He sped around to find out what’s going on. He then saw something. There was a pillar in the center. He went to it and placed his hand on it. It was a list of names lost. That’s when he saw it. His.’’ What?’’ Wally then sped towards STAAR Labs and that’s when he saw him. He stood across from him. Barry. He was in his flash suit. He lowered the mask as his hair was longer and he looked tougher. ‘’ Wally?’’ Barry asked as Wally walked up. ‘’ What happened?’’ Wally asked as Barry quickly hugged him. ‘’ That’s about it. Cisco has been sulking in his lab. Me and Barry have been trying our hardest to keep the city safe.’’ Iris said as she handed Wally a drink.’’ What happened to you? And why do you look 5 years younger?’’ Barry stood there. ‘’ That’s the thing. I remember coming to Central City to fight. Those winged demons. I was fighting and was soon overrun by them. That’s when I ran as fast I could. Then, next thing I know, I’m in the speed force and then, I run out here and find the city different.’’ Wally explained. Barry and Iris just looked at him. ‘’ Wally, the Parademon invasion was 5 years ago.’’ Iris said as Barry thought to himself as Wally was shocked. He looked at them. ‘’ So you’re saying I was in the Speed Force for 5 years for you guys? It seemed like only seconds for me.’’ Wally said as he was in shock. ‘’ That explains why I couldn’t travel in time. After we tried to reverse things. I tried to travel back in time, yet I was unable to. Now I know why. It was because you were in the Speed Force Wally. Maybe now we can do something.’’ Barry explained as he seemed hopeful. Wally shook his head. ‘’ When I came out, I lost my connection to the Speed force. I can still harness the speed, same as you, but we lost it.’’ Wally said as he looked down.’’ Now, there’s no way we can reset reality.’’ That’s when Barry’s head went up. ‘’ Wait. Did you say reset?’’ Barry asked as Wally nodded. Barry stood up and examined something through Nora’s old journal.’’ That’s it. How could I not seen it? We can’t turn back time, but we can reset it. Come on Wally. We’re going to Smallville.’’ Clark stood in front of the farmhouse as he chop some wood. He wiped his sweat off his forehead. He heard a car. He turned and saw him. Lex Luthor had shown up. He had his red hair back. He wore a casual business suit as he walked up. ‘’ Hello old friend.’’ Lex said as he offered his hand. Clark stared in disbelief. ‘’ How did you get free?’’ Clark asked as Lex smiled. ‘’ The Parademons had attacked the prison. So, I made my escape. Since the government was more concern in picking up the pieces of the invasion, I was able to sneak my way.’’ Lex said as he pulled his hand back.’’ I told you Clark. You’re presence invite challenge.’’ Lex was met with a punch. ‘’ Shut up.’’ Clark said as he prepared another punch until someone stopped him. It was Barry. ‘’ Hey. Sorry, but I told him to come here. We need to talk.’’ Barry stated as Clark motioned for them to come inside. ‘’ So, your telling me we have a chance now?’’ Clark asked as Barry and Lex drank some tea.’’ You told me years ago when we returned we couldn’t change anything.’’ ‘’ Well, that’s when Wally appeared. He was in the speed force. However, his experience tells us it’s possible to do it. We can create a timeline where none of this happens.’’ Barry explained. ‘’ And how can we? Last time I checked, I was told that changing the past just might make things worse.’’ Clark stated as Lex coughed. ‘’ That’s why we don’t affect this timeline. We may not be able to change ours, but we might be able to create a new one. With this.’’ Lex pulled out a piece of a paper.’’ I call it the Cosmic Treadmill. This will allow Allen to travel back in time with you guys in order to make a new timeline.’’ ‘’ And how do we know this will work?’’ Clark asked seeming hopeful. ‘’ We don’t.’’ Barry stated.’’ But it’s a chance. A chance to make up for our wrong doings five years ago. A chance to ensure everyone lives.’’ Clark stood up. ‘’ I’m sorry, but I can’t risk this extra life we’ve been given on a chance. Goodbye.’’ Clark said as he walked out. Lex stared in confusion. Sara watched him walk out. ‘’ Why is he like this? He wasn’t like this five years ago.’’ Lex stated as Sara walked up. ‘’ After we returned, Clark blamed himself. For everything. He hadn’t wore his suit since then. It was like he lost hope.’’ Sara said as she stared back at Clark as he was standing in front of the graves. Barry walked up. ‘’ Let me try and talk to him.’’ Barry said as Lex stopped him. ‘’ I will. I know him better.’’ Lex said as he walk outside and approached him.’’ I never thought I would see the day you would’ve lost hope.’’ ‘’ I lost it because I lost Lois and then when we had a chance to make it right, it was too late.’’ Clark explained.’’ How can I be Superman if I don’t even have hope? Simple, I don’t wear it.’’ ‘’ The Clark I knew, he never gave up. Especially when it came to saving people. I know you lost hope. However, we have a chance to bring back the people we lost. Barry needs you as much as you need everyone else.’’ Lex explained.’’ It’s because you’re the chosen one. You’re better than us.’’ ‘’ How can you be sure?’’ Clark asked as Lex gave Clark something. ‘’ Because I have my reasons. Think about it.’’ Lex said as he walked away. Clark opened his hand. It was a piece of kryptonite. Clark turned and saw Lex leave after leaving the plans to Barry. Barry thanked Sara as he was ready to leave. ‘’ Wait.’’ Clark said as he walked up. Barry and Sara turned.’’ How can I help?’’ Barry smiled. ‘’ We get everyone together once again.’’ Barry stated. -Star City- Criminals ran through the building as they continued firing their weapons. This was the last of the Triads, they were scared as they opened fire. ‘’ Quickly! He’s here!’’ they yelled as they spoke Chinese as they ran. Soon, arrows impaled them with no remorse as they were struck down. Soon, a green figure crashed through the window and rolled and quickly killed with a sword. The last one backed into a wall, shaking. ‘’ Please! Don’t do this! We’ve done nothing wrong! Why?!’’ the man yelled as he spoke Chinese. The green figure swung his sword. ‘’ You were on the list.’’ The man simply said as he slashed the man down and killed him. The figure quickly swung the blood off his blade. He panted. The moonlight shined on him. It was Prometheus. Behind him, stood John Diggle. Prometheus acknowledged him.’’ You shouldn’t be here.’’ ‘’ And why are you here? Dressed like that?’’ Diggle asked as he knew who this Prometheus was. ‘’ Just doing my mission. Clearing the list.’’ Prometheus said as he cleaned his sword and placed it away. Diggle walked up. ‘’ We believe we found something. Barry and Clark figured something out.’’ Diggle said as Prometheus froze. ‘’ Don’t. I already lost earlier.’’ Prometheus said as he removed his mask. ‘’ I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you years ago man.’’ Diggle said as Prometheus turned as it was Oliver Queen, looking lost and broken as he hugged Diggle.
  8. Darkseid War Part 4 -Present time- Oliver stood in STAAR Labs as they regrouped. He held an arrow. It was silver and black. He heard reports of Star City attacked as well. Cisco sat in the med bay with Cyborg on the bed as Barry and Iris stood in the Speed Lab. They had lost most of their friends and family. Kara had ventured out to space to search for the Legends and Clark. ‘’ There has to be something we can do.’’ Rene said as Oliver shook his head.’’ Come on Hoss. You usually have something. So what we got smacked by a giant, we can come back.’’ ‘’ Rene. Just don’t.’’ Oliver simply said. Diggle walked in as Oliver looked up. He shook his head. Oliver simply walked out of the room. ‘’ What’s the news?’’ Rene asked as Diggle sighed. ‘’ Everyone is gone. Dinah managed to hold her own, but Felicity. She didn’t make it.’’ Diggle said as Rene sat down.’’ And yes. Zoey is safe. Lyla got to her in time before the Parademons attacked.’’ Oliver stood in the hallway as he held his head as tears escaped his eyes. Barry stood in the Speed Lab. Iris held him. Barry hadn’t heard from anyone. ‘’ I don’t know what to do Iris. I can’t even travel back in time. I don’t know why.’’ Barry said as Iris held his face. ‘’ We got luckily Barry. We will find a way to reverse this. We always came back.’’ Iris said as Barry nodded. ‘’ We just need to hope Kara can find Clark and the others.’’ Barry said as he walked off.’’ I’m going to check up on Cisco. He must be devastated right now after what he had to do.’’ Barry then sped towards the med bay and saw Cisco just sitting there.’’ Hey man.’’ ‘’ Hey.’’ Cisco said as his goggles were on the table beside him. ‘’ Are you feeling alright?’’ Barry asked as Cisco shook his head. ‘’ It’s hard to feel alright when you just had to kill one of your friends to only find out it didn’t matter since he still got the equation. What was the point? We defeated Wolf guy only to be defeated by the big bad. Then he disappears in a portal to god who knows where. Meanwhile, we have our other friends in space, trying to find him.’’ Cisco said as tears fell down his eyes.’’ It was my fault. I should’ve done it when he asked me to. Now, Caitlyn, Ralph, their gone.’’ Barry sat next to his best friend and put an arm around him. Hope was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, on the Waverider, it floated in space, damaged after Darkseid left the ship. Clark sat in the bridge as he didn’t know what to do. Sara walked in. She wiped her face. Clark looked up. ‘’ Any news?’’ Clark asked as Sara shook her head. ‘’ The ship is damaged, the others are dead and Ava is in crucial condition. Gideon is also offline so there’s that. It’s my fault as captain. I should’ve had a plan. We could’ve been better prepared.’’ Sara said as Clark stood up. He walked up to her. ‘’ It’s not your fault. It’s mine. Darkseid was plaguing me with nightmares ever since the events on Kandor and I thought we could beat him. Yet, we lost. Now, I don’t even know what happened back on Earth.’’ Clark said as Sara held his face. ‘’ It’s not your fault Clark. I assure you that.’’ Sara said as she walked away to go check up on Ava again. Clark looked around and felt the center computer. Soon, an audio messenger appeared. Clark didn’t know how long he had until the ship’s life support failed. That’s when he pressed the button. ‘’ Hi Lois. Sorry I haven’t called. Sorry, lame joke. I just want you to know, I’m doing alright. I’m alive and well. Just hoping everything is okay on Earth. And if you get this, I hope you do, I’ll see you again real soon. You are my world. You’ve always been. I love you.’’ Clark said as he ended the message. He wiped his tears away. He sat back down. Pulled one kneel closer to him.’’ Always dreaming of you.’’ Clark said as he closed his eyes. He didn’t know what to do. He just sat there. Suddenly, he saw a figure outside the deck window. He stood up and walked towards it. That’s when he saw her. Kara. She smiled with hope as she found them. Barry and the others stood in the main room. The group consisted of Barry, Iris, Oliver, Diggle, Rene, Bruce, James, and Cisco. Bruce had his mask lowered. Everybody was still trying to wrap their heads around. ‘’ There must be something we can do.’’ James asked no one answered, Oliver leaned against the wall keeping to himself. ‘’ Well, there really isn’t anything we can do right now James. We don’t have Clark or the Legends right now.’’ Bruce explained. ‘’ What does that mean?’’ Rene asked as he pointed at Cisco.’’ Can’t home boy here just open up one of his portals and we can just jumped through and put a cap into Darkseid?’’ ‘’ My powers don’t work like that Rene and besides, I don’t even know where he went. When you kind of get hit by a giant fist basically, you lose.’’ Cisco said as he crossed his arms. ‘’ All we need to do is hope Kara-‘’ Barry said as suddenly, he was cut off as shaking was heard. They all went to the roof as they saw Kara carrying the Waverider as she lowered it on the roof as she panted. Soon, Clark and Sara, who was holding a wounded Ava, walked out. They ran over to them as Clark stared at his friends. ‘’ I’m sorry.’’ It was all he could say as the others went back into the building. Sara stood by Ava. She had her eyes closed. Clark walked in and saw her. He put his arm around her as they embraced each other.’’ I’m sorry.’’ Meanwhile, the others were in shock as Cyborg began turning on. He groaned in pain. Everyone was relieved. He opened his eye and was shocked. ‘’ What happened?’’ Victor asked as that was all he could muster. He was filled in on the situation as Clark stood in front of projector as details of the invasion were told. He saw the number of people lost. Over a million people lost their lives. He sighed. He got his phone and dialed a number. Hopefully she’ll pick up. ‘’ Hello?’’ Clark asked as he heard the line connect. ‘’ Clark?’’ the voice asked as Clark knew it was Sam. He was glad he was alive. ‘’ Where’s Lois?’’ Clark asked as he began shaking. That’s when he heard silence and the line was cut off. Clark dropped his phone and fell back.’’ No.’’ Clark began crying as he just lost the love of his life. He regained his composure as he was called towards the main room. Cyborg had begun projecting an image of a planet. ‘’ This is Apokolips. This is where Darkseid is. I believe he is trying to use his recovered Anti-Life Equation in order to bend the universe to his will.’’ Cyborg explained as everyone stared. ‘’ Since Jimmy and Hank Henshaw both were transformed due to exposure to the Anti-Life, is it possible we can use it to bring people back?’’ Kara asked as everyone turned to her.’’ It’s just, back on my Earth, I was told by my parents about this equation. It can be turned into the opposite. The Life Equation, if held by the right person. Cyborg, is it possible you switch it?’’ ‘’ I believe so, but that involves us into getting to Apokolips.’’ Cyborg explained as everyone turned to one another. ‘’ Then that’s what we do.’’ Oliver said as he walked up. Bruce and Barry stood next to him. ‘’ I agree. This time, we all go and take the battle to him.’’ Bruce said as everyone began nodding. Clark soon walked up too. ‘’ Then let’s go. Cisco just finished repairing the Waverider for flying.’’ Clark said as everyone turned and began leaving.’’ We will reverse this. No matter what.’’ Clark said as everyone agreed as they began boarding the Waverider as Sara got in the captain’s seat. ‘’ Let’s kick some ass.’’ Sara said as she launched the ship into space as Cyborg put in the location and the Waverider flew into space. Everyone sat in the chairs as Cyborg plugged into the computer. Suddenly, the ship flew into deep space.’’ Hold on!’’ Moments later, the ship stopped in front of a fire planet. It was Apokolips. The ship flew straight towards the planet as it landed on a nearby platform. Everyone stepped off the ship as they walked towards the huge looming palace. When they approached it, Clark punched down the doors. That’s when they saw him. Darkseid on his throne. ‘’ Humans and Kryptonians. I expected you to come.’’ Darkseid said with his dark voice. Everyone stood their ground. ‘’ Give us the Anti-Life!’’ Kara said as Darkseid stood up. He stepped over to them. ‘’ The Anti-Life is gone. I have used it to empower myself. Once I finish you creatures, I will subject the universe to my will. It was destiny.’’ Darkseid stated as everyone got ready. Clark stood there as he felt himself shake. He had just lost to him, how can he fight him when he’s stronger? That’s when they saw it. A silver and black arrow as it impaled Darkseid in the chest. Everyone turned and saw it was Oliver who fired the shot. Everyone quickly turned around as they saw Darkseid crumbling. ‘’ It seems I’ve been bested after all. Seems Mar Novu gave you his arrow earthling. You may have killed me, however. The Anti-Life is lost forever. I knew you would attempt to reverse the death I caused.’’ Darkseid said as he still crumbled.’’ See you in the 4th dimension.’’ Darkseid then disappeared as everyone just stood there. ‘’ What did you do?’’ Sara asked Oliver as he simply turned back towards the ship. ‘’ I got my revenge for my family.’’ Oliver said as he walked away as everyone didn’t know what to do. ‘’ We lost.’’ Clark said as everyone just walked back to the ship as they had nothing. Darkseid had won.
  9. Darkseid War Part 3 Meanwhile, as the Waverider flew through space, Clark stared into the emptiness of space. He’s never been in space before. ‘’ Wow. I’ve never seen space before. It looks so empty.’’ Clark said as he stared. Sara walked up to him. ‘’ So, we fought together in another timeline?’’ Sara asked as Clark nodded. ‘’ It was very tough. We lost a lot of people in the fight against Pandora. Yet, you stood out and kept being a leader when I couldn’t. Back then, I was naïve and immature. Now, I know what I have to do.’’ Clark said as Sara stared. ‘’ And what’s that?’’ Sara asked as Clark turned and placed his hand on his symbol. ‘’ Be the symbol of hope for everyone because even in the darkest of times, hope stands out. Hope is what lifts us out of darkness.’’ Clark said as he walked away. Ava walked up. ‘’ He doesn’t seem to be real. Even after magical creatures and we time traveling, it’s hard to believe someone like him exists on our earth.’’ Ava stated as Sara looked as she held her hand. ‘’ Yeah. It’s cool to have someone hopeful like that.’’ Sara said as the two walked away to another room, not knowing despair was coming. Bruce dodged another Parademon as he kicked it away. He threw batarangs at it as James shield slammed some more. They were panting. There were too many of them. Bruce breathed in. ‘’ We have to make a stand! Let’s go!’’ James yelled as the two rushed towards another wave. Kara flew towards Steppenwolf as she punched him as he swung his axe. Cyborg kept blasting him from the distance as Barry ran around throwing lightning. Steppenwolf quickly grabbed Barry and threw him against Kara as he was not being affected by the blasts from Cyborg. ‘’ You Earthlings are primitive beings!’’ Steppenwolf quickly rushed and picked up Cyborg.’’ You there. You were born from the Motherbox!’’ He commanded as he dropped his axe and placed his hand into Cyborg as he yelled. He then tossed him aside as Kara grabbed onto him and flew him into a different building. Meanwhile, Cisco just stood there as Jimmy watched from the window. He turned to Cisco. ‘’ Cisco. You have to do. Please.’’ Jimmy said as he stood up as Cisco shook his head. ‘’ I am not killing my friend! I already lost friends today! I don’t want to lose anymore!’’ Cisco said as he watched the battle unfold as he saw them getting the upper hand. Kara caught his punch as Steppenwolf was a lot stronger. ‘’ Kryptonian. You are not the one that resides here. Where is he?’’ he commanded as Kara threw him across the room as she launched her laser vision at him out the building. ‘’ Wouldn’t you like to know.’’ Kara said as she flew after him. Meanwhile, Oliver and his team got more people to safety as he saw Bruce and James starting to get out numbered. He quickly shot an arrow as he flew with it towards them. Bruce flew back as he punched to the ground. He stood up panting. His cape was damaged, his crowl missing the right side. He grabbed a device. It transformed into a sword. James laid behind him. Struggling to get up. ‘’ Forgiving yourself and becoming who you’re meant to be.’’ Bruce said as he saw the demons rush him.’’ I am Vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!’’ Bruce yelled as he ran towards the horde as he began slashing through as many as he could, then as it seemed he would be over run, Oliver launched an explosion arrow and Barry sped him and James to safety in STAAR Labs as Barry ran back. ‘’ Where are we?’’ James asked as he laid on the bed recovering. Bruce panted as he removed his crowl. ‘’ Safe.’’ Bruce said as he fell against the wall and sat down, knowing they did the best they could.’’ It’s all up to them now.’’ The Waverider flew through space as everyone grew a bit nervous. Clark thought flying here would’ve brought them closer to Darkseid, however, he was wrong. He didn’t want to say anything yet. As he turned, suddenly, the ship rocked as everyone flew back. Sara and the other legends quickly got to the hanger bay. A portal was opening. Steps were heard. Out came a being. ‘’ Uh no.’’ Clark said to himself as he struggled to get up, however, fear was plaguing him. Something was stopping him from standing up. Sara and others stared in horror. It was being who stood tall. He wore dark black armor. Gray skin, wrinkles on his face, a bald head, red eyes, and with a ruling glare. He held his arms behind his back. ‘’ Earthlings. I’ve been told you were coming. Shame, now bear witness to Darkseid!’’ Meanwhile, Steppenwolf swung his axe as Cyborg blocked with a shield. Kara quickly used her freeze breathe to freeze it as Steppenwolf was shocked. Barry then appeared and sonic punched it and destroyed it. ‘’ You Earthlings will pay!’’ Steppenwolf howled as he rose his fist, until arrows appear through his chest. He turned and saw Oliver standing behind him panting. That’s when Kara tossed Cyborg as his right arm turned into a sword. He yelled as he slashed him across the chest. Barry and Kara then launched lightning and lasers at him causing an explosion to occur. When the smoke cleared, nothing remained. ‘’ We did it.’’ Kara said panting as everyone was happy. However, our heroes had no idea what was about to happen. Meanwhile on the Waverider, Sara held a wounded Ava on the bridge as Clark still struggled to get up. Darkseid had killed everyone with a single swipe of his omega beams. ‘’ Sara. Get out of here.’’ Clark said as Sara shook her head as she stood up. She was wounded as well. She pulled out her staff. Darkseid emerged out of the corner and floated into the bridge. ‘’ Earthling. You have spirit. Shame. Your Kryptonian wasn’t able to help.’’ Darkseid exclaimed. Clark struggled. He knew he had to get up. He then opened his eyes as he felt Solar Flare kick in for a second. He then stood up with all his might and punched Darkseid in the face as the entire ship shook with the force. Clark panted. Darkseid turned unfazed.’’ Seems you were able to get up. Seems Steppenwolf failed. The whole plan was to ensure you were unable to stop me. The Equation is now mine.’’ Darkseid said as he disappeared into a boom tube. Clark and Sara were in shock. Clark quickly tried to run through the portal but failed. He quickly ran to the window of space. ‘’ No!’’ Clark screamed. Back in Metrophilis, Kara and Cyborg turned as Barry and Oliver went to Cisco. More and more boom tubes were opening. More hordes of Parademons came out and attack the city and the world as Darkseid emerged from the portal in front of them. ‘’ Hello Earthlings and Kryptonian. I am here for my Equation.’’ Darkseid commanded as Cyborg and Kara stared in horror. Meanwhile, in the Daily Planet, Cisco and the others stared in horror. ‘’ I thought we won.’’ Jimmy said as Oliver prepared his bow. An explosion occurred as the building shook. Darkseid emerged through the hole.’’ Cisco. Now!’’ Jimmy yelled as Barry and Oliver ran towards Darkseid. Cisco turned to him. ‘’ I can’t.’’ Cisco said as Jimmy punched him. Cisco was shocked. ‘’ We can’t wait! Everyone is getting defeated! Hell, if he’s here, that means Clark and the Legends failed! You have to kill me and destroy the Equation or he will bend the universe to his will! Now!’’ Jimmy yelled as Cisco wiped a tear from his eye as he launched a breach attack at Jimmy. He continued his attack as he saw Barry get slapped away with a swing of his hand and Oliver falling due to Darkseid’s presence. Cisco unleashed his full power.’’ Thank you my friend.’’ An explosion occurred Jimmy exploded as Cisco was sent back. Darkseid was unfazed as he floated until he got to the remains of Jimmy. Cisco quickly stood up but was punched back into the ground. ‘’ Pathetic. You Earthlings are weak. You have no idea what laid in your hands. Now, it is mine.’’ Darkseid said as he motioned his hand as Jimmy’s dust was soon converted into a box. The box held the Anti-Life.’’ At long last. I have reclaimed what was mine. Goodbye Earthlings. I will spare you for your efforts. However, a shame your planet had to suffer this invasion.’’ Darkseid stated as he disappeared into a boom tube along with the endless hordes of Parademons that were unleashed upon the world. Time had caught up to our heroes. Clark was sitting in a damaged Waverider, Sara next to him as she held Ava, who was hurt. Oliver, Barry, and Cisco sitting in a ruined Daily Planet as they looked defeated. Cyborg was damaged and laid motionless on the street as Kara stood there in disbelief. Lastly, Metrophilis laid in ruins as boom tubes disappeared. The League had been defeated. Hope was lost. ( Part three has arrived my readers! I know its been coming out quickly because I have finally been able to put together the first half. The Darkseid war only continues after this. I can't wait until we get into the next couple of parts because this crossover has only just started! Until then!)
  10. Darkseid War Part 2 ‘’ Jimmy is alive?’’ Clark asked in disbelief.’’ But I killed him. He should be dead.’’ Clark said as he was in shock. Cisco turned to him. ‘’ You’re the one who did it?’’ Cisco asked as Clark shook his head. ‘’ He was transformed into the Doomsday. I had no choice. It was the only way to save him. I buried his body. He should be dead.’’ Clark said as Cisco stared. Oliver walked up. ‘’ Then we need to find him. If he’s alive, then we should be able to locate him in order to get whatever this equation is.’’ Oliver said as everyone nodded. Clark realized something. ‘’ Wait. Darkseid. I’ve heard that name before. I actually heard in my dreams. Sara, can the Waverider fly in space?’’ Clark asked as she turned to him. ‘’ Yes it can. Why?’’ Sara asked as Clark had an idea. He didn’t know it would work, but he had one. ‘’ Maybe me and you Legends can get in the Waverider in order to beat Darkseid before he gets here. He won’t see us coming.’’ Clark said as everyone was silent. ‘’ He’s right. If that’s our big bad, maybe sending Superman with us can stop this invasion.’’ Ray said as some people nodded. ‘’ Then where would we have a Kryptonian?’’ James asked as Barry had an idea. ‘’ Kara. She can help us.’’ Barry said as Clark stared in confusion. ‘’ Kara?’’ Clark asked as Barry nodded. ‘’ She lives on another Earth. She’s a Kryptonian just like you. With you in space, we will need the big guns here as well.’’ Barry said as everyone nodded. Bruce walked up. ‘’ Then that’s the plan. Clark and the Legends will go into space to confront Darkseid while the rest of us here with the assistance with Kara, we locate Jimmy Olsen, find the equation, and repel another invasion.’’ Bruce said as everyone turned. ‘’ Suit up.’’ Oliver said as Sara turned to her teammates. ‘’ Let’s go kick some ass.’’ Sara exclaimed as everyone went to get ready. Meanwhile, in Metrophilis, Jimmy panted as he was in an ally. He had no idea where these demons kept coming from, all he knew was that he had to get out of here. ‘’ Damn. If only I could get a hold of Clark.’’ Jimmy said as he continued running. That’s when he heard the noise and clicking. He turned as a Parademon stood in front of him. Jimmy quietly punched it away as he ran. Not knowing his fear was attracting more to his location. Underground of Metrophilis, a portal appeared. It was just like Cyborg’s. Out came a tall creature. He had horns on his head, red skin, white eyes, alien style armor, and held a giant axe. He placed into the ground as he sniffed. ‘’ Why does this planet smell like this?’’ the alien said as Parademons soon appear out of the shadows. The alien smiled. He picked out a device as he threw to the center as an image appeared. It was a dark shadow with red eyes. The man kneeled.’’ My master. I have arrived. The Equation is here as you predicted. It took a while to track where the Kryptonians took it however, I know where it is. I’ve had the Parademons hunt him as we speak.’’ ‘’ It seems so. Do not fail me Steppenwolf! Or I will destroy you. The Kryptonian is coming for me. I can sense him. I will take care of him while you obtain the equation. Do not fail me!’’ the shadow said as the image disappeared. Steppenwolf stood up. ‘’ Hail Darkseid. Minions! Begin our assault!’’ Meanwhile, Clark boarded the waverider as he was awestruck. ‘’ Wow. I never thought I would ever ride in this.’’ Clark said as Sara smiled. ‘’ Now, as we begin to leave, how can we trust you?’’ Charlie asked everyone else stared.’’ Because I sure bloody hell don’t know you. One second you come, then we going to space?’’ ‘’ She’s right mate. How can we trust you?’’ John asked as Clark stared. ‘’ You’re right. However, if you look into my memories John, you’ll see we have been together before.’’ Clark said as he held out his hand. John begun muttering a spell as he placed his hand over Clark’s. Soon, images appeared from the previous timeline, the one where they all fought Pandora. It soon disappeared. ‘’ Well bloody hell. You’re the one who took that Pandora? Well. I trust him.’’ John said as he began smoking and walked away. ‘’ Now that’s out of the way. Gideon, launch.’’ Sara said as the ship flew off the roof and into space. Ava pulled Sara aside. ‘’ How can we trust him Sara?’’ Ava asked as Sara placed her hand on her shoulder. ‘’ We just do Ava.’’ Sara asked as Clark walked towards Ray. ‘’ Wow. You look like my cousin a bit.’’ Ray said as the two walked into the inner part of the ship as the waverider left the planet and into the depts of space. A breach opened up on Earth-38 as Cisco and Barry emerge out of it as they appeared in Kara’s apartment. ‘’ Kara?’’ Barry called as Kara came out and was surprised to see her two friends. ‘’ What are you guys doing here?’’ she asked as Cisco kept it open. Barry walked up. ‘’ We need your help.’’ Barry asked as Kara used her super speed to change. ‘’ What are we up against?’’ Kara asked as she was ready. James was cleaning his shield as he was dressed up in his suit. Bruce walked in wearing his. ‘’ You know. I heard about you. My master told me about you. I didn’t think you were real.’’ James said as placed his shield on his back. ‘’ I’m real when it’s useful. Tell me, why you attacked Clark years ago?’’ Bruce asked as James took out a picture from his pocket. It was a picture of Laura and Sydney. ‘’ I had a family. During Lex’s second Undertaking, they were in a building when it collapsed. I blamed Clark for not saving them. I went on a vengeful path. However, a letter from Laura discouraged me from continuing.’’ James said as he put it away.’’ That’s when I met Dick. He spoke of you as well. He reminded me as well. Don’t lose hope or yourself, even in the darkness moments.’’ ‘’ You know. I taught Dick that line. There’s one night. The Joker was on a killing spree. I snapped. I took my first life that night. However, I didn’t lose myself. Dick asked me why, and then I told him that.’’ Bruce said as he held his crowl.’’ However, I didn’t put this back on in years because of it, because if I broke my code, how can I continue being Batman?’’ James walked up and placed his hand on his shoulder. ‘’ Easy. Forgive yourself and move on.’’ James said as he walked away. Bruce looked back at him. He then walked up to a mirror. He slide his crowl on. Batman had returned. ‘’ So, we find Jimmy, and then what?’’ Ralph asked as everyone besides Cisco and Barry stood in the cortex. Suddenly, a breach appeared. Out came Barry, Cisco, and Kara. ‘’ Then we stop whoever is after him.’’ Barry said as every nodded. Bruce, Cisco, James, Ralph, Barry, Frost, Oliver, Diggle, Rene, Cyborg, and Kara stood around. ‘’ If I were to know Jimmy, he’ll be at Metropolis.’’ James said as Cyborg had a map of the city. ‘’ He’s right, Jimmy is there.’’ Cyborg said as he saw his life signal. ‘’ Then let’s go, Cisco, open a breach.’’ Oliver said as Cisco nodded as he had a breach appear as they all went in. Barry turned to Iris. They hugged and kissed as he left and the breach closed. Jimmy ran as fast as he could. The Parademons were chasing him. He was in an ally still as he ran through it. He soon got to a dead end. He panted as he turned and saw them approaching. Suddenly, arrows impaled them as Jimmy was shocked as he saw Oliver standing on top of the building as something grabbed Jimmy and pulled him through the wall. He looked around and saw Barry there with his mask on. ‘’ Flash?’’ Jimmy asked as he stood up and saw Cisco walk up to him.’’ Cisco? What’s happening?’’ ‘’ We need to get you out of here first before-‘’ Cisco said as suddenly, the wall exploded as Steppenwolf stood through the hole as he held his axe. ‘’ At last. The Equation. Hand it over Earthlings and I’ll spare your dirt planet.’’ Steppenwolf said as Parademons followed as everyone started fighting them as Steppenwolf approached Jimmy, however, Cisco quickly breached him away and himself. ‘’ Good thinking Cisco!”’ Frost said as she began freezing him. Steppenwolf stood there as he was frozen as his axe barely missed her. Ralph walked up to her. ‘’ Hey good-‘’ he was suddenly slashed across the chest as Steppenwolf broke free. ‘’ Ralph!’’ Frost said as she couldn’t do anything as Steppenwolf grabbed her and crushed her. Barry stared wide eyed. ‘’ No!’’ Barry yelled as he quickly ran as fast as possible as he threw a barrage of lightning bolts at him as he was sent through the wall. Barry quickly ran everyone away. Steppenwolf emerge out of the hole. He chuckled. ‘’ Earthlings. They surprise me to no end. Oh well. It’s time we begin the invasion.’’ Steppenwolf exclaimed as he raised his axe as Parademons began to emerge out of portals around and begun attacking Metrophilis. Jimmy panted as he and Cisco were in the Daily Planet. Barry and Kara soon arrived. Barry removed his mask as he held his head. ‘’ This isn’t time for grieve yet Barry. Look.’’ Kara said as she pointed out the Parademons attacking the city. Barry walked up. Kara saw everyone fighting. Bruce and James were fighting together, Oliver and his team saved people, and Cyborg was blasting, defending the building. ‘’ Why are they after me?’’ Jimmy asked as Cisco turned to him.’’ All I remember was being held by Clark and then walking up in an ally. Then, I’m being chased by these demons and a big guy wielding an axe.’’ ‘’ You have something inside you Jimmy. It’s called the Anti-Life Equation. We can’t let them get you because something bad might happen. We barely know what’s going on. This literally just started hours ago.’’ Cisco said as he looked at Kara.’’ That’s why we needed you Kara. Superman went into space.’’ ‘’ Wait. Clark isn’t here?’’ Jimmy said as Barry nodded. Jimmy held his head.’’ Wait. Cisco! You’re Vibe! That means with your powers, you can kill me and destroy this said Equation. It’s inside me because of Zor’s actions. I thought it was gone when Clark killed me, but with your vibrations, I can get rid of it.’’ Jimmy said as Cisco stood up. ‘’ No! I’m not killing my friend!’’ Cisco yelled as an explosion was heard. Steppenwolf stood in the center of the street as he held Cyborg who was damaged. ‘’ Earthlings! I want my Equation!’’ Steppenwolf tossed Cyborg aside as Kara crashed through the window and flew towards him.’’ Kryptonian!’’ Steppenwolf engaged Kara in battle. ‘’ Cisco. Figure out something. We’re going to hold him off as much as we can.’’ Barry said as he ran with his speed. Cisco stood and stared at Jimmy. He knew he had to do something. Barry and Kara stood across Steppenwolf as Cyborg landed next to them. They were the three to stop Steppenwolf. ( And here is Part 2. I am really enjoying this Crossover! I've finally been able to fill in the gaps much faster. Expect part 3 in the coming weeks! About the sneak peek that as presented chapters ago, it takes placed later in this crossover. You'll see soon. There are more parts to come! Until then my faithful readers!)
  11. Darkseid War Part 1 The fire rises from the depths of a planet that is in horror. The skies are red as smoke filled the air while the noises were screams of agony. Throughout the sky, a pair of red eyes glared filled with death soon met the observer. Scenes switched out between our heroes. Clark sitting in a damaged Waverider, Sara next to him as she held Ava, who looked to be hurt. Oliver, Barry, and Cisco sitting in a ruined Daily Planet as they looked defeated. Cyborg was damaged and laid motionless on the street as Kara stood there in disbelief. Lastly, Metrophilis laid in ruins as boom tubes disappeared. The League had been defeated. Hope was lost. -24 hours ago- The Waverider flew through the time stream as its crew pondered on what to do after the recent events. Monsters were now acceptable to society. Ava and Sara laid in bed as Ray and Nate discuss what’s going on, Charlie and John discussing if there were any more magical creatures on the loose. Mick was writing his book as always. Things were normal for the Legends or so it seemed. An alert began going off as Sara went to the bridge. ‘’ Gideon, what’s going on?’’ Sara asked as Gideon brought up something. It was the year 2019.’’ Yes, that’s our year, what’s happening?’’ ‘’ It seems an unknown alien force has been arriving on Earth is small hordes. Should we go to Earth?’’ Gideon asked as Sara shrugged. ‘’ Why not? Let’s see what’s happening.’’ Sara said as the Waverider flew towards back to 2019. Clark stood in his backyard, looking at Lucy’s grave. It was the middle of the night. Once again he has had nightmares. The same ones as when he returned from Kandor. That’s when he turned and saw Lois. ‘’ Hey. Another one?’’ Lois asked as she walked up as Clark nodded. ‘’ Same ones. I go to sleep and a pair of red eyes is watching me. That’s what it feels like. Then I see fire and screams as I try to do something, then I wake up. Like nothing has had happened. However, it makes me feel like something is going to happen and I feel like I won’t be able to stop it.’’ Clark explained. Meanwhile, in Slabeside, Lex Luthor sat on the floor as he drew more drawings related to the boxes. He figured something out. ‘’ I see. So, something’s coming.’’ Lex said as he calmly sat back and smiled.’’ I wonder how you’ll beat him Superman. I told you. Your presence sent a signal throughout the universe.’’ Oliver stood in his house. He and Feclity had just moved here. She was still pregnant with their future daughter Mia. He was happy at last. He walked to the bedroom as he watched her sleep. He smiled. He grabbed a beer and went outside to look up at the stars. He slipped on it. ‘’ I hope it stays like this forever.’’ Oliver said as he saw a shooting star. Barry and Iris hugged each other in the time vault. They had just lost their daughter Nora. It was heartbreaking for the two of them. They just stared at the message that Nora had left for them. It had just ended. ‘’ What do we do now Barry?’’ Iris asked as Barry shrugged. He walked towards the screen. ‘’ We make sure her sacrifice wasn’t in vain. She went out loving us. It’s our job to honor that love and stop Thwane.’’ Barry said as she nodded. Barry then let go of Iris as he walked out of the time vault. Elsewhere, Cyborg stood in his father’s new lab in Detroit. He was typing something in the computer. Someone approached him. It was James as he walked up. ‘’ You call me up here and for what?’’ James asked as Cyborg pointed at the screen. ‘’ For the past year, I’ve been tracking alien activity ever since the Kryptonian invasion. Even now, after a couple of weeks since Kandor, activity has been increasing lately. Especially around Metrophilis.’’ Cyborg explained as James stared at the imagery. ‘’ So you’re telling me another invasion is coming? And how bad?’’ James asked as Cyborg turned around. ‘’ One where we don’t have a possible chance of winning.’’ In the following next 24 hours, without the heroes not knowing, a massive attack was on its way and they aren’t prepared for it. Bruce stood in his cave as he stared at the monitors. He has been studying his cousin as she became Batwoman in order to deal with Alice. He kept his distance as he knew she was the protector now. He turned around as he received another message. ‘’ This one. It’s the same thing.’’ Bruce said as he studied the alien language. Alfred sat the plate of food down. ‘’ What is Master Bruce?’’ Alfred asked as Bruce sat in his chair. He took a slip out of his drink. ‘’ Ever since the events of Kandor, I’ve noticed messages being sent through the internet. Their crypt, however, I’m starting to understand the meaning of this message. These are alien symbols.’’ Bruce calmly explained as Alfred looked puzzled. ‘’ These aren’t Kryptonian. So, are you suggesting these symbols belong to another language?’’ Alfred asked as Bruce nodded. ‘’ That means something big is coming. Get Clark on the phone. It’s urgent that I speak to him.’’ Bruce said as Alfred nodded as he walked off. Bruce stood up and walked towards a door. It slowly opened as it revealed his suit. He hadn’t wore it in 4 years. He placed his hand on the bat symbol. He took a deep breathe.’’ It’s time. If I can convince Clark reclaim his identity. Then its time I should to.’’ In Central City, Barry stood in the speed lab as he was waiting for something. He heard the noise. He sped towards the roof of STAAR Labs as he saw the Waverider land on the building as it turned invisible. Out came Sara, Rory, Ray, Behrad, Ava, Nora, and John. ‘’ Why did you contact us Sara?’’ Barry asked as Sara walked up. ‘’ Because we have a problem right now. A major one. I’m pretty sure everyone is starting to catch on.’’ Sara said as Barry nodded as everyone walked back into the building. Clark stood in the farm as he finished chopping down some wood for a fire. He grabbed pieces and threw them in another pile. Lois had left to go her Father’s for an errand. He smiled. He had been at peace for weeks since Kandor. He had finally embraced his identity as Superman. Then, he heard his phone ring. He pulled it out and answered it. ‘’ Hello? Bruce? What’s up?’’ Clark asked as he heard Bruce speak. His eyes widen.’’ I think I know what’s happening. Can you meet me at STAAR Labs? Trust me. I’ll see you there.’’ Clark hung up as he quickly changed into his suit. He dialed another number.’’ James. I need a favor. Come to STAAR Labs. Wait, you know too? You and Victor go find Oliver Queen.’’ Clark hung up and flew directly towards Central City. Oliver stood in his living room as he held a knife. James and Cyborg had enter the room through a portal. James had his hands up. ‘’ Easy. We’re here to ask for your help.’’ James as Oliver lowered the knife. ‘’ The Crisis?’’ Oliver asked as Cyborg shook his head. ‘’ Something different. We have something coming. We need you and the team to come with us. Clark asked us to ask you.’’ Cyborg said as James placed his shield on his back. ‘’ Clark?’’ Oliver said confused as James smiled. ‘’ Superman. You met him a couple of years ago. The Man of Steel.’’ James said as Oliver remembered Clark those years ago. ‘’ Alright. You have my attention. Explain.’’ Oliver said as he put the knife away. Barry and the others stood in the cortex as they stared at the planet. Cisco studied it. ‘’ So your telling me that were facing an alien invasion?’’ Cisco asked as Sara nodded. ‘’ Gideon showed us. Hordes have been coming for the past weeks. Why we haven’t noticed until now is a surprise. However, we need to get ready. These aren’t Dominators.’’ Sara explained as everyone nodded. ‘’ Then we fry them.’’ Rory said as everyone turned to him as he was eating a sandwich.’’ What? I got hungry.’’ Suddenly, a blur flew passed them as Clark stood in the center of them. Everyone stood in shock as Clark turned around as everyone stared. ‘’ Superman.’’ Cisco said as he knows the outfit. Everyone stood shocked. ‘’ Why are you here?’’ Barry asked as footsteps were heard. Everyone turned and saw James, Oliver, and Cyborg walk in. ‘’ Because Barry. It’s all hands on deck.’’ Oliver explained as everyone was confused. ‘’ Who else can surprise us.’’ Ralph said as he was laughing. ‘’ Me.’’ a voice was heard as everyone turned again and saw Bruce standing there.’’ Sorry. Some of you might not know me. I’m Bruce Wayne. You can also call me Batman.’’ Bruce explained as Oliver looked surprised. ‘’ I’m sorry for the sudden appearance. I know it’s some of you guys first time meeting me. However, I met all of you a while back. I’ll explain shortly. The main point is. We need everyone because this alien invasion seems very dangerous and I believe I know who’s responsible.’’ Clark stated as things starting to make sense a bit. ‘’ I’m sorry to interrupt this welcoming. I did discover something in the messages.’’ Cyborg said as he projected the messages. He then highlighted something. Clark’s eyes went wide. The sentence was clear as day. ‘’ Find this Jimmy. He is alive with the Equation. Discover his hiding place. Hail Darkseid.’’ ( And here it is everyone. The first part of the long awaited Darkseid War. I'm sorry for how long it took. However, expect this to be a little long of a crossover. Expect part 2 sometime during winter. I'm sorry for the wait, but as I stated, this crossover is my hardest work to do, You will be pleased how all this ends. Until then!)
  12. -Chapter 35- Clark stood in the empty council room as he wore a button up red and black shirt and blue jeans. He smiled. Knowing that Kandor was safe. He closed his eyes as he recalled recent events. -Hours after the battle- The U.N. had called an emergency session as the world leaders were shocked to find out an alien city has been revealed to be on the planet. Clark walked through the doors as he approached the stand. Ready to speak. Reporters and cameramen stood around as the worlds were quiet. ‘’ Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for having me. For years, I lived on the planet as one of you. I know distrust has been brought up after recent events. First two years ago, when General Zod and his forces invaded and attacked Metrophilis. Now, eight months later, the remains of my race emerges on the planet. I would like the record show, my people have come in peace. Just looking for refuge as I did when I was a child.’’ Clark said as he clicking was heard by the cameras. ‘’ So tell us Superman. How can we trust your words? How do we know Kandor won’t attack any country? Especially the United States, clearly from recent events, the country has been attacked.’’ The U.S. ambassador had commented as Clark breathed. ‘’ I can tell you this. You don’t have to trust me. However, to make sure Kandor doesn’t attack, I can assure you that I have my trust into someone who can lead. Lastly, Kandor is remaining neutral from here on out. It’ll co-exist on this planet under one condition, the people of Earth and its country leaders must understand, Kandor doesn’t want any involvement in politics or wars.’’ Clark said as he stepped off the stand as people began asking questions. Clark then flew out the open window of the building. Assuring the people, that Kandor was no longer a threat. -Present day- Clark opened his eyes as he turned and saw Zor-El walk through the doors. He smiled. Zor looked around. ‘’ You know, I haven’t seen Kandor in decades. To finally see it again, my home, it brings me closure. To know our race lives. Things will be different than they were on Krypton. I just hope you can lead our people Ka.’’ Zor said as Clark shook his head. ‘’ Actually. Turns out I suck at being a leader. That’s why you have to do it Zor.’’ Clark said as he placed his hand on Zor’s shoulder. ‘’ What? Why me?’’ Zor asked in shock as Clark smiled. ‘’ It’s because you have what it takes to be a leader. Not me. I’m not accustomed to any of our society. You are. It’s only best you lead them.’’ Clark said as Zor looked around. ‘’ You’re serious.’’ Zor said as Clark nodded as he waved his hand. That’s when Zor eyes went wide. That’s when he saw Lara walk up. Clark stepped back. Zor walked up to her. Lara smiled.’’ You’re alive. I thought I killed you.’’ ‘’ Well. You almost did.’’ Lara said as Zor quickly kneeled down. He drew his sword and presented it to her. ‘’ I’m not fit. I wounded you. Your husband. Even your son. I am not fit. Strike me down with punishment and I’ll gladly take it.’’ Zor said as Lara lowered the blade. ‘’ I have no need. If my son can forgive you, then I see no reason I can’t.’’ Lara said as Zor looked up and stood up. ‘’ Thank you. I’ll make it up to you Lara by making things right.’’ Zor said as Lara nodded. ‘’ Then start by leading Kandor until a new age.’’ Lara said as Zor nodded. Clark smiled. ‘’ I need to get going on. Thank you Zor.’’ Clark said as he shook hands with him and then hugged his mother.’’ I’ll see soon.’’ Clark said as Lara nodded.’’ Take care guys.’’ Clark said as he motioned his finger as he flew into the sky and away from Kandor. As Clark flew through the sky, he began to reflect on everything. David and Susan sat in a car as they were finally able to take their vacation as they drove away. Joseph submitted an application to the Daily Planet. Henry polishing his hammer as he received a phone call. It was from Cyborg. StarKiller boarded his ship as a little box glowed. He opened it and saw a Green Lantern ring. He then closes it and places it away as he has the ship take off and leaves the planet. Clark smiled as he knew the planet was finally safe as he flew towards his farm. Clark landed on the ground as he smiled. He could finally be happy. Everything was right with the world. Clark walked in the farmhouse as he saw Lois standing there smiling. He approached her as the two hugged and embraced each other. They stayed close for a while. Not wanting to leave each other’s arms. ‘’ I’m home.’’ Clark simply said as the two knew they would be happy. Later, Clark stood in his backyard. He stared and kneeled at the grave of Lucy. He placed fresh flowers down. ‘’ Hi Lucy. I know it’s been a while since I talked to you. I just wanted you to know that I’m keeping her safe. I know you wanted me to keep her out of this. I almost did actually. In the previous timeline, I was about to shun her away in order to protect her. But, after what I went through. I know I can safely protect her now. No matter what comes our way. Let it be Lex, another Kryptonian, or another goddess. I will protect her. In life and in death.’’ Clark said as he wiped his tears away.’’ So, I hope you’re watching with my parents. Everything is alright.’’ Clark stood up and took a deep breathe. He looked up into the stars. He closed his eyes. He opened them as his eyes were now again blue. No longer green. He had embraced his human side once again.’’ And I will do everything I can to be Superman.’’ Clark said as he heard some noise. It was a robbery in the city. He quickly turned and began running. That’s when he grabbed onto his shirt and opened it as it revealed the S symbol as he flew off towards the city. As Superman flew, people began to point him out. ‘’ Look! It’s a bird’’ ‘’ It’s a plane!’’ ‘’ No! It’s Superman!’’ -The End- Later that night, as Clark slept in bed with Lois. Something stirred him in his sleep. He tossed in turned. He saw fire and death in his dreams. Soon, a pair of red eyes glared at him through the dream. Screams were heard as a voice was heard. Clark quickly shot up panting. Lois woke up and stared him. ‘’ Are you okay Clark?’’ she asked as Clark shook his head. ‘’ It was a nightmare.’’ Clark said as he held his head. ‘’ I thought you didn’t have nightmares?’’ Lois asked as Clark nodded. ‘’ I don’t remember the last one I had. But, this felt different. It felt like something darker.’’ Clark said as he looked out the window and at the sky. ( And here it is. The ending of season 3. I included a teaser for Darkseid War. It's time I revealed this. Darkseid War is going to wrap up my Superman story. Season 3 was always planned to be the last main entry before the second crossover. I felt, I told my Superman story and with Darkseid War, it allowed me to wrap it fully and bring it full circle as I envisioned it. It will bring some interesting questions. Expect part 1 later this fall. It has been an honor to tell my Superman story and I hope all my readers, ya enjoy my work on Darkseid War. Until then.)
  13. -Chapter 34- Joseph and StarKiller stood there as Mister Oz spun his staff. Joseph gulped. StarKiller had his gun transform into a sword. ‘’ Who is this guy?’’ he asked as Joseph raised his fists. ‘’ This man was apparently Pandora’s prophet. It was Clark’s father, Jor-El, however he’s dead.’’ Joseph explained as the Oz removed his hood. His eyes went wide.’’ No. It can’t be.’’ Clark held his wound as Yu stood there. Clark had felt her aura before, but not like this. He was only able to beat her because of his solar flare, but he didn’t have access to it. ‘’ So. How were you able to get the weapons back?’’ Clark asked as he got ready to fight. Yu walked up. He smiled. ‘’ Quite simple really. I went to another timeline for them. You really didn’t think I took precautions did you? Foolish Kryptonian.’’ Yu said as he lifted his sword and pointed it at Clark.’’ I went to a timeline where I never intervened at all. You might call it the prime timeline. However, that’s a different story. One I don’t care to share, but I did find something even better as I had my essence travel the multiple timelines.’’ Yu smiled. ‘’ What are you talking about?’’ Clark asked as he didn’t know what she was talking about. Yu laughed as he heard Pandora’s laugh. ‘’ A friend.’’ Yu said as Joseph and StarKiller stood there shocked as Mister Oz was Clark from a different timeline. Joseph quickly yelled as he flew straight to him. The two began exchanging blows as he grabbed onto Oz as he flew. ‘’ StarKiller! It’s up to you!’’ Joseph yelled as he flew himself and Oz out of the ship. StarKiller had his helmet disappear as he walked up to the phantom drive. ‘’ Okay. Now, how do I manage this?’’ Meanwhile, the ship began floating North America as it the battle kept going. Clark breathed as he flew straight to Yu. The two began exchange heavy blows, however, the fight was one-sided. With Pandora on his side, Yu began having the advantage as he hit Clark on the side of the head with the mace as Clark tumbled across the room. Clark panted as he split out blood. ‘’ Shame you can’t access the power you had when you fought me in the previous timeline. Yu is such a better host because he doesn’t have a weakness. Which is love.’’ Yu yelled as he grabbed onto Clark.’’ I’ve been watching you Ka. You pondered your gifts! I thought with you by my side, I could rule the universe in my own image. I even took your father so I can have you. I never been so disappointed in my eternal life. Shame, I was hoping you’ll be alive to watch me burn this planet.’’ Yu said as he then stabbed Clark as Clark screamed.’’ I told you. I would end the house of El.’’ Yu said as he retracted the blade and dropped Clark on the floor as he turned.’’ Time to finish this mess.’’ Yu then walked away as the white aura grew stronger. ‘’ No.’’ Clark simply said as he couldn’t muster the strength. He was too weak. He thought he could beat Yu this time. He was wrong. ‘’ Get up.’’ Clark soon looked up as his eyes grew wide. He saw his friend. Jimmy Olsen stand before him.’’ Hey buddy.’’ ‘’ Jimmy?’’ Clark asked weakly as he smiled and nodded. ‘’ Yeah. It’s me. You have to get up Clark. You have to beat her.’’ Jimmy said as Clark laid there. ‘’ I can’t. She’s too powerful.’’ Clark said as Jimmy kneeled to his level. ‘’ Only because you allowed her to. Deep down, you’re still scared. You shouldn’t be. The Clark I know wouldn’t give up like this. Not before and not now. You saved me years ago, do you want to know how?’’ ‘’ How?’’ Clark said as Jimmy placed his hand on Clark’s head. ‘’ Because you believed in me and used you’ll strength. Don’t fight because you’re scared. Fight to protect the ones you love. Like Lois, Sam, Joseph, David, and Henry. I never told you this, but you are a hero! In fact, you’re a superhero! You. Are. Superman!’’ Jimmy stated as he Clark looked up and nodded. He slowly began to stand while shaking.’’ Get up Clark! Get up! Show Pandora whose boss! Show her who you are! ’Jimmy yelled as Clark stood up panting. Yu turned around shocked. ‘’ Impossible! I stabbed a vital!’’ Yu yelled as he noticed something. Clark was glowing orange. He had a glare. Not of fear, but of hope. ‘’ Now go my friend. Finish this.’’ Jimmy said as he faded from Clark’s vision. He breathed in. ‘’ Solar Flare.’’ Clark said as he turned into a red and orange aura as Yu became shocked.’’ Sorry Pandora. I’m not ready to die just yet! This ends here!’’ Clark said as he rushed towards Yu as the two began fighting. It began to be an equal fight, however, Clark was gaining the advantage as he punched Yu across the bridge. ‘’ No! This cannot be! I will not be defeated again!’’ Yu yelled as he ran towards Clark with full speed. That’s when Clark did the same. It was like their previous clash from the stadium. Clark motioned his hand as something flew into it. Yu eyes became wide as it was the Spear of Pandora. Clark dodged the attacks with full speed as he lifted the spear and stabbed Yu through the chest with it. Clark struggled to push the spear through. Yu grabbed onto him as he stabbed Clark with the sword again.’’ I’m not going back! I am Pandora! Goddess of Space! I will not be defeated again!’’ ‘’ I’m sorry!’’ Clark yelled as he thrust the spear through Yu as the two screamed as white, orange, and red aura surrounded them as an explosion occurred in the bridge, casuing the ship to shake. StarKiller looked around as he slashed the drive. The ship began exploding. He quickly flew out of the ship as the ship began exploding. ‘’ Hope you made it out Clark.’’ He said as he flew. Joseph floated in the sky as he watched Oz vanish from the sky. He panted as he watched the ship. He started flying to it until Henry stopped him. ‘’ We have to get Clark!’’ Joseph yelled as Henry shook his head as he grabbed Joseph and flew back to the ground with David and rest of the fighter jets. Meanwhile, as the ship continue exploding, Clark panted as he sat against the wall as Yu laid on the floor as the white aura was disappearing as his cracks began to fade. He felt weak. Solar Flare takes a lot out of him. Yu coughed up blood as the three items disappeared. ‘’ I’m sorry Ka. I was corrupted with Pandora for a long time. I hate it took me this long to realize it. I saw the future she had envisioned. It wasn’t the one I had hope for. I didn’t mean for it to go this way.’’ Yu said as he coughed up more blood. He turned to look at Ka.’’ Goodbye Ka. New king of Krypton…’’ he said with his dying breathe as he ship began to be engulfed by flames. Clark sighed as he closed his eyes. ‘’ At least, Lois and the Earth are safe…’’ Clark said as he passed out as the floor broke under him as he fell into the sky as something flew by. Meanwhile, Lois stood in front of the farm house as she watched the explosion in the far distant. She looked worried as she saw Joseph, Henry, David, and StarKiller land on the ground. She began to panic a bit. ‘’ Where’s Clark?’’ Lois asked as she began to worry. No one spoke. She began to tear up.’’ Not again.’’ Lois said as suddenly, David turned around. ‘’ Look!”’ He called out as he pointed in the sky. That’s when everyone saw it. Zor-El was flying as he held Clark in his arms as he landed on the ground. He laid Clark on the ground as he clapped his hands as the force had the clouds break away to allow the sun to hit him. Everyone stood around him. The sun began healing his wounds. Lois kneeled besides him. She held his hand. ‘’ Please Clark. Don’t go. Come back to me.’’ Lois said as he she cried as the tears landed on his face. Soon, coughing was heard as Clark slowly opened his eyes. ‘’ Hey…’’ Clark said as he smiled as everyone was relieved. Lois smiled huge as she quickly hugged Clark. The battle was over. They had won and prevented Pandora from ever returning again. ( And here we are my readers! One more chapter to go to finish Season 3 and then onward to Darkseid War! I know it's uncommon for two postings in one day, however, I was able to finally finish this season with a good bang. Chapter 35 will wrap up Season 3 and then Darkseid War will be in full swing. Thank you for your patience and I promise to fully deliver! Until then!)
  14. -Chapter 33- Yu stood in the bridge of the warship as it begun launching from the city. He walked up to the window and admired Earth’s beauty. The cracks on his face has gotten worse. His eyes were a dark blue. He turned and walked to his chair. He sat back as the ship begun flying. He closed his eyes as he knew it’ll be a while before the ship can take off fully. He began to reflect on his past. -Years ago, weeks before Krypton’s destruction- Yu walked through the chambers walls as he opened the doors. There were the empty council chairs. They weren’t working today. He looked around. That’s when he saw him. Jor-El. ‘’ Hey old friend.’’ Yu said as he kicked a piece of trash across the floor.’’ Thanks for coming. I knew the other members wouldn’t come.’’ ‘’ What’s this about?’’ Jor asked as Yu looked at him. He took a deep breathe. ‘’ Is it true that Krypton is dying?’’ Yu asked as Jor sighed. He leaned against the wall. ‘’ It is true. Krypton has been drained. We only have a matter of weeks. However, there is still a small beacon of hope. Why did you call me here for anyway?’’ Jor asked as Yu stood across from him. ‘’ It’s because I believe we can be saved. Maybe by getting the other council members to pray to Pandora.’’ Yu said as Jor raised his hand. ‘’ You know they don’t believe in her. We haven’t believed in Pandora for centuries. Besides, we don’t even know she even existed. My father once told me, Seg-El, that there was a time we did, however, ever since the plague that happened, the council forbid her name.’’ Jor explained as Yu walked up. ‘’ Maybe you can say something for me. You know? Maybe that’s what we need.’’ Yu said as Jor shook his head.’’ Please Jor-El. It’s the only way.’’ ‘’ It’s not Yu. I have held the hope in my hands. It’s only a matter of time before our race lives on.’’ Jor said as he turned around.’’ If you excuse me, I must get going.’’ Jor-El walked away as Yu shook his fists. ‘’ It’s the only way though.’’ Yu said as he stormed off. -Weeks later, days before Krypton’s destruction- Yu stood in a ruined church in the outskirts of Kandor. He stared at a breaking Pandora statue. He had been praying to it for the past week. He sighed. ‘’ If you truly were here Pandora, then maybe you can save us.’’ Yu said as he heard an explosion. He quickly ran out and saw the in the distant smoke coming from the council building. He then felt the planet began to shake as he saw in the outer distant from the city fire coming from the planet.’’ No. it’s begun.’’ Yu quickly got back inside. That’s when he heard Jor-El’s message. He fell back. It was all over. He closed his eyes until he felt something touch his shoulder. He looked up and saw the blue light surround everywhere. His vision became black. Yu slowly opened his eyes. He sat up rubbing his head. He looked around and saw he was in the ruined council room. He saw the remains of the last of the head families. He walked through the walls as he saw passed out people all around him. That’s when he walked outside. He saw the blue sky. He felt the sunrays touch his skin. He didn’t know what to say. They weren’t on Krypton anymore. Yu opened his eyes as he had fell asleep. His cracks are now a deep blue. His eyes were now a crimson red. His corruption of Pandora had finished. ‘’ Sir, we have incoming.’’ A soldier said as Yu stood up and walked to the window. That’s when he saw him. Clark floating with his cape flapping in the wind. Yu smiled. Clark noticed the cracks. ‘’ You have a lot of nerve to stop this ship Ka. You wear the symbol of your house yet you don’t respect your race! You should be ashamed of yourself!’’ Yu said as his voice had a mix of Pandora’s. ‘’ This isn’t you Yu. You’re letting Pandora corrupt you. She’s just using you to come back to life. That is why I have to stop you.’’ Clark said as he floated as Yu gritted his teeth. ‘’ You will not stop me! Open fire!’’ Yu commanded as the ship began to open fire as Clark flew away as the missiles followed him. ‘’ Now!’’ Clark said as the missiles were destroyed as Henry and David emerged from the smoke. That’s when Yu yelled. ‘’ Launch the ships!’’ Yu yelled as suddenly, an explosion rocked the ship.’’ What’s happening?!’’ he pulled up the monitor and saw it. StarKiller and Joseph fighting soldiers. Another explosion occurred behind him as he saw them. It was Clark and Zor. ‘’ It’s over Yu.’’ Zor said as he held his sword. Yu simply laughed as his soldiers appeared behind them and him. ‘’ So, the mighty Zor is alive. You ally yourself with the son of the father that banished you. Have you fallen so low Zor?’’ Yu asked as he pulled his swords out and connected them. Zor simply swung his sword as he took down the soldiers with ease. ‘’ Actually. It’s Zor-El.’’ Zor said as Yu laughed and calmed down. ‘’ Then so be it. I shall end the house of El with this fight.’’ Yu said as he rushed towards the two Kryptonians. He clashed swords with Zor as the two begun fighting. Clark quickly flew towards them, but was then knocked away into another part of the ship. He quickly stood up and saw a Kryptonian soldier in armor. ‘’ Well, I guess I have to get through you first.’’ Clark said as he quickly began fighting the soldier. Elsewhere, StarKiller and Joseph ran through the hallways, taking down soldiers as much as they can. ‘’ Damn! There’s so many!”’ Joseph said as dodged a sword slash and uppercutted the guy. StarKiller quickly did a dodge roll as his gun came out of his armor and he shot the soldier. ‘’ We can take them. Trust me. Let’s get the job done and find the phantom drive. It shouldn’t be that far off.’’ StarKiller said as Joseph nodded and two ran. Meanwhile, Henry and David kept the surface guns busy as the air force began arriving. ‘’ Looks like General Sam got our message!’’ Henry yelled as he destroyed another cannon. That’s when they saw ships beginning to arrive from Kandor. ‘’ Let’s do this.’’ David said as he and Henry let the fighter jets towards the Kryptonian jets. Meanwhile, Zor and Yu kept exchanging blows. Both were equally skilled. ‘’ Why do this to your own kind? We have a chance to bring Pandora back and be the chosen yet you commit hearsay than join us?’’ Yu asked as he kept the blades locked. Zor breathed as he remained calm. ‘’ Months ago, I thought the same way you did. However, my time in prison actually gave me time to reflect on what I’ve done. I’ve hurt Jor-El by killing his wife. I hurt Ka-El by killing his best friend. All for a title I wished to reclaim. I now know my errors. This is to start atoning for my sins Yu. Something you can’t possibly understand.’’ Zor then broke the clash and punched Yu in the face as he shot his lasers into his chest and sent him across the bridge.’’ That’s why I’ll kill you to spare Ka-El the struggle of taking a life.’’ Yu stood up and regained his balance. ‘’ Then I will kill you in the name of Pandora!”’ Yu yelled as he ran towards Zor as the two began fighting once more as an explosion came from the wall as Clark and the soldier kept fighting. This soldier was tough. The man punched Clark across the face. That’s when Clark grabbed his arm and flew outside the ship as he spun and tossed the man into a Kryptonian cannon, thus destroying it. That’s when he saw David being chased by ships. ‘’ I can use a little help!’’ David called in the mic as Clark flew straight to him. ‘’ I’m on it.’’ Clark said as he flew straight through the ships as they exploded as he made his way back towards the bridge and flew through the window and as Zor and Yu exchanged blows once again, Clark punched Yu into the face and into the ground. Yu laid there panting.’’ It’s over Yu. Give it up. You can’t win this. You haven’t left Kandor yet. No rebirths are happening today.’’ Yu began laughing. ‘’ It’s not over.’’ Yu said in a voice Clark remembered. He quickly turned to try and push Zor out of the way, however, it was too later. Yu quickly threw spear through Zor as he coughed up blood as he was then launched out of the window. ‘’ No!’’ Clark yelled as he was stunned as he saw a sword stab him. However, it wasn’t Yu’s blade as it was across the room. It was only one sword that he knew looked like this. Yu withdrew the sword as Clark backed up and held his wound.’’ Impossible.’’ ‘’ No it’s not. I’ve returned Ka-El. Thanks to the prays of my last believer, I was have been able to return. Just one step closer from returning from the hell you banished me to.’’ Yu said as he stood there with white aura surrounding him. Pandora had begun possessing Yu as he held the mace and sword of Pandora.’’ And I will begin my revenge by killing you first.’’ Meanwhile, as StarKiller and Joseph approached the engine room, they saw a man in green robes hoping the Oz staff. ‘’ Impossible. Jor-El is dead.’’ Joseph said as the two stand on guard as the man spun the staff as he had white aura surround him. ‘’ Call me Mister Oz.’’ the man said as the battle had just begun.
  15. -Chapter 32- Lois and Clark stood across from each other. Clark still wore his black suit. His long hair and beard moving with the wind. They quickly ran to each other as they embraced each other. ‘’ I thought you wouldn’t have woken up.’’ Clark said as he held her. Lois cried with joy. She could finally enjoy time with Clark after all these months. ‘’ I thought I was dead.’’ Lois said as the two stayed that way until Clark flew with them away back towards the farmhouse. Sam turned around and went to the nearest general. ‘’ Prepare air force defenses. I believe something might be coming.’’ Yu sat in the chair as he sharpened his sword. He wore his repaired Kryptonian armor. A soldier entered. Yu stood up. ‘’ Any news? Where is he?’’ Yu asked as he was different. His eyes were now a deep blue. The soldier saluted. ‘’ Ka-El has not been spotted throughout the city. Neither has his mother. Intelligence suggests he has left the city my lord.’’ Yu grew angry at this. He quickly swung his sword and killed the solider. He pointed at the nearest one. ‘’ You! Get the men ready! We aren’t delaying our plans! Pandora must come! We shall invade Ka’s precious city in the next planet rotation!’’ Yu said to himself as he held his head. That’s he heard the voice again. ‘’ Good. You are doing well my prophet. Once Ka is dead at our feet, we can go to the place of my banishment and bring me back. Then I shall reward you and the people I have chosen.’’ Pandora’s voice said as Yu smiled as cracks appeared on his skin as he was slowly corrupted by Pandora. ‘’ So your mother is still alive and now we have to prepare for a war basically?’’ Lois asked Clark as he got up and stretched. He looked out the window.’’ If that’s the case, you’re going to need everyone you can gather. Shame you can’t contact like The Flash or Oliver.’’ ‘’ I don’t need them. This is my battle. Ever since I awakened with my memories, I couldn’t figure out who I was. I didn’t even call myself Superman. That’s when I saw my mother and she showed me the past. Before I was launched.’’ Clark explained as he held the remains of his staff. He looked up.’’ Now, I don’t even know anymore.’’ ‘’ Clark.’’ Lois said as she stood up and placed her hand on his cheek.’’ You are more than Superman. Superman is an ideal. When you went missing, you inspired many others. That is why, you must become who you are meant to be. And that is Superman. Become the beacon of hope you are meant to be Clark.’’ Lois said as Clark closed his eyes.’’ When I look at you now, you are more mature than you were almost 2 years ago. It’s funny to imagine you were my assistant. Now, you’re this man that I never would’ve thought you would become for a long time.’’ Clark opened his eyes. They were filled with hope. ‘’ Lois. Thank you. I now know what I have to do. I must fight Yu before he unleashes Pandora again and I will do it as Superman.’’ Clark said as he turned around. He quickly thought of something. He handed a piece of paper with a number on it.’’ This number belongs to STAAR Labs. Contact Cisco and let him know, Superman is going to need a suit.’’ Clark then was ready to fly off. Lois walked up. ‘’ Where are you going?’’ She asked as Clark smiled. ‘’ To get some help.’’ Clark said as he flew off the ground and towards the sky. Henry sat at the table with David. Superboy walked in. He saw David in his suit. Same with Henry as he constructed a new hammer. ‘’ I guess it’s time?’’ Superboy asked as Henry nodded. ‘’ Whatever is coming. It’s going to be big so we must prepare for it. It’s all hands on deck. I even heard word that General Lane is providing air support.’’ Henry said as David nodded as he placed on his yellow visor. Superboy then threw off his clothes as he had a new suit. It was a black shirt with a red S symbol and blue jeans and a red cape. ‘’ Wow. That reminds me of Clark’s first outfit.’’ David said as Superboy nodded. ‘’ How else to start? From the beginning. Besides, Lex’s suit was getting a little tight.’’ Superboy said as Henry nodded. He then received a text. ‘’ I know where we meet up. Let’s go.’’ Clark flew until he landed at the air force base. Sam was surprised as he walked up. ‘’ Did you forget something Superman?’’ Sam asked as Clark stared at him. ‘’ Take me to him.’’ Clark said as Sam was surprised how he knew and motioned for him to follow. He walked towards the lead doors as Clark followed. They walked down the stairs. That’s when Clark saw him. Zor sat there on the ground as he looked up. He smiled. ‘’ Why hello Ka-El. I didn’t expect you to come here.’’ Zor said as he stood up and walked to the window.’’ My, you look better with the bread. Tell me. How did you defeat Pandora?’’ ‘’ Sam. Leave us.’’ Clark said as Sam nodded and left the room as the two Kryptonians stared each other down.’’ How do you know about Pandora?’’ ‘’ When he told me a bounty hunter got you, I was surprised. That’s when I realized. Things were different from a year ago.’’ Zor explained as he studied Clark.’’ You aren’t surprised that I’m alive?’’ ‘’ No. I knew you were alive because when I reset the timeline before Pandora, I made it that I didn’t kill you, because I know you aren’t who you claim to be.’’ Clark said as Zor chuckled. ‘’ And now I believe you came to ask me for something. Tell me. Why do you want my help? I killed your best friend after all.’’ Zor stated as Clark made a fist. ‘’ Trust me. You’re the last person I want to ask, but I need another Kryptonian who is willing to help me.’’ Clark said as Zor sat down. ‘’ And why on Krypton should I help you?’’ Zor asked he then pointed at Clark.’’ I recall you destroyed whatever hope we had to restore our race.’’ ‘’ Actually, our race lives. The city of Kandor is on Earth. It’s being led by Yu. He’s trying to bring back Pandora and I need to stop him.’’ Clark said as Zor was surprised to hear that. He stood up. ‘’ Our race lives?’’ Zor asked as Clark nodded as Zor touched the wall. He covered his mouth.’’ Why should I even help you?’’ ‘’ Because I can give you something you want.’’ Clark said as he pointed at him.’’ I, Ka-El, the head of the house of El, hear by return the title back to you Zor.’’ Zor became struck with shock as he looked up.’’ Will you join me in battle, Zor-El?’’ Clark asked as Zor was surprised once again. He had smiled. The first real smile in months. ‘’ Alright. I’ll help you Ka. Not just because I forgive you, only because we are family and I owe you one.’’ Zor said as Clark nodded as he smashed the control panel as he walked out. Zor breathed as he felt his strength return to him. Clark then pulled something out of a bag. He handed Zor a Kryptonian sword. He grabbed it and admired it. ‘’ May not be the Sword of El, but it should do nicely.’’ Clark said as Zor nodded. He seethed the blade and placed it on his back. ‘’ So, who else do you have in mind?’’ Zor asked as the two walked out. Clark looked at shocked Sam as soldiers aimed their weapons at Zor. ‘’ it’s okay general. I need him. Trust me. I wouldn’t release him if I didn’t.’’ Clark said as he motioned for Zor to follow him as they flew off in the sky. Clark smiled as he flew. He now knew he was back at 100% finally. StarKiller prepared a new ship. It was smaller than his original but it was able to function. He opened the doors and was walking until he heard a boom. He turned and saw Clark and Zor standing behind him. Clark walked up as StarKiller helmet disappeared. ‘’ So you escaped. That’s surprising. Now, why are you here?’’ StarKiller asked as Clark breathed and punched him in the face as he was sent flying back. StarKiller stood up.’’ I knew that was coming.’’ He said as he rubbed his cheek.’’ Now, answer the question?’’ ‘’ I need your help. I know Yu paid you to bring me to him, however, I believe I can offer you something to join my side.’’ Clark said as StarKiller raised an eyebrow. That’s when he saw Clark offer a small piece of the white crystal.’’ This is Krypton mineral. It doesn’t have a purpose anymore, however, it does go for a lot in the universe since Krypton is no more.’’ StarKiller took it and admired it. ‘’ Alright. You got my attention. When do I start boss?’’ he asked as Clark motioned as the three flew away towards the meeting area Clark assigned. As Lois stood in the farm admiring the remodel. She looked around. She hadn’t been in it ever since Clark disappeared. She then saw a picture of him and her. She placed her hand on it. She then heard something as she turned around. ‘’ Hello?’’ Lois asked as she went into the other room. Meanwhile, outside the house, David, Superboy, and Henry landed in the field as they were all dressed in their outfits. That’s when Lois walked out. They all walked up. ‘’ I’m so glad you’re okay.’’ Superboy said as Lois smiled. ‘’ Yeah. I was able to get through it thankfully.’’ Lois said as they then saw them. StarKiller and Zor-El landed on the ground as everyone went on edge. Lois stood shocked.’’ Why are they here?!’’ Henry and the others quickly got into stance and ready to fight. One question was, where was Clark? -Meanwhile in Central City- Clark stood in STAAR Labs as Cisco stood next to him. Cisco turned to him. ‘’ You know, when you called, I was honestly surprised. I never knew Superman wanted to have a suit made by me. I tried my best to make similar to the one you had.’’ Cisco said as he uncovered the sheet and Clark stood in awe.’’ So, what do you think?’’ ‘’ I love it.’’ Clark said as he felt the S symbol. The suit was just like his old one, except it had darker blue, brighter red, and a glowing red cape. Clark then felt his beard.’’ Give me one second.’’ Clark turned into the other room and soon, he came out. He was shaved and in his suit. He looked at himself in the mirror.’’ Superman has returned. Thank you Cisco.’’ ‘’ No problem. Give em hell.’’ Cisco said as Clark nodded and flew away and towards his farm as he started hearing the commotion between everyone. As the others were about to engage, Clark quickly landed between them. Everyone was in shock at Clark’s new look and suit. ‘’ Clark?’’ Henry said as he relaxed. Clark walked up. ‘’ They’re with us. I know we have history with these two but we need them. Yu is planning an assault and the only way we stop him, is to take the fight to him before he leaves the artic. We leave in a couple of minutes.’’ Clark said as everyone nodded as Clark went up to Lois. She felt his face. ‘’ I’m actually going to miss the beard. It made you look mature.’’ Lois said as Clark smiled.’’ I do love the new suit. The Hope symbol stands out more and the cape, it’s amazing. I know you’re about to go.’’ ‘’ I promise to return to you Lois. No matter what.’’ Clark said as he hugged her. Lois smiled. ‘’ I know you will.’’ Lois said as Clark turned and faced his allies. ‘’ Guys. I am thankful for your support. We will defeat Yu and stop him from bringing back a dead goddess. We go to the artic and fight him ourselves before anything bad happens. Let’s go.’’ Clark said as everyone nodded as they flew into the sky and towards the artic.
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