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  1. -Chapter 35- Clark stood in the empty council room as he wore a button up red and black shirt and blue jeans. He smiled. Knowing that Kandor was safe. He closed his eyes as he recalled recent events. -Hours after the battle- The U.N. had called an emergency session as the world leaders were shocked to find out an alien city has been revealed to be on the planet. Clark walked through the doors as he approached the stand. Ready to speak. Reporters and cameramen stood around as the worlds were quiet. ‘’ Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for having me. For years, I lived on the planet as one of you. I know distrust has been brought up after recent events. First two years ago, when General Zod and his forces invaded and attacked Metrophilis. Now, eight months later, the remains of my race emerges on the planet. I would like the record show, my people have come in peace. Just looking for refuge as I did when I was a child.’’ Clark said as he clicking was heard by the cameras. ‘’ So tell us Superman. How can we trust your words? How do we know Kandor won’t attack any country? Especially the United States, clearly from recent events, the country has been attacked.’’ The U.S. ambassador had commented as Clark breathed. ‘’ I can tell you this. You don’t have to trust me. However, to make sure Kandor doesn’t attack, I can assure you that I have my trust into someone who can lead. Lastly, Kandor is remaining neutral from here on out. It’ll co-exist on this planet under one condition, the people of Earth and its country leaders must understand, Kandor doesn’t want any involvement in politics or wars.’’ Clark said as he stepped off the stand as people began asking questions. Clark then flew out the open window of the building. Assuring the people, that Kandor was no longer a threat. -Present day- Clark opened his eyes as he turned and saw Zor-El walk through the doors. He smiled. Zor looked around. ‘’ You know, I haven’t seen Kandor in decades. To finally see it again, my home, it brings me closure. To know our race lives. Things will be different than they were on Krypton. I just hope you can lead our people Ka.’’ Zor said as Clark shook his head. ‘’ Actually. Turns out I suck at being a leader. That’s why you have to do it Zor.’’ Clark said as he placed his hand on Zor’s shoulder. ‘’ What? Why me?’’ Zor asked in shock as Clark smiled. ‘’ It’s because you have what it takes to be a leader. Not me. I’m not accustomed to any of our society. You are. It’s only best you lead them.’’ Clark said as Zor looked around. ‘’ You’re serious.’’ Zor said as Clark nodded as he waved his hand. That’s when Zor eyes went wide. That’s when he saw Lara walk up. Clark stepped back. Zor walked up to her. Lara smiled.’’ You’re alive. I thought I killed you.’’ ‘’ Well. You almost did.’’ Lara said as Zor quickly kneeled down. He drew his sword and presented it to her. ‘’ I’m not fit. I wounded you. Your husband. Even your son. I am not fit. Strike me down with punishment and I’ll gladly take it.’’ Zor said as Lara lowered the blade. ‘’ I have no need. If my son can forgive you, then I see no reason I can’t.’’ Lara said as Zor looked up and stood up. ‘’ Thank you. I’ll make it up to you Lara by making things right.’’ Zor said as Lara nodded. ‘’ Then start by leading Kandor until a new age.’’ Lara said as Zor nodded. Clark smiled. ‘’ I need to get going on. Thank you Zor.’’ Clark said as he shook hands with him and then hugged his mother.’’ I’ll see soon.’’ Clark said as Lara nodded.’’ Take care guys.’’ Clark said as he motioned his finger as he flew into the sky and away from Kandor. As Clark flew through the sky, he began to reflect on everything. David and Susan sat in a car as they were finally able to take their vacation as they drove away. Joseph submitted an application to the Daily Planet. Henry polishing his hammer as he received a phone call. It was from Cyborg. StarKiller boarded his ship as a little box glowed. He opened it and saw a Green Lantern ring. He then closes it and places it away as he has the ship take off and leaves the planet. Clark smiled as he knew the planet was finally safe as he flew towards his farm. Clark landed on the ground as he smiled. He could finally be happy. Everything was right with the world. Clark walked in the farmhouse as he saw Lois standing there smiling. He approached her as the two hugged and embraced each other. They stayed close for a while. Not wanting to leave each other’s arms. ‘’ I’m home.’’ Clark simply said as the two knew they would be happy. Later, Clark stood in his backyard. He stared and kneeled at the grave of Lucy. He placed fresh flowers down. ‘’ Hi Lucy. I know it’s been a while since I talked to you. I just wanted you to know that I’m keeping her safe. I know you wanted me to keep her out of this. I almost did actually. In the previous timeline, I was about to shun her away in order to protect her. But, after what I went through. I know I can safely protect her now. No matter what comes our way. Let it be Lex, another Kryptonian, or another goddess. I will protect her. In life and in death.’’ Clark said as he wiped his tears away.’’ So, I hope you’re watching with my parents. Everything is alright.’’ Clark stood up and took a deep breathe. He looked up into the stars. He closed his eyes. He opened them as his eyes were now again blue. No longer green. He had embraced his human side once again.’’ And I will do everything I can to be Superman.’’ Clark said as he heard some noise. It was a robbery in the city. He quickly turned and began running. That’s when he grabbed onto his shirt and opened it as it revealed the S symbol as he flew off towards the city. As Superman flew, people began to point him out. ‘’ Look! It’s a bird’’ ‘’ It’s a plane!’’ ‘’ No! It’s Superman!’’ -The End- Later that night, as Clark slept in bed with Lois. Something stirred him in his sleep. He tossed in turned. He saw fire and death in his dreams. Soon, a pair of red eyes glared at him through the dream. Screams were heard as a voice was heard. Clark quickly shot up panting. Lois woke up and stared him. ‘’ Are you okay Clark?’’ she asked as Clark shook his head. ‘’ It was a nightmare.’’ Clark said as he held his head. ‘’ I thought you didn’t have nightmares?’’ Lois asked as Clark nodded. ‘’ I don’t remember the last one I had. But, this felt different. It felt like something darker.’’ Clark said as he looked out the window and at the sky. ( And here it is. The ending of season 3. I included a teaser for Darkseid War. It's time I revealed this. Darkseid War is going to wrap up my Superman story. Season 3 was always planned to be the last main entry before the second crossover. I felt, I told my Superman story and with Darkseid War, it allowed me to wrap it fully and bring it full circle as I envisioned it. It will bring some interesting questions. Expect part 1 later this fall. It has been an honor to tell my Superman story and I hope all my readers, ya enjoy my work on Darkseid War. Until then.)
  2. -Chapter 34- Joseph and StarKiller stood there as Mister Oz spun his staff. Joseph gulped. StarKiller had his gun transform into a sword. ‘’ Who is this guy?’’ he asked as Joseph raised his fists. ‘’ This man was apparently Pandora’s prophet. It was Clark’s father, Jor-El, however he’s dead.’’ Joseph explained as the Oz removed his hood. His eyes went wide.’’ No. It can’t be.’’ Clark held his wound as Yu stood there. Clark had felt her aura before, but not like this. He was only able to beat her because of his solar flare, but he didn’t have access to it. ‘’ So. How were you able to get the weapons back?’’ Clark asked as he got ready to fight. Yu walked up. He smiled. ‘’ Quite simple really. I went to another timeline for them. You really didn’t think I took precautions did you? Foolish Kryptonian.’’ Yu said as he lifted his sword and pointed it at Clark.’’ I went to a timeline where I never intervened at all. You might call it the prime timeline. However, that’s a different story. One I don’t care to share, but I did find something even better as I had my essence travel the multiple timelines.’’ Yu smiled. ‘’ What are you talking about?’’ Clark asked as he didn’t know what she was talking about. Yu laughed as he heard Pandora’s laugh. ‘’ A friend.’’ Yu said as Joseph and StarKiller stood there shocked as Mister Oz was Clark from a different timeline. Joseph quickly yelled as he flew straight to him. The two began exchanging blows as he grabbed onto Oz as he flew. ‘’ StarKiller! It’s up to you!’’ Joseph yelled as he flew himself and Oz out of the ship. StarKiller had his helmet disappear as he walked up to the phantom drive. ‘’ Okay. Now, how do I manage this?’’ Meanwhile, the ship began floating North America as it the battle kept going. Clark breathed as he flew straight to Yu. The two began exchange heavy blows, however, the fight was one-sided. With Pandora on his side, Yu began having the advantage as he hit Clark on the side of the head with the mace as Clark tumbled across the room. Clark panted as he split out blood. ‘’ Shame you can’t access the power you had when you fought me in the previous timeline. Yu is such a better host because he doesn’t have a weakness. Which is love.’’ Yu yelled as he grabbed onto Clark.’’ I’ve been watching you Ka. You pondered your gifts! I thought with you by my side, I could rule the universe in my own image. I even took your father so I can have you. I never been so disappointed in my eternal life. Shame, I was hoping you’ll be alive to watch me burn this planet.’’ Yu said as he then stabbed Clark as Clark screamed.’’ I told you. I would end the house of El.’’ Yu said as he retracted the blade and dropped Clark on the floor as he turned.’’ Time to finish this mess.’’ Yu then walked away as the white aura grew stronger. ‘’ No.’’ Clark simply said as he couldn’t muster the strength. He was too weak. He thought he could beat Yu this time. He was wrong. ‘’ Get up.’’ Clark soon looked up as his eyes grew wide. He saw his friend. Jimmy Olsen stand before him.’’ Hey buddy.’’ ‘’ Jimmy?’’ Clark asked weakly as he smiled and nodded. ‘’ Yeah. It’s me. You have to get up Clark. You have to beat her.’’ Jimmy said as Clark laid there. ‘’ I can’t. She’s too powerful.’’ Clark said as Jimmy kneeled to his level. ‘’ Only because you allowed her to. Deep down, you’re still scared. You shouldn’t be. The Clark I know wouldn’t give up like this. Not before and not now. You saved me years ago, do you want to know how?’’ ‘’ How?’’ Clark said as Jimmy placed his hand on Clark’s head. ‘’ Because you believed in me and used you’ll strength. Don’t fight because you’re scared. Fight to protect the ones you love. Like Lois, Sam, Joseph, David, and Henry. I never told you this, but you are a hero! In fact, you’re a superhero! You. Are. Superman!’’ Jimmy stated as he Clark looked up and nodded. He slowly began to stand while shaking.’’ Get up Clark! Get up! Show Pandora whose boss! Show her who you are! ’Jimmy yelled as Clark stood up panting. Yu turned around shocked. ‘’ Impossible! I stabbed a vital!’’ Yu yelled as he noticed something. Clark was glowing orange. He had a glare. Not of fear, but of hope. ‘’ Now go my friend. Finish this.’’ Jimmy said as he faded from Clark’s vision. He breathed in. ‘’ Solar Flare.’’ Clark said as he turned into a red and orange aura as Yu became shocked.’’ Sorry Pandora. I’m not ready to die just yet! This ends here!’’ Clark said as he rushed towards Yu as the two began fighting. It began to be an equal fight, however, Clark was gaining the advantage as he punched Yu across the bridge. ‘’ No! This cannot be! I will not be defeated again!’’ Yu yelled as he ran towards Clark with full speed. That’s when Clark did the same. It was like their previous clash from the stadium. Clark motioned his hand as something flew into it. Yu eyes became wide as it was the Spear of Pandora. Clark dodged the attacks with full speed as he lifted the spear and stabbed Yu through the chest with it. Clark struggled to push the spear through. Yu grabbed onto him as he stabbed Clark with the sword again.’’ I’m not going back! I am Pandora! Goddess of Space! I will not be defeated again!’’ ‘’ I’m sorry!’’ Clark yelled as he thrust the spear through Yu as the two screamed as white, orange, and red aura surrounded them as an explosion occurred in the bridge, casuing the ship to shake. StarKiller looked around as he slashed the drive. The ship began exploding. He quickly flew out of the ship as the ship began exploding. ‘’ Hope you made it out Clark.’’ He said as he flew. Joseph floated in the sky as he watched Oz vanish from the sky. He panted as he watched the ship. He started flying to it until Henry stopped him. ‘’ We have to get Clark!’’ Joseph yelled as Henry shook his head as he grabbed Joseph and flew back to the ground with David and rest of the fighter jets. Meanwhile, as the ship continue exploding, Clark panted as he sat against the wall as Yu laid on the floor as the white aura was disappearing as his cracks began to fade. He felt weak. Solar Flare takes a lot out of him. Yu coughed up blood as the three items disappeared. ‘’ I’m sorry Ka. I was corrupted with Pandora for a long time. I hate it took me this long to realize it. I saw the future she had envisioned. It wasn’t the one I had hope for. I didn’t mean for it to go this way.’’ Yu said as he coughed up more blood. He turned to look at Ka.’’ Goodbye Ka. New king of Krypton…’’ he said with his dying breathe as he ship began to be engulfed by flames. Clark sighed as he closed his eyes. ‘’ At least, Lois and the Earth are safe…’’ Clark said as he passed out as the floor broke under him as he fell into the sky as something flew by. Meanwhile, Lois stood in front of the farm house as she watched the explosion in the far distant. She looked worried as she saw Joseph, Henry, David, and StarKiller land on the ground. She began to panic a bit. ‘’ Where’s Clark?’’ Lois asked as she began to worry. No one spoke. She began to tear up.’’ Not again.’’ Lois said as suddenly, David turned around. ‘’ Look!”’ He called out as he pointed in the sky. That’s when everyone saw it. Zor-El was flying as he held Clark in his arms as he landed on the ground. He laid Clark on the ground as he clapped his hands as the force had the clouds break away to allow the sun to hit him. Everyone stood around him. The sun began healing his wounds. Lois kneeled besides him. She held his hand. ‘’ Please Clark. Don’t go. Come back to me.’’ Lois said as he she cried as the tears landed on his face. Soon, coughing was heard as Clark slowly opened his eyes. ‘’ Hey…’’ Clark said as he smiled as everyone was relieved. Lois smiled huge as she quickly hugged Clark. The battle was over. They had won and prevented Pandora from ever returning again. ( And here we are my readers! One more chapter to go to finish Season 3 and then onward to Darkseid War! I know it's uncommon for two postings in one day, however, I was able to finally finish this season with a good bang. Chapter 35 will wrap up Season 3 and then Darkseid War will be in full swing. Thank you for your patience and I promise to fully deliver! Until then!)
  3. -Chapter 33- Yu stood in the bridge of the warship as it begun launching from the city. He walked up to the window and admired Earth’s beauty. The cracks on his face has gotten worse. His eyes were a dark blue. He turned and walked to his chair. He sat back as the ship begun flying. He closed his eyes as he knew it’ll be a while before the ship can take off fully. He began to reflect on his past. -Years ago, weeks before Krypton’s destruction- Yu walked through the chambers walls as he opened the doors. There were the empty council chairs. They weren’t working today. He looked around. That’s when he saw him. Jor-El. ‘’ Hey old friend.’’ Yu said as he kicked a piece of trash across the floor.’’ Thanks for coming. I knew the other members wouldn’t come.’’ ‘’ What’s this about?’’ Jor asked as Yu looked at him. He took a deep breathe. ‘’ Is it true that Krypton is dying?’’ Yu asked as Jor sighed. He leaned against the wall. ‘’ It is true. Krypton has been drained. We only have a matter of weeks. However, there is still a small beacon of hope. Why did you call me here for anyway?’’ Jor asked as Yu stood across from him. ‘’ It’s because I believe we can be saved. Maybe by getting the other council members to pray to Pandora.’’ Yu said as Jor raised his hand. ‘’ You know they don’t believe in her. We haven’t believed in Pandora for centuries. Besides, we don’t even know she even existed. My father once told me, Seg-El, that there was a time we did, however, ever since the plague that happened, the council forbid her name.’’ Jor explained as Yu walked up. ‘’ Maybe you can say something for me. You know? Maybe that’s what we need.’’ Yu said as Jor shook his head.’’ Please Jor-El. It’s the only way.’’ ‘’ It’s not Yu. I have held the hope in my hands. It’s only a matter of time before our race lives on.’’ Jor said as he turned around.’’ If you excuse me, I must get going.’’ Jor-El walked away as Yu shook his fists. ‘’ It’s the only way though.’’ Yu said as he stormed off. -Weeks later, days before Krypton’s destruction- Yu stood in a ruined church in the outskirts of Kandor. He stared at a breaking Pandora statue. He had been praying to it for the past week. He sighed. ‘’ If you truly were here Pandora, then maybe you can save us.’’ Yu said as he heard an explosion. He quickly ran out and saw the in the distant smoke coming from the council building. He then felt the planet began to shake as he saw in the outer distant from the city fire coming from the planet.’’ No. it’s begun.’’ Yu quickly got back inside. That’s when he heard Jor-El’s message. He fell back. It was all over. He closed his eyes until he felt something touch his shoulder. He looked up and saw the blue light surround everywhere. His vision became black. Yu slowly opened his eyes. He sat up rubbing his head. He looked around and saw he was in the ruined council room. He saw the remains of the last of the head families. He walked through the walls as he saw passed out people all around him. That’s when he walked outside. He saw the blue sky. He felt the sunrays touch his skin. He didn’t know what to say. They weren’t on Krypton anymore. Yu opened his eyes as he had fell asleep. His cracks are now a deep blue. His eyes were now a crimson red. His corruption of Pandora had finished. ‘’ Sir, we have incoming.’’ A soldier said as Yu stood up and walked to the window. That’s when he saw him. Clark floating with his cape flapping in the wind. Yu smiled. Clark noticed the cracks. ‘’ You have a lot of nerve to stop this ship Ka. You wear the symbol of your house yet you don’t respect your race! You should be ashamed of yourself!’’ Yu said as his voice had a mix of Pandora’s. ‘’ This isn’t you Yu. You’re letting Pandora corrupt you. She’s just using you to come back to life. That is why I have to stop you.’’ Clark said as he floated as Yu gritted his teeth. ‘’ You will not stop me! Open fire!’’ Yu commanded as the ship began to open fire as Clark flew away as the missiles followed him. ‘’ Now!’’ Clark said as the missiles were destroyed as Henry and David emerged from the smoke. That’s when Yu yelled. ‘’ Launch the ships!’’ Yu yelled as suddenly, an explosion rocked the ship.’’ What’s happening?!’’ he pulled up the monitor and saw it. StarKiller and Joseph fighting soldiers. Another explosion occurred behind him as he saw them. It was Clark and Zor. ‘’ It’s over Yu.’’ Zor said as he held his sword. Yu simply laughed as his soldiers appeared behind them and him. ‘’ So, the mighty Zor is alive. You ally yourself with the son of the father that banished you. Have you fallen so low Zor?’’ Yu asked as he pulled his swords out and connected them. Zor simply swung his sword as he took down the soldiers with ease. ‘’ Actually. It’s Zor-El.’’ Zor said as Yu laughed and calmed down. ‘’ Then so be it. I shall end the house of El with this fight.’’ Yu said as he rushed towards the two Kryptonians. He clashed swords with Zor as the two begun fighting. Clark quickly flew towards them, but was then knocked away into another part of the ship. He quickly stood up and saw a Kryptonian soldier in armor. ‘’ Well, I guess I have to get through you first.’’ Clark said as he quickly began fighting the soldier. Elsewhere, StarKiller and Joseph ran through the hallways, taking down soldiers as much as they can. ‘’ Damn! There’s so many!”’ Joseph said as dodged a sword slash and uppercutted the guy. StarKiller quickly did a dodge roll as his gun came out of his armor and he shot the soldier. ‘’ We can take them. Trust me. Let’s get the job done and find the phantom drive. It shouldn’t be that far off.’’ StarKiller said as Joseph nodded and two ran. Meanwhile, Henry and David kept the surface guns busy as the air force began arriving. ‘’ Looks like General Sam got our message!’’ Henry yelled as he destroyed another cannon. That’s when they saw ships beginning to arrive from Kandor. ‘’ Let’s do this.’’ David said as he and Henry let the fighter jets towards the Kryptonian jets. Meanwhile, Zor and Yu kept exchanging blows. Both were equally skilled. ‘’ Why do this to your own kind? We have a chance to bring Pandora back and be the chosen yet you commit hearsay than join us?’’ Yu asked as he kept the blades locked. Zor breathed as he remained calm. ‘’ Months ago, I thought the same way you did. However, my time in prison actually gave me time to reflect on what I’ve done. I’ve hurt Jor-El by killing his wife. I hurt Ka-El by killing his best friend. All for a title I wished to reclaim. I now know my errors. This is to start atoning for my sins Yu. Something you can’t possibly understand.’’ Zor then broke the clash and punched Yu in the face as he shot his lasers into his chest and sent him across the bridge.’’ That’s why I’ll kill you to spare Ka-El the struggle of taking a life.’’ Yu stood up and regained his balance. ‘’ Then I will kill you in the name of Pandora!”’ Yu yelled as he ran towards Zor as the two began fighting once more as an explosion came from the wall as Clark and the soldier kept fighting. This soldier was tough. The man punched Clark across the face. That’s when Clark grabbed his arm and flew outside the ship as he spun and tossed the man into a Kryptonian cannon, thus destroying it. That’s when he saw David being chased by ships. ‘’ I can use a little help!’’ David called in the mic as Clark flew straight to him. ‘’ I’m on it.’’ Clark said as he flew straight through the ships as they exploded as he made his way back towards the bridge and flew through the window and as Zor and Yu exchanged blows once again, Clark punched Yu into the face and into the ground. Yu laid there panting.’’ It’s over Yu. Give it up. You can’t win this. You haven’t left Kandor yet. No rebirths are happening today.’’ Yu began laughing. ‘’ It’s not over.’’ Yu said in a voice Clark remembered. He quickly turned to try and push Zor out of the way, however, it was too later. Yu quickly threw spear through Zor as he coughed up blood as he was then launched out of the window. ‘’ No!’’ Clark yelled as he was stunned as he saw a sword stab him. However, it wasn’t Yu’s blade as it was across the room. It was only one sword that he knew looked like this. Yu withdrew the sword as Clark backed up and held his wound.’’ Impossible.’’ ‘’ No it’s not. I’ve returned Ka-El. Thanks to the prays of my last believer, I was have been able to return. Just one step closer from returning from the hell you banished me to.’’ Yu said as he stood there with white aura surrounding him. Pandora had begun possessing Yu as he held the mace and sword of Pandora.’’ And I will begin my revenge by killing you first.’’ Meanwhile, as StarKiller and Joseph approached the engine room, they saw a man in green robes hoping the Oz staff. ‘’ Impossible. Jor-El is dead.’’ Joseph said as the two stand on guard as the man spun the staff as he had white aura surround him. ‘’ Call me Mister Oz.’’ the man said as the battle had just begun.
  4. -Chapter 32- Lois and Clark stood across from each other. Clark still wore his black suit. His long hair and beard moving with the wind. They quickly ran to each other as they embraced each other. ‘’ I thought you wouldn’t have woken up.’’ Clark said as he held her. Lois cried with joy. She could finally enjoy time with Clark after all these months. ‘’ I thought I was dead.’’ Lois said as the two stayed that way until Clark flew with them away back towards the farmhouse. Sam turned around and went to the nearest general. ‘’ Prepare air force defenses. I believe something might be coming.’’ Yu sat in the chair as he sharpened his sword. He wore his repaired Kryptonian armor. A soldier entered. Yu stood up. ‘’ Any news? Where is he?’’ Yu asked as he was different. His eyes were now a deep blue. The soldier saluted. ‘’ Ka-El has not been spotted throughout the city. Neither has his mother. Intelligence suggests he has left the city my lord.’’ Yu grew angry at this. He quickly swung his sword and killed the solider. He pointed at the nearest one. ‘’ You! Get the men ready! We aren’t delaying our plans! Pandora must come! We shall invade Ka’s precious city in the next planet rotation!’’ Yu said to himself as he held his head. That’s he heard the voice again. ‘’ Good. You are doing well my prophet. Once Ka is dead at our feet, we can go to the place of my banishment and bring me back. Then I shall reward you and the people I have chosen.’’ Pandora’s voice said as Yu smiled as cracks appeared on his skin as he was slowly corrupted by Pandora. ‘’ So your mother is still alive and now we have to prepare for a war basically?’’ Lois asked Clark as he got up and stretched. He looked out the window.’’ If that’s the case, you’re going to need everyone you can gather. Shame you can’t contact like The Flash or Oliver.’’ ‘’ I don’t need them. This is my battle. Ever since I awakened with my memories, I couldn’t figure out who I was. I didn’t even call myself Superman. That’s when I saw my mother and she showed me the past. Before I was launched.’’ Clark explained as he held the remains of his staff. He looked up.’’ Now, I don’t even know anymore.’’ ‘’ Clark.’’ Lois said as she stood up and placed her hand on his cheek.’’ You are more than Superman. Superman is an ideal. When you went missing, you inspired many others. That is why, you must become who you are meant to be. And that is Superman. Become the beacon of hope you are meant to be Clark.’’ Lois said as Clark closed his eyes.’’ When I look at you now, you are more mature than you were almost 2 years ago. It’s funny to imagine you were my assistant. Now, you’re this man that I never would’ve thought you would become for a long time.’’ Clark opened his eyes. They were filled with hope. ‘’ Lois. Thank you. I now know what I have to do. I must fight Yu before he unleashes Pandora again and I will do it as Superman.’’ Clark said as he turned around. He quickly thought of something. He handed a piece of paper with a number on it.’’ This number belongs to STAAR Labs. Contact Cisco and let him know, Superman is going to need a suit.’’ Clark then was ready to fly off. Lois walked up. ‘’ Where are you going?’’ She asked as Clark smiled. ‘’ To get some help.’’ Clark said as he flew off the ground and towards the sky. Henry sat at the table with David. Superboy walked in. He saw David in his suit. Same with Henry as he constructed a new hammer. ‘’ I guess it’s time?’’ Superboy asked as Henry nodded. ‘’ Whatever is coming. It’s going to be big so we must prepare for it. It’s all hands on deck. I even heard word that General Lane is providing air support.’’ Henry said as David nodded as he placed on his yellow visor. Superboy then threw off his clothes as he had a new suit. It was a black shirt with a red S symbol and blue jeans and a red cape. ‘’ Wow. That reminds me of Clark’s first outfit.’’ David said as Superboy nodded. ‘’ How else to start? From the beginning. Besides, Lex’s suit was getting a little tight.’’ Superboy said as Henry nodded. He then received a text. ‘’ I know where we meet up. Let’s go.’’ Clark flew until he landed at the air force base. Sam was surprised as he walked up. ‘’ Did you forget something Superman?’’ Sam asked as Clark stared at him. ‘’ Take me to him.’’ Clark said as Sam was surprised how he knew and motioned for him to follow. He walked towards the lead doors as Clark followed. They walked down the stairs. That’s when Clark saw him. Zor sat there on the ground as he looked up. He smiled. ‘’ Why hello Ka-El. I didn’t expect you to come here.’’ Zor said as he stood up and walked to the window.’’ My, you look better with the bread. Tell me. How did you defeat Pandora?’’ ‘’ Sam. Leave us.’’ Clark said as Sam nodded and left the room as the two Kryptonians stared each other down.’’ How do you know about Pandora?’’ ‘’ When he told me a bounty hunter got you, I was surprised. That’s when I realized. Things were different from a year ago.’’ Zor explained as he studied Clark.’’ You aren’t surprised that I’m alive?’’ ‘’ No. I knew you were alive because when I reset the timeline before Pandora, I made it that I didn’t kill you, because I know you aren’t who you claim to be.’’ Clark said as Zor chuckled. ‘’ And now I believe you came to ask me for something. Tell me. Why do you want my help? I killed your best friend after all.’’ Zor stated as Clark made a fist. ‘’ Trust me. You’re the last person I want to ask, but I need another Kryptonian who is willing to help me.’’ Clark said as Zor sat down. ‘’ And why on Krypton should I help you?’’ Zor asked he then pointed at Clark.’’ I recall you destroyed whatever hope we had to restore our race.’’ ‘’ Actually, our race lives. The city of Kandor is on Earth. It’s being led by Yu. He’s trying to bring back Pandora and I need to stop him.’’ Clark said as Zor was surprised to hear that. He stood up. ‘’ Our race lives?’’ Zor asked as Clark nodded as Zor touched the wall. He covered his mouth.’’ Why should I even help you?’’ ‘’ Because I can give you something you want.’’ Clark said as he pointed at him.’’ I, Ka-El, the head of the house of El, hear by return the title back to you Zor.’’ Zor became struck with shock as he looked up.’’ Will you join me in battle, Zor-El?’’ Clark asked as Zor was surprised once again. He had smiled. The first real smile in months. ‘’ Alright. I’ll help you Ka. Not just because I forgive you, only because we are family and I owe you one.’’ Zor said as Clark nodded as he smashed the control panel as he walked out. Zor breathed as he felt his strength return to him. Clark then pulled something out of a bag. He handed Zor a Kryptonian sword. He grabbed it and admired it. ‘’ May not be the Sword of El, but it should do nicely.’’ Clark said as Zor nodded. He seethed the blade and placed it on his back. ‘’ So, who else do you have in mind?’’ Zor asked as the two walked out. Clark looked at shocked Sam as soldiers aimed their weapons at Zor. ‘’ it’s okay general. I need him. Trust me. I wouldn’t release him if I didn’t.’’ Clark said as he motioned for Zor to follow him as they flew off in the sky. Clark smiled as he flew. He now knew he was back at 100% finally. StarKiller prepared a new ship. It was smaller than his original but it was able to function. He opened the doors and was walking until he heard a boom. He turned and saw Clark and Zor standing behind him. Clark walked up as StarKiller helmet disappeared. ‘’ So you escaped. That’s surprising. Now, why are you here?’’ StarKiller asked as Clark breathed and punched him in the face as he was sent flying back. StarKiller stood up.’’ I knew that was coming.’’ He said as he rubbed his cheek.’’ Now, answer the question?’’ ‘’ I need your help. I know Yu paid you to bring me to him, however, I believe I can offer you something to join my side.’’ Clark said as StarKiller raised an eyebrow. That’s when he saw Clark offer a small piece of the white crystal.’’ This is Krypton mineral. It doesn’t have a purpose anymore, however, it does go for a lot in the universe since Krypton is no more.’’ StarKiller took it and admired it. ‘’ Alright. You got my attention. When do I start boss?’’ he asked as Clark motioned as the three flew away towards the meeting area Clark assigned. As Lois stood in the farm admiring the remodel. She looked around. She hadn’t been in it ever since Clark disappeared. She then saw a picture of him and her. She placed her hand on it. She then heard something as she turned around. ‘’ Hello?’’ Lois asked as she went into the other room. Meanwhile, outside the house, David, Superboy, and Henry landed in the field as they were all dressed in their outfits. That’s when Lois walked out. They all walked up. ‘’ I’m so glad you’re okay.’’ Superboy said as Lois smiled. ‘’ Yeah. I was able to get through it thankfully.’’ Lois said as they then saw them. StarKiller and Zor-El landed on the ground as everyone went on edge. Lois stood shocked.’’ Why are they here?!’’ Henry and the others quickly got into stance and ready to fight. One question was, where was Clark? -Meanwhile in Central City- Clark stood in STAAR Labs as Cisco stood next to him. Cisco turned to him. ‘’ You know, when you called, I was honestly surprised. I never knew Superman wanted to have a suit made by me. I tried my best to make similar to the one you had.’’ Cisco said as he uncovered the sheet and Clark stood in awe.’’ So, what do you think?’’ ‘’ I love it.’’ Clark said as he felt the S symbol. The suit was just like his old one, except it had darker blue, brighter red, and a glowing red cape. Clark then felt his beard.’’ Give me one second.’’ Clark turned into the other room and soon, he came out. He was shaved and in his suit. He looked at himself in the mirror.’’ Superman has returned. Thank you Cisco.’’ ‘’ No problem. Give em hell.’’ Cisco said as Clark nodded and flew away and towards his farm as he started hearing the commotion between everyone. As the others were about to engage, Clark quickly landed between them. Everyone was in shock at Clark’s new look and suit. ‘’ Clark?’’ Henry said as he relaxed. Clark walked up. ‘’ They’re with us. I know we have history with these two but we need them. Yu is planning an assault and the only way we stop him, is to take the fight to him before he leaves the artic. We leave in a couple of minutes.’’ Clark said as everyone nodded as Clark went up to Lois. She felt his face. ‘’ I’m actually going to miss the beard. It made you look mature.’’ Lois said as Clark smiled.’’ I do love the new suit. The Hope symbol stands out more and the cape, it’s amazing. I know you’re about to go.’’ ‘’ I promise to return to you Lois. No matter what.’’ Clark said as he hugged her. Lois smiled. ‘’ I know you will.’’ Lois said as Clark turned and faced his allies. ‘’ Guys. I am thankful for your support. We will defeat Yu and stop him from bringing back a dead goddess. We go to the artic and fight him ourselves before anything bad happens. Let’s go.’’ Clark said as everyone nodded as they flew into the sky and towards the artic.
  5. Hi everyone. Another update here. Currently writing chapter 32. Update on the Darkseid War. It's being still worked on. It's my main focus as well. It's my biggest crossover. Piecing together everything is a lot harder then I thought. So, to make up for the long delays. Here's a sneak preview to the Darkseid War. Meanwhile in Central City, lightning booms were being heard throughout the sky. It wasn’t The Flash running as he was in STAAR Labs with Iris. Soon, a portal opened and out came a yellow streak of lightning. The streak soon stopped in the outskirts of Central City. It was no one else but Wally West. He panted as he looked around. He looked panicked and scared. ‘’ What happened? Where am I?’’ Wally asked himself as he sped into the city to find out what was happening. He looked around as he sped around. Everything seemed normal, but he realized the city wasn’t lively as it should be. That’s when he saw it. The center of the city was a carter. He stared as it was a memorial site. He sped around to find out what’s going on. He then saw something. There was a pillar in the center. He went to it and placed his hand on it. It was a list of names lost. That’s when he saw it. His.’’ What?’’ Wally then sped towards STAAR Labs and that’s when he saw him. He stood across from him. Barry. He was in his flash suit. He lowered the mask as his hair was longer and he looked tougher. ‘’ Wally?’’ Barry asked as Wally walked up. ‘’ What happened?’’ Wally asked as Barry quickly hugged him. This piece shows how much I have planning for the Darkseid War. It does draw some inspiration from Endgame. So, expect something soon. I will finish this as much I can. Until then my readers.
  6. -Chapter 31- Clark stood in a field of rubble and debris. He was on his knees. He was in ruins of Metrophilis once again. The same nightmare he had after the Undertaking. This time, it was different. The city was in ruins but something over loomed. He stood up and saw around him was the Omega symbol beneath him. That’s when he heard booms and something flew at him. Clark eyes shot opened as he panted heavily. He was in a bed in an unknown room. He looked around. It was a small bedroom. He flinched as he attempted to move. He looked down and saw himself wrapped in bandages. He stood up as he flinched a couple of times because of his wounds. ‘’ How am I alive? I honestly thought I died.’’ Clark said to himself as he looked around and opened the door. That’s where he saw Superboy, his mother, and unknown man sitting down at a table drinking some tea. Everyone paused as they saw Clark. Lara quickly stood up and ran to hug her son. Clark hugged her back.’’ What happened?’’ ‘’ When you and Yu exchanged final blows, He was about to finish you off, so that’s where I came with your mother and saved you. I flew as fast as I could as guards gave chase until this guy saved us.’’ Superboy said as he motioned and the man stood up. He had short green hair, blue eyes, white skin, and wore Kryptonian clothing. ‘’ My name is Ron-L. I’m a descendant of Kem-L. He’s the one who designed and built the one you call David Connor. When I saw you guys running, I quickly used my technology in order to trick the soldiers you went somewhere else. It’s been only 2 days but you guys are still wanted. Especially you Ka-El.’’ Ron explained as Clark sat down. ‘’ What does Yu want mother?’’ he asked as Lara sat back down. She shrugged. ‘’ Honestly. No one really knows. He’s been keeping to himself ever since we all awoke and he took charge. Everyone has been enjoying his leadership. They praise him and believe him to be Oz.’’ she said as Clark breathed. He knew he had to do something. Yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling from his dream. Henry sat across from Gardner as the latter smiled. Gardner soon started laughing. ‘’ The fact that you know who I am is priceless. I thought everyone had forgotten me. Alright, you have my interest. What exactly do you want from me? Besides the location of my client because I can’t tell you that.’’ Gardner said as Henry smiled. ‘’ Alright. If you can’t tell me, then.’’ Henry said as he brought out his hammer as he pointed at his face.’’ I will do some serious damage to you. Now, where is he.’’ Lois looked through some pictures of her and Clark. She was finally happy to have him back. That’s when the door opened and came in Sam. He quickly hugged her. ‘’ I thought I lost you.’’ Sam said as Lois hugged back. ‘’ No. I’m right here. I’ll never leave you daddy.’’ Lois said as the two embraced each other as father and daughter. David stood in the hallway with Susan. ‘’ I’m going to find him. We just got him back. I must make sure nothing happens to him.’’ David said as Susan nodded as she hugged him. ‘’ Just make it back too alright?’’ Susan asked as David nodded and flew out the open window. Lara and Clark sat in the room as Superboy and Ron went off to scout to see if it was safe. Clark held his mother’s hand. She tended to his wounds. Clark took a deep breathe. ‘’ Why didn’t you guys come with me?’’ Clark asked as his mother froze at the question. ‘’ What do you mean Ka?’’ Lara asked as Clark stared at her. ‘’ I first met father as a hologram. He explained to me everything. He even showed me the recording of you. Yet, it felt different. Now, to actually talk to my parent. Why?’’ Clark asked as Lara held his face. ‘’ That is a difficult question to answer Ka. It’s better that I show you.’’ Lara said as she raised her hands. ‘’ Show what?’’ Clark asked as Lara placed her hands on his head. Blue light surrounded her fingers as his eyes went wide. He stood in the lab. However, it was on Krypton. He saw his parents standing there. Lara pregnant as her stomach stood out. Tears went down Clark’s face. ‘’ I don’t want to send him off.’’ Jor said as Lara held his hand.’’ Maybe we can go with him. I can design a bigger ship.’’ Jor was cut off by her. ‘’ No my love. You know we can’t. You can’t start having second thoughts.’’ Lara said as Jor hugged her. ‘’ I know. It’s just. The thought of our son, being alone in space. I believed myself to be ready, but I’m not.’’ Jor said as Lara kept him close. Clark never saw this side of his father. ‘’ If you are wrong about the planet, then we will go rescue him.’’ She said as Jor nodded. ‘’ I wish that was the case. However, things aren’t what we want them to be.’’ Jor said as he kneeled down to her stomach.’’ My son. You shall be named’’ ‘’ Ka-El.’’ Lara said as Clark’s vision ended as tears were going down his face. He didn’t know what to say. He simply hugged his mother as they held each other closely. Yu sat in the empty council room as he was being healed by the advance technology. His wounds turning into scars. He had no update on Ka’s location. He sighed. His advisor walked in as he looked up. ‘’ Any news?’’ Yu asked as the advisor shook his head as Yu clenched his fist.’’ You must find him. He must pay for his actions against our people.’’ Yu said as he stood up as he didn’t care for the pain. All he cared was about the future of the remains of Krypton and the coming of Pandora. He refused to believe Clark. That’s when his head started hurting as he fell to his knees. That’s when he witnessed a blue light and his eyes widen. There he heard a voice. ‘’ I choose you as my new Prophet. You must carry my will Yu. Destroy this world along with Ka-El to make him pay for stopping me. When that happens, I shall be able to return.’’ The voice said as Yu didn’t know who it was but realized it. ‘’ Yes my goddess Pandora.’’ Henry stood outside as he was pondering of what to do. He looked back as he heard David land right in front of him. ‘’ Any news?’’ he asked as Henry shook his head. ‘’ Just that he used to be on Earth. Now, he’s a ruthless bounty hunter.’’ Henry said as he rubbed his head. ‘’ Anything about Clark?’’ Henry shook his head as David sighed.’’ I haven’t heard from Superboy in days. Lois woke up and is currently with her father right now for protection while Clark is gone.’’ ‘’ That’s for the best since we need to have our full focus on finding him. We just got him back and now he’s missing once again. What else could happen?’’ Henry stated as an explosion knocked the two into the ground as Starkiller emerged from the hole in the building with his helmet on. He soon blasted off into the sky with the help of rocket boots. Henry quickly stood up as he pressed his chest as his armor appeared around him and he summoned his hammer as he quickly went into pursuit. Clark sat in the house as he waited. Lara had fallen asleep as Clark held the broken parts of his staff. He breathed. He knew what he had to do. That’s when Superboy and Ron came in. ‘’ I found a passage you can take to sneak out the city. Gather your allies Ka. I’ll keep watch over your mother. You have to go now. Yu had security swam the city. It’s in marshal law now.’’ ‘’ He’s right Clark. We need to go now.’’ Superboy said as Clark went to his mother and rubbed her head. ‘’ I’ll return mother and I’ll set this right.’’ Clark said as he kissed her head as he turned.’’ Let’s go.’’ Clark and Superboy walked out.’’ Thank you Ron. I promise we’ll be back.’’ Clark said as he and Superboy flew off quickly as they left the city quickly, discovering it was in the Artic as well. Clark remembered waking here. They flew as they left Kandor, promising to return. Lois sat in her father’s office. She had been there since she was discharged from the hospital. She looked around. She had only remember being in here when she was younger. That’s when she remembered Lucy. ‘’ Hey Lucy, so you’re joining the military after all?’’ Lois asked as the two sisters stood in his office. ‘’ Yeah. I decided I want to follow in his footsteps and be able to protect him when he can’t look after himself.’’ Lucy said as she dug into her bag.’’ Which reminds me.’’ She then took out a star shape pin. She handed it to Lois. ‘’ What’s this?’’ Lois asked as Lucy chuckled. ‘’ It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t remember. This pin belonged to our mother before she passed away. You wouldn’t remember since you were little at the time. This pin represents the strength of her family. She always told me how much it meant to her when she gave it to me. Since I’ll be away and won’t see you for a while. I want you to have it.’’ Lucy said as Lois smiled and took it. Lois wiped her face as she remembered as she held the pin in her hand. She missed her sister. That’s when her father came in. ‘’ Hey. Sorry. Had a meeting with my advisors. It’s busy when you become a 4-star general. Dealing with different kinds of things. Especially with A.R.G.U.S. So, how are you feeling?’’ Sam asked as Lois shrugged. ‘’ You know. After being shot and almost dying, it made think. What do I do? I’m a prize winning journalist, however, I feel like I need to do more, like Lucy.’’ Lois said as she held the pin. Sam noticed it. ‘’ I haven’t seen that pin in years. You know, your mother wore that pin our first date. Man, it was something else. I didn’t expect to connect with her. She was just someone I was introduced to during my days in the army and the connection sparked.’’ Sam explained as he sat at his desk.’’ Maybe with that pin, you’ll be able to find what you need to do Lois.’’ Lois smiled and nodded. Henry landed back at his house as he lost StarKiller. He sighed. His armor disappearing back into his chest plate. That’s when he saw David waiting for him. ‘’ You wouldn’t believe it.’’ David said as Henry looked confused as he followed him and that’s when he saw it. Clark and Superboy sitting in the living room. ‘’ Clark! You’re alive! Thank god.’’ Henry said as Clark nodded. ‘’ I got a lot to tell you guys.’’ Clark said as he started explaining the situation with Kandor, Yu, and Pandora. Henry looked baffled. ‘’ So your telling me, that Yu, is trying to bring an army here to claim our planet and apparently bring back a goddess you killed in a different reality?’’ Henry asked as Clark nodded.’’ Wow, next thing you’re gonna tell me is that there’s more than one Earth.’’ Clark kept that one to himself. ‘’ We need to get ready. We don’t know how much time we actually have.’’ Superboy said as Clark nodded. ‘’ He’s right. Yu is planning to attack whenever he’s ready and once he realizes I’m gone, he’s going to accelerate his time table. That’s why, I need to do something I might regret.’’ Clark said as he stood up and walked to the door. ‘’ Where are you going?’’ David asked as Clark shrugged. ‘’ To visit someone I need to have a talk with.’’ Clark said as he flew outside. He knew he had to talk to this person, but first, he needed to make a stop. Lois and Sam walked out of the office building as they were at Smallville air force base. That’s when they heard the boom. Lois quickly looked up with wide eyes and saw Clark land in front of her. ‘’ Hi.’’ Clark said as Lois smiled. ‘’ Hi.’’ And here is chapter 31 guys. Sorry again for the late reply, but I finally got it pieced together! So expect this season to finish in the next couple of weeks! I'm excited as the ending is near! Once this is done, full swing for Darkseid War will come!
  7. Hello my readers. I'm currently still piecing everything together. That moment of writers block. Just trying to finish up season 3. I have begun work on the Darkseid War so expect something during this month on it. I might start posting that first while I try to work out the rest of season 3. Do not worry, I won't spoil the events that are planned for season 3 in the crossover because of this reason. I hope everything is fine with my fans and just wanted to remind that do not give up hope for the symbol of hope is beginning to arrive!
  8. Hello my fellow readers. Just want to give an update. I know it's been a month now since the last entry. Just want to know I'm still hard at work. I'm currently trying to put the pieces together for the rest of season 3. Just let everyone know I haven't given up on this story or it's future for this is a passion for myself. Just been busy with this and real life. Thank you for your patience and keep your eye out for the next entry coming soon!
  9. -Chapter 30- Clark was shocked by the question yet he was shocked even more to hear the name. Pandora. The Goddess of Krypton that Clark and his allies worked hard to defeat months ago, at least from Clark’s experience since his wish made it never happened. ‘’ I will understand if you want to take some time to answer this question. I’ll be here when you decide. Until then. Enjoy Kandor Ka.’’ Yu said as he got up and walked away. Clark turned as he saw his mother grab his hand. ‘’ Come along Ka. Let me show you your new home.’’ Lara said as Clark followed. Not knowing what’s coming next. Henry stood across from StarKiller as he was tied to a chair. Henry stood in his armor as he had David and Joseph next to him in their outfits as well. StarKiller started waking up as he groaned. ‘’ Jesus. It’s been a while since I was knocked out. Any who, what the hell do ya want with me?’’ StarKiller asked as Superboy punched him in the face. ‘’ That was for Lois.’’ He said angrily as StarKiller split out some blood. ‘’ That’s quite the punch you got there. Definitely harder than a human. I believe you’re Kryptonian too? I was never told of you.’’ StarKiller said as he chuckled.’’ This isn’t the first time I’ve been chained up. So, I’ll ask again. What do you guys want with me?’’ ‘’ Why did you shoot Lois and where have you taken Clark?’’ Henry asked as StarKiller smiled. ‘’ Sorry. Against my code to talk about my clients and my work. Maybe if you had credits, but Earth doesn’t have any. As for the girl, she wasn’t my target. I just ended up missing my original shot.’’ He explained as Henry was puzzled. ‘’ That was red blood. You’re human.’’ Henry stated as StarKiller laughed. ‘’ You are correct on that. I was kidnapped when I was child, yet my kidnappers adopted me as their own so I followed in the bounty hunter business. You better be glad it was me. I heard my client was going to bring Lobo. Good thing he didn’t.’’ StarKiller said as he wiggled in his chair.’’ Otherwise, Ka would’ve been hurt even worse.’’ ‘’ Where is he?’’ David said as he lifted his hands and had yellow aura surround his hands. ‘’ Easy. Like I said, I can’t reveal my clients, but he is alive. I can assure you that.’’ StarKiller said as sighed.’’ Can I at least get something to drink?’’ Zor looked at the General as he stood up. He walked up to him. He smiled. ‘’ Interesting enough you came to visit me. And smart idea with the red sun. It drained my powers so I can’t escape. Tell me, this is the first time I’ve seen you in quite some time. Does Superman know I’m alive?’’ Zor asked as Sam shook his head.’’ Shame. I wanted to see the look on his face to see I survived my wounds. The fact he almost killed me with a rock is interesting. What else is interesting is something happened and I could sense it. So, what questions do you have General?’’ ‘’ My daughter was attacked. It was by an alien and I believe the attacker was of alien origin. Could you tell me who could’ve came after her?’’ Sam asked as Zor chuckled. ‘’ There are only a couple of bounty hunters that know of Earth. This planet is so far from any life, that even a honeymoon couple would come here. Besides, what is the blast wound on her?’’ Zor asked as Sam showed him the pictures.’’ Interesting. I know this weapon. Lois wasn’t the target. I suspect Superman was. This rifle belongs to a hunter named StarKiller. Better be luckily he doesn’t shoot to kill.’’ ‘’ Thank you.’’ Sam said as he turned to walk away. Zor went up to the glass. ‘’ At least have them send me actual food instead of shit for helping you.’’ Zor said as Sam shut the door. Zor smiled again as he sat on the ground.’’ Oh Ka. How did you stop Pandora?’’ Clark walked in the lab as he saw it. It was his father’s lab. He walked around. That’s when he saw the where his spaceship was launched. ‘’ This was the hardest choice of my life Ka. To send you away to an unknown planet. I’m truly glad you made it and grown into such a strong adult. Your father would be proud.’’ Lara said as she held Clark’s arm. ‘’ I actually met him mom. He first appeared as a hologram. He taught me so much. Everything I needed to know about who I am and where I came from. Tell me. Why didn’t you guys come with me?’’ Clark asked as Lara wiped her tears. ‘’ Trust me Ka. We wanted. More than anything. However, we believed we were tied to Krypton’s fate as well. Failures of our race.’’ Lara said as Clark looked around some more. That’s when he saw his father’s armor. ‘’ Why did Yu mention Pandora?’’ Clark asked as Lara laughed a little. ‘’ Seems you father didn’t teach you anything. Pandora was the first Kryptonian. She went into the stars and scouted planets for our future. She knew everything. Then she returned to what we called Krypton and blessed our race with birth. She then told the first generation she would return one day and select a prophet and followers that she would then use to reborn the world in her image. She was always known for her blue light. That’s why when we saw it around Kandor, we knew we were chosen.’’ Lara explained as she showed a picture of Oz.’’ And her prophet would be named Oz the wise.’’ ‘’ Mom, there’s something I need to tell you.’’ Clark stated as he started explaining to her how Jor-El lived and became Oz and his fight with Pandora and banishing her and resetting reality. ‘’ That’s funny Clark.’’ Lara said as Clark stood there serious.’’ You’re serious. You stopped Pandora’s awakening? Why would you do that Clark?’’ ‘’ Because she threaten the whole universe. She wasn’t just going to reshape a world, she was going for the whole universe and I believe now, after what you told me, that she was going to use you guys as her army and father as the leader since with the sun’s radiation, you guys would develop the same powers I have. Trust me mom, dad didn’t want any more part of it. When I freed him, we shared our final goodbyes and he believed you were still dead. However, when I reset reality, I didn’t know about this place here. That’s why you guys were unaffected. You guys awoken the same time I did the wish, because that’s when Pandora arrived.’’ ‘’ So that’s what this is all about.’’ Clark grew shock as he saw Yu standing there with soldiers as they had their rifles drawn.’’ I was curious on why Pandora never showed up. Tell me Ka. When were you going to reveal this information to me?’’ Yu asked as Clark stepped in front of Lara.’’ Or were you never going to tell me? Why hide this from your own kind?’’ ‘’ Because I didn’t think Pandora meant this much to our culture. Trust me. She even wanted to kill me.’’ Clark stated as Yu sighed. ‘’ And to think I wanted you part of the ruling class. Oh well. It seems Krypton is better with just a singular ruler as I thought. You’re coming with us Ka. You shall answer for crimes against your own people.’’ Yu stated as the two soldiers walked up. Clark had to think quickly. That’s when he rushed and punched the two soldiers down quickly. Yu’s eyes shot wide open as he was shock to find how strong Clark was. ‘’ Trust me. You can’t beat me Yu.’’ Clark said as he saw Yu laugh. ‘’ Maybe not now, however. I will let you leave this city and I will have Kandor leave. On one condition.’’ Yu explained as Clark stared. ‘’ And what is that?’’ Clark asked as Yu had the window opened as he pointed at an arena. ‘’ You defeat me in trial of combat. It is our custom to handle any disagreement by this arrangement. Now, will you accept?’’ Yu said as Clark turned to his mother and then back at Yu. ‘’ Yes.’’ Clark accepted as Yu smiled as the two soldiers got up. ‘’ Then I shall see you in the arena in one hour Ka.’’ Yu said as he walked away with the soldiers. ‘’ Why would you agree Ka?’’ Lara asked her son as she was really worried. ‘’ Because mother. I need to show our people the truth. I wish I could show you. She made father wicked and I wish he didn’t have to experience what he did.’’ Clark said as Lara held his face. ‘’ I just don’t want to lose you again Ka. You’re all I have left.’’ She said as Clark held her hand. ‘’ I know. That is why I won’t lose. I promise.’’ Clark said as he hugged Lara as the mother and son stayed close. Meanwhile, Susan was asleep in the chair as Lois laid there. David walked in as he shook her. Susan woke up and stretched. ‘’ There you are. Any information on the sniper?’’ Susan asked as David nodded. ‘’ Yeah. We got them. Now, we just need to find where Clark is.’’ David said as he saw something. The two were shocked to see Lois sitting up. ‘’ Where am I? Where’s Clark?’’ Lois asked as the two were excited for Lois to be awake. Meanwhile, Henry and Joseph sat in the other room as they try to figure out what to do with StarKiller. ‘’ If he doesn’t want to tell us, then we need to force it out of him.’’ Joseph said as Henry shook his head. ‘’ We can’t. We’re not the Green Arrow. We can’t just torture people Superboy. Besides, why don’t you use the staff to find Clark again? It worked last time.’’ Henry said as Joseph smacked his head. ‘’ You’re right. I’ll be back Henry’’ he said as he ran out the house. That’s when Henry locked the door as he walked in the other room as StarKiller sat there still tied up. ‘’ So you came back. I knew you would.’’ He said as Henry crossed his arms. ‘’ You have a lot to explain. Like why you appeared now, I remember reading about you going missing. Guy Gardner.’’ Henry said as StarKiller looked up smiling. ‘’ Guess you know who I really am.’’ Lois rubbed her head as she drank some water as she caught up on what David told her about StarKiller. ‘’ So Clark was the target. But why?’’ Lois asked as David shrugged. ‘’ That we don’t know. Superboy went to go find Clark and Henry is talking to alone as we speak. Right now, just focus on getting better Lois. There’s nothing else we could do right now.’’ David said as Lois nodded. That’s when she saw her phone. She reached for it and turned it on. ‘’ Hi. Dad? Yeah. I’m awake.’’ Back at Kandor, Clark stood in his black suit as his mother walked up and saw the S symbol. She placed her hand on it. She smiled. ‘’ You even wore our symbol. Why black?’’ Lara asked as Clark stared at himself. ‘’ Because I’m not who am I right now. I think I finally understand. I’m Ka-El right now because I can’t be Superman.’’ Clark explained as Lara stared. ‘’ And the beard?’’ ‘’ I actually like it right now. Besides, it makes me blend in more.’’ Clark said as noises were heard. Suddenly, Superboy crashed through the roof with the Staff in his hand.’’ Kon?’’ ‘’ Oh! It worked! Thank god! We’ve been trying to get StarKiller to talk and find out where you are.’’ Superboy explained as Lara stared as she was looking at him. ‘’ He looks like a younger you Ka.’’ Lara stated as Clark smiled. ‘’ That’s because he’s a clone. He decided to call himself Joseph or Kon-El. Only fair since he’s me.’’ Clark said as Joseph nodded as he handed the staff to Clark. ‘’ Here you go. This belongs to you.’’ Joseph said as Lara was shocked. ‘’ That’s the Staff of El. How did you find it Ka?’’ she asked as she admired it. ‘’ Father had it. He used it while he was Oz. Joseph found it in my house and used it to find me. I’ve been using it ever since. Now, I’m ready. Let’s go to the arena.’’ Clark said as he tapped the staff on the ground. The arena was in the center of the city. Noises were heard as everyone gathered in the stadium. They were all summoned by Yu. To witness the first Kryptonian duel in years. Superboy sat next to Lara as they were in the seats. Clark emerged through the gates as he looked around. He felt the sun. It felt good. The suit was helping so much. Clark almost felt like 100%. Soon, he saw Yu jump from the council seating room as he landed on the ground in front of him. He wore Kryptonian armor. It was gold and silver. He had two swords on his side as he stood up. He smiled. ‘’ People of Kandor! Ka-El has forsaken us! He has committed hearsay! He has told lies about our goddess Pandora! Telling his own kin, that he banished her! I have given one choice! To beat me and leave Kandor and never return or fall to my blade!’’ Yu yelled as everyone cheered. He looked at Clark and saw the staff. ‘’ I thought your family’s weapon was the sword. OH! Zor took it. So, what is that in your hand then?” Yu asked as Clark gripped the staff. ‘’ This belong to my father. I now wield it as the new El weapon. The Staff of El.’’ Clark said as he spun the staff and got into position. Yu chuckled as he drew his swords. He soon connected the hilts as they were now a double edge blade. ‘’ This weapon has been passed down from generations. I, Yu-Lo, wield my family’s weapon to battle you. I will give you one last chance Ka. Give up.’’ Yu said as Clark stood. ‘’ I will not. I must prove to what I have said.’’ Clark said as he stood in his battle stance. Yu sighed as he raised his weapon as everyone fell silent. ‘’ Then prepare to die.’’ Yu said as he quickly launched himself off the ground and towards Clark. He swung the blade as it clashed with the staff as a shockwave blew from it as the audience was shocked. They then started cheering. Clark and Yu started exchanging blows as Yu showed his swordsmanship. Clark defended well as he just used his experience from fighting Zor guide him. Clark quickly paired another attack as he jumped in the air as he powered up his staff and threw a blue energy blast at Yu. ‘’ Take this!”’ Clark said as he fired it as Yu quickly spun his sword as redirected the attack to the ground. He smirked as he jumped into the air as he swung his sword as he clashed with Clark again. ‘’ Not bad Ka! Seems you have experience against swords! However, I don’t have a normal sword.’’ Yu said as Clark realized the other half of the sword was missing as Yu soon broke the clash as he summoned the other sword from the ground and slashed Clark across the chest and kicked him towards the ground. Clark coughed up blood. ‘’ Impossible. He shouldn’t be hurt! That’s not kryptonite and he’s being powered by the sun!’’ Superboy said as he sounded worried as Lara did too. Clark stood up as he Yu landed on the ground. ‘’ You must be surprised. You really thought you had the upper hand? Just because of your abilities? Yes, that is true. You do, but so do we. However, Kryptonian weapons work on us regardless where we due to our DNA.’’ Yu explained as Clark now figured out why Zor was able to hurt him. He wiped the blood off his mouth. He knew this fight wasn’t going to be easy. He looked up at Superboy and nodded at him. Yu quickly launched himself again as he exchanged clashes with Clark. ‘’ Damn it. There must be some way to win.’’ Clark thought to himself as he dodged another swing but was soon met with another slash as he fell back. ‘’ Sorry. You really thought I would go easy on you Ka? Know this. The Lo family is actually the head of military. So, I’ve been trained my whole life. My only rivals were Zod and Zor. You did me the pleasure of getting rid of them. Shall we end this little match?’’ Yu asked as he reconnected his swords as Clark stood up with the help of the staff. He shook. He was still weak. He thought he could win. Clark soon rushed towards Yu while he powered up the staff with blue aura as he surrounded him as well as he engaged in another clash with Yu as smoke emerged from the clash. The smoke began to clear as it showed Yu and Clark behind each other. Clark held the staff as Yu held his sword. That’s when Yu’s armor broke apart and a wound appeared on chest as he coughed up blood as he stabbed the blade in the ground to keep him up. ‘’ Not bad Ka. However.’’ Yu said as Clark coughed up more blood as another slash mark appeared on his chest, destroying his symbol and his staff breaking in half. He soon fell to the ground as Yu stood up. He walked towards him as suddenly, lasers hit his chest and sent him into the wall as Superboy flew down as he grabbed Clark as he held onto Lara and flew out of the arena towards another side of the city. Yu quickly emerged out of the hole. ‘’ After them!” Yu yelled out as he would not let them get away.
  10. -Chapter 29- Clark sat under the tree as it rain. He’s been there for a few hours as his clothes were wet and soaked. He saw Joseph land on the ground as he approached Clark. He shook his head. ‘’ I’ve looked everywhere. I couldn’t find him again. You know, it’ll help if you did it too.’’ He said as he sat next to Clark. ‘’ I couldn’t see him or the blast. How is she?’’ Clark asked as Joseph sighed. ‘’ It’ll also help if you went and saw her. She’s still asleep. Hasn’t woken yet. Doctor said she’s luckily to be alive.’’ Joseph said as Clark reflected on that day. Bang. That’s all Clark heard. That’s when he saw it happen. His eyes widened as Lois was shot on the side with the plasma blast and fell down. Clark screamed as he caught her and held her close. He quickly called his staff and flew towards the hospital. He opened his eyes again as it stopped raining. Joseph patted Clark’s back. ‘’ I could’ve saved her if I had all my senses back but this is taking too long to recover.’’ Clark said as I sighed to himself. Joseph turned and flew away. He knew Clark needed time to be alone. Clark stood up and called the staff. He stared at it. He knew he wasn’t Superman right now, yet everyone calls him that. He sighed again as he stabbed the staff into the ground and walked back into the farmhouse. Joseph sat at Henry’s table as he was given a glass of warm tea. ‘’ So what brings you here Superboy?’’ Henry asked as Joseph took a slip of the tea. ‘’ Well one. Call me Joseph when it’s just us and two. Any luck on finding information on our sniper?’’ he asked as Henry shook his head. ‘’ It’s been days since the shooting. I went to the origin of the shot, but I couldn’t find anything. However, I did find this.’’ Henry said as he opened a small container and found blue ink.’’ This was on the ground. I ran tests on it and found nothing related to it.’’ Henry explained as Joseph stared confused. ‘’ And that means?’’ he asked as Henry finished his tea. ‘’ It means whoever our sniper is, he’s not from this world.’’ Sam Lane stood at his daughter’s bed. Lois slept. She has been in a coma since she admitted to the hospital. He formed fists. He suspected Lex had something to do with this for her stopping his plans. That’s when the door opened. He turned and saw Susan standing there with David. They came back into the town quickly after hearing the news. Sam quickly turned and left the room. Sam got into his car. He knew what he had to do. He started driving out of the city. He knew where to go in order to get some answers. He was got his phone out. ‘’ This is General Lane. I’m coming to the special guest.’’ Joseph stood on top of the building where the sniper was. He’s been here countless times attempting to investigate but there was still nothing to be found. He kneeled down and looked around again until he heard him. He saw David land on the roof. ‘’ So this is where the shot came from?’’ David asked as Joseph was surprised by David’s human appearance. Joseph nodded as David’s eyes turned red as he scanned the area.’’ It’s better if I help since I’ll be able to detect what you and Clark couldn’t. That’s when his eyes beamed out a blue light. He pointed at the blue area as it highlighted a red mist. ‘’ What is that?’’ Joseph asked as he kneeled down and stared at it. ‘’ its discharge from the rifle. It’s true. This man isn’t of Earth origin.’’ David until he realized something.’’ We need to get to the farm. Now! Clark’s in danger!’’ David said as the two quickly flew off into the sky. Clark sat on his sofa as he stared at the picture of him and Lois. That’s when he heard it. He quickly called the staff as he used it to summon an energy barrier as he was blasted through the walls and outside the house. The barrier quickly disappeared as he saw man in the armor land in front of him, holding the plasma rifle. ‘’ This time I shall finish my job.’’ The unknown man said as he started firing his rifle. Clark quickly dodged the shots as he spun his staff and launched an energy beam at the man, who dodged it as he jumped into the sky and kept firing. Clark continued to dodge until he flew into the sky, catching the man off guard as Clark swung his staff into him as he crashed into the ground. Clark quickly pinned him with his staff. ‘’ Who are you and why did you attack Lois?!’’ Clark yelled as he was furious with the man. The quickly pressed a button as an energy shockwave blew Clark right off him as he regained his balance and grabbed his rifle. ‘’ The wind blew my shot to hit the woman. My target is you. My employer wants you alive so I attempted to stun you. I haven’t been home in years so I miscalculated.’’ The man said as his helmet dissolved. The man was human. He had white skin, brown eyes, a star shaped scar on his cheek, and semi-long black hair.’’ I am also known as StarKiller. Now, be good Ka-El, and surrender.’’ The man said as Clark grew shocked. ‘’ Wait a minute. If you haven’t been on Earth in years, how do you know my name?’’ Clark asked as suddenly, a beam of lightning hit Clark directly in the chest as he fell down. He gasped as he was out of breathe. StarKiller approached him as his helmet reappeared. ‘’ Sorry, but you’ll find out soon enough.’’ StarKiller simply said as he kicked Clark in the face, knocking him out as all Clark saw was darkness. Moments later, David and Joseph landed on the ground. They saw the holes in the house. Joseph ran up to it. ‘’ No! We’re too late! He got to him!’’ he exclaimed as the two didn’t know what to do. Elsewhere, Clark slowly opened his eyes. He groaned in pain as he sat up. He looked around. He soon found himself chained to a wall. He was in a cell. He didn’t know where. He attempted to break out of the chains but found he could not. He then attempted to call his staff. No luck either. He sighed. Whatever he was, he couldn’t escape. That’s when he heard doors slide open. That’s when his eyes grew wide. He saw two Kryptonian soldiers walked in. ‘’ It’s an honor to finally have you here.’’ Said a voice as a third man walked in. He had a bald head, green eyes, a brown robe, blue pants, and a sword on his waist.’’ I’ve been dying to meet you Ka-El. I am Yu-Lo, the head of the new council’’ the man said as Clark was shocked. Soon, his chains unlocked as the soldiers helped him up.’’ Allow me to show you something.’’ Yu said as Clark followed as the two soldiers as Clark walked outside. That’s what shocked him the most. ‘’ Welcome to the City of Kandor!’’ Yu said as Clark stared in shock as he saw the capital of Krypton. However, he noticed the blue skies. He felt the cold breeze. He knew this place. It was the Arctic Circle. The City of Kandor was on Earth.’’ Sorry for the rudeness. I hired StarKiller in order for you to come to us because we can’t reveal ourselves just yet.’’ ‘’ That means our race still lives.’’ Clark said as he surprised. That’s when he heard commotion. ‘’ Please move out of my way.’’ A females voice was heard as Clark easily knew who voice it was. That’s when he saw her. His mother. Lara-El. He quickly ran up to her as he quickly hugged her.’’ It’s really you Ka.’’ She said crying as Clark was shocked. ‘’ I thought you were killed.’’ Clark simply said as Lara shook her head. ‘’ I was indeed stabbed, yet, in my final moments as your father held me, I was saved, along with the whole city in a flash of blue light. I never thought I would see you again. It feels so right to have you in my arms. My son.’’ Lara said as she hugged him once again. Clark didn’t know what to say. ‘’ I know this is all shocking to you Ka, but you must come with me to the council room. There’s a lot we must talk about.’’ Yu said as he walked away with the soldiers as Clark and his mother followed. Joseph and David looked around to figure out what happened. Joseph held the staff as it was outside when they had arrived. ‘’ He was engaged with the sniper. Did you send the information to Henry?’’ Joseph asked as David nodded. ‘’ I did. The real question is. Where is Clark?’’ David asked as the two then flew off in order to meet with Henry. Henry flew through the sky as he was tracking the signature given to him by David. That’s when he saw it in the forest. It was a small spaceship as StarKiller was preparing to board it. That’s when Henry powered his hammer and flew and straight into it. StarKiller flew back as he hit the ground. He then had his rifle appear as he began firing at Henry. Henry dodged the shots and swung his hammer. StarKiller quickly dodged the attack and soon, a sword materialized in his hand as he swung at Henry. Henry got slashed on his armor as he fell back. ‘’ I don’t know who you are, but you just destroyed my ship. No way I’m letting you live!’’ he said as he swung his sword again, but was soon blasted by a yellow beam as David flew and landed next to Henry. StarKiller quickly stood up, only to be punched in the face directly by Joseph. StarKiller fell down as his helmet disappeared as he appeared knocked out. ‘’ Good job guys. We got him.’’ Henry said as he stood up as the three watched StarKiller as he passed out as Henry was shocked to see him human. Clark and the others walked in the council room as it was still being repaired about the attempted coup from Zod years ago. Clark was amazed. Yu smiled as he sat down on a chair. ‘’ It seems you have a lot of questions Ka. Allow me to answer them.’’ Yu said as he motioned as he had an image appear and it showed Jor talking to the old members.’’ It seems years ago, your father was correct. Our planet was on the blink of destruction yet the old members did not listen.’’ Yu explained as Lara stepped up. ‘’ It was also the same day you were born Ka. I and your father decided to send you off because we wanted you to live and restart Krypton on Earth so our two races can be together. Do you still have the DNA crystal?’’ Lara asked as Ka shook his head. ‘’ No. Almost a year ago, Zor and Zod arrived and attempted to kill me. They found out about the crystal but I destroyed it. I believed our people to have perished but now, I see I was wrong.’’ Clark explained as Yu sigh. ‘’ It matters not about the crystal. You see, during the coup, the planet began exploding. That’s when we feared the most. That was until a blue light surrounded the entire city. I witnessed it myself as I saw a Kryptonian warship leave the planet, which now I know was Zor and Zod. After that, it was black. That’s when we woke up 8 months ago. In this ice environment and figured out we were on Earth. The planet you were sent to as we studied to Humans for these past months. However, I noticed your activity and yet, you disappeared. It wasn’t until you reappeared is when I called StarKiller to bring you to us.’’ Yu explained as he got up and approached Clark.’’ That is why I am here to ask you an important question Ka.’’ ‘’ What is it?’’ Clark asked as Yu smiled. ‘’ Ka, son of El, will you be a part of the new Kryptonian council in order to guide the remains of our people to service of Pandora?’’ Yu asked as Clark became shocked with the question. Elsewhere, General Sam exited a car and walked towards thick lead doors. That’s when he swiped a car and the doors opened to a stairway that was deep underground. Sam walked down the steps. There he saw two soldiers guarding a door. Sam had them open the doors as he walked towards something that was glowing red. That’s when he saw him. Zor was sitting on the ground as he was claiming sitting. He opened his eyes and saw Sam looking at him. ‘’ Hello Zor, I’m here to ask you a couple of questions.’’ Sam asked as the two were about to have a talk.
  11. -Chapter 28- Clark stood there over Henry as he helped him up. That’s when he noticed his damaged S symbol. He smiled. He then grabbed Henry as he flew with the staff and towards the ground. Hank emerged from the hole in the building and quickly and flew towards Lexcrop. ‘’ Look!’’ Superboy called out as he pointed. Everyone looked up and saw them. Lois stood up and her eyes widened. She saw Clark. Landing on the ground as he placed Henry down. She quickly ran up to him. Tears began to form. ‘’ Clark?’’ She asked sobbing as Clark hugged her. She closed her eyes. She knew this was real. He was alive. ‘’ Hi. I’m sorry I didn’t call.’’ Clark said as he let go as she sniffled. He turned and approached David. He kneeled down and saw him. He closed his eyes as he pointed the staff at him. It glowed as David was being repaired as his eyes opened slowly. ‘’ I’m alive?’’ David asked weakly as Susan hugged him as she called out his name. Clark stood up. James approached him. ‘’ Where have you been?’’ James asked as Clark coughed. ‘’ I’ve been gone. I know, but I’m here to make things right.’’ Clark looked at Lois.’’ With all of you. Thank you for protecting this city guys. Now, I have returned.’’ Clark said as he walked up.’’ Now, Hank has went to Lexcrop. Superboy, I’m going to need your help. Let’s go.’’ Clark then flew into the sky with his staff as Superboy followed. Henry panted as he fell to his butt. ‘’ Please save him Clark.’’ Henry said as James helped David up. Lois stood there watching the sky. She knew it was him. After these past 3 months of Supermen, the real Superman has returned. Hank landed on the roof of Lexcrop as Lex stood there. He smiled. He saw the damaged Hank. He approached him. Hank stood up quickly. ‘’ You promised me I would get my payback! You said he was dead!’’ Hank yelled out as Lex shook his head. ‘’ I never said he was dead. I just said he was missing. He coming back changes everything. Now, I have something for you.’’ Lex took out the box as he showed it to Hank. Hank grabbed it and stared at it. ‘’ What do I do with this?’’ Hank asked as Lex smiled. He pointed at Hank’s chest. ‘’ Place it in the center of your chest and you’ll get stronger.’’ Lex said as he heard something. He turned around and saw Lena with her arm transformed and pointing it at Lex. She held her head as she did it.’’ Lena? What’s the meaning of this?’’ ‘’ I can’t let you do this. My head. I’ve been experiencing pain everything I’ve been with you. Only increasing more and more. I’ve now realized. This isn’t what the real Lena would’ve wanted. She would’ve wanted you to abandon father’s dreams. That is why I’m going to stop you here and now.’’ Lena said as Lex sighed. ‘’ Code: Have Mercy.’’ Lex said as Lena suddenly shut down. Hank stared as he held the box. That’s when they saw them. Clark and Superboy.’’ Well. Well. If it isn’t the god himself.’’ ‘’ Why are you doing this Lex? I thought you turned over a new leaf.’’ Clark said as he held his staff. Lex laughed. ‘’ You really think I changed? I still hate you with all my guts. For stopping me two years ago and showing up even. I told you. You only invite death!”’ Lex yelled as he motioned to Hank. He quickly launched his lasers as he ran. Clark blocked with his own. That’s when Hank pushed the box into his chest. He yelled as he glowed. His injuries were being healed as he transformed back into a human. ‘’ Yes! I can fell the air!’’ Hank yelled as he smiled. He breathed as bones slowly started coming out of his skin, yet he wasn’t transforming.’’ I can harness the power of Doomsday!’’ Hank yelled as he rushed towards the duo as he launched a punch. Clark quickly blocked with his staff. ‘’ Superboy! Go after Lex and bring him in!’’ Clark yelled as Superboy did as he was told and flew into the door. Clark remained clashed.’’ I will stop you.’’ Clark said as Hank smiled as the two exchanged blows. ‘’ Trust me. I’m much stronger now!’’ Hank yelled as he tackled Clark towards the ground. Clark regained his position as he spun his staff as he launched green energy blasts at Hank. Hank quickly took them and yelled as he punched Clark into the face. Back at the Square, James got on his cycle. He was getting ready to help Clark. Lois and Susan watched David stand up. ‘’ Wait.’’ David said as the others turned. Susan looked worried. ‘’ You can’t follow James. You just got fixed.’’ Susan said as she held David. David brushed her to the side. ‘’ It’s what I need to do Susan. I promise I will come back to you after all this is over. You and Lois head somewhere safe. James, let’s go.’’ David said as he flew to the direction of the fighting. James turned on his cycle as he followed with speed. Superboy punched down a door as he walked in. That’s when he noticed it. He was in the room where he was born. He looked around. He couldn’t see anything. ‘’ I know you’re in here Lex!’’ Superboy called out as he heard a chuckle. ‘’ You were supposed to be the perfect clone, yet you disappointed me. You were meant to be the one before. When you ran, that’s when I had to do it. I sent Lena to the rocket and had her destroy it. Knowing we could recover the remains of someone and transform them with the remains of the crystal. That’s why Hank isn’t transforming into Doomsday. It’s because he’s half Kryptonian now.’’ Lex said as he stepped out. He wore his armor as he unsheathed his blade. Superboy removed his coat as he tossed it away. He formed his fists. ‘’ I’m stopping you here and now.’’ Superboy called out as he flew towards Lex. Lex rushed towards him as well as he swung his blade towards his fist. Clark dodged another punch as he swung his staff and sent Hank across the street. Clark then launched his lasers when Hank countered with his own. The two broke the clash as they were on the stalemate. Hank smiled. ‘’ We may be equal in power now, but I’m growing stronger. Allow me to show you how much.’’ Hank yelled as he screamed as his skin turned dark grey as he rushed towards Clark as the two began fighting once more. Clark swung his staff as Hank countered with a punch to the face as Clark was sent flying back. Hank quickly had a bone sword emerge from his skin as he rushed towards him, only to be blasted by a yellow beam and sent into a building. ‘’ Sorry. Can’t let you do that.’’ David said as he landed on the ground as James rode up as well. Clark smiled as he stood next to them. ‘’ I didn’t expect you guys to help.’’ Clark said as James put on his helmet. ‘’ It’s our city too and we figured you needed the help.’’ James said as he got ready. Hank emerged from the building cracking his neck. ‘’ I guess everyone has a death wish today. Allow me to grant it!’’ Hank yelled out as he rushed towards them three. Clark dodged as he blasted with his staff. Hank kicked him away as he exchanged blows with James. David quickly launched a yellow blast. Hank screamed as he punched David away. That’s when James quickly tossed his shield towards him. He then used a takedown move on Hank. Hank screamed once more as bones emitted out of his skin as he grabbed James and lifted him up.’’ Now you die!’’ ‘’ No!’’ Clark yelled out as he flew and swung his staff and impacted Hank and sent him into the air as he followed. James coughed as David helped him up. ‘’ Now, Hank is weakened. Let’s go help Superboy.’’ David said as he grabbed James as they flew towards Lexcrop. Hank and Clark stood in the sky. Both panted a bit. Hank was getting weaker now due to his human cells rejecting the Kryptonian DNA. ‘’ Give up Hank. Your body is rejecting the DNA now. You’ll die if you keep at this.’’ Clark said as Hank shook his head. ‘’ Never! I will kill you!’’ Hank yelled as he rushed towards Clark. The two fought some more as Clark dodged his attacks and paired most of them. As Hank launched another one, larger bones emitted from his body as he yelled as he punched Clark directly into the ground. He followed as he landed and kicked the staff away.’’ Now, Die!’’ Hank yelled as he lifted his arm, until a bone sword appeared out of his chest. The box shattered as Hank gasped. He looked behind. Henry panted as he held the bone sword. He withdrew the sword as Hank fell on the ground. Clark stood up as he called the staff back. ‘’ I’m sorry Hank. I had to do it.’’ Henry said as he held Hank’s hand as Hank coughed up blood. ‘’ I’m sorry Henry..’’ Hank said as he closed his eyes as Henry closed his as well as he held his old friend in his final moments. Clark stared as he pointed his staff at Hank. Hank was soon reverted back to before everything had happened. ‘’ Wow, that staff can really do everything.’’ Henry said as Clark shook his head. ‘’ It only works on Kryptonians. That’s why it was able to work on David and Hank. I couldn’t save him. I’m sorry. He has only a few minutes. I’ll let you make peace.’’ Clark said as he flew away. Knowing he had change. Henry held Hank as his eyes opened once again a little bit. ‘’ Henry.’’ Hank said with sorrow as Henry shook his head. He had tears fall down his face.’’ I’m sorry for everything I have done. I couldn’t think straight. I was just bent on one thing. Now, I have destroyed whatever friendship I had with you.’’ ‘’ No Hank. You didn’t. You were everything I wanted to be. I will forever be your friend. Until the next life my friend.’’ Henry said as Hank closed his eyes as Henry kept him close. Meanwhile, Superboy coughed up blood as he held his sword wound. He was slashed on his chest. He panted. Lex stood there in his suit. He saw on his monitor Hank had passed away. ‘’ You always have to do everything yourself.’’ Lex said as he pressed a button. Nothing happened.’’ That’s impossible. Hank should exploded.’’ ‘’ Well, he didn’t.’’ David said as he blasted Lex through the wall with a yellow beam. He stood there with James as they got there in time. Superboy smiled as Lex stood up. ‘’ I knew you would never change Luthor. You will always be the same.’’ James stated as Lex’s helmet came down. ‘’ You really believe I did? I want to rebuild this city. Yet, you all want to stop me. Well, it’s a shame because this ends now!’’ Lex said as his helmet came on as suddenly, an explosion occurred through the wall as Clark flew through and with green light emitting from the staff, swung at Lex as he destroyed the front of his suit.’’ No!’’ Lex yelled as Clark grabbed him from the suit and held him. ‘’ Give up Luthor.’’ Clark said as Lex turned and saw everyone staring at him. He sighed. He knew he couldn’t fight. ‘’ Fine. I surrender.’’ Lex said as Clark placed him down. He had stopped Lex once and for all as sirens were heard all across the city. -A few hours later- ‘’ Breaking News, Lex Luthor has been arrested in connection for the explosion of the ARGUS rocket. It also confirmed that he has had connections for the creation of Cyborg Superman. Lena Luthor has been discovered to be an android and taken into military custody. Lois Lane has been credited once again for this breaking story. Now, we have reports that the real Superman has returned and sporting a new look. More at 6’’ Clark turned off the television. He stood in the ruins of the farm. He had changed from his suit. He wore a simply white shirt and blue jeans. He still had the beard. He was surprised that it still worked. He looked around and saw Superboy standing there. ‘’ I tried my best to keep this place together. I know how much it means to you.’’ Superboy said as he wore normal clothes as well. A blue shirt and brown shorts.’’ Besides, I kind of need an identity when I’m not doing my job.’’ ‘’ You’re actually right. Since you’re a clone, you can be my distant cousin. How about, Joseph Kent?’’ Clark suggested as Superboy nodded. ‘’ I like that name. Also, call me Kon-El.’’ Superboy said as Clark was surprised.’’ What? I need a Kryptonian name too. See ya around man.’’ Kon said as he flew off. Clark smiled. Meanwhile, James was packing up his bag as he got on his motorcycle. He received a phone call. He answered it. ‘’ Hello? Oh. Dick. I’ll coming back. Don’t worry. He made it.’’ James said as he hung up and rode off into the distance. Elsewhere, David stood next to a car as Susan was packing it with suitcases. Lois stood there as she watched. ‘’ So your leaving?’’ Lois asked as David had made his appearance back to his human look the best he could. ‘’ Yeah. With Henry, Clark, and Superboy, me and Susan can finally be together again. Thanks for your help Lois. If you need anything, call us.’’ David said as walked to the car as Susan approached her. ‘’ Don’t worry. I’ll keep in touch. Besides, shouldn’t you be somewhere?’’ Susan asked as Lois nodded. ‘’ Yeah. Just wanted to see you guys off before I go to him.’’ Lois said as she hugged Susan as she left. Lois turned back to her car and drove towards Clark’s. At the graveyard, Henry stood in front of Hank’s grave. He had buried him there. It was no longer an empty casket. He kneeled and placed flowers. ‘’ Don’t worry old friend. I’ll keep this mission going. To honor you’re legacy.’’ Henry said as he stood up as he heard something. He turned and pulled open his shirt to reveal a red S symbol. Lex sat in his cell. He whistled a tune. Interesting enough. He was inside Oliver Queen’s old cell in Slabeside. He drew a picture with the chalk that was left there. He smiled. It was a picture of red eyes and three boxes. ‘’ And the bell has been rung.’’ Lois drove to the house as she parked. Clark just finished a wall as he heard the car. He smiled as he walked out and saw her. Lois. He walked to her. The two smiling as Lois opened her arms as Clark did. Until. A snipers scope was seen on top of a building in city. This wasn’t an ordinary one. It was alien. The man behind it wore a black suit with green lines running through it. He had a helmet that was white with red eyes. He turned on the rifle as it powered up. He saw Lois and Clark through the scope. He pressed the button. Bang. ( Happy new year everybody. I forgot to mention that in the last post. I've been busying wrapping up the first part of the arc. I just want to mention this seems like a closer, but it isn't. The story is going to continue from here on. I am hoping to finish the rest of the arc later this year so I can start working on the next crossover which I begun laying seeds for. I do have things to reveal. Clark is no longer Superman right now. I will be exploring Kryptonian culture. Alright, the big reveal for the crossover, one name. Darkseid!)
  12. -Chapter 27- - A couple hours ago- Steel landed back at his house. Superboy came out as David limped outside as well. He held his chest as the hole has been sealed but barely. Steel’s helmet came down as Henry wiped his sweat off. ‘’ What happened?’’ Superboy asked as Henry shook his head. He placed his hammer down. ‘’ Cyborg. He’s someone I knew. An old friend. My god. This is terrible. He’s going to destroy the city.’’ Henry said as David limped. ‘’ Then we have to stop him. We’re the only ones who can do it.’’ David said as Henry shook his head as Superboy stared. ‘’ It’s impossible. I’m just a man in a machine, you’re barely standing and Superboy, no offense, you don’t have control over your abilities yet.’’ Henry stated. Superboy thought of something. ‘’ What if we found Superman? The real one.’’ Superboy said as Henry shook his head. ‘’ That’s impossible. He would’ve came back by now. David would’ve been able to find him.’’ Henry stated as David nodded. ‘’ I can scan Krypton DNA. That’s how I found you and why I questioned Cyborg. However, there’s a slight possibly that he might be somewhere my scanners cannot reach.’’ David said as Superboy nodded. He turned to leave. ‘’ Superboy. If you don’t find Superman in the next couple hours, I will attempt to stop my old friend.’’ Henry said as Superboy nodded as he flew off into the sky. He flew until he reached the farm. That’s when he landed inside the living room. That’s when he saw it. The staff of Oz. He reached out as it flew to his hand. ‘’ Wow.’’ Superboy said to himself as he held it. He felt the power that flowed through it. He stared at it. He gulped.’’ Um, I know this sounds strange talking to a staff, but I have no other method. Can you help me find Superman?’’ Superboy then saw the staff’s edge glow. His eyes widened as he waved it around. That’s when he saw it glow brighter when he pointed it north.’’ I hope you’re right staff.’’ Superboy said as he flew off into the direction. -Present time- Superboy stared at Clark as the two were in complete shock. Clark walked up to Superboy, who tossed the staff aside as it stopped glowing. Clark stopped until he was across from him. ‘’ Who are you and why do you look like me?’’ Clark asked as he was confused. Superboy gulped. ‘’ You can kind of say I’m your son? Or brother? Something like that. I’m a clone of you. I was made by Lex Luthor.’’ Superboy said as Clark didn’t seem shocked. ‘’ It seems he actually did it. I should have figured he would’ve done that by now. That doesn’t explain how you found me.’’ Clark said as Superboy pointed at the staff. Clark knew that staff. It belonged to his father while he was Oz, however, he remembered destroying it.’’ That staff shouldn’t even be here. Where did you find it?’’ ‘’ The farmhouse. I saw it laying there. After some time, I decide to use it and see if I can find you with it and well, guess I did. I found Superman.’’ Superboy said as Clark shook his head. ‘’ I’m not Superman right now. Not the way I am right now. I’m not ready to go back.’’ Clark said as he walked back to the Manor. Superboy followed. ‘’ You have to! Lex built a cyborg version of you. He’s out to destroy your image. Many people are believing he’s you. Even Lois tried to find out how to stop him but she can’t.’’ Superboy explained as Clark stood in his tracks. He hadn’t heard her name in so long. ‘’ Is she alright? Is Lois safe?’’ Clark asked as he turned around and faced him. Superboy nodded. ‘’ She’s safe. Don’t worry. I’ve been keeping tabs and looking out for her.’’ Superboy said as Clark sighed in relief. He was glad she was safe after all these months.’’ Still. We need you Superman. We can’t fight him ourselves. Me, Steel, Edracitor. We can’t. This Reign of Supermen needs to end with you coming to save us.’’ Clark shook his head. ‘’ I’ve been gone for months, only recently have I gained my sanity back. I can’t go out. Not yet. I’m just not ready.’’ Clark said as he looked down. Superboy stared in shocked. ‘’ Clark! I have you’re genes in me! Your memories! Are you sure you’re not ready to come back or are you just not ready to face Lois again?!’’ Superboy called out as Clark stared. He shook his head as he walked back inside the Manor. Superboy stared shocked. He grabbed the staff and stabbed it in the ground and flew off. Clark sighed as he heard him fly away. ‘’ I’m sorry. I just can’t. Not yet.’’ Clark said to himself as he looked up and saw Bruce standing there. Bruce crossed his arms. ‘’ What do you mean? Clearly you’ve absorbed enough solar rays.’’ Bruce stated as Clark shook his head. ‘’ It’s because he’s right. I’m not ready. Not to face Lois or to return as Superman. For two years, I attempted to become something. My fathers believed I could be something else entirely, however, I just can’t. Not after everything. I’m sorry Bruce, you wouldn’t understand.’’ Clark explained. ‘’ Actually, I do. I’ve been doing this for years. Interesting enough, I’ve had my shares of breaking points and giving up. Despair. Yet, I rose above all of it. In order to become what I am.’’ Bruce said as Clark looked up.’’ I used my experiences to define who I am. Not my feelings. Now, I’m not the person to tell you if you’re ready or not. That is all up to you Clark. When you are, you know what to do.’’ Bruce said as he turned away.’’ Feel free to use the Manor. I need to handle business in Bludhaven. Just remember Clark. If you need me, I’ll be there.’’ Bruce walked away as he grabbed a bag as he left. Clark walked outside as he approached the staff. He breathed and jumped. He couldn’t fly just yet. That’s when he remembered. He grabbed the staff as it glowed. He felt his father’s power flow through it. Clark felt stronger. That’s when he noticed it. The circle at the end. It was the S symbol. ‘’ This. This is the Staff of El?’’ Clark asked himself as he swung it. It made sense. He felt powerful again as he spun.’’ I need to get the hang of this.’’ Clark said to himself as he smiled for the first time in days. Meanwhile, Lois placed a blanket over Susan as it was nightfall. She heard the door as she saw James walked in. She walked up. ‘’ What did you find out?’’ Lois asked as James shrugged. He poured himself a drink. ‘’ David’s a weapon meant to cleanse a planet however he discovered a sense of humanity that prevented him from carrying out his mission. However, I believe Lex is up to something as you mentioned.’’ James said as he took a slip as Lois nodded. ‘’ But what is he planning? I know he developed Cyborg, but for what reason?’’ Lois asked as James sat down. ‘’ He’s working for an organization called The Syndicate, however, they call themselves The Light as well. I thought I stopped them in Bludhaven. I guess they were still strong here. They had Lex do something, I’ll find out in a bit.’’ James said as Lois looked concerned. ‘’ What happened in Bludhaven?’’ Lois asked as James shook his head as he walked past her. ‘’ I don’t want to talk about that.’’ James said as he walked outside for some fresh air. Lois stared in confusion. That’s when she got a call. ‘’ Yes Perry? Wait, what’s happening in Central Square? I’ll be right there!’’ Lois said as she quickly grabbed her bag and left. Susan watched her run out. -A couple minutes ago- Steel stood in Central Square as he was holding his hammer. People watched all around as Cyborg Superman landed on the ground. The two were facing each other. As this was happening, Superboy arrived back at the house to find David limping out. ‘’ Where are you going?”’ Superboy called out as David turned around. ‘’ To help. Steel will die. I have to help him. It’s what Superman would want.’’ David said as Superboy shook his head. ‘’ But you might die!’’ Superboy said as David stared. He breathed. ‘’ Superboy, you, me, and Henry. The three of us once tried to take on the mantle of Superman. We continue to attempt to be worthy of him. If there ever was a time to make him proud that day is today!’’ David said as he flew off as Superboy stared. He gritted his teeth. Steel stared at Cyborg. The two stared with regret. ‘’ Please. Don’t make me do this Hank.’’ Steel said as held his hammer. Cyborg stared. He looked around as he saw everyone staring at him. He turned to them. He laughed. Everyone just stared. ‘’ Attention citizens. I am not Superman. I am here to destroy this city. You’re beloved Man of Steel attempts to stop me. Watch as your last hope dies!’’ Cyborg yelled as he turned and flew straight to Steel. He launched a punch as Steel quickly blocked with his hammer. The two exchange clashes. Everyone watched as the two fought. Steel swung his hammer as Cyborg dodged and punched him across the square. ‘’ Hank, you must stop this!’’ Steel called out as he hit by a laser beam. He fell back as he saw cracks on his suit a bit. Everyone started screaming and running as Cyborg lifted a statue and threw it towards them. That’s when the statue exploded as David flew down as he protected them. Soon, Superboy flew straight towards Cyborg as he punched him in the face as he flew into a nearby building. He turned and quickly helped Steel up. The three stood together as Cyborg quickly flew out and landed right in front of them. As that happened, Lois arrived as she watch. ‘’ Well. Well. I guess everyone is here now. Metrophilis! Watch as I destroy the Supermen and then. That’s when Superman has truly lost!’’ Cyborg cracked his neck as he flew straight towards them. Superboy flew as well as their fists collided. A shockwave emitted from the clash as nearby people were knocked over. Lois was hit as she screamed and flew back until James caught her. ‘’ You just love getting into danger Lane.’’ James said as he had his helmet on and had his shield out.’’ Stay behind me.’’ James said as Superboy and Cyborg exchange blows. He quickly dodged and blew Superboy away as Steel swung his helmet but missed. That’s when he countered with a punch to Cyborg’s face. David quickly flew and tackled him to the ground as he had yellow light emit from his hand as he shot it at him from point blank. Cyborg was sent towards another building. ‘’ Their working together.’’ Lois said as she watched and took some notes. James nodded. ‘’ It’s the only way they can beat him.’’ James said as he stared and watched carefully for a time to jump in. David stood up barely. Cyborg stood up growling. The others got next to him. ‘’ It’s over Cyborg!’’ Superboy yelled out as Cyborg smiled. That’s when David heard it. ‘’ David!’’ Susan called out as she on the other side of the square. Cyborg quickly noticed who David was as he saw him looking at her. Cyborg quickly launched his lasers at Susan. ‘’ No!’’ David called out as he quickly flew to her. Superboy and Steel rushed to Cyborg. David was not going to reach her in time. He then did the only thing he could do. He used a boost from his feet as he took the lasers as his chest exploded. David collapsed right next to her. ‘’ David!’’ Susan yelled as she held him as Superboy turned and went towards them as Steel swung his hammer and impacted Cyborg in the chest. He screamed as he flew to the top of the nearest building. Steel quickly followed with his rocket boots. Superboy landed right next to them as he examined his chest. David was damaged heavily.’’ Please do something!’’ Superboy shook his head as Lois and James walked up. They all stared as David coughed and closed his eyes. Steel and Cyborg stood across once more as they stood on top of the building. Steel dropped his hammer as it shattered in his hand. Cyborg threw off his cape as Steel’s helmet lowered. Henry looked at him. ‘’ Please Hank. I don’t want to do this.’’ Henry said as he attempted to plead to his old friend. Hank just formed fists once more. ‘’ It’s too late for any words. I am thankful for this second life I was given. I will destroy this city, the symbol of Superman’s image, and I will accomplish my goal! And you Henry, cannot stop me!’’ Hank yelled as he flew straight at Henry. The two old friends exchanged punches. Henry’s suit becoming more damaged by the second. Hank kept using his powers while Henry attempted to block as much as he could. That’s when Henry was kicked onto the ground and towards the ledge. Hank used his lasers to destroy his boots.’’ It’s over John!”’ Henry looked down and saw the people looking up. He gritted his teeth and stood up. ‘’ No.’’ Henry yelled as he turned punched Hank in the face. That’s when he was stunned. Henry quickly kept punching over and over. Yelling as he did. ‘’ I hate you’re making me do this! We were best friends! I thought you as my brother!’’ Henry yelled as he shattered the S symbol on Hank. Hank quickly countered with his own upper cut as Henry stumbled back and panted. ‘’ You look tired John!’’ Hank called out as he raised his fists again. Henry panted as he glared. ‘’ Not tired! Just hurt!’’ Henry yelled as he ran and tackled Hank. Hank quickly gained the upper hand and got Henry into a neck hold. ‘’ Give up John.’’ Hank said as he applied pressure to Henry’s neck.’’ It’s over!’’ Hank yelled as Henry was losing himself. That’s when it happened. Hank was sent back as he was hit with something and sent into a building. Henry collapsed to his knees as he coughed. That’s when he saw him. He landed on the ground. ‘’ Impossible.’’ Henry said as he looked up. It was Clark. He stood in front of Henry as he held the Staff of Oz. Black suit reflecting off the moon’s light. ‘’ I’m sorry I’m late.’’ Clark said as he approached Henry.’’ But I’m here to make things right.’’
  13. -Chapter 26- Lex stood in his office as he admired the city. He enjoyed looking at it. The once city his father had been so proud of. He was sick of it. He wanted to rebuild Metrophilis. In his own image. -Many years ago- Lex stood in front of his mother’s grave. He was much younger. It had only been a year since his mother was diagnosed with cancer. There stood Lena next to him. She held his hand. ‘’ It’s going to be alright Lex. She went peacefully.’’ Lena said as Lex had tears form. He turned around and saw his father standing against a tree. He held a bottle of whiskey. He drank it as he tossed the bottle and walked up to his two children. ‘’ Let’s go. We’re leaving!’’ their father said growling as he turned around and walked towards the limo. Lex and Lena followed. They got in the car as it drove them back to Metrophilis. Their father got on the phone. Lena simply closed her eyes as Lex listened to the conversation. ‘’ I wonder what he’s talking about.’’ Lex thought to himself as their father held the phone. ‘’ Look. This city is not going well. I only agreed to this because you said it’ll help my wife, well it didn’t. Now she’s gone and I have to run Lexcrop myself now. Look, if you don’t want to do anymore business Robert then you better go before something worse happens.’’ Their father said as he hanged up. He looked at his driver.’’ Any news on Malcom?’’ ‘’ No sir. It seems he had somewhere to be after his wife just passed.’’ The driver said as their father sighed. Lex had admired his father. It was like he wanted to follow in his footsteps. ‘’ Father?’’ Lex called out as his father didn’t even bother to turn around. ‘’ What?’’ his father said coldly as Lex stared. ‘’ What happens now? Are you still going to change the city?’’ he asked as his father turned to him. ‘’ You can’t change this city-‘’ -Present day- ‘’ You can only rebuild it.’’ Lex said to himself as he wiped his tear away. He knew he had to honor his father’s wishes.’’ You tried to convince me otherwise long ago Lena, but I realized I need to do this. The Undertaking was your dream. It’s time I make my own and step out of your shadow.’’ Lex said as he turned around and walked out of his office. Henry sat on his table as he was repairing David’s hole the best he could. He was sweating as he wiped it away. Superboy stood as he watched them. ‘’ Who did this?’’ Henry asked as he tried his best. David opened his eyes. ‘’ It was Cyborg. I went to confront him on who he was and he did this. He’s definitely strong. Someone I can’t defeat.’’ David stated as Henry stood up as he sighed. ‘’ Superboy. Keep David alive. Just repair the same thing I was doing on his hole until it closes up.’’ Henry said as he grabbed his hammer. He then pressed his chest as his S symbol emerged as he soon was covered in his suit. ‘’ What are you going to do?’’ Superboy asked as Henry’s mask came out and his red cape came out. ‘’ I’m going to have a few words for our Superman.’’ Henry said as he walked out the back and flew into the sky. Meanwhile, Lex stood in the graveyard. He was in front of two graves. One was of his mother. The one beside it was his fathers. He kneeled and stared at it. He placed his hand on top of it. He heard noise as he turned and saw Lena behind him. ‘’ I figured you’ll be right here. You normally come here around this time of year.’’ Lena said as Lex stood up. ‘’ Why did you follow me?’’ Lex said as Lena walked up. She placed a bouquet of flowers on their mother’s grave. ‘’ Because I told you long ago to step out of father’s shadow and yet here you are. Trying to keep his dream alive even though you swore off of it.’’ Lena said as Lex stared at her. ‘’ It’s because his dream was something he was willing to do anything for. I was so close. Twice in fact. Only to be stopped. This time. I can change it in a different way. With Cyborg. Now, leave me Lena.’’ Lex said as he turned back around. Lena started walking away. ‘’ Don’t let this consume you Lex.’’ She said as walked away. Lex stared as the wind blew leaves passed him as he looked up into the sky. -Years ago- Lex sat across his father’s desk. He was waiting for him to return. Lex was here for an important day. To finally become a part of the company. That’s when he heard the door open and he saw his father walk in as he sat down. ‘’ Oh. I forgot you were here.’’ His father simply said as he opened a file and began looking at papers. ‘’ Well I’m here in order to become a part of the company father. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. To change the city with you.’’ Lex said as his father didn’t even look up. ‘’ Yeah. Sure.’’ His father said not even paying attention. Lex stood up and walked towards the door. He turned around and still, his father wasn’t looking. -A couple days later- Lex stood in front of the casket as he wore black. Lena walked up to him. Their father had just passed away. Lex turned to her. ‘’ What happened?’’ he asked as Lena shrugged. ‘’ No one knows. All we know is that he was found dead in the office last night. The company has appointed you as the new CEO. I hope you’re ready Lex. You always did want to be just like him.’’ Lena said as she walked away. Lex formed a fist. He knew what he had to do. He turned away as he saw him. Malcom Merlyn. He walked up to him. Malcom turned around. ‘’ Oh. Hello Mr. Luther. Congrats on your promotion. I’m so sorry about your father. He shouldn’t have been killed. What can I do you for?’’ Malcom asked as Lex stood there. ‘’ I want to be a part of Tempest. And don’t play dumb with me. I listened to my father’s calls. I want in to finish his dream. You can’t save a city. You can only rebuild it.’’ Lex said. -Present Day- Clark stood in the field behind the Manor as Bruce stood in front of him holding a pair of sticks. Clark held a pair as well. He still wore his black suit as he saw Bruce get into a stance. ‘’ So what’s the point of this?’’ Clark asked as he just stood around. Bruce kept his position. ‘’ In order for you to be an actually hero, you must be able to fight without your powers. These past 2 years, you relied on your super strength and senses to win. Now, how strong would you be if you knew how fight?’’ Bruce explained as the two started clashing sticks. In a matter of seconds, Bruce quickly slapped Clark’s sticks and smacked him in the fast. ‘’ Ow! What the hell?!’’ Clark said as Bruce got into position again. ‘’ Again. Let’s keep going until you can hit me.’’ Bruce said as Clark quickly grabbed them and started sparring again. Once again, Bruce quickly hit him again and threw him across the field. Bruce tossed his sticks aside as Clark stood up and quickly ran to him with his fists. Bruce once again stopped his punches and threw him on the ground.’’ Look. It’s not going to be easy. Its best you don’t rely on your anger.’’ Bruce stated as he offered his hand. Clark took it and stood up. ‘’ How do you know all this?’’ Clark asked confused as Bruce smirked. He motioned his head inside as the two walked inside. Soon, Bruce presented Clark a picture of his parents as it stood over the fireplace. ‘’ When I was a kid, my parents were killed right in front of me. After that, I sought out the strength in order to find who did it. It took me years to hone my skills. When I came back, I became something in order to make sure what happened to me, wouldn’t happen to anyone else.’’ Bruce said as he stared at the painting. ‘’ What did you become?’’ Clark asked as Bruce quickly turned around and threw something towards Clark. Clark quickly grabbed it mid-air. That’s when he saw it. It was a Batarang. His eyes widened. ‘’ Interesting enough. You showed up when I returned from being gone for three years.’’ Bruce said as he walked passed Clark to go back outside.’’ Now, let’s go again.’’ Meanwhile, Cyborg stood on top of the Daily Planet as he heard the rockets. He turned around and saw him. Steel stood there holding his hammer as his red cape flapped in the wind. Cyborg crossed his arms. ‘’ And why are you here Steel? I thought we already had our talk when I saved Lex from you.’’ Cyborg said as Steel walked up. ‘’ What did you do to Eradicator?’’ Steel called out as Cyborg shrugged. ‘’ He attacked me and I defended myself. What’s the issue?’’ Cyborg said as Steel stood in front of Cyborg. ‘’ You’re supposed to be Superman? Doesn’t seem like it. Just because you saved a few people and manage to convince everyone you’re Superman, doesn’t make you him. I will stop you right here and now.’’ Steel said with confidence. Cyborg simply stared at him. ‘’ So? Not like you can anyway. Superman was this world’s hope. I wonder how bad it’ll fall into despair when I’m done with it. I will ruin his image and destroy the city he cares for.’’ Cyborg said as he glared at Steel. ‘’ Why?’’ ‘’ It’s because he could’ve saved me. He was missing. Why not destroy his image when he didn’t even save me.’’ Cyborg stated as Steel grew with shock. ‘’ You were in the rocket. I’m so sorry.’’ Steel said as Cyborg simply glared. ‘’ Yes I was. Funny thing too. You could’ve saved me too. Same thing with Superboy. Yet, no one did.’’ Cyborg said as Steel stepped back.’’ I thought if everyone could’ve saved me beside Superman, it would be you, Henry’’ Steel was in shock. He soon realized something. ‘’ Hank?’’ Steel muttered as Cyborg turned and flew away. Steel stood there in complete shock. His once best friend, was now a cyborg bent on destroying Superman’s image. He quickly flew after him.’’ Wait!’’ Steel called out as Cyborg quickly turned and punched Steel directly to the ground. ‘’ Better be luckily I didn’t kill you. Stay out of my way.’’ Cyborg said as he flew away again. Steel regained his composure as he flew back to his house. Meanwhile, Lois and Susan sat in Lois’s apartment. They had just returned from the cave. James left them behind in order to speak to someone. Susan was looking at a picture of her and David on their wedding day years ago. Lois handed her a cup of tea. ‘’ Tell me about David Susan. How was he?’’ Lois asked as Susan smiled. She took a slip of her tea. ‘’ David was, well. He was an interesting guy. He would always help others before helping himself. I remember the day we met. We were in Star city. It was at the time of the Missile strike. We were there when Oliver Queen gave his speech. He looked at me and told me he wanted to do more. That’s when I knew something sparked.’’ Susan explained. Tears began falling down her face.’’ Then he began acting strange. All I wanted to do was to help him yet he told me to back away. Thinking I would see him differently. Now, I see him saving all these people as Superman and it just makes me love him more than ever. Now, I want to help him as he helped me.’’ Susan wiped her face. Lois stared. She took a slip of her tea. ‘’ With me, I’ve been alone for these past 7 months. I did have someone in my life, but he left unknowingly. I was broken. Alone. I didn’t know what to do. Then, these Supermen appeared and I got hope. Hope maybe one of them was him.’’ Lois said as Susan looked up. ‘’ You mean the real Superman?’’ Susan asked as Lois nodded. ‘’ I was hoping we would be together. Now, he vanished and I can’t seem to find him. First I lost my sister. Then my one of my close friends. And now him. I don’t know what to do now. I tried looking into these Supermen and then, ran into a dead end until you showed up. Wondering about David. Makes me feel I have a purpose again.’’ Lois said as she wiped her tears away. Susan placed her hand on hers. ‘’ Sometimes we get lost before we pick up ourselves again. Maybe, with Superman disappearing, you were able to find yourself again. I’m not just looking at a normal person. I’m looking at Lois Lane, the best reporter the Daily Planet has ever had.’’ Susan stated as Lois looked up. She smiled. ‘’ Thank you Susan.’’ Lois said as Susan shook her head. ‘’ No Lois. Thank you.’’ Susan said as the two began exchanging stories. Lex sat in his chair as he pondered his thoughts. Piecing together his next move carefully. He breathed when he felt a breeze of wind go through his office. That’s when he looked up and saw James standing there. Lex looked interested. ‘’ Well. Well. If it isn’t Guardian. What can I do you for?’’ Lex asked as James walked up as his shield was already on his forearm. ‘’ Cut the crap Luther. What did you do this time? I knew you didn’t turn a leaf. Lois told me about what you did. You cloned Clark. Why?’’ James asked as Lex stood up. ‘’ So I could have a Superman incase ours ever disappeared and what happened? He did. Right after he took down Zor, we couldn’t find him. So, I decided to clone him with remains of the white crystal I was able to salvage and create Superboy, but that didn’t work out. So now, he’s out there pretending to be Superman along with the others.’’ Lex said as he poured himself a drink. ‘’ And the Eradicator? Who is he? You were in the scout ship, learning about Krypton before me and Clark arrived.’’ James stated as Lex took a slip. ‘’ He’s a Kryptonian weapon. Meant to cleanse a planet upon arrive in order for a colony to be established. I believe he was awaken due to Clark’s pod crash landing here. He must’ve awaken not knowing who he was so he established a human persona and built a life. Now, when Clark disappeared, he must’ve began having signs of awakening, thus becoming Superman because of his humanity.’’ Lex explained. James glared at him. ‘’ And what about Cyborg Superman? Where the hell did he come from?’’ James asked as Lex stared. He simply finished his drink. He turned to James. ‘’ It doesn’t matter where he came from. Just know you cannot stop him.’’ Lex said as he turned to face the city. ‘’ You created him. Why?’’ James asked he formed fists. Lex simply didn’t look at him. ‘’ You can’t change a city. You can only rebuild it.’’ Lex said as James turned around and left. He closed his eyes. -Years ago- Lex stood in his lab. He stared at his prototype. He had finished his replica of Malcom’s device. He smiled. He was about to accomplish his dreams. The dreams of his late fathers. That’s when he saw Arthur and Lena walk in. ‘’ Tonight marks an accomplishment. We fulfill father’s dreams Lena. Malcom just arrived. He’s at the meeting point. Go to him.’’ Lex said as Lena nodded and walked off. Arthur stared at him. ‘’ You really think this is going to work?’’ Arthur asked as Lex turned around. He felt the wind blow through his red hair. ‘’ Yes. I asked you to join us two years ago in order to begin the process. Because I could cure you. Now, we are about to complete my goal. Now, go follow Lena, ensure everything goes smoothly.’’ Lex said as Arthur left. Lex smiled as he knew everything would go right. Until, The Guardian showed up that night once more. -Present day- Lex opened his eyes once again. He saw Lena walk in. Lex approached her. ‘’ Did you get what I asked for?’’ Lex asked as Lena nodded. She opened her hand. It was Zor’s box. The same box that was used on Jimmy. Lena had found it. ‘’ Why did you need this?’’ Lena asked as she felt sharp pain in her head again but shrugged it off. Lex smiled. ‘’ Because Hank is going to use this to destroy the city so we could rebuild.’’ Lex said as he held the box in the air.’’ The power of the gods in my hands.’’ Back at Wayne Manor, Clark stood in the living room as he stared at Bruce’s parents painting. He breathed. He walked outside to the backyard. He jumped to attempt to fly but soon fell to the ground. He hadn’t gathered enough solar rays yet. He stood back up. He soon turned around. That’s when he saw him. Superboy stood across from him. He held the staff of Oz. Both shocked. ‘’ Clark?’’ Superboy called out as the staff glowed. Clark stared baffled. ‘’ Me?”’ Clark asked in response. ( Author's note: So it's finally coming full circle. Lex's background has been revealed and Superboy and Clark met at last. The endgame for the reign of Supermen is coming. However, that won't end the 3rd season. the 3rd season is going to have a second story that'll pick right away these events. As I mentioned earlier, a man will come to kill Clark. He is arriving soon. Just know this, the events of Pandora will still play a giant factor. Keep enjoying and I am thankful for the support I've been getting. I wouldn't have continued this if he hasn't been for it.)
  14. -Chapter 24- Steel stood shocked at this man’s reveal. The man simply blew Steel away with super breathe. Steel regained his balance and got into a battle stance. ‘’ That’s impossible. You can’t be Superman!’’ Steel yelled out as Lex smiled and clapped his hands. ‘’ Thank you for saving me Superman. I was wondering if you ever would come back. Thank you for saving me from Steel. I don’t know what has gotten into him.’’ Lex said as the man turned to him. ‘’ Of course Lex. Until next time.’’ He said as he flew away. Steel was still shocked. He quickly regained his composure and flew away as well. Lena prepared to go after him. ‘’ No Lena. It’s fine. Let him go.’’ Lex calmly said as Lena walked up to him. ‘’ You’re just going to let Cyborg Superman just fly away?’’ Lena asked as Lex simply smiled. ‘’ What we have created is something more. Cyborg Superman is not only going to win the trust of the people as the ‘real Superman’, but he will also destroy his reputation. He needed to blame someone for the accident, so he chose Superman. Now, let’s see how this plays out. The Reign of Supermen.’’ Lex explained as Lena stared. ‘’ And what about the clone?’’ Lena asked as Lex turned to walk back inside the building. ‘’ He is of no use now since we have Cyborg. Now, if you excuse me, I must meet with The Light.’’ Lex said as he walked back inside. Lena stared off into the sky as she felt her head sting. She rubbed it and paid no attention to it as she walked back inside as well. Henry landed on a random building as his silver mask lowered as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. He panted. ‘’ What the hell was that thing?’’ Henry asked himself as he looked around. He breathed and let the wind blow through him.’’ That must’ve been what Lex has been working on. A Cyborg Superman. This is beyond nuts.’’ Henry’s mask came back on as he flew away. Lois was typing something in her computer when she heard a tap. She quickly shut the Laptop as she looked up. Her eyes widen as Cyborg Superman stood there. She was struck with suddenness. She quickly opened her window as she stared him. ‘’ Superman?’’ Lois asked as she was speechless. He looked just like Clark except for the machine. Cyborg Superman landed in front of her. ‘’ Hello Lois.’’ He said as she was even more shocked. ‘’ You even sound like him.’’ Lois said as she reached out for him as he held her hand and placed it on his flesh side of his face. ‘’ Yes. I’m here. I’m sorry for ever leaving. I don’t know what happened. One second I’m fighting Zor and next thing I know it I wake up like this. That’s when I quickly came back. To protect what matters.’’ Cyborg Superman explained. Lois looked at him. ‘’ You look like him, but I’m not convinced you are him.’’ Lois said as Cyborg Superman grabbed her hand. ‘’ Trust me Lois. I’m as real as I can get. I will be back. I promise. I first need to restore the faith people have in Superman.’’ Cyborg Superman said as he let go of her hand as he flew away. Lois stared in complete shock. She quickly grabbed the picture Perry handed her earlier. She got her phone and called him. ‘’ Perry. We need to meet. Right now. I’ll text you the location.’’ Lois said as she quickly grabbed her things and ran out of her apartment. The man slowly opened his eyes. He had passed out when he was put in a car and driven somewhere. The man sat up and studied his surroundings. He was in a simple guest room. Blank brown walls, a normal bed, and a fireplace right across from the bed. The man was confused. That’s when the door opened up. The man looked at the man who entered. It was the man he had encountered on the street. ‘’ Hello. I’m sorry I startled you earlier. My name is Bruce Wayne and I was told to pick you up and help found out why you appeared out of nowhere as you did.’’ Bruce said as he stood across from the man. The unknown man quietly muttered to himself. ‘’ The blue light has come down and soon, he will become a new person.’’ The man said as he sat there. Bruce got his finger to his ear. ‘’ Alfred. Were you able to get any blood samples from our new guest?’’ Bruce asked as he waited for a response.’’ Alright. It seems needles can’t pierce your skin. That means you’re not around from here. Tell me, who are you?’’ The man looked at Bruce and back to looking down at the bed. He muttered to himself. That’s when he noticed a newspaper. He looked at it. Bruce noticed it and showed him it. It was a Daily Planet. It was the article Lois wrote six months ago. The man studied the paper. ‘’ Lois Lane?’’ the man said to himself as he suddenly started screaming as he held his head. That’s when Bruce went to subdue the man but was hit away with ease from the man. Bruce hit the wall as he groaned with pain. He quickly pinned the man down and held him in the sleeper position. ‘’ Easy buddy.’’ Bruce said as the man slowly started drifting to sleep as Bruce let go of the man. ‘’ Super...Man…’’ was all the man said as he passed out. Bruce let go of him as he got up. He got back on the com. ‘’ Alfred. We might have a bigger problem here then I thought.’’ Bruce said as he stared at the unknown man. David stood in the cave as he repaired himself after his fight with Superboy. He flinched as he repaired his chest. He looked into the remains of the pod and saw his reflection. He stopped repairing as he walked up to the broken glass. This was the first time he saw what he had become. David placed his hand on the mirror. ‘’ Is this really me?’’ David asked him as he stared. He shook his head as heard something with his super hearing. It was the end of the confrontation between Steel and Cyborg Superman.’’ That doesn’t sound good. I must check it out.’’ David said as he finished his repairs real quick and flew out of the cave. Not knowing Susan was outside of the cave watching him. She quickly ran back to her car to find where he was going. Superboy stood in the living room, or what was left of it. He breathed as he heard something. He quickly turned and saw him. Cyborg Superman. Superboy quickly got into position. ‘’ And you are?’’ Superboy asked as Cyborg Superman walked in and examined the room. He then stared at Superboy. ‘’ What did you do to my house?’’ he asked as Superboy stared in confusion. ‘’ You’re not Superman. I can already tell.’’ Superboy said as he stared at him. Cyborg Superman simply stared. ‘’ And how do you know that?”’ ‘’ Because, Superman isn’t human. Who are you?’’ Superboy asked as he clenched his fists.’’ I already fought a false Superman, do I have to fight you too?’’ Superboy simply asked as he stood there. ‘’ No. I’m just seeing if you are who you seem to be. Don’t pretend to be Superman when I am clearly here. Boy.’’ Cyborg Superman said as he flew through the roof as Superboy watched. ‘’ That wasn’t Superman. I know that for sure. I must find out what’s going on.’’ Superboy said to himself as he ran out the house and flew into the sky. Lois sat in the diner as she waited for Perry. It was the exact diner that she met with Lucy two years ago. Before everything that had happened. That’s when she saw him walk in. He sat across from her. ‘’ What is it Lois? Do you have any leads on your paper?’’ Perry asked as Lois showed him the blurry picture he gave her. ‘’ The picture you gave me, it was made. This was meant to give hope. A friend of mine in Gotham was able to verify it for me.’’ Lois said as Perry stared at her. ‘’ And what else? Seems you discovered more.’’ Perry said as he took a good look at the picture. ‘’ There are 4 of them total. 4 Supermen.’’ Lois said as Perry looked up from the picture. ‘’ What do you mean?’’ he asked as She showed him pictures of David, Superboy, Steel, and motioned for the picture he was holding.’’ This only shows 3.’’ Lois then showed him a different photo. It was an upgraded picture of the one he was holding. ‘’ This picture was taken 2 months ago. It shows Cyborg Superman.’’ Lois said as she leaned back.’’ I believe someone is trying to ruin Superman’s image. All these Supermen just show up out of the blue? It makes no sense Perry.’’ ‘’ So what are you suggesting? Clearly, Steel, Eradicator, and Superboy are helping this city. This Cyborg Superman however. He just appeared you said? Yet you say this picture of him 2 months ago say otherwise.’’ Perry stated. ‘’ That’s what I’m saying Perry. Someone put all this into motion. I believe its Lex Luthor. He’s responsible for the creation for Superboy. He told me himself.’’ Lois said as Perry shook his head. ‘’ Look Lois. Why would Lex be behind this? He was shown helping people during the invasion 7 months ago. Clearly he’s trying to make up for his wrong doings. Just write the paper on these guys, but I will ask someone else.’’ Perry said as he stood up to walk away.’’ Look, I understand you miss him. We all do, but this Supermen will never be the real one. No matter how hard you try and see it.’’ He then walked out as Lois just sat there. She had no idea what to do here for here on out. ‘’ Clark. If only you were here.’’ Lois said as she slipped out a tear. Back in Gotham, the man slowly opened his eyes as she stood up. He walked towards the mirror. He studied his face. He looked at his green eyes. He then felt his beard all around. That’s when he heard the door open up. Bruce stood there. He was in his usual business attire. He held a black tray with food. ‘’ Oh. You’re awake. Good. You need some food.’’ Bruce said as he placed it on the table. ‘’ Where am I?’’ the man asked as Bruce became shocked. The man didn’t mutter anything crazy this time. ‘’ You’re at Wayne Manor.’’ Bruce said as he shut the door. The man looked around. ‘’ How did I get here? Why do I have green eyes?’’ The man asked himself as Bruce folded his arms across his chest. ‘’ Before we get into that, who are you?’’ Bruce asked as the man looked up at him. ‘’ My name is Clark Kent and I’m Superman.’’ -Chapter 25- Clark stood in the backyard of Wayne Manor as he felt the wind go through his beard and long hair. He took a deep breath and looked up as he turned and saw Bruce walking outside. He was in a simple white T-shirt and brown shorts. He held an axe as he was ready to cut some wood. ‘’ How are you feeling Clark?’’ Bruce asked as he walked up to him. Clark turned to face him. ‘’ I know it’s been only a couple of days, but I still don’t feel me. Something just doesn’t feel right.’’ Clark stared at his hands.’’ I feel different. Like. I just woke up and don’t have any memories of what you told me. All I remember is walking inside my house and then I wake up here in your house Bruce.’’ ‘’ Well. You showed up in Gotham and you were escorted to the police department. That’s when you went crazy. That’s when I decided to come and find you. You even threw me against the wall. I still have a bruise.’’ Bruce explained as he chopped some wood. ‘’ That’s the thing though. I can’t remember this missing period of time. Why I woke up here with no memories at all. I can’t even feel my own power right now.’’ Clark explained. ‘’ What do you mean?’’ Bruce asked as Clark looked at him. ‘’ When I stand in the sun, I can feel myself getting stronger. Yet, I don’t. I think I’m still recovering from whatever I endured.’’ Clark said as Bruce put the axe over his shoulder. ‘’ Come here Clark. I got something to show you.’’ Bruce said as the two walked back inside Wayne Manor. The two walked towards a grandfather clock. Bruce went to the nearby piano as he pressed certain keys. ‘’ What is this?’’ Clark asked as he saw the clock start moving and showed a doorway followed with a flight of stairs. ‘’ Something I need to show you in order to help you get back on your feet.’’ Bruce said as he walked down the stairs as Clark followed. Lois sat in her apartment. She was watching television as she was typing her article on the Supermen. It was another report of Cyborg Superman saving people. She switched it and it showed Superboy saving a falling bus off a bridge, Steel aiding police, and lastly, David stopping a bank robbery. Maybe Perry was right. Maybe these people were just trying to fill the void Superman left behind. What Clark left behind as he disappeared. She closed her eyes to recall back to that day. The day he vanished. Lois went through the ruins of downtown as Victor followed her. She was restless as the fighting stopped as Victor told her which building they were in. She bypassed the rubble as she saw him. Zor’s body as he laid there lifeless but there was no sign of Clark. She looked around as Victor scanned the area with his lasers. ‘’ I’m sorry Lois, but I can’t find Clark. He just vanished.’’ Victor said as he stand behind her as he stood guard. Lois kept looking around. She couldn’t find him anywhere. That’s when she fell to her knees and quietly cried. Her eyes slowly opened as she heard knocking on her door. She stood up and walked to her door and opened it. There stood Susan. Lois was confused. ‘’ May I help you?’’ Lois asked as Susan moved her hair out of her face. ‘’ Sorry to bother at this time, but I tell you something. It’s something about my husband and you’re the only one that would actually listen to me.’’ Susan said as Lois let her in. A little bit later, Lois poured some hot tea into a glass and handed it to Susan as she sat on her sofa. ‘’ So what brings you to my apartment?’’ Lois asked as Susan took the glass and slowly drank it. ‘’ It’s my husband David. I believe something has completely changed him.’’ She said as Lois stared confused. ‘’ What do you mean?’’ Lois asked as Susan showed a picture of David and then a picture of his new form. Lois was shocked.’’ Wait. You’re telling me that your husband, David Connor, is the Eradicator?’’ ‘’ That’s what he’s calling himself yes. He was himself a month ago and then suddenly, he just became strange. Like he wasn’t being himself. One day, I see him normally and jump out a window and then came back the way he looks now. Now, he’s pretending to be Superman.’’ Susan said as she shook as she held her tea. Lois stared at her. She remembered she was like this right after Clark vanished. ‘’ Why did even come to me for?’’ Lois asked as she took a slip of tea. ‘’ Because I need to find out what caused him to become this man. Please help me Lois.’’ Susan said as Lois simply put her tea down. ‘’ I’m sorry Susan, but there’s nothing I can do.’’ Lois said as she placed her hand on Susan’s shoulder. Susan looked up and placed her cup down and stood up and walked out of her apartment. Lois sighed as she stood up and grabbed the glasses.’’ I’m sorry but there really isn’t anything I can do.’’ Lois went to the kitchen. She pondered her thoughts. That’s when she got her phone out.’’ Hello? James? I need a favor.’’ A rocket was sent into outer space as Cyborg Superman threw out of the planet. It was a rouge rocket from U.S. testing. He stared as it exploded out of range. He stared as if the explosion unsettled him. He heard noise as he quickly turned and saw him. David. David floated as he glared at him. ‘’ And what can I do you for?’’ Cyborg asked as David’s hands glowed. ‘’ I am reading you’re vitals and clearly you aren’t him.’’ David said as Cyborg hovered closer. ‘’ I am him. I may not be the same, but I am Superman. And may I ask, who are you?’’ Cyborg asked as David’s eyes glowed too. ‘’ There is only one Superman and you aren’t him! You’re someone simply pretending!’’ David yelled out as he launched his yellow beams from his hand as he blasted at Cyborg who blocked with his arms as he was sent towards the ground. David flew right after him. As David ready another blast, Cyborg countered by flying quickly around and grabbing David as they impacted the ground. They were in the wastelands, miles outside of Metrophilis. David quickly recovered as he stood up. He sent another blast as Cyborg quickly dodged them and punched David across the field. ‘’ Why do you bother? Clearly we’re trying to protect this world in order to preserves Superman’s legacy. Why do you fight me?’’ Cyborg asked as David stood up. ‘’ Because I am reading you’re vitals and you’re up to something.’’ David stated as Cyborg didn’t like that statement as he quickly flew with speed as he grabbed David by the neck and lifted him off the ground. ‘’ Well then. That means you will die right here. Shame. I wanted you to see when I ruin his image. I guess I’ll just ruin yours first! Unless you stay out of my way.’’ Cyborg said with evil in that sentence as he quickly punched through David’s chest. David gasped as Cyborg then threw David towards the city in a random direction.’’ Survive that machine.’’ Cyborg said as he flew away. Lex sat in front of his computer in his office as he just finished talking to The Light. Lena had walked in. Lex looked up. ‘’ The Light has agreed to keep Cadmus up and working due to our success with Cyborg. Good job at destroying the rocket Lena.’’ Lex said as he got into his desk as he placed two glasses on the table and poured themselves drinks. He handed one to Lena. ‘’ Aren’t you worried he’ll return?’’ Lena asked as she held it. Lex stood up as he held his as he looked out the window. He took a slip of his glass. ‘’ Even if he did. There’s no way he can stop me this time. Shame though. I wanted to see his face when it happened. When this city is in ruins and I rise.’’ Lex said as he took another slip of his drink.’’ Then The Light will be next. They are already crippled after the events in Bludhaven. So it’s only a matter of time.’’ Lex said as he turned around and walked up to Lena and offered a toast.’’ To new beginnings.’’ Lex and Lena cling glasses as they finished their drinks. Superboy had returned to the farm. He spent the last couple of days of rescuing people and showing himself to the world. He looked around the ruined house. ‘’ Don’t worry Clark. I’ll make sure to rebuild this house for you.’’ Superboy said to himself as he noticed something glowing in the distance. He walked through the rubble as he removed a piece of wood covering the floor. That’s where he saw it. The staff of Oz. Superboy picked it up. ‘’ Now, what is this?’’ Superboy asked himself as he studied the staff. He placed it down for now.’’ I’ll get to that in a bit. I need to figure out what’s happening. Maybe, I can talk to Steel. Let’s see if I can find him.’’ Superboy said as he flew off as the staff glowed. Lois stared at the mountain. The same mountain that held the scout ship. This was her first time here. She saw the hole where the door was and saw the open hole at the top where the ship flew off. She waited as she closed her eyes. Lois finished typing her story. The story she felt heartbroken typing as it’s been two weeks and no sign of him. She stood up and wiped her face as she grabbed her bag. That’s when she saw James. He wore his brown coat and brown hat that covered his face. ‘’ James. I didn’t expect to see you here.’’ Lois said as she straighten up her expression. ‘’ I wanted to come say goodbye and thank you. I’m leaving for Bludhaven. I have some business to handle there. I’m sorry but I couldn’t find no sign of Clark.’’ James said as Lois nodded. ‘’ Yeah. No one has seen him. Even Victor hasn’t and he left for Detroit with his dad today.’’ Lois said as James handed her a card. ‘’ Well. If you need me, I’ll be here. Just give me a call anytime.’’ James said as he tipped his hat and walked out of the building. That’s when Lois opened her eyes as she heard a motorcycle as she saw James on it. He took off his helmet. He approached her. ‘’ Hello Lois. Why did you call me?’’ James asked as Lois pointed to the cave. ‘’ I need answers James. I ran to a dead end and someone asked for my help and maybe this place has the answers on why a cyborg that looks like Clark and the Eradicator has shown up and you’ve been here.’’ Lois explained as James walked up. ‘’ So has Luthor. You didn’t call him?’’ James asked as Lois shook her head. ‘’ I don’t trust him. He cloned Clark. That’s why we have Superboy now. He’s up to something. That’s where my dead end came up as I can’t figure it out. As for the person who asked me for help.’’ Lois said as they both heard a noise. James quickly grabbed his shield as it was on back. There came out Susan. ‘’ Sorry. I wanted to help when I saw you left Lois.’’ Susan said as James lowered his arm. ‘’ She did. Now, shall we?’’ Lois said as the three walked inside the cave. Back at Wayne Manor, Clark laid on a platform as something scanned him. He looked around. He saw Bruce typing up something on his huge computer. Bruce brought him down here to run some tests. Clark noticed that most of this room was dark. Nothing could be seen. Bruce got up and walked up to him as Clark sat back up. ‘’ So?’’ Clark asked as Bruce studied his tablet. ‘’ It seems your body is low on solar power. Why is that?’’ Bruce asked as Clark shrugged. He couldn’t figure it out. That’s when it occurred to him. His Solar Flare. ‘’ I know why. I was exposed to a heavy amount of it months ago. It was when I was fighting someone.’’ Clark held his head as he tried to remember. That’s when it all came back to him. It was the old timeline. His encounter with Oz. The fight against Pandora. His final goodbye to his father. Lastly, his wish. It all made sense now. ‘’ You’re remembering something?’’ Bruce asked as he studied Clark’s reaction. Clark panted as he lowered his hands. ‘’ I do. I remember everything. Bruce. You wouldn’t believe if I told you.’’ Clark said as Bruce shrugged. ‘’ Trust me. I’ve heard stranger. I’ve dealt with my share of jokes.’’ Bruce stated as he sat down.’’ Go ahead.’’ Clark then started explaining to Bruce the battle with Pandora. After a while, Bruce stared thinking. ‘’ And that’s that. I made my wish and then I wake up in your guest bed.’’ Clark said as Bruce finished thinking. ‘’ It seems that you didn’t actually change the timeline. You just erased events. So meaning, you made it as if it never happened when in reality it did. So, Pandora and Oz did come, just your wish wrapped reality to make it that it didn’t happen. So, you waking up in the ice, that’s the result of it. Your mind and body was adapting to the new reality since you’re from the old one. So everyone who you said died never did and the timeline went as normal as speak. Interesting. I never seen this before.’’ Bruce said as Clark looked up. ‘’ What can we do about my powers?’’ Clark asked as Bruce stood up and flicked a switch and appeared a black metal suit. Pure black. ‘’ This black suit is meant to absorb solar radiation and store it away. So it could help you regain your powers.’’ Bruce said as Clark stood up and looked at up close. He felt his beard. He actually liked his beard.’’ So, we use it in order for you to get back on your feet.’’ Bruce said. He saw Clark studying it.’’ Is there a problem with it?’’ ‘’ Yeah. Do you mind we add my S symbol on it?’’ Clark asked as Bruce took the suit down. After about half an hour, a silver metal S symbol stood on the suit. Clark tried on the suit. It felt great. He admired it. It felt, right. ‘’ I never understood that. What does the S stand for anyway?’’ Bruce asked as Clark smiled. ‘’ It’s my family’s symbol. The house of El. It means hope. Now I must get ready, because the world needs hope.’’ Lois and the others explored the cave. The cave was empty except for the remains of the pod. James walked up to the pod. He kneeled and looked at it. It was beyond repair. He stared at it as Lois and Susan looked around. ‘’ Guys. I believe I found our answer.’’ James said as he motioned for them to come over. They looked at him as he picked up a panel. It was a picture of David. ‘’ What does this mean?’’ Susan asked as James pressed a button. It revealed a title. ‘’ Susan was it? David, your husband, who is The Eradicator, is meant to prepare for the Kryptonians to make a new colony. His a genocide weapon.’’ James stated as he stood up. ‘’ But he’s been saving people. Maybe David was able to learn humanity has been peaceful. We actually need to figure out what this means.’’ Lois said as Susan nodded. James stared at the panel. ‘’ I only know person who can help us.’’ Henry was in his backyard of his little house as he chopped up wood. He was preparing for a little bon fire as he finished saving people today. He was still troubled about the incident with Cyborg, but he would need someone’s help in order to figure out who he was. As he finished his last wood, he heard a noise as he quickly extended his hand as his hammer burst out of his shed as he held it and was ready for battle. That’s when he saw them. Superboy carrying David, who was damaged and with a hole in his chest. ‘’ I’m sorry Steel but he needs your help!’’ Superboy said as Steel stared confused. Meanwhile, Cyborg stood on top of the Daily Planet overlooking the whole city, watching it and getting ready to begin his plan. (Note: Didn't realize I posted the wrong chapter but enjoy the double feature guys!)
  15. -Chapter 23- Lois stood in front of NASA central command of Metrophilis as she quickly came in order to cover the explosion. Emergency responders have been here for 2 hours already. She looked around as the ruins and fire were just a few yards away. She breathed as she started taking pictures. ‘’ What could’ve caused this? This ship was tested plenty of times. There shouldn’t have been an error.’’ Lois said as some noise was heard. Lois quickly saw him. The boy as he was carrying a couple of people as he landed in front of the EMS. Everyone started going around him taking pictures. The boy smiled. ‘’ Yes. Take all the pictures guys! I am here!”’ he exclaimed as Lois was baffled on what’s going on. The boy smiled and waved. ‘’ Is that Superman?’’ ‘’ No it can’t be. He wasn’t this young.’’ ‘’ So he must be a Superboy?’’ all the reporters said as the boy became annoyed at that name. ‘’ Hey. Hey. I rather be called Superman guys. But anyway. See ya guys! I will be around when the next disaster arrives!’’ Superboy called out as he flew into the sky and away. Lois stared confused as she gotten a picture. She breathed as went closer to the remains of the shuttle. That’s when she saw him as well. The Man of Steel. ‘’ You’re from the ally. How come you aren’t showing off and trying to be Superman?’’ Lois asked trying to figure out answers. Steel shook his head. ‘’ I’m not Superman. I’m not trying to be like him. Only trying to carry on his legacy. I came here to find out what happened.’’ Steel said as he looked around. He was looking for Hank. ‘’ Are you looking for someone?’’ Lois asked as she took a picture of him as well. ‘’ I am. My friend was on this shuttle but I can’t find his body. He must’ve perished as well.’’ Steel said as he held his hammer tightly.’’ If you find anything about what happened here. Please. Let me know. I want to take down the person who did this. Superman would’ve done the same.’’ Steel said as he prepared to fly away as other reporters started noticing him. ‘’ Why are doing this? Why become Steel when Superman disappeared?”’ Lois asked as Steel smiled. ‘’ It’s because he saved my life. Now I must protect what he cared about. Like you Lois.’’ Steel said as he implied something as he flew off. Lois stared blankly as she was surprised he knew Clark was Superman. Meanwhile, the unknown man sat in an interview room as he stared out. He just sat there. There was no handcuffs since this man wasn’t a criminal or threat. The door opened as a big man walked in. He was holding a file as he wore a casual suit. A white button up shirt, black tie, black over shirt, and black pants. He also had a gun and badge on his belt. He had a peach fuzz as he just shaved this morning. He was reading a file as he shut the door behind him. ‘’ Good afternoon John Doe. My name is Detective Harvey Bullock. I’m here to ask you some questions in order to find out who you are and why you’re dressed like that. Were you involved in any kind of activity? Did someone assault you?’’ Harvey asked as the man turned his sight in the same direction of Bullock. ‘’ I don’t know. The blue light has come down. It was time for the awakening.’’ The man simply said before he started tapping his fingers on the table. Harvey sighed as he stood up and walked out the room. Harvey sighed as he walked down the hallway. The man looked around. He stood up and looked outside the window and at the blue sky as rain clouds were in the distance. He reached out as he touched the glass.’’ The sky.’’ The man simply said as the door opened once more and in came a different man. This man had short brown hair with a bit of white strains here and there. He had a brown mustache, glasses, black eyes, a brown trench coat, red tie, white button up shirt, and black pants. He also wore a gun and badge on his hip as well. ‘’ Hello there. My name is Commissioner Gordon. My detective tells me you were found on the side of the road. Tell me. Who are you?’’ Gordon asked as he approached the man. The man quickly turned and grabbed Gordon and flipped him onto the table. Harvey quickly came in with his gun drawn. ‘’ Hands up asshole!’’ yelled Harvey as the man simply stared as he rose a punch to strike Gordon. Harvey quickly shot a couple of shots as it struck the man but they simply fell. He wasn’t even wounded. The man quickly grabbed Gordon and threw towards Harvey and he jumped through the wall and into the streets of Gotham. Harvey quickly was about to run. ‘’ Wait. He’ll catch him. Don’t worry.’’ Gordon said as he stared out the hole as he watch the man run down the street. David stood on top of a building in the city as he stared in the distance. He knew what he had to do. He used his new power of x-ray vision to scan the city. He soon saw people in a warehouse unloading weapons. He then flew straight into the building as he landed in front of them. They quickly grabbed their rifles and pointed them at David. ‘’ Who are you? You’re not Superman!’’ one thug yelled as David breathed. His hands glowed bright yellow aura. ‘’ No. I am not Superman. Prepare to be eradicated.’’ David said as he quickly blasted the men away. He soon saw the police enter the building as they were staking out. They stared at David. ‘’ Superman?’’ an officer called out as David shook his head. ‘’ There was only one Superman.’’ David said as he flew out of the same hole he came out of. The officers stared in awe. Perry sat his desk as he was watching the news coverage of the shuttle explosion. He soon received a phone call. He quickly turned onto channel 52 and saw the report on the boy who is being dubbed Superboy. It then brought up a report on David who was being dubbed by the news, ‘The Eradicator’. Perry quickly hung up. That’s when Lois walked in. ‘’ Perry. I think something is happening.’’ Lois said as Perry nodded. ‘’ You damn right we do. We have all these Supermen appearing. Claiming to be Superman.’’ Perry said as Lois looked at the television. ‘’ Yeah. There’s a total of three people claiming to be him.’’ Lois said as she saw Perry pull up a paper. ‘’ I need you to look into this. Find out why these people showed up and what their agenda is before someone claims this as their own story.’’ Perry stated as Lois saw Perry walk out. She walked out and saw Clark’s empty desk. She then decided onto something as she walked towards the elevator. David floated in front of a window as he stared at Susan through it. She was sitting on her sofa curled up. She was showing signs of distress since David left. David tapped on the window. Susan looked up and was about scream until David placed his hand on the window and made a shape of a heart with his hands. Susan stood up and opened the window. ‘’ David?! Why do you look like that?’’ Susan asked as she was in complete shock. David breathed as he floated inside the apartment and landed on the ground.’’ I’ve been so worried. Ever since you flew out the other window, I didn’t know where to find you. What’s happening to you?’’ ‘’ I’m not sure Susan but I feel like I’m not who I thought I was. I found something the other day, it revealed I’m an android design to protect the Kryptonian race. Now, I’ve token an appearance similar to Superman.’’ David explained as Susan stared in confusion. ‘’ Are you saying you’re Superman?’’ Susan asked in disbelief. David shook his head. ‘’ It doesn’t look like it but if I need to be. Then I must. I’ll be gone for a while Susan. Don’t wait for me.’’ David turned to leave as Susan quickly hugged him from behind. ‘’ Please return to me David.’’ Susan said as David flew out the open window as she closed it behind him. She turned around to sit on the sofa and turned on the television. That’s when she saw the news about him. Henry knocked on a door. He looked at a piece of paper. It was Lois’s address. He had come here hoping to get some answers. That’s when he saw her exit the elevator. She became shocked. ‘’ Um, who are you and why are you at my apartment?’’ Lois asked as she carried a file. Henry coughed and offered his hand out. ‘’ My name is John Henry Irons. Henry’s fine. I’ve come to ask you a couple of questions Lois.’’ Henry said as he Lois shook it. She stared confused. She wondered why he was here since she never knew him. Lois opened the door. ‘’ Come in. Excuse the mess.’’ Lois said as she let him in as she placed the file on the table.’’ Can I get you anything? A drink or some water?’’ Lois asked as she saw Henry sit down on the sofa. ‘’ I’m alright. Thank you though.’’ Henry said as Lois sat down on the sofa with a cup of tea. ‘’ What can I do you for Henry?’’ Lois asked as Henry stared at Lois. He could tell something was on her mind and he prayed that she had the answers. ‘’ you were at the explosion after it happened. I was wondering if you found anybody by the name of Hank Henshaw?’’ Henry asked as Lois took a slip of her tea. ‘’ No. There has been no survivors unfortunately. After my visit to the site, I need to dig into a case I just acquired. Why do you ask?’’ Lois asked as Henry coughed. ‘’ It’s because I’m Steel.’’ Henry said as Lois stared confused. Henry then opened his shirt and she saw his silver S symbol. She quickly sat up.’’ Sorry. Hank was a close friend of mine. When I saw the explosion happen, I hope he lived somehow but in the end, it seems he’s truly gone.’’ ‘’ Why are you him? You saved me. You even knew who Superman was.’’ Lois said as she shook a little. Henry nodded. ‘’ When Superman disappeared, I tried finding him. That lead me to investigate you and realizing that you’re former assistant turned reporter was Clark Kent. He saved me during Lex Luthor’s Undertaking. After that, I decided I must do whatever I can in order to preserve his legacy if he were to ever vanish. I asked you so I can find who’s behind this explosion and bring them to justice.’’ Henry looked over and noticed the file Lois had was classified.’’ What’s that?”’ ‘’ That file contains information on Lex’s secret projects. I was able to obtain a copy thanks to friend of mine. He owned me a favor. Interesting enough, his security is not as great as he thinks it is.’’ Lois said as she stared at it.’’ I believe Lex is up to something again.’’ ‘’ Didn’t he turn a new leaf when he saved people during the attack?’’ Henry asked as Lois shook her head. ‘’ He did that in order to get his pardons and company back. Now he’s able to go back to what he was doing. I knew it was a bad idea when Clark agree to use his help. So, when I was confronted by Superboy, I paid him a little visit.’’ Lois said as Henry stood up. ‘’ Then maybe I should pay him one in order to confirm what he knows. Maybe he knows who’s behind the explosion. Will you help me Lois?’’ Henry asked as she nodded. Superboy landed in front of the farm. He breathed. He felt happy that he decided to claim the mantle. He walked in and that’s when he saw him. David Connor in his outfit. ‘’ Um, who are you?’’ Superboy asked as David turned to him. ‘’ You have Kryptonian DNA. You’re readings match similar to those of Ka-El aka Superman. Why is that? The Kryptonians were supposed to have left only Ka.’’ David said as he had his fists clenched as Superboy stared at him. ‘’ Lex must’ve sent you here. Sorry, but I’m not returning to a pod. I deserve to choose my path and that path is to be Superman.’’ Superboy said as David turned to face him directly with his eyes having kill intent. ‘’ Then prepare to be eradicated.’’ David said as yellow aura formed around his hands as he and Superboy rushed towards each other. Meanwhile, the man walked among the crowds of Gotham downtown as he was still muttering to himself. That’s when he bumped into someone. He looked up from the ground. That’s when he saw the man. The man wore a black business suit, slick black hair, white skin with a bit of wrinkles in it, a black tie, and lastly, he was perfect shape, near physical top condition. ‘’ You seem lost. Its best you come with me.’’ The man said as he offered his hand. The man looked at the latter. ‘’ I don’t know.’’ The man simply said as the other man grabbed him by the arm and had him walk besides him. He got his phone out. ‘’ I need you to bring the car around. I found him. Let Gordon know I’ll take care of him.’’ The man said as on the other end was a much older gentleman. ‘’ Right away Master Wayne.’’ Superboy was thrown out the window as he slide across the grass. He took a deep breath as he saw David hover out of the window. Superboy quickly launched his lasers as David launched a beam of yellow energy from his hands as they clashed. ‘’ You cannot win boy. I am far stronger then you are.’’ David said as he broke the beam and flew directly into him as the two begun fighting. Superboy dodged a punch and quickly punched David across the field. ‘’ I don’t care. Superman defeated someone stronger then you. If he can, then for sure I can!’’ he said as he flew into the air again as he impacted the ground with a punch as a dirt explosion occurred. Superboy scanned the area quickly as he was met with another yellow beam and sent through the house and into the backyard tree. ‘’ Such a disappointment. Time I end this.’’ David said as he flew straight towards Superboy who quickly stood up and punched him across the field. He quickly regained his balance. ‘’ I’m not losing.’’ Superboy said as he quickly started gaining the upper hand on David and sent a restlessly series of punches.’’ You think you’re Superman?! I’ll show you who Superman is! And it’s not you!’’ Superboy yelled out as he punched him with such force onto the chest as cracks were heard as David yelled on agony as he tumbled through the field and into the house. David cough up as he sent a giant yellow beam at Superboy who was sent back as he flew. ‘’ You may have won this time, but I will return.’’ David said as he flew away. Superboy got up and leaped through the same hole David left through. The house was in ruins. Superboy looked around and saw the family picture of the Kent family broken. He picked it up. ‘’ I’m sorry Superman. I’ll make sure to make this up to you. I promise.’’ Superboy said as he wiped blood on his chin.’’ Whoever that was, this won’t be the last time I see him.’’ Lex stood on the rooftop of his building smiling. He just looked like he finished a task. Lena walked out of the door and approached him. ‘’ It’s finished Lex. However, we couldn’t gain his control.’’ Lena said as Lex smiled. ‘’ That’s fine. We don’t need to control him. He has all the hate in the world now. Thank you for your mission on recovering his body.’’ Lex said as he was waiting for an answer when Lena was smacked with a hammer and sent into a wall. That’s when Steel landed on the roof. Lex simply turned around and faced him. ‘’ Tell me the truth Luther. Did you cause the explosion?’’ Steel called out as Lex simply brushed the dust off his jacket. ‘’ Well if it isn’t the Man of Steel. Too bad you aren’t the real one. You have some nerve to come here like this after the public started liking you. All I have to do is make one phone call and you’ll be ruined Steel.’’ Lex said as he quickly lifted his hammer but was stopped by a man’s hand. Steel was shocked. ‘’ You’re.’’ Steel simply said as a red cape flapped behind the man. He wore a copy of Clark’s suit. The S symbol was dark red as his right arm was machine. Steel saw the man moved the hammer. The man’s face was half machine skull and the other was human. He had short black hair, white skin, a red right eye and a blue left eye.’’ Who are you?’’ ‘’ I’m Superman.’’ The cyborg man said as Lex smiled as he stood behind him. ( Author's note: I'm really grateful for the support and patience. Season 3 is my hardest one. I thought The crossover was hard but this season is definitely is. Some additional plot points will be revealed later, especially the reveal of the ice man in the upcoming chapters. So stay tune as The Reign of the Superman has just begun.)
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