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  1. Big joke and waste of time. Amazon made a huge freaking deal out of this and it's gonna backfire big time because not only was there literally not a new trailer, but the DLC is garbage and 500 bits, seriously!? Who the hell wants 500 bits for Twitch!?
  2. As much as I love Hayden taking on the role. I actually feel like Alyson suits Kairi's overall character archetype more. She was meant to be a bit spunky, energetic, and sweet all at one time. In all honesty, Alyson delivers on that front where Hayden never could.
  3. Exclusive stuff for Twitch Prime members is by far the dumbest thing I have seen a paid game do. That's a bit far for Kingdom Hearts imo.
  4. I'm disgusted by the amount of votes for Agrabah. Do you have any idea home many times they have sent me back to that damned world in Union X!? Too many dammit! Anyway, I wanna see Halloween Town in KH3. UE4 is the perfect engine to take advantage of this world in.
  5. I don't think Repliku can even be seen in other ways anymore. I clearly remember him looking like the dark form he has held all this time. It makes no sense to use the Bug Blox then go yeah it's Repliku. It correctly adds up to be Data Riku.
  6. TL;DR but it's Data Riku. He doesn't even have his neck covered in the weird darkness stuff that Repliku is covered in. Also Repliku is seen perfectly fine with Riku on Destiny Islands in the Pirates trailer. They don't sync up, the Norted Riku scene is in the BH6 world where the Bug Blox are prevalent.
  7. Attack on Titan. Just one super glorified show that really isn't that good.
  8. The Pirate's Heartless gives me strict flashbacks to Days in Neverland with that one Heartless that was super annoying. It's quite concerning which is why I'm surprised I'm the only one who voted for that wild looking thing.
  9. Sora is a character all about good vibes and that's what has stuck with me these 16 years of the series. I was just 7 when the first KH came out and Sora's personality and morals stuck to me. I try to do good for others first and when it comes to people, who even have bad pasts, I always try to see the good in them and work with it. Sora is super relatable for me. I can't help but be excited with him when he visits Santa and hangs out with Pooh. I have a huge preference for pirate lore and whatnot, so to see Sora super into that, and excited for his second opportunity to be a pirate just really hits home for me. If there's anything that will drag someone back into the KH3 hype, it's Sora. He's super relatable, fun loving, caring, kind, and puts others before himself. He may be childish and naive, but he's also extremely influential and because of that, he will always find his way to the top of my list of favorite video game characters. I'm glad his excitement could get you a little more excited than you have been recently for KH3. It really drives that point home on the type of character he is and the way he has developed over the years has helped that.
  10. Mainly because the story is soooooo hard to explain. Lol why though? I mean it's not bad to play around parents but my grandma always calls it "Kingdom of Hearts." No grandma it's just Kingdom Hearts.
  11. Mine would take consideration of the idea of like maybe 3 per title but I'm sure there will be more. One Piece: Ace Sanji Doflamingo DBZ: Vegeta Teen Gohan Jiren Reborn: Tsuna (obvious shoe-in) Gokudera Xanxus BNHA: Izuku "Deku" Midoriya Bakugo Tomura Stain Naruto: Kakashi Madara Kaguya Boruto Bobobo: Bobobo Don Patch (separate) Gasser/Gascan JoJo: Joseph Joestar Jotaro Dio Kars
  12. I personally don't think it correlates with anything. I think it's just about the BBS trio.
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