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  1. Kingdom of Corona is a very "Disney" way of saying things. Frozen does the same thing "The kingdom of Arendelle" etc. It seems a little unusual because we don't have kingdoms in the present day. But I see your point!
  2. A couple observations since this is almost the exact same shot of Rapunzel: 1. In the game shot, her hair should be behind her like it is in the movie because it makes her body look real janky in the game shot haha. She's supposedly observing her braid but it looks more like she's staring at her butt/the ground haha. 2. Are her eyes brown in the game shot?? it's hard to tell but they sure don't look green like they are supposed to. Nevertheless, she's my favorite Disney princess and I cannot wait for this
  3. This looks like a coding problem with the site, because it looks like the full agrabah image is there its just overlaid with the hollow bastion image. And hollow bastion shows up as a separate world later in the scroll bar. The lack of space paranoids actually factors into why I think the Pirates 5 logo may be real: If they are only showing the most recent version of the world. Neverland is shown, though prior to neverland we went to hook's ship. The grid is shown and quotes Tron legacy, though we had already gone to space paranoids based off the original Tron. We see the Halloweentown logo with christmastown, though the original game had a different artwork. We see the kingdom hearts 3d traverse town artwork. (one exception is olympus where it has the kh2 artwork instead of the more recent BBS artwork)
  4. Just a few moments ago, I looked at the KH website to see the lack of "Xbox One" for myself and took a moment to glance at the "worlds" section of the site. Note that this is not under Kingdom hearts 3 and is a generic section with worlds from all the games. The layout is as follows: Disney Movie logo if applicable, below that is the artwork for the world, and below that is the in-game name of the world (i.e. Little Mermaid, artwork, Atlantica) While scrolling through, I noticed the Port Royal logo was different than expected. While port Royal in KH2 is loosely based off Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, the logo shown is actually for the 2017 movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It even uses the exact same logo print as the poster for the upcoming movie. While this is unlikely as the movies have not been as popular since the heyday back during KH2, the fact that it specifically shows the new logo can't be a coincidence, can it? Below are screenshots of the site and the logo, see it for yourself Thoughts???? (I checked by the way, thats not the name of the theme park ride, those are simply called "Pirates of the Caribbean".)
  5. Right now it looks like it's just Japan, though psn doesn't update until like 10 am PST I think so it may not be up yet. Also, Idk if they ever announced the worldwide date for the dlc, regardless of it was the same or different. Hopefully it comes soon though!!
  6. Sure, 2.8 is gonna be great, but horizon and ni no kuni 2 look incredible.
  7. Hasn't this been confirmed for a long time?? The gauge has been in the demos since E3 even if it wasn't active. They talked about altering its length for consoles versus a handheld, and in some article the other day (which I'm pretty sure was quoted in this site..) it said it was set to around 20 minutes. Edit: an article posted here on November 23rd quoted famitsu weekly talking about the drop guage and how it functions, and states that it is set to 20 minutes
  8. So it may be shorter than the 358/2 Days and re:Coded cinematics but I think it will be a lot more worthwhile. Coded was awful = 3 hours of cutscenes for 15 minutes (maybe?) of important story. Days was a little better with maybe 30-45 minutes of important stuff out of the 2:50. Based on what they've shown, I expect Back cover will likely be 60-70 minutes of really important stuff and a little filler left over.
  9. I don't think I've seen this topic before and I had a thought this morning: In the credits for 1.5 and 2.5, there were teases of upcoming games (2.5 teased in 1.5 credits, dream drop HD teased in 2.5 credits). What do you think the chances are that there is some form of a teaser for KH3 either in the credits, or maybe as a post-credit scene like the many of the games had in their original releases? I would love if once you either unlocked the credits or maybe had to go through all 3 parts of 2.8, you unlocked a new trailer for KH3, or some other sort of teaser? So do you think there will be a teaser? If so, what might it be?
  10. The "floating" islands look really cool, I can't wait to see them up close It's not actually open yet, doesn't open until Spring 2017 I believe.
  11. As far as real info, we don't actually have that much for KH3. We've had a few tiny details but realistically there is very little authentic info. I'm hyped more for 2.8 to come out so that they can give us substantial info.
  12. Why do you play the kingdom hearts games at all then? Almost every world relives a movie plot... And some games relive the same plots as other games. Um... Will Turner would kill Davy Jones?? Since will Turner takes over his job? Sora could battle him but Will destroys the heart, becoming the new captain of the Flying Dutchman.
  13. I always think it's fascinating that this trailer showed sora in disney castle which you never play in during KH1
  14. I removed the beta from my iPad, but I saw a thread on Reddit saying it does fix the crash. This makes sense since iOS 10 compatible apps couldn't be submitted until Wednesday after the Apple event.
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