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  1. dont think twice is available on spotify!

  2. Hope to listen to KH3's Dearly Beloved in few hours 😢

  3. still waiting for the day when dearly beloved plays on the official KH3 website

  4. somehow I think this is not the only theme song for the game, more of ending song. For KH3 they should have at least 2 songs. another theme song for opening, perhaps?
  5. my prediction: more than 15, with disney less than 11 (kh2 total and nomura says it will be less than it), so disney world will be around 9, new original world 2, 3-4 revisit original world and few small worlds (like 10 acres or space paranoids). Daybreak town should be in. new maps in twilight town or radiant garden, and castle oblivion/land of departure (since riku and co is looking for ven)
  6. tothecikpah

    How can I be hyped for KH3 after THIS?

    if I'm not mistaken, there is 11 disney world in kh2 (including 100 acres and space paranoid), so less means we still have a lot of it and i wouldn't mind if its a new disney world, so far we have 3 new disney world and 1 revisit world (hercules) WITH NEW MAPS. So it doesn't matter to me, KH universe are expanding, it will be a chance to have midgar or shibuya to debut in kh3 and new kh worlds such as daybreak town. I prefer to have less disney world with new worlds and new map for the old worlds rather than having new worlds with small map or revisit the same place. Plus, less than kh2 worlds means less than 11, nomura announced 4 disney worlds so far.. and expecting like 3 more revisit world and 2 - 3 new disney world, besides we can expect like 2 - 5 KH original world like twilight town, TWTNW, traverse, castle oblivion etc. so in summary, do look forward for more than 15 worlds in KH3. :lol:
  7. Why they always use the old ost instead of the remaster one
  8. tothecikpah

    Orchestrated Soundtrack?

    they actually did it since kh1, tracks like Hikari instrumental, March Caprice, and some reprise tracks, Fantasia alla marcia in kh2 etc - not all because of the console tech. kh2 dearly beloved is the first dearly beloved recorded with full orchestra arranged by Kaoru Wada by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the trend continues with BbS and 3D. For 1.5+2.5 they remaster the tracks using live instrument with the help of gaQdan orchestra and 2.5 by Video Game Orchestra & Soundtrec Boston Orchestra. Although it is not fully orchestrated, the usage of live instrument makes the song more livelier. Fully orchestrated song will be preferable for slow-themed song like Kairi, Aqua etc. With the remastered ost, we can expect high quality recording for KH3, and it is already proved by Shimomura with FFXV OST! Orchestrated Ventus theme next? :wink: source: famitsu
  9. It's an interview about nomura-san, which is a strict-busy father to a musician daughter, shimomura-san which always tried to impress him. And now his daughter is successful enough to have a concert.
  10. Hi all, it's been a while, I wanted to share my excitedness for the new announcement regarding new additional performance for the concert, the new place for this update is Kuala Lumpur which will be held on May 13th at KLCC Plenary Hall, additional concert at United Palace Theater, NY on June 23rd and Dolby Theater, LA on June 11th! Hoping it's going to be a great 15th Anniversary! Source: