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  1. This is KH after all. Maybe they just lost their memories lol
  2. Could just be a German and Spanish voiced trailer. After all, KH1 and 2 got dubs in many more lanuages. Are there these two to be found in the French list, too? (Is there a French list and so on?)
  3. Why is there a need for EVERY (new) character to be part of family x, y, z? Blaine could just be Blaine. If he has any kind of connection, I guess, it would be via Xehanort's plans.
  4. They were already translated in many languages. However, for whatever reason, DDD never got a Spanish and Italian translation.
  5. I wonder how "important" they are for the fortellers. After all, this will be from their perspective, right? So, maybe they are not yet important enough.
  6. If the characters in KH would stop speaking like they are in a Shakespear play and just, dunno, explain stuff in a normal way most of the strange plot points could be explained in a few minutes.
  7. That is what she wanted but who says that her plan did work like she thought?
  8. How about this: Neither Luxu nor the MoM are evil but the keyblade they(?) and Xehanort use posesses an "evil" will. After all, it is the oldest keyblade for some reason.
  9. Pretty much this. And if they are busy fighting each other he can do other stuff. So far it sounds like he his the most greedy bastard ever. He even says the world will end but he still does continue with his plans.
  10. Him being the master and Nomura agreeing on it means there is some much bigger story behind this guy than "only" being the MoM.
  11. If it really looks this terrible ingame I will find this quite strange because we know they'll use this for KH3 where his role is bigger.
  12. And then we get trolled again because Aqua's mind is going bananas and thus Terra's face looks like some kind of monster or just MX.
  13. Or Troy Baker. Both of them can pretty much sound alike. Have you ever seen Persona 4 The Animation? They switched one for the other during the show's run.
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