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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. When you were a kid? Are you sure you're not just talking about the manga? Because the English versions of the novels were released in 2015, unless you've read the Japanese versions.
  2. Whenever they translate KH games to Spanish, It’s always “Spain-Spanish” (also known as Castilian Spanish).
  3. I love KH, but some people don’t. I just hate it when other people think my favorite fandoms are fan-dumb *drum crash* Da pears won’t grow until the Clouds move and let the sun out (sooo bad i know ;- Cloud: *waiting* aren’t we gonna fight? Sephiroth: wait, I’m taking a selfie-roth
  4. KH Unchained X has now been released on iOS and Android today, on September 3rd at 12 pm!

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