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  1. do you have tumblr or something? o3o

    1. Anonn0000


      Yes! Rikusdahrarity ^.^

    2. Anonn0000


      Whats yours? :3

  2. I know some people think the hate for Pokemon B/W mostly comes from purists (and that's pretty true aswell), but as someone who loved every game in the franchise (including B/W 2) I think it's terrible. I mean aside from being restricted to only the Pokemon of that gen (I think most of them are gross looking and I don't like them) the game just feels so painful. I feel they seem to be throwing in the whole "WE HAVE A STORY THIS TIME!!" I mean right after beating the 2nd gym and that Pinweel Forest thing I enter the next city where the 3rd gym is and first there's a bit of dialogue with Cheren I don't care about, but right after the leader comes out and says Team Plasma is causing trouble again... you now a whole 5 minutes after last time. I was replaying the game for fun and at that point I just quit. Aside from the painfully boring story that's all in your face there's also just this last nitpick~ the encounters. I mean I know I can buy repels, but for the most part I do fine in other games without them, but here there's an encounter EVERY two steps. And separate opinion: I really don't like Dreamworks films that much. Other than the Madagascar franchise, the first 2 Shrek movies, and How to Train Your Dragon I just don't find them all that great.....
  3. I honestly kinda hate this site as of now. I mean aside from a few people (and most of you guys hanging around in this thread) I just really don't care about it I knew it was getting worse and worse ( probably starting around the end of summer 2012...)
  4. Signature is the bottom part left after every member's post like my girl with blue hair Maybe if you're on mobile you can't see it? idk so, avatar: WOULD YOU LIKE TO TALK ABOUT OUR LORD AND SAVIOR MICKEY MOUSE? ~w~
  5. Aw I thought you meant you drew something I wanted to see that Still it's so... feminine and sparkly I lov eit :DD
  6. I don't think I got a single notification all day xD.

    1. Jim


      Half of my notifications these days are from when I leave one comment on a status then 3,004 other people comment on it

  7. Wait did someone say Aniplex? Aaah I watched their Madoka dub and it was.... okay, but Their marketing is terrible A Blu-ray of like FOUR Madoka episodes is like $40+ Hope this price isn't as bad
  8. Well the only non-anime/cartoon I watch is Doctor Who o3o But I did see an episode of Merlin and it's pretty great
  9. I really hope she can do something to the Westboro Baptist Church Anything If someone were to celebrate the death of my future husband I would be so pissed :<
  10. Well my friend's little sister had some class project thing to make a cereal and her cereal's name was Fire Rubies. I was making a second YT account and I hadn't planned on it becoming my main choice so I thought whatever and used "FireRubies", but someone else had it (their account was inactive anyway -_-) so I added a "1" at the end And it's what I use for everything now
  11. I really don't like most places on the internet they're usually unfunny and most of the time involve recycling jokes/ memes and/or being really rude to each other... aswell as more unfunny offensive humor. I also hate when people call this generation "the weakest" and say "we're too soft". I mean I think nowadays most people are a bit softer, but seriously why need to be mean anyway?
  12. I had only started seriously drawing like a few months ago, so I feel not too bad about it:/ But I seriously do need to learn anatomy Aand I kinda rushed this o3o I tend to rush everything I draw and it only took like 30 minutes . I'm impatient....
  13. So like I drew this thing and next to it was my unhelpful stupid pencil Then I played with it in Windows Paint Dem feet are so awful I really need to learn anatomy
  14. I saw the trailers and I like it, not really interested enough to be a dedicated follower, but its animation is pretty and it seems cool
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