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  1. sorrynotsurry

    1. RoxSox


      You are trying WAY too hard.

    2. King Demise
  2. know what firetruck this i'm going bed.

    1. Ghost


      Er..okay. I don't know what's up but whatever it is I hope it turns out okay. Sleep well!

  3. I'll post porn.

    1. Demyx.


      Just shut it already. Nobody cares.

    2. 4Everbee


      never said u did.

  4. many if i say penis a bunch of times

    1. Ghost


      Have you ever played the penis game?

  5. not done here shit

  6. i failed to do my job shit

    1. Villi1997


      i don't mean to be rude but you forgot a comma

  7. did anybody like see it at least did i do my job right?

  8. i should do it gaian.

  9. done

    1. 143436611Xxcc


      how r u not banned yet I say cunt to a person and I get like 2 warning points and my chat taken away..

    2. 4Everbee


      IDK firetruckING KNOW LIKE DA firetruck

  10. Flaming Lea caught on fire koko didn't put her out, Xaon started cryinng cool wings finally got wings Roxsox never liked Red Socks and KHgirl cried Fire put everybody on fire DC and Aaron are so tired of everybodys shit that they hoped on a gumi ship and went to never land in never land Kariso was trying to give Ivan to the gods but the gods didn't want her so she sent her to Koko, Gumi still never gave Kindoe his DS back so he stole it from her but flaming lea was still on fire so she put the DS on fire and jumped in a pool where the boys in Swiming anime was in and she died from sexyness. Xaon is still crying. Dave turned into bob and bob turned into flash flash turned into kingdom sora and kingdom sora just hates everybody Imoore was trying to plan Ami and Dark Sora's wedding but instead burnt everything down, Echo is nothing but a echo. Sora96 became sora 69 and went to japan to tell people about where he came from but nobody cares. For some odd reasong GOogle joined the site but got into a fight with bing, Snow became rain and rain became snow. Naught got nothing for Christmas cause Santa hates him, The sky was falling and RoxSox was screaming I told you so while Kindoe cried over his DS, Lu Xu finally stopped sending people mes about his story and pics cause it got so firetrucking annoying ( i still love u tho.) Everybody twerk and live happly ever.
  11. I should like do stuff here instead of posting random status.

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