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  1. Okay.. i'm not necessarily new, but its been over a year since ive actually logged into this website, so here goes! My username now is Dark Memories, (I don't know what I was thinking..) but my username many years ago was Khfreaker01. I've been a member for 6 years now! I was really active the first couple years I was here, and I made a lot of great friends! A year, or almost two years ago I became really inactive and have logged In occasionally, but I never stuck around. Life happened, and now I'm back! I'm really looking forward to being back on this site! I don't know very many people on here (considering I'm so old ) but id really like to make new friends, and I plan to really stick around this time! Feel free to chat/message me whenever! (After I get used to this new website, that is) I'm really glad to be back!!!
  2. Moonlight looked at Feredir and smiled, she didnt reply. She only looked back at the gigantic heart in the sky. She thought about all the things she had done to her family, her friends, who were no longer here. She felt guilty because of how miserable everyone was around her, because she caused them to be.
  3. Moonlight stood with her Moogle. Moonlight's eyes shifted from a light blue to dark purple. Although Moonlight showed no emotions, her eyes did all the talking. "Mistress, what troubles you?" Shadow said, his mood changing to one similar as the one his master had on. Moonlight looked at the heart shaped moon above her, "I dont even know anymore."
  4. Moonlight nodded as Feredir headed out of her office to round up the members. She also heard a lound comosion in the training room. "Now lets go check this out." Moonlight said walking past Feredir towards the training room to see what all had happened.
  5. "I trust that you will be determined with me. I applaud you for your determination." Moonlight said as Shadow clapped. Moonlight didnt know exactly how she would go about taking down the Organization. "We must talk to the other members to see how this must be handled. Its time for a meeting." Moonlight said looking at Feredir and at Shadow.
  6. Moonlight laughed, "They dont know when to stop bothering. Thats all they know how to do. They're snakes." she said with disgust. Shadow nodded to what Moonlight had said, "They are also very very mean." Shadow had his own reasoning for not liking the Organization. "As long as we have something they desire, they will always bother." Moonlight said turning away from the large heart in the sky. Moonlight thought of what the other members would want with Kingdom Hearts, she knew exactly what she wanted. Most of them wanted to have their lives back, much like the organization, but some wanted much more.
  7. Shadow looked at Feredir in a funny way and stuck out his tounge and laughed at his remark. Moonlight laughed at them, "Looks like you two are getting along already." She smiled. Moonlight stood up and sat on her desk, "I believe you will benefit me a lot, I trust that you can handle this line of work." She looked off into the glass window and saw her prize sitting amongst the top of the sky. "Now all we gotta do is figure out how we all are going to go about getting that," she said as she pointed to a small heart in the sky, Kingdom Hearts.
  8. Moonlight laughed, "Well i never thought about a name but if you would like to be called as such, then be my guest." Shadow looked at Feredir. "I usually jut get called Shadow." He said adding his unnecessary comments. Moonlight smiled and soon got up off her chair. Well its a good thing im feeling better already, just please hope nothing happens too soon. Moonlight said as she thought to what Xemnas had told her, 2 months. . .
  9. Shadow laughed and squirmed around to hear that someone appreciated his hard work. "Alright then its settled, i guess we will become close over time then, Feredir." Moonlight said as she smiled politely. It was a long time that Moonlight could remember someone helping her out so much. She hoped this time it wouldnt go completely wrong.
  10. Moonlight had finished drinking the potions, and Shadow stared at his orb. "I dont have time to deal with them if they decided to act difficult. Yes, i will help everyone the best i can, but i hope everyone takes this seriously." Moonlight wiped her mouth and helped Shadow dipose of the potions. "Feredir, i think i would like you to help me out more often, like Shadow does, he seems to be a bit stressed witht the job. Only if you would like," Moonlight aid, she did not trust him completely but she knew or maybe even hoped she could trust him maybe one day soon.
  11. Confued about what? You are still in training room. I made a confrontation with organizations members and currently you are still in the training room we have not done much to your character. Did that help?
  12. Yeah, it used to be only 3 members of org. 13. but then in the rp i changed it to where all of a sudden they have all come back. So all of you who signed up for org. 13 have control of those as well! Onlly if ya'll want.
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