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  1. xion is a copy of namine so they could be together but xion is absorbing roxas's power thats why
  2. if you search up funny sora and kairi comics there's one that goes like:thing in sora's hand goes beep beep and kairi hides behind him axel comes out from a dark corridor and says hey can i talk to roxas and kairi says what's that some kind of organisation XIII finding thing sora says no its a gaydar but thats what i use it for
  3. so if roxas and xion don't have hearts how do they like each other my profile proves that they have at least a little heart left in each of them

  4. dose anyone but me think that demyx deserves someone to
  5. its the best couple there is in the books/game
  6. of course the paopu fruit proves there meant for each other#togetherforever so true sorry i'm new to the series and so could someone explain to me what the x blade is i kn what the key blade is and i know that it has a lot of forms but after that im blank
  7. witch series is best to you mine is 385/2 days it has some good content?

  8. you know even if they say they don't have hearts in 385/2 roxas and xion probably do cuz its obvious they like each other ? 

    1. imawolf lover

      imawolf lover

      but as you think about it you realize that nether of them can love #notatrustatment

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