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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Hey ;) just wanted to say hello after a while to show that I'm still alive xD I'm not on kh13 as regularly as I used to, but I do drop by from time to time.

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    2. Hunter Hawk

      Hunter Hawk

      Yeah it sure did and I'm in college now, studying English literature. I'm also still writing stories, though I'm more in Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom now (I have three series going on) since the fifth (ARC V) and fourth (Zexal) generations have a really similar plot to Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy (also the protagonist of Yu-Go-Oh! ARC V - Yuya is literally Sora with his optimistic personality and wish to make everyone smile).


    3. Hunter Hawk

      Hunter Hawk

      Oh and last year I finally put together enough money to buy a used PS3 so I could finally play KH! And I also learned how to sew and made my very own Xion cosplay :D

      a friend of mine cosplayed as Roxas too and we did the final fight at the local anime convention ;)


    4. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Oh wow, English literature, huh? That's awesome! Ah, so you've gotten neck deep into Yu-Gi-Oh, eh? That's epic! I bet you're enjoying each of the series very much! I want to see if I can be able to get into them at some point!


      Wow, and you sewed your Xion cosplay!? Impressive, it looks like the legit Organization cloak from the games! Good job! Loved the video! :D

  2. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/blueexorcist/images/a/a7/Father-fujimoto.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120809142317 Random and interesting fact Shiro Fujimoto is a character that appears in Blue Exorcist / Ao no Exorcist and is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in Japanese and Kirk Thornton in English. What is interesting is that Keiji Fujiwara provides voice for Axel in Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts when Kirk Thornton is the voice of Saix. Both voice actors also voice act as many other characters in both video games and anime Keiji Fujiwara - Lieutenant-Colonel Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist), Reno (Final Fantasy VII), Iron Man (Marvel Anime), Leorio Paladinight (Hunter X Hunter), Shuichi Aizawa (Death Note)... Kirk Thornton - Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic series), Gabumon (Digimon), President (Resident Evil: Degeneration), Harry Mason (Silent Hill), DeFoe (Huntik: Secrets & Seekers)...
  3. I've already made Oathkeeper and Oblivion, my next challange are Wayward Wind and all versions of Ultima Weapon There's a close up photo of keyblades under attachment
  4. Yeah, not really something you'd expect - that Sora the hero who believes in power of friendship would be voicing a guy who seems as his opposite. Actually Yui Hyakuya (Owari no Seraph) isn't that cold, he just acts this way. In reality he's really caring towards the people he loves (but due to certain event, he's afraid to get too attached to the people becuase he doesn't want to feel the sadness of losing them). Miyu Irino (Sora's voice actor) is also the voice of: Astral (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal) Haku (Spirited Away) Minato Namikaze - child (Naruto Shippuden) Daisuke Niwa (D.N.Angel) Hasu (Wolf's Rain) Jiro (One Piece) Shuri Oak (07 Ghost) Also another interesting thing I noticed: In sports anime Haikyū!! both Miyu Irino (Sora) and Kōki Uchiyama (Roxas) voice two of the main characters! Miyu Irino - Kōshi Sugawara (guy with silver hair) Kōki Uchiyama - Kei Tsukishima (guy with blond hair and glasses) Do you know any other voice actors that voiced KH characters s well as other anime/video game/movie/cartoon characters? Please share if you do
  5. Definetely Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), also Ao No Exorcist and Tokyo Ghoul aren't far behind.
  6. New Chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chapter Twenty-Eight: Almost There “Roxy! Could you come to Naiser’s house? There’s something important to discuss.” Nikki’s voice echoed through cell phone. “Sure, I’ll be there in a minute.” blonde replied when ending the call. Spark turned into hawk, prepared to join with her in order to reach leader’s house faster. Just before taking off, familiar voice joined the sound of rustling trees and bird song. “Where are you going?” Os asked using Anima abso. “Nikki said to meet her at Nai’s place. She sounded pretty serious, though.” Roxy as a hawk folded her wings. “Think I can come along?” his Hydro turned into a hawk as well. “Bro, it’s Naiser we’re talking about. Perhaps it’s better if you just…” “Come on! I always behave nice when he’s around!” he crossed both of his arms frowning. “I guess it won’t hurt if you come too. Can you keep up?” girl sighed as she already started flying. “Forgot who are you talking to? My running can beat anything!” he chased after her, without merging. Golden hawk only grinned as she dodged few branches in order to reach clearing. Her brother was just seconds behind, jumping over rocks that were in the way. Weather was beautiful, shining through leaves of the trees, creating an illusion of a rainbow. Female sibling soon recognized a treehouse right next to the waterfall. Swiftly landing on the treehouse’s terrace, she changed back as other twin chose ladder to climb out. Inside their older sibling was leaning against wall with blank expression, which was unusual since she always showed her honest emotions. Next to her was Naiser, petting the head of his Spirit Mate Fluc that was in snake form. Duo of twins were about to ask about situation, but white haired leader was faster. “I only asked for Roxana Hidelight.” he turned towards Nikki “Oscar isn’t…” “He has a right to be here as much as I do!” black haired replied, seemingly furious with leader’s request. “Don’t blame me for bringing him here, then.” man sighed as he stepped closer to puzzled twins “I think it’s the best that we sit down.” Family Hidelight got on the couch when Naiser chose armchair next to it. Spirit Mates lay on the floor with exception of Fluc that remained coiled on man’s shoulders. Questions were boiling inside of blonde’s head, but decided to rather wait for leader to begin. “New Rookie has been spotted.” white haired said, breaking the silence of waiting “And it won’t be long before Men in Gray track him down.” Information was surprising due to the fact there were only four of them in passed fourteen years since they became Ials themselves. In last six years Men in Gray began their activity, succeeding in capturing over ten of their kind. Most of them managed to escape in first years of their hunt. But unlucky brunette was snatched months ago, leading his older brother to leave the safety Realm of Spirits. Ever since the last Ial escaped the claws of Men in Gray, more than three years ago, Nai made sure to keep all of his wards safe. Most of Ials came back to Realm of spirits while about thirty of them hid well in Real World. Those were mostly FBI Ials and Natural Ials, who had chosen to remain, joined together with one of Spirit Mate forms. But all those measures weren’t enough. On one of simple missions to collect supplies from Real World, Dimitri Blackbird was captured. After that event almost none of Ials dared to leave secured home. Only Dimi’s older brother had chosen to look for him. All others were too afraid of getting captured as well. “What do you suggest to do?” Nikki continued the discussion “If the Rookie you speak of is out there alone and vulnerable, someone just needs to go and pick him up.” “It’s not that simple.” Naiser sighed, taking printed information out of the folder “Luke Fallspark managed to heck into server of the hospital where Rookie is currently staying. His death was caused by a hit of a van, leading into massive number of fractures and internal bleedings. One of them was also serious tearing of brain tissue.” “Which means it will take weeks before the little of ISLE he has recognizes and heals an injury like that.” Roxy said, gaining a surprised look from the man. “That is correct.” he nodded “Since he’s in hospital we can’t get him. Hospital still uses old methods of writing data down, so it will be really hard to make him disappear like that. There’s no telling when Men in Gray will track him down.” As he spoke Fluc kept coiling around his shoulders and chest. Group on the couch was nervous to hear what he would tell next. “Along with few agents from Order of Silver we sorted out a plan that might work, protecting both us and newly born Rookie. We only need the one who will carry out the plan.” he said as his look traveled around the room, until it landed at the blonde in the middle of two siblings “The only one who can protect him is Roxana Hidelight.” Sentence left trio speechless, with boy standing up, setting his arm protectively over Roxy. “What do you mean only one? Aren’t there at least ten FBI Ials who are skilled for situations like that?” he said, anger burning his face. “Six of them are out of reach while other four are currently on important mission.” man replied, face leaning against his clenched hands. “What about older Ials? They are much more skilled.” Nikki asked despite knowing the answer. “They wouldn’t blend in. If it were for few days perhaps it would work out. Weeks are out of question.” Naiser shook his head while talking “It’s not they’re unfamiliar with basic routine of this decade. People including Men in Gray recognize natural and fake behavior. Not to mention the way of speaking.” Naiser stood up, stepping closer to blond haired girl, not minding protective brother in front of her. He held her shoulders, staring right into her face. If it were for someone else, Roxy would be petrified. But not for white haired. His yellow eyes were full of understanding and caring. Even without inner power of mind reading she could see he was as worried about her as much as her family. His hands were suddenly on her neck, feeling the warmth coming from them. “Roxy listen.” he used her nickname, unlike him “I know you’re still recovering from the most recent loss of your two close friends, Dimitri and Leonardo. But think of a Rookie as of your friend. Would you still refuse to go, even if someone you know well would be in his place?” “No…” she replied quietly “But I’m scared to go.” “I understand.” sounded more as he didn’t understand “Your identity will be well hidden. No one in the town will know who you really are. Besides forgetting effect, Order of Silver will also keep a watch over town, informing us as well as you.” “What will I have to do?” Roxy sorted a question while trembling. “You will be a transfer student of the local High School. You’re physically fifteen, just like the Rookie, so it won’t be suspicious. I would send Nicole, but she’s physically too old looking for a high school.” he explained. “Why does she need to go, if you need fifteen-looking-aged person?” Os was again furious, snapping at almost every sentence that came out of Naiser’s mouth “I’m her twin for goodness sakes!” “I can ensure you would also make a great candidate. But duo to events that happened day before yesterday, you’re in no condition for a mission like this.” man flipped few more pages of a notepad he was always carrying around. “Come on, I’m perfectly fine!” Os clenched his fist that knuckles turned red “I won’t let her go on another literally suicide mission! Dimi has been captured for months!” Fury was what lay in Os’ eyes. No way is another person close to him going away with no guarantee of coming back. If current time was years back, his decision would be far different. Also why that rock had to slip off the cliff while they practiced shooting and crashed him? Ials became hares surrounded by grey wolves, being attacked as soon as leaving the safety of underground holes. Days in Real World would work, but weeks? “This is crazy…” boy only managed to say after his raging mode was gone. “Bro…” he felt a hug around his shoulders from behind “I don’t want you to go either.” “I’ll be fine sis. This is nothing.” Os put hands on Roxy’s arms. “No it’s not! You’re missing entire left arm!” was girl’s time to rage “Your body has 30% less space to store water, ISLE will be working on regenerating the arm and you can’t fire arrows with just one arm. Plus people will be probably suspicious about amputee walking around. I’m not that stupid to believe you.” Boy turned around, looking at teary look of his sister. Roxy was never able to express anger like everyone else. Result of raging emotions was only showed in tears. “Back then, after Dimi was taken…” she continued, despite more and more tears escaping her eyes “I didn’t lock myself away from you two because I was scared. To tell you the truth… I was angry about myself being so weak, unable to help either of them. I tried talking to Leo about it, but he left too soon to sort anything out.” “Roxy…” was Nikki’s turn to express concern. “That’s why I’m going!” Roxy said loudly “I’m tired of watching Men in Gray do as they please. I’ve become stronger and if that Rookie needs me, then I’ll be there for him.” Room was covered in silence with only the sound of waterfall splashing from the outside. Satisfied with an answer, Naiser walked towards the drawer, taking pile of yellow paper out of it. There was also photo of red haired boy on top of it. “His name is Alexander Lander. Papers should contain all information you need for adapting into different environment.” he said while handing it to her. Roxy flipped pages, going through various descriptions. Part of her was shaking, but other calmed her down. “I’ll do my best, sir.” blonde politely bowed, Spark doing the same. “Very well, then. I’ll report your answer to Order of Silver. If nothing goes wrong, you’re leaving tomorrow morning. Make sure you…” “I’ll memorize all information until then.” Roxy burst, making other twin gasp. “That thing has over 200 pages!” Os shockingly checked the thickness of stapled papers. “Oh come on, you once read more in one night.” girl smiled, making past serious situation forgettable. Trying to follow her happy mood, Os and Nikki eventually cleared their worries. They discussed some more issues with Naiser until it was already dark outside. Hidelight family went back to their treehouse, with girls in hawk forms and boy in wolf form, limping a bit. Arriving in their home, Nikki instantly went preparing dinner while Roxy studied Rookie’s hometown and new identity. Os tried to be some help as well, but ended up checking only the papers that looked interesting to him. Dinner was soon ready and duo immediately dug in. Even though he was armless, Os was first to finish. Due to tiredness from before and filling dinner, boy got on his bunk, using only one arm and was soon sound asleep. Roxy was going to do the same when she felt a hold on her arm. Understanding the gesture she smiled and let Nikki nestle her lovingly in her lap. Blonde rested her head on other’s shoulders. “Promise me, you’ll be careful.” black haired said, brushing Roxy’s silken hair “I wouldn’t bare losing you to those bastards.” “Sis... I can’t promise anything for real, but I can give it a shot.” she got her usual grin onto the face. Two sisters stared through the window, watching Luxbats taking the flight and pollinate the plants. They nearly fell asleep as minutes passed. “You know… I think mom’s soul found a way into you. Ever since she… left, I’ve found comfort in your arms. It’s like she lives on inside you.” Roxy mumbled while keep snuggling closer to her “You’ve always took care of us, just like mom did.” Nikki looked down not sure if her little sister was talking in sleep or was awake since her eyes were closed. Seeing that she fell asleep, she held her bridal style while Misty gently picked sleeping Spark. Setting her on the lower part of the bunk bed, right under where Os shared dreams with Hydro, Nikki gently took off Roxy’s clothes, replacing them with pajamas. “There you go little princess.” black haired whispered quietly as Misty put Spark in hawk form next to blonde as it was a stuffed animal. Before getting in bed herself, older sister took another glance on her two siblings. Stroking both of their heads, twins smiled out of gentle touch. “Sleep tight you two.” were Nikki’s last words that day. Early morning came as fast as dreamless sleep. Blonde made sure to get up even earlier in order to pack everything needed. In less than an hour she was outside, greeted by Naiser and two boys who would escort her in Real World, Carl and Nate. Roxy was ready to go when she was almost taken down by surprising jump-hug from behind. “Give me a hug.” was what Os said. “Wasn’t that supposed to be my line?” Roxy giggled as she returned the hug. Boy’s eyes were bright, trying to hide all the worry and anger from the yesterday. Nikki’s look was similar, but was better at hiding what Os couldn’t. Roxy suddenly felt drops on her shirt. “Shit…” boy mumbled which made other two boys whisper something. “Are you crying bro?” she asked trying to look into his dodging face. “No…” he said and tears as trying to prove wrong became bigger. “You’re a terrible liar.” Roxy wiped them off with the end of the sleeve. “That’s a good thing right?” Nikki joined the conversation grinning. “Of course it is!” was Naiser’s turn to also join “But it depends on situation.” Whole group laughed as sun rose up the sky. Chit-chat lasted for a few more minutes until Naiser cleared his throat, signaling it was time to go. Roxy waved her hand as she left portal with Nate and Carl. “And that’s why I was so angry when you showed up without Roxy.” Os finished almost an hour long story about events before blonde’s arrival. Whole time Alex tried hard to not make an eye contact with him. He felt guilty since the beginning and yet he still wanted to hear more. For some reason it helped understand, but at the same time fading guilt was slowly coming back. Rescuing group spent half of a day on a train ride and got off somewhere in the south. There they continued with a help of a helicopter, hidden in the tiny forest clearing. Oldest of the group, including Gabriel, Ami and Nikki took care of controls. It was actually only a dusky boy who had a helicopter driving license, but with a help of program C.U.T.E. (Curious and Unique Tracker of Elegance) piloting wasn’t such big deal. Ever since Piko learnt how to join with Mirgy, he insisted on learning more. Nora was more than glad to show him how to store inner power or form it into useable ability. “Alright now imagine you have pieces of jigsaw puzzle inside of your head. Put those pieces together and imagine picture of something you want to create.” Nora said, crossing her legs as she observed young Ial. She took a liking of a boy, since he was so eager to learn. Secretly she would also tease him with her looks, giving him a hard blush whenever certain part of her body got closer to his innocent eyes. Fortunately, Piko was more focused into his powers than her, trying to create a duplicate of his own Spirit Mate. So far fake Mirgy looked either like a cub, hawk chick or tiny snake. Sighing brunette kept trying to find out how to create an illusion without being in danger, like when he had created police helicopter and parts of snowed forest. Minutes soon turned into hours as boy became exhausted, taking off the Alex’s winter coat and scarf, drenched in sweat. Difference in the atmosphere was soon noticeable to everyone else as they followed his lead. There was no more snow on mountains, just them and soon hilly land. Countless lakes sparkled from reflecting the sun, drawing excitement on faces of younger Ials. Alex watched the land in eve. He had never traveled by the plane before or even visited mountains. View from below was something his eyes registered as something entirely new. “Wanna take a flight?” blonde asked with Hydro already being a hawk. “Like right now?” redhead asked confusedly. “Hell yeah.” Os grinned as got out, joining with flying form of his Spirit Mate. His wings were flapping, moving him higher and then straight down. Feeling must’ve been better than rollercoaster ride. Trio behind controls waved their hands when seeing golden hawk. Ial started spinning, imitating dolphin in water, soon following with summersaults. Nora giggled at her cousin’s show, joining him outside as well. “Looks like fun.” Alex gestured to Blaze who took form of a hawk as well. Before taking a flight, he double checked if he truly was ready. Wind didn’t seem too strong and propeller wasn’t threating to cut him if he were to come closer to it. “You coming too?” redhead asked Piko, who was partly lying on seats. “Think I’ll pass… this powers can sure tire you.” twelve year old said as he fell asleep. Alex covered him with one of the blankets so he wouldn’t catch a cold with breeze from outside. With a deep breath he felt Blaze joining him, feeling feathers on his arms, scaly feet and beak surrounding his mouth. Like Nikki taught him, he waited for the right wind flow and set his wings as they were a kite. Next moment he was in air, looking down at the land that became flatter by each passing mile. No doubt they were close, especially when Gabriel’s voice echoed through sound speaker. “Ladies and gentlemen, Ials and fledglings – I advise you to better come back inside. We’re approaching to our final destination, in hour to be exact. Thank you for choosing Air Ial.” dusky boy sounded like plane’s pilot. Girls next to him had tons of work to do since they needed to locate Force Scratchers, portals that were permanent, ones Men in Gray knew about and the ones they were moving. According to FBI files, most were already known by their hunters. So they avoided those areas as much as they could since they didn’t want unwanted ambush like they did in Alaska Mountains. True they could use one of the portals right here, but they had way more land disadvantages at this point, way more risky than snowy mountains. Flying trio made few more circles in around the helicopter as they returned back. Piko was sound asleep with Mirgy snuggled close to him. Nora and Os stretched their arms since flying at high speed was pain to upper limbs, but few stretches were like the best painkiller ever. Night started to cover the sky, as lights on helicopter were set. They weren’t as strong as the ones on rescue helicopters, because they only needed them to see what’s in front of them. So far empty hills weren’t changing, only with less and less greenery. Until they finally see the destination that was set from the very start. “Welcome to Nevada” said the sign on beginning of the highway. They were finally closer to Roxy, Dimi and all other kids that were captured. Leo felt uncomfortable about everything. Apart from too big clothes that Phil lent him, he was also feeling uneasy about every single sentence in the plan. True, it seemed most effective by conditions they had, but in case plan would fail, loss was great. “Make sure to merge with night.” was sentence that Phil kept repeating. “What’s the point of changing clothes, if I’ll be fused with Cloud?” Leo grumbled. “In case you’re seen.” former Man in Gray replied, packing few of his other things in last case. “What about me?” Dimi asked while helping. “You just make sure that you keep that you pull that hood on your face as much as you can.” Phil checked if anything was left in drawers “It’s your brother that they want.” “Which doesn’t make difference.” black haired glared at the scientist “I know them too well that they’ll try to take Dimi back, even if he was just a bait for me.” Rest of the hour, trio was in silence since they kept hearing repeating noise of tires even though street should be empty at such a late hour. No doubt Phil was a suspect, despite retiring. At that time Toby was already on plane, accompanied by medics who would take care of his sick mother during their travel towards Europe. His family was in a safe place in case Men in Gray would try to use them as hostage. Phil would join them as soon as he would get Blackbird brothers out of the city. Toby had been sad that he needed to say goodbye to black dog yet another time. But from what Phil had told him in fake-cover-story style, he understood that Leo along with another brown dog was trying to get home. Holding a bag of his possessions, he had finally got in ambulance van in which his mother was waiting. “Your plan is risky and I still don’t trust you.” Leo barked once again when Phil was about to repeat the plan. “Brother…” Dimi tried to make him less rude to the scientist. “I’ve already gave you my word for ten times. What more do you want me to do in order to trust me?” man said which made Leo quiet. Scientist put a coat on and let Dimi borrow one of Toby’s. Leo joined with Cloud, but this time he took a form of hawk. With such black feathers he looked more like oversized crow than bird of prey. Flying through the window, he began the first stage of the plan. Despite the night, there was still a possibility that Men in Gray might spot him. But at the same time he would be drawing attention to himself, making them follow him in one direction. To spice things up, he would also use his mind reading powers in order to make his ISLE grow, being detectable on tracking machines. After older brother left, Phil and Dimi along with Whirl got into Phil’s car that was hidden in garage, blocks away. Whirl was going to turn into snake and hid under the seats, when man told him not to. “Why not?” confusion appeared on brunette’s face “They won’t notice him there.” “He’ll be hidden better in trunk.” man replied as he looked for the car keys. “Okay.” Dimi patted confused Spirit Mate and opened the trunk. Whirl took a form of a wolf, clearly showing he didn’t like the idea. But he knew better not to ruin the plan because of the claustrophobic feelings. Dimi got on the front seat, staring at the man who sat on the driver’s one, securing himself with a seatbelt. Boy done the same, knowing too well of how affectively they could save your life. Immortal or not, it was painful to die all over again. Scientist clicked on remote to get garage’s gate open, nervously gripping the wheels. It was a bit strange since he acted completely normal until Leo left. Why would he suddenly change his behavior like that? “Are you alright mister?” Dimi asked politely, as every adult would. “Nah, just a bit jumpy since I haven’t drove for a while.” man smiled, turning the car keys. He drove out of garage with no problem, quickly getting on one of the main roads. New York was a city of night with many people and cars everywhere. But not on the street where Phil lived. Street was empty with exception of few vans and late-night people. It was already past the midnight, so there was pretty much no one who would be there after all. “I’m really glad you left Men in Gray.” Dimi broke the sound of tires “If it weren’t for you, I would be just a broken puppet at this time. Whenever you took care of me, I felt as I can escape the labs.” “Being a parent is something every human is born with. It was only natural I saw you as my own son.” Phil sighed, keeping eyes on the road “It broke my heart whenever they hurt you.” “I’m grateful for that.” boy leaned back on the seat, looking at the stars in the sky. With Leo leading possible trackers away which were actually there, no one was following them. It made plan easier since no one would guess their meeting point. From there, brothers would continue on wings until reaching the house of Mr. and Ms. Young, agents working for Order of Silver. After getting there, they would contact other Ials to come pick them up and get back home. Plan sounded simple enough, but in case Leo drew too many trackers, they would be forced to only run away until they would lose them. As stubborn as Men in Gray were, Dimi doubt they would just give up at hunting for them. Suddenly brunette found seatbelt too tight. He usually wasn’t picky about uncomfortableness, but due to tape he had trouble breathing. Especially on his neck where it nearly cut into his skin. “Can I take the seatbelt off?” brunette asked man who was still deeply focused on the road. “It will be dangerous to do so. You better keep it on.” he replied. “But it’s hurting me.” boy protested, trying to loosen it unsuccessfully “It won’t take me long to fix it, just a minute or two.” “There will be some turns, leave it as it is.” Phil said using different tone. Despite what scientist told him, Dimi tried to take it off by clicking on the button that unfastens it. But button didn’t do a thing. Like old zipper it was stuck no matter how many times brunette tried to remove it. He was going to tell Phil about it when he out of sudden he felt something in his chest. At first he thought it was a seatbelt, but truth hurt far more. It was a big syringe filled with far familiar liquid, right on the part where his heart was. Cold needle was held by Phil’s left hand as he used other to keep driving. Dimi was shocked, feeling the contents of liquid consuming his heart. Dizziness was soon to follow, making his eyes burning with tears. “Why Phil? Why?” dazzled boy asked, whimpering as he felt agony that he thought was forever gone. Scientist remained emotionless even after last drop was injected into young Ial. Dimi’s breathing became raspy, eyelids forcing down when multiple lights came in sight. Brunette watched with great sadness how Phil parked the car and left it, leaving him. Group of people came out of vehicles, meeting up with the man. Effect of the drug enabled him to hear the conversation between them. Then Phil came back opening the car’s doors on boy’s side. Another man was with him, looking at the boy with hungry eyes. “I though you gonna say, you’ll bring us A4 not B1.” man argued, slapping Dimi as he done so. “It wasn’t possible.” Phil said emotionlessly “Is deal still on?” Man took the cell phone out of his pocket talking to someone he wasn’t glad to talk to. While he talked, Dimi fought the effects of drug, giving Phil pleading looks. But no matter how far he tried, scientist refused to make an eye contact with him. More tears ran down his face. Why on world would Phil betray them like that? Leo interrogated him five times and there were no signs of lies. “Alright, this kid will do.” man boringly put away the cell phone “Boss will disarm the bomb on the plane. You’re lucky that you at least brought kid.” Leader gestured other members to continue with assistance. Dimi was forcedly pulled out of the car, no matter how weak he was. Boy was then thrown into van where two female lab coats stripped him out of oversized jeans and jacket. Before finally losing consciousness, brunette saw how he was dressed in some sort of silver jumpsuit and put into a tub that was filled with white gas. Same went for Whirl, except tube was a bit smaller. In case it struggled as well, restrains in form of a muzzle and straps were put on it. “What’s with the suit and glass tub?” Phil asked before getting in car. “Just the latest invention. Jumpsuit is filled with tiny sonars that can create EMBs in nanoseconds. Liquid nitrogen in tub keeps sample weakened since its body temperature drops low so it doesn’t struggle.” man as it was doing a commercial about it “Boss is thanking you for your assistance.” Phil didn’t say a thing, even after group went back into van. Scientist sighed as he went back in car, driving towards meeting point. There as planned Leo was waiting, seemingly panicking when he saw Phil without Dimi. “Where is he?” Leo practically yelled as Cloud snarled angrily. Scientist took something from his pocket, handing it to confused black haired. “Plan failed, Men in Gray have your brother.” Object that was handed to Leo was Dimi’s Trinity. .... Rescue group found a perfect place for landing and quickly covered helicopter with oversized blanket in sandy color. Just when Gabriel was about to inform others of a plan his cell phone rang. On the other side was a voice he didn't expect. "I need your help."
  7. Mystery with bit of action, supernatural and little more fantasy. Teen Wolf pretty much covers all of my favorite genres.
  8. Heh, I pretty much added the roles I know. (I haven't watched all anime, cartoons and played all video games yet.) You're free to tell me which roles to add and I'll edit the topic Also, I forgot Saix is also Klein from Sword Art Online.
  9. So I did a little research since I keep hearing the same voice actors It turned out Organization's members are double agents Especially Vexen and Saix who keep appearing in Power Rangers series. So far Larxene's voice appeared only in KH series. Here goes: Xemnas Kurama - Naruto Shippuden Punch - Cowboy Bebop Wormmon - Digimon 02 (and some other digimon, like Leomon, Apocalymon, Gorillamon, Diaboramon...) Grand Fisher - Bleach Xigbar Mike (Bloom's adoptive father) - Winx Club Private - Penguins of Madagascar Avalanche - Wolverine and X-Men Colonel Alexander - Gettysburg Xaldin Trent Kort - NCIS Vexen Uryū Ishida - Bleach Reiji Shiratori / Astaroth (Eps. 1-2) - Blue Exorcist Veemon and Ken Ichijouji - Digimon 02 (and some other Digimon like Veemon's evolutions, Piedmon, Impmon...) Shino Aburame - Naruto and Naruto Shipudden Elgar - Power Rangers Turbo Auric the Conqueror - Power Rangers Zeo Treacheron - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Jetara - Power Rangers Time Force Tire Org - Power Rangers Wild Force Lexaeus Marshmallow - Frozen Thor, Trapster, Thing, John Porter, Uatu, Galactus' Mother, Captain Liechtenstein, Baron Mordo, Dracula, Doc Samson, Man-Thing - The Super Hero Squad Show Thing - Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Weiss - Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus Lord Flint Vorselon - Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Zexion Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon Carlos Oliveira ( U.B.C.S. mercenary) - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Marquis de Lafayette - Assassin's Creed III Saix Shiro Fujimoto - Blue Exorcist Kaname Oghi - Code Geass Gabumon - Digimon (and other digimon like Gabumon's evolutions, Karatenmon, Mummymon...) Kiritsugu Emiya - Fate/stay night Ryosai - Magi (Labyrinth of Magic) Kisame Hoshigaki - Naruto and Naruto Shippuden ( also Tazuna and Shukaku) DeFoe - Huntik: Secrets & Seekers Silo - Power Rangers Zeo Craterites - Power Rangers In Space Brunt - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Spellbinder - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Angelcon - Power Rangers Time Force Motorcycle Org - Power Rangers Wild Force Douglas Cartland - Silent Hill 3 Harry Mason - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Jin - Samurai Champloo Shadow - Sonic the Hedgehog Klein - Sword Art Online Axel Kon (stuffed lion-teddy bear) - Bleach Marcus Damon - Digimon Data Squad Iruka Umino (Naruto's first sensei) - Naruto and Naruto Shipudden Johhny Storm (Human Torch) - Fantastic Four Malekith the Accursed - The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Snowbell - Stuart Little (Animated series) Lightning - Teen Titans Timon - Timon & Pumbaa Reno - Final Fantasy VII Nightwing - Batman: Arkhman City Isaaru - Final Fantasy X and X-2 Raiden - MGS2, MGS4 and MGR: Revengence Silver - Sonic Series Demyx Young Kovu - Lion King II: Simba's Pride 101 Dalmatians - Whizzer Matt McGinnis - Batman Beyond: Movie and Return of the Joker Randall Weems and Digger Dave - Recess: School's Out Luxord The Guardian - Justice League Edward - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Loop Group - Jack the Giant Slayer Machida - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Danny Walters - CSI: Miami Captain and Circus Master - Avatar: The Last airbender Prague Henchman - NCIS: Los Angeles Lachlan McDermott - Criminal Minds Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Pyro - X-Men: Next Dimension Dee-Ay - Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City George Washington - Assassin's Creed II Travis Touchdown - No More Heroes Captain Slag - Ratchet and Clank Marluxia Friend Owl - Bambi II Frog, Lenny, Ripped, Lumpy, Mr. Candy Cane - Adventure Time King Julien XIII - Madagascar Judge Gabranth - Dissidia Final Fantasy Han Solo - Lego Movie Bloo - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Roxas Theodore - Alvin and the Chipmunks Jojo - Horton Hears a Who Terence - Tinkerbell movies Robin and Nightwing - Young Justice (ever heard him laugh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j04WxblQqUE ) Xion (Xion has been voiced by two voice actresses, firstly are by the one who voiced Xion in BBS and DDD) Dot - Bug's Life Suri - Dinosaur Jennifer "Jen" Harwood - Ice Princess Fairy Princess Willow - Scooby Doo and Goblin King (Xion's voice from Days 1.5 Remix) Camille Gage - Step Up Caitlyn Gellar - Camp Rock Connie - the Batman Lillian Hale - W. I. T. C. H. Barbara Gordon and Bette Kane - Young Justice Opal - The Legend of Korra Sarah Baker - Cheaper by the Dozen If you want I can also check for other characters Anyway it's been fun ( at least for me ) to find out where else have those voice actors took part. So what do you think? Surprised?
  10. First of all... I really wanna thank you all guys that you took your spare time in order to help me. When I firstly posted this, I would never imagine that some many people would respond. Seriously guys, thank you a lot! Reason why I didn't respond to you is that some of you wanted to know what am I going to do with a lead of your advices and how is it going to work out. Well it took longer than I expected, but I couldn't be more happy with final conclusion in this never ending story of friendship. The thing was... Annie was scared and looked for a comfort at wrong places. When she didn't find it, her emotions and anger acted as defense. To start again from begining, soon after posting this story about my breaking friendship with her, I started avoiding her by hanging out with other classmates and studying for finals. She on the other hand remained pretty much the same, hanging it out with only two girls that entire class disliked. And for a good reason. The first one (I'll call her Lisa) was seriously spoiled little girl that kept complaining and making up the excuses for pretty much everything. For example, English teacher said loud and clear that she will have asking exams with those who haven't yet. Lisa was one of them. When teacher said her name, she came to the teacher and god, I thought Lisa will bite teacher's head off. She had number of excuses such as "No one told me, there will be asking exams" , "I currently don't feel well due to my injury, I don't think I can handle." INJURY that she was talking about, was sprained ankle that she had twisted weeks ago. Luckily teacher knew her too well to be tricked. He gave her 1 (1 is the worst and 5 is the best) and told her she can fix it whenever she feels ready. Lisa on the other hand was not statisfied and left the room in the middle of the lesson, slaming the door. What surprised me was that Annie followed her lead and left the class as well. During the break, I heard her talking to Annie of how rude teacher was to her and how no one understands her problems. Since there were already many simmilar situations like it (making herself poor in order to get better grades) I simply went to her. I knew Lisa didn't like me, but that time she was surprisingly nice, saying how at least someone undestands her. That time I was still recovering from a surgery (two torn knee ligaments) and had to wear special brace just so I could walk. I told her that twisted ankle (which heals in two weeks) is nothing compared to torn muscles that need more than a year to recover. If I remember correctly I said something like this: "Time when I was supposed to rest at home, I came in school to finish with exams and you right here are whining becuase of your twisted ankle? Just so you can get away with important asking exam?" "What do you know? You don't know the thing about my injury!" "Look I twisted my ankle twice, broke three of my toes, got a nasty cut on my forhead, had five surgeries on my feet, had a surgery where my skin was removed and I currently have two still healing muscles that got torn. I damm know what pain is. And I know that by using it as an excuse doesn't help, it only gets worse." Whole time me and Lisa were talking, Annie was quiet, but was listening to everything I said. After that day neither of them dared to talk to me. Annie, Lisa and another girl (I'll call her Hayley) were pretty much together. Others disliked Heyley becuase she kept complaining about teaching methods in which also her parents were involved. One time her parents almost suspended our Math teacher, just becuase all three had bad grades there. Instead of gettting themselves into studies they rather looked for the guilt in someone else. I think that was the time when Annie started seriusly thinking in just kind of situation she was. I remember Annie asking some other friend of mine if she could help her study which she agreed. During that time everyone was nervous, especially becuase finals were coming. I avoided the trio simply becuase I really needed to study to get enough points for college. Then one other classmate came into story (I'll call him Matt). Me and Matt has been having this weird rivalship since the first year. He always thought he's the smartest in whole class (which he actually was but not always) and kept trying to beat my scores. Whenever we talked, we were 100% honest with each other, mostly saying the worst things or at least things we disliked about each other. But in fourth year, we both had the same goal - to graduate with flying colors. This time we worked together to achieve that goal. We worked so hard that we didn't have time to argue or think about negative stuff. Then we even started meeting in the city's library and going out. There besides studying we also talked, again 100% honest, but also talking about positive stuff. I even told him about Annie and how I feel about him. I think it was something like this. "Those three have serious problems with each other, don't mind them." "Each other?" "Yeah, I mean whenever they are together they badmouth whoever they think of. But when two are away, third one badmouths them." This got me thinking. Was Annie really aware in what kind of twisted "friendship" she got? And how she was reacting was becuase of how Lisa and Heyley were acting towards her? I knew they were hanging out soon after the second year, but I never expected it was becuase of them. Luckily Annie partly understood what was going on and took an important change in her life. She found a way to bring her grades up by studying with instructors and taking extra classes. Lisa kept going with excuses and Heyley with her parent's complains. One time I noticed Annie struggling with math homework and decided to help her. She was really glad I helped her out and out of sudden we started talking about upcoming prom night. When the talk about dresses came, Annie got a little nervous about her dress. "My dress will make me so fat." "Is it you who thinks you're fat or someone else?" "Lisa thinks I should her rid of the fat on my stomach and Heyley thinks..." "And you believe them? What makes them right to judge you? If you by your own thinking consider yourself as fat, then I'll judge you. I think you have a really nice shape and dress will help you show it. Perhaps the belt looks wide, but that will in fact create an illusion of hourglass shape, the nicest possible one." Whole thing about "hourglass shape" (which I found out when checking a magazine) finally opened her eyes. I think after that she still hanged out with Lisa and Heyley, but was more confident about herself. That showed during last weeks of the final high school years. Bad grade at math was going to forbid her from doing finals. But you know what she did? She signed a paper to do a whole year math test! And she passed with flying colors! Before that she avoided simmilar situations like Lisa and Heyley, by making excuses and complaining. When finals came she was calm, unlike before when she was nervous about every single thing. After they were over she was worried she wouldn't pass. During the time we waited for results, we started seeing again. We talked and she didn't showed any sign that she still had something against me. Annie just wanted to know why I was avoiding her. I told her that I was stressed about pretty much everything, including her and so was she. I needed a break which she understood and apologized for being a like that to me. She also told me that she completly stopped seeing Lisa becuase she was getting on her nerves. It turned out, Lisa signed for a difficult college for which she needed much more points than she expected. Becuase of that she kept bugging people to borrow her notes, study with her or just hear her complaints about everything. I'm not sure about Heyley, but from what I heard she had problems with herself as well. Results came - me and Matt got enough points to get to the colleges we worked so hard and graduated with no problem. Annie graduated too. Unfortuantely she didn't get enough points for first college, but was accepted on the second. Neither Lisa or Heyley graduated. Out of five classes Heyley failed three. Lisa failed four. On graduation day, me and Annie shook hands, saying congratulations. I was so proud on her, that she beat her problems without my help. Annie said she will miss me and will miss her too. Despite the pain there was also happiness which will I never forget. This experience helped me a lot, reminding me that you should get to know the people before you start judging them. There are people who hang out with others, so they can throw their problems at them. I thought Annie was like that, but it was Lisa and Heyley who made her like that. They created their own rules and Annie thought she should stick with them. That was a mistake that she realized by herself and for that I'm proud. If you're insure about your friend, get to know them more and more. Then start thinking if she/he is worth your friendship. Me and Annie will stay in contact even during college years. Our friendship was real, even though there were some holes in it. Now we got rid of those holes. Sometimes it's okay to let the things be and try to solve them by watching from the distance, then take a part of it. Again thank you for all of your advices!!! I kept me from doing something wrong. Just look at the result, we made up! Thanks to all of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Remember "My friends are my power and I'm theirs!!!"
  11. Heya guys - new chapter! Before I start I have to say that I GRADUATED!!! Not only that I also got a notice from English College, reporting that out of 74,5 needed points I got 85,5 points!!! I can pretty much thank Nature's Strenght that I got accepted! Chapter Twenty-Seven: Stories To Share It took hours until they were certain that Men in Gray weren’t following them. Only then could group of seven Ials relax, separate from Spirit Mates and do the further plan. Since there were only five more huskies beside them, they had entire car for themselves. Moment Blaze got away from his owner, Alex felt slight pain in the back. Others slightly flinched as well and immediately started stretching in the similar way cats do after they wake up. It was nothing unusual for Ials, since joining with the wolf body kept spines in different angles as the ones average human has. From the small crack redhead could see it was already a night outside. No wonder, they were driving for at least half of a day. Bag with snowboards and other winter equipment was left with the husky breeder. That left each of them a backpack, though Gabriel had an enormous bag with him. Alex soon find out why. “Alright, you hungry wolves! In line if you’re thinking about being opposite.” dusky boy chuckled as he began sharing food. “Asian noodles?” Nora made a questionable look. “Yeah, that guy is crazy about them.” he set out four different cups “Vegetable, chicken, spicy or shrimps?” “Think I’ll just go with the *tastes like chicken* phrase.” she grinned when selecting the said cup. “Are you trying to sign your death sentence?” Os turned red when seeing which flavor was given to him. “Huh? I thought you liked extra chilly in… oh, sorry, wrong twin.” Gabriel instantly handed shrimp flavored noodles. Good thing about cupped noodles was their quick preparation. You just added boiling water, waited few minutes and started eating warm meal. Luckily Ami possessed the mini water boiler, perfect for heating the liquid. In matter of seconds whole trail was filled with different scents of instant supper. When picking hot noodles with plastic forks, group again split around the trailer. Nora sat next to Piko who almost immediately blushed when seeing her. Ial girl could be extremely flirty person if she wanted and her body only gave her advantage. Even though silver haired had already been pretty much aware of the world of Ials, he was still incredibly shy. Others just hope his shyness would soon fade. Hidelights were together I corner, including Spark. Redhead couldn’t deny that Roxy’s Spirit Mate was getting worse. Each day she would only curled up in a corner, napping like exhausted dog. That would be alright if Spark didn’t look the same as before rest. Whenever was a chance, she tried to help her distant partner if just by giving her extra strength. Male twin tried to be of help as well, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make a connection with his missing sister. Nikki could only tell that brief connection that they had before was caused by something Alex did and was still unsure of what it was. Passing another group, redhead was suddenly met by Gabriel and Ami. Girl seemed as she was doing something on laptop, possibly adding details to a forming plan. He on the other hand wasn’t doing anything. “Everything alright, bro?” Gabriel asked, wiping the piece of chicken on his cheek away. “I don’t know.” Alex replied quietly, watching Blaze lying next to him “I’m so confused of everything that is going on. I mean I understand the whole deal with Ials and all, but I keep feeling as I’m missing a bigger picture. As I can’t recall of whom am I becoming.” “Heh, I met lots of Ials who were like you. Don’t worry, you’ll get over it soon.” he friendly patted Alex’s shoulder. “Say, how old are you exactly?” Alex formed yet another question. “69, why do you ask? Oh yeah you’re probably wondering why I’m not growing myself a beard.” other chuckled as his Spirit Mate Sandy started fixing its wings. “That too… but mostly, how is it to live so many years without ageing? What is your purpose? I mean when you’re alive you keep preparing for future until you die. As an Ial you don’t have limited time. What’s the point of living as an Ial?” redhead’s questions rained. “Alex… are you sure you had a future or purpose in your previous life?” Gabriel crossed both of his arms. When question left other’s lips, Alex began to wonder. He had a future or at least he thought he had. After graduating from high school, he would probably continue studying on college, then look for a job, perhaps find a soul mate, have a family… That was the most cliché scenario that would have happened if his life hadn’t ended. But would that really happen? “Even as a normal person you can’t assume the point of living.” dusky boy continued “It’s your own decision what will happen. Both in real life and as an Ial.” Situation left Alex speechless. Seeing that, Gabriel kept talking. “Look on the bright side. You have powers within you, you have probably made more friends than ever and you met someone that became really special to you.” he said, making Alex blush “Yeah, I know about Roxy and you.” “How did… you?” his cheeks became almost as red as his hair. “Nikki told me everything about you. I can only tell you that Ials are capable of falling in love only once. And when they do, they treasure it forever.” Sandy slightly shifted on his shoulder “Don’t worry, we’ll get Roxy out. Then you can tell her what you truly feel about her.” “Gabriel, are you and Ami…?” redhead wasn’t sure how to form this. “Yes, we are, but not in way you think. It’s a far longer and complicated story.” other grinned while giving a smile to Ami who looked away from the laptop screen. “Well from what I heard we will be driving for quite some time.” Alex moved closer with Blaze putting its head in his lap. Slightly coughing to clear his throat, dusky boy did the same except Sandy remained in bird form, staying on Gabriel’s muscular arm. Ami didn’t seem to be in mood to hear the story, so she went to other corner of the car, Scar following in wolf form. When everything was settled, Gabriel started talking. “My origins come from a quite tough place. As I already told you, I’m 69, meaning I’m coming from sixties, time when States were far different. Even though Martin Luther King’s demonstrations tried to lessen the laws against my race, we were still hated.” he said in quiet tone. “I remember hearing about that in school. Despite having the rights to attend the white university black students needed an escort of an army just to get there alive.” Alex remembered history lessons after Second World War. “Being part of that is far different than just reading history textbook.” Gabriel sighed, but remained the same “I grew up in numerous family. My mother was a maid and father was a mechanic. They earn little, but subsisted entire family. I was the third oldest, with both of my older brothers working to help with the bills. For me they hoped I would be the first to be accepted in University. Despite being in family of ten members that could use another pair of working hands, I remained following my dream of becoming a lawyer. It was very hard to become one, especially for me due to environment I was coming from. But I didn’t give up on my dream. I even worked part-time in order to earn money for my own scholarship.” “During part-time work in inn I met Ami. Or should I say Amelia Elizabeth Jefferson. Her social status was right opposite to mine, being part of high society neighborhood and all. But none of that mattered when we instantly fell in love with each other. She would use an excuse for afternoon studying in inn where I was working, just to talk with me. We shared the same dream about which we were both working hard to make it true. In matter of years we both graduated – different schools but equally good results. That night Ami just got a notice from University for which she applied.” dusky boy made a pause by drinking a cup of tea. “Ami was so happy about being accepted and so was I, despite not knowing if I was accepted as well. After I finished my shift, I walked her home since her house was near the bus station that would take me home. It was pretty late, almost no one except us outside. Before we departed Ami did something she had never dared before. She kissed me with a kiss that wasn’t a simple one. It was a passionate kiss of pure love. That very moment I knew that we were meant to be together, the fairytale I barely had dreamed about became true.” Gabriel made yet another sip of tea, this time taking a bit longer to continue. “Fairytale was immediately replaced by a nightmare. I should’ve known that Ami’s so called friends assumed something was going on between us. You see when it comes to high society groups that have rules of their own; they would do everything to make things as they want. For them I was a reason why Ami left them. So they needed to take care of the obstacle. They were pretty smart, making it look as it was a bare accident in the middle of night. For them it seemed as it went according to plan. Except it didn’t.” “Right when we were about to finish the kiss, a car rushed towards us. Due to light I wasn’t sure what to do, but Ami did. She kept her head still and pushed me away. I screamed for her, just before car massively hit her. After that it was just dark. Due to horror I passed out.” last sentences made him shiver and he needed few minutes to calm down. “I woke up in hospital with broken collarbone, fractured ribs and mild conclusion. Ami didn’t have that kind of luck. When accident happened, some random passers-by called ambulance and police from the payphone. But when they arrived Ami was already dead.” “I wanted to attend her funeral, only to hear there was none. I angrily checked every single cemetery to see where she was buried. But according to every possible obituary, it was as Ami never existed.” “Is it due to forgetting effect? When I became an Ial, Roxy said everyone forgets about you.” Alex asked interrupting other’s story. “It happens with every Ial, his existence is wiped out from Real World. Even I started forgetting about Ami, despite being really close. But I didn’t give up. I kept writing down all moments we spent together, kept making sketches of how she looked or just pretending she was next to me. I struggled nearly three years not to forget her. Because of all those attempts I failed school and was fired from every single job I took. Eventually my family started to think I was out of my mind, almost sending me to a mental institute. Knowing there was nothing else for me to do, I took a drastic turn.” Gabriel stopped for second, continuing the next one. “I knew my dad had an old hunting rifle that he never used. One night I took it and with last money I possessed bought a train ticket to desert. During the train ride, my memories began to fade even more. When I finally got to desert, I nearly had forgotten all about her. With last remaining memories, I had found a right place and pulled a trigger of a gun.” he nearly murmured, clenching a cup in his free hand. “You’ve become an Ial by committing a suicide? But how is that possible?” Alex covered his mouth in shock. “I was in despair, praying for second chance. When I shot myself, I kept pleading to be reunited with Ami in Afterlife. When more and more blood left my body I started to doubt I’ll be allowed to enter Afterlife at all. Life is a gift that shouldn’t be taken by force.” Gabriel’s expression slightly changed “But it seemed as my prayers were heard. After a long blackout of silence, I heard gentle steps coming closer. It was Ami, a three year old Ial, coming to take me to Realm of Spirits. At first it seemed as dream which later turned out to be true. I never recalled seeing Ami so beautiful, as she was an angel descending from heaven.” When Gabriel finished he looked on his love who smiled back. He added an epilogue of how they trained together and how they bonded. “Bonding is far more than just a wedding in Ial’s dictionary. It means literally being connected for all eternity. When two Ials bond, male’s Spirit Mate takes a form of an eagle instead of hawk and female’s turn into coyote instead of wolf. We share powers, Trinities and can even use Anima abso.” he explained. “Can you have kids?” Alex curiosity kicked. “No, we can’t.” Gabriel almost whispered. “Why not? Is it forbidden like in Star Wars or something?” redhead was surprised by other’s reply. “Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t. You see, if by any chance that happens, Ial body can’t stand it. ISLE, extra veins that makes us Ials, recognizes a fetus as a deadly virus and kills it.” dusky boy kept whispering “We tried.” “I’m sorry.” Alex got knees to his chest, embracing it. Both Ials stared into slightly shaking background in silence. They were still in Alaska, moving towards south by each passing minute. Others were starting to fall asleep, curling closer to wolf forms of their Spirit Mates. They needed strength for upcoming mission. “Just one more thing.” Alex said unexpectedly. “What is it?” other slightly opened his eyes. “How do you use Anima abso?” redhead asked unusual question. *** Like every time you pass out, there’s blackness until the moment you wake up. Sometimes there’s this little blink of light, but most of the time it’s just dark. Roxy couldn’t see neither of those two shades. Disortian wasn’t that kind of place that was built of dark and light. There were all tones of different colors, not really tones of the ones she knew. Roxy cleared her head another time, trying to travel further. But every passing minute, more energy was taken from her. Half of it went for mind travel other was dragged by machines that Men in Gray got on her. If there weren’t any, she could have a chance going further. Seeing dimension of Disortian drifting away, blonde could only lift her hand as trying to catch it. Despite knowing the truth she kept trying until there was literally nothing left. With a big gasp, Roxy, also known as A3 case, was sound awake. Restrains were pretty much the same as before passing out, tight and uncomfortable. Only few liquids from her IV were removed and replaced by suspicious-looking scanners. Otherwise room was empty. Even the guards seemed to finally have got a break from guarding a girl secured with Ial-proved restrains. Who would blame them? It was in the middle of the night. Ial girl sighed and tried to sort out what the hell just happen in those few hours. For the fact she knew Anima abso have something to do with it. Heck, she saw both her twin brother and Alex drifting in Disortian, place between Realm of Spirits and Real World. Anima abso worked as a connection between two persons with the same DNA, either twins or bonded Ials. How come Alex could enter the connection? From what she knew there wasn’t an inner power that could use Anima Abso spontaneously. Only if… that was it! Another scene of her in Vega’s library was presented in her head. When reading THE BOOK, only written down information of every single living Ial, she noticed an important chapter – Rarest Inner Powers. Elemental powers such as electricity, water, fire, wind, ground… etc. were stated as Basic ones. Then there were powers stated as Extreme such as telepathy, telekinesis and force bending. Rare ones could’ve been also stated as Mysterious since there weren’t a lot of Ials using them. Those were powers of molecular shifting, mind sorting and most of all, powers of dark and light. Light was the one who brought her attention. THE BOOK stated there were only two Ials with power of light, both unknown. Could Alex be the third? He must’ve been, because from what it has been written, light users weren’t all about the sun light-related powers, such as cat eyes, UV and light rays. Light could also connect other powers as long as user was aware of what he was doing. So Alex was capable of connecting his powers to Os and with it, them connecting to her. But why it lasted for only that short period of time? Probably because redhead was still new to those kinds of powers when Os had fourteen years of experience, yet he alone was unable to reach her no matter how hard he tried. She at least had told them that Dimi and Alicia managed to get away. Thinking about those two safe and sound, moved her thoughts to the next stage. How will she escape firstly the Ial-proved chains, then labs, over thirty guards, angry leading scientists, abby itself and most of all Nevada’s desert. Previous escape was just plain luck since there was weather on their side. From what she heard, atmosphere became much too dry for another rainy day, meaning her chances of escape just turned from one in ten thousand to one in one million. Not to mention Dimi was of great help before. “You do know you’re not alone.” mysterious voice echoed through the walls. “Who’s there?” Roxy snapped searching for a person whose voice gave her the chills. According to her Ial instincts, similar to animal ones, not a living soul with exception of her was there. By those matters, voice could only belong to… “Leave me alone!” blonde shouted that she swung on the chains. She got an angry look down when feeling presence in front of her. “Why should I? After all, I am you.” voice kept echoing. “I’m through with you!”Ial girl tried to find a way to block the being. “Oh really? How come you called for me then?” sentence flashed until user was truly reveled. In control room, two of scientists were puzzled by situation. One of them pressed numerous buttons to scan the cell all over again. “Who is A3 talking to? Or more importantly against what is it fighting?” female one observed video all over again. “ISLE has surprisingly risen, but it doesn’t show A3 using either of powers.” male scientist stated when dialing Eztli’s number. “What could it be?” woman struggled to understand statistics computer was showing. Back in the cell, death glare wouldn’t leave Roxy’s face. The last person or more like being she wanted to see right now was bugging her to the bits. Despite seeing it, teen acted as it was right in front of her. “You just never change, Roxana, sometimes being stubborn in the same way as your brother. That mind of yours will get you nowhere.” “I don’t need you!” Roxy’s face started turning red out of anger. “Oh, but you do. You’re all alone at this point.” voice became childish. “I have Spark and that’s all what I need.” was her reply. “So why did you call for me then? Because Spark isn’t with you?” manipulating whisper filled her ears. “SHUT UP!” could Roxy only shout. Almost immediately, blonde found herself in her own mind. It wasn’t like in movies, drifting in subspace or something. Each mind was represented by an image of attic room. No one really knew why, but from what others could sort out, attic represented a place where everything was stored. In Roxy’s attic were tidy boxes, few books, countless lists with notes, stuffed animals and most of all a bright, slightly old looking mirror built into the wall. Carefully she stepped closer, staring into reflection that wasn’t entirely hers. Roxy on the other side had an evil grin, with eyes that reflected red rays. True Roxy crossed her arms which reflection didn’t. “What do you want?” blonde asked with narrowed eyes. “Want? Oh I don’t want anything.” reflection giggled as the funniest joke was told “Remember I’m here to guide you.” “Stay out of it.” Roxy kept the same expression “It’s true you’re part of me, but Spirit Mate is the one who guides. Inner Ial is controlled by ISLE.” “Don’t be such a rude Ial.” image in mirror smiled “You need me now more than ever.” “No I don’t. I can get myself out without your help” blonde wasn’t to give up. Seeing that nice talk wasn’t convincing enough, reflection became as serious as the real Roxy. “Roxana Catherine Hidelight. Ever since the day I was created, I’m part of you and feel whatever happens. You mastered your abilities in rather shorter amount of time, unaware of the fact that more power you gained, freer I was from ISLE control. I must say I’m impressed of how fast you realized about my presence and tamed me.” “You tried to take control of me!” “I did and it felt good.” reflection grinned “But after taming me completely, I never again tried to. I never would’ve thought that you’d release me willingly.” “It was only to buy Dimi and Alicia some time!” “And what then? You again sealed me inside, but not completely.” “Just what is your point?” Mirror Roxy crossed arms while widening the eyes. “My point you ask?” reflection laughed as Roxy asked the most stupid question “Without Spirit Mate you’re unable to escape. With my help we can do it.” “I don’t trust you.” Roxy shouted “You’re only using the situation to take control of me again.” Every single word in Roxy’s sentence was true. If Ials had two beings on the shoulders like in movies, Spirit Mate was an angel when Inner Ial was a devil. “Consider that as a bet.” mirror image mumbled “Get out without my help and I’ll leave you alone. Give in and I’ll gladly take control of you.” Out of sudden, Roxy was back in cell. Thinking if conversation with Inner Ial was just a mere dream, she sighed when unwanted voice yet again echoed. “Time starts right now.” Maybe it seemed as blonde got yet another enemy to escape from. In fact it gave her extra strength to not give up as long as she was conscious. Inner Ial’s intention might have been bad, but in her eyes it told her to hurry in forming a good escape plan. *** Times of awkward silence were even more awkward when neither of people knew what in the world was going on. Man, twelve year old kid and two wolves stared at each other as expecting a movie narrator to tell them what to do next. Leo was the first to act, quickly scanning the memories of the man in front of him. Man named dr. Phil Willows did many things in his life, including completing his studies, meeting a loving wife and have a child of his own, Toby. But no matter what he read in mind, Leo had an off feeling about that person. Dimi in fact wasn’t suspicious at all about him since he ran to him as happily as dog does to his owner. Letting Phil stroke his fur, made Leo suspicious even more. “Didn’t expect to see you here, Dimi or should I say B1.” man mumbled making both wolves jump away in a flash. Black wolf protectively stepped in front of the brown one snarling with his teeth. Toby gasped at situation since he hadn’t seen him act that way. Leo growled, prepared to attack a member of Men in gray. Surprisingly, Dimi stopped him by pulling his tail. “What are you doing?” Leo snarled using his mind. “Don’t attack him!” Dimi shouted while he kept pulling other’s tail. “Dimi, he called you B1! He’s a part of Men in Gray!” “I know! Would you please stop so I can explain!” brown wolf switched position with his brother “Phil isn’t dangerous. He was forced into working for Men in Gray.” Older sibling backed off a bit, still not trusting a stunned man in front of him. “If you don’t believe me, look into his memories. He helped me.” Dimi claimed, defending Phil from Leo’s attack. As much as he didn’t appreciate it, wolf entered Phil’s mind, searching for recent memories. He saw him entering the plane, exiting in lab in unknown states, setting equipment for Ial experimenting and then treating Ial’s wounds. Leo was amazed when seeing how gently Phil took care of his little brother when experiments were too much for him. Digging further he found out that Phil was actually one of the leading scientists due to his big amount of knowledge. He was never out on the field, hunting for new Ials or was in any way presented during experimentation. “Why?” Leo’s question directed towards dr. Phil. “I think it’s better if we step inside.” man opened the doors, leading Blackbird brothers inside. He instructed Toby to wait in his room which boy protested, but gave up in the end. When making sure they were alone, Leo and Dimi changed back to their true forms. Dr. Willows watched the transformation with an interest and gestured them to take a seat at the small table that only had two seats due to lack of space in tiny apartment. Problem was quickly solved by Leo taking a seat on one chair and Dimi getting in other’s lap. Cloud remained in wolf’s form while Whirl changed into a hawk, setting on brunette’s shoulder. “You Dreamers never fail to impress me…” Phil started slowly, fixing his glasses. “Start talking!” Leo rushed with demand “You didn’t just happen to have a break from work. You and your group of psychos knew I would be coming here!” “Brother…” Dimi tried to calm him, but only received a sign to keep mouth shut. “Group in the park that tried to hunt you down has nothing to do with me. Me coming here in order to check on my son and them coming are nothing but very coincidental facts.” Phil explained calmly “What your brother said is partly true. I was forced to find a work that got me enough money to pay medical bills, but there were many ways to do so. Unfortunately I picked the wrong one.” “Hell you did! Didn’t you at least gather at least basic information of what would you be doing?” Leo still didn’t get angry look off the man. “I admit it, I was a fool. If I could go back, I would have convinced my desperate self to get a different job. For that I’m sorry, but I can’t change the past.” Phil removed glasses sighing. Place meant to be a dining room was covered in silence, with three different looks staring at each other. Finally Dimi broke it. “So what now? Men in Gray are after you!” brunette exchanged look with his brother “I was only bait.” “Which still doesn’t mean they won’t try to get you as well.” Leo protectively put arms around smaller form “I can’t lose you for the third time!” “It’s true what little one is saying.” Phil put glasses back on “But if you trust me, I can get both of you out of town safe.” “Not happening!” Leo’s cold side returned, not letting go of Dimi “The last thing Ial would do, is to trust a member of Men in Gray Corporation. I would rather die one more time than willingly surrender myself to someone like you!” “But Leo, Phil is different. Believe me, he wouldn’t betray us.” brunette pleadingly put his tiny hands on Leo’s shoulders. For a moment raven haired tried to reconsider of what to do next. “What is Dimi to you?” was his unexpected question “Would you really endanger lives of your family and yourself in order to help someone who has nothing to do with you?” “I was thinking about it far too many times. But looking at you two… is like looking at me and my son. Older one is doing everything in his might to help the younger. I know how much Toby needs his mother and I’ll do whatever it takes to undo her illness. The first time I saw Dimi… I didn’t see him as a test subject as everyone else. I saw my son in the same way I left him, hurt and alone.” man stood up “Reason why I came back, was because Men in Gray don’t need me anymore. I’m no longer part of them. If it weren’t for you two, I would be probably on a way to airport. I’ve collected enough money to transport my wife to specialist in Europe.” When Dr. Phil finished his story, both brothers remained silent, including Leo. The whole time man talked, raven haired gripped his knuckles. Perhaps Phil was only trying to help. “Alright, you can help us, but that doesn’t mean I trust you.” Leo wouldn’t stop being suspicious “Before you do anything, answer on few of my questions. And you better not lie.” Former scientist sat back down, meeting Leo’s narrowing eyes. He was aware of boy’s ability to read minds, so he knew what was coming. “Are you willing to help me and my brother in any way you can?” “Yes.” “Do you have an intention of betraying us?” “Never.” “Will you ever go back working for Men in Gray, even if your life depended on it?” “My days with them are over.” “If anything doesn’t go according to plan, do you swear to protect Dimi?” “I swear.” The whole time Leo was interrogating him only truth was told to him. Besides reading memories, black haired could also tell whenever someone was lying. “Alright, what kind of plan do you have in mind?” older Blackbird brother asked slightly looking through the window. “That kind of plan that neither of you will fall in hands of Men in Gray.” man put coat on, turning towards the window “And you will have to do whatever I say if you don’t want one way ticket to abby.”
  12. There you go, another chapter! I think I'm starting to get writing inspiration back so I'll try to finally finish this story before summer vacation ends. I'm pretty nervous about the finals since I'll know results by the next week (meaning if I gathered enough points for further studying). But let's just forget about school and enjoy the newest chapter! Chapter Twenty-Six: Rats in the Maze As the sun arisen, city’s night life slowly turned into daily one. Early people as joggers, dog walkers and stand sellers soon appeared in the park. Which Dimi noticed. He shifted himself on the branch of a tree where he had decided to spend a night. Whirl felt his other half awake so he did the same. In the form of a hawk he set himself on Dimi’s shoulder, making other look up. “It has been so long since I was here…” brunette mumbled while staring down on passers-by. “I don’t recall being here.” Spirit Mate gave his owner a questionable look. “Not as an Ial silly.” boy put on the sweater that he had used as a pillow “I was here when I was still alive.” Despite knowing Dimi’s feelings and thoughts, Whirl lacked past memories. Boy rarely had talked about those, mostly because it was natural for Ials to let go of their pasts. But the look in brunette’s eyes was what made him think that park meant something to him. Understanding his Spirit Mate’s gesture, Dimi climbed down with Whirl to follow as a wolf. “I used to live here for short period of time. I don’t know for sure, but I think I was six or seven when we left.” he put hands in pockets as any regular boy would. Brunette managed to get some clothes along with the food from the truck. Passer-by would see him wearing light blue sweater with pale white shirt projecting from underneath. It seemed as the shop Buy Best didn’t really know what S size meant since the smallest jeans that Dimi had found kept slipping off him. Either that or just the fact of how skinny boy had gotten. His feet wearing cheap sneakers without socks led him towards the empty bench where he decided to have breakfast. From the red backpack, also from the truck, containing numerous sacks of crisps, candy bars and packet of mini sandwiches he decided for the last. It wasn’t as healthy as usual one was supposed to be, but it was a way more nutritious than what he had been forced to eat for several months. Whirl lay on the ground as any pet dog would. There weren’t a lot of people who would see them, only few joggers and gang of bikers heading for school. Thinking he may have looked suspicious since it was a regular weekday, brunette took out of “borrowed” backpack a textbook, pencil and a pad, looking like schoolboy. While chewing the sandwich he curiously opened the textbook to see what in the word he had chosen to read. “Great… how the hell I ended up taking Algebra?” boy sighed as he stared into colorful numbers of the title “Plus it’s meant for 5th grade!” So he needed to pretend that he was ten years old. Looks didn’t really matter since he was naturally short and scrawny. He only needed to adjust his personality which was despite looking easy pretty hard, even though everyone had kept saying he had been acting childish. Finishing the first sandwich, his hand reached for the second one at the same time as another boy approached him. He seemed around thirteen or fourteen years old, just like him when he became an Ial. Boy fixed his sweater when taking a better look on the brunette. “Do you mind if I sit here?” black haired boy asked. Dimi thought for a second of a just said question. Did he really want another boy around? Still shocked about Alicia’s disappearance, he could hardly put together what to do. According to original plan, he and Alicia would come together to New York where they could look for a way to contact the others. Ials had emergency numbers for contacting Order of Silver that also covered number of companies such as intelligence agencies, social services and hospitals. But being locked up and tortured for months could easily wipe out your memory. Dimi couldn’t remember either of those, not even his own phone number. “Hey you deaf or somethin’?” same boy stared at him in awkward way. All this thinking made him forget about the boy in front of him. “Sure, have a seat.” brunette moved away a bit, earning another stare from the other “Sorry, I was just thinking about some stuff.” “No problem, I do that all the time.” raven haired took a textbook out of his schoolbag “Man, I wish I studied instead of playing video games. Now I’m totally gonna fail this test.” Dimi didn’t really reply on that since he was back in his thoughts. Gripping Algebra’s textbook, he pretended that he was reading. Hating of being ignored, other boy broke the silence. “Say, which school are you attending? And how come you aren’t there yet?” other put away the schoolbag, glancing at the Whirl. “I have a free period and besides… I should be asking you the same thing.” Dimi said sighing. “You’re right.” black haired grinned “I’m more interested about your school than your name.” There were few moments of silence before brunette decided to reply. “Dimitri.” Ial boy decided to use his full name, not caring if he had blown the cover or not. “Chase.” other replied simply “So when does your free period end? Or do you rather skip school for today.” “Me?” Dimi gave him puzzled look. He had never skipped school during his past life. “Well yeah, why not? I’m failing my test either way and you don’t look happy about having lessons today.” Chase partly stood up, gesturing him to do the same “Come on, it will be fun and I’d like to know you better. It’s not I’ve seen you around here.” “We just moved here.” brunette lied, staying still “So I don’t want to end up being lost with random stranger.” “Hey, I know those streets better than my room. Plus if we get to know each other more, we won’t be strangers to each other anymore.” black haired kept convincing. “Whatever.” Dimi gathered his stuff and went away, Whirl not far behind. “Hey where are you going? You didn’t even answer me” Chase partly ran after the brunette who had surprisingly quick tempo. Despite being usually nice towards people, Ial boy just wasn’t in mood to hang out with seemingly rule-breaking boy. Spark ignited the fire of anger the moment Chase’s hand grabbed his shoulder. Dimi jerked away, hating to be touched by other than his friends and family. Anyone who would spend months in so called “fear and pain factory”, meaning abby would sooner or later felt the damaged it caused. Swinging personality was just one of the many effects Ial boy suffered. Whirl tried hard to make him calm down, but it was no use. Dimi had already smacked Chase over the face before Spirit Mate was able to mentally scream into boy’s ears. Shout of the smart voice in the head was just what brunette needed in order to calm down. Black haired on the ground patted his jaw where bruise was already forming. “For a scrawny one, you sure hit hard.” raven haired mumbled while getting back on his feet “I get it, you want to be alone.” “Wait…” seeing other’s sad look, made Dimi push all negative emotions away. Before Chase got too far away, brunette was next to him, panting “I’m sorry about earlier, it’s… just that I was in really bad mood.” Narrowed eyes of raven haired turned to normal ones as Dimi offered his hand to apologize. Without second thought Chase took it. “But seriously, how come you can hit that hard? You havin’ martial arts training or somethin’?” he again patted bruised jaw. “Sort of.” brunette shrugged. Ials in fact had some lessons of self-defense in first few years. The ones interested enough had also a chance of continuation in either club in Realm of Spirits or somewhere in real world, mostly in Asian countries. Along with his brother Dimi had done about two years of basics so he could at least defend himself due to his small figure. “Alright let’s go then.” Chase smiled as he led the other boy out of the park “By the way, what’s up with the dog.” “Whirl doesn’t like to be alone, so he follows me everywhere I go.” brunette made up yet another lie. “Whirl huh? What about during the school time? Didn’t schools forbid bringing pets into schools?” black haired stroked dog between his ears. “I guess…” Dimi sighed watching the sun getting higher each passing second “So where are you taking me?” “Breakfast!” other chuckled, going towards the stand “I bet you haven’t tried out the famous Eddie’s doughnuts yet since you just moved here.” Despite eating just few minutes ago, doughnut felt like the icing on the cake. Chase sure knew where to find some good stuff. After delicious meal, black haired showed him comic book store where brunette hadn’t been for all eternity. Whirl waited outside as boys laughed out loud at the latest edition of super-hero comic. Reading some more comic books, Chase decided to buy action figure. While talking to the seller, Dimi just stared at the pile of colorful covers. It’d been pretty long since he had last read anything apart from scientific reports. “What? How come you don’t have the Red Edition of Robin?” black haired let out the squeak of disappointment. “I’m really sorry, but we got it on sale so a lot of people purchased it.” seller said while typing something on computer. “Come on, Robin was everywhere last week! You must have something left.” Chase wasn’t to give up. “I only have the school requisites.” man pushed superhero themed notebooks, pencils and rubbers closer to disappointed boy’s face. “Even when I skip the school, it comes right after me.” he mumbled quietly, going towards Dimi who had just finished reading yet another comic book. “Did you get the action figure?” brunette asked excitedly. “Nah, it’s sold out and there’s no way I’m buyin’ school stuff.” Chase got out of the shop “But I know where we’re goin’ next.” “Where?” Dimi made a confused look. “To Midtown! I know for a shop that certainly has all possible edition of Robin.” he already headed for the said part of the city. “Wait! Isn’t that…” brunette tried to said, but stopped when looking for the other boy. Midtown was one of the busiest parts of Manhattan. It wasn’t that Dimi had a fear of crowds or anything. Midtown was said to be a number one place where you could become a victim of crime. Partly worried for a new friend and guide, brunette followed him through unknown shortcuts. Eventually they came to the said district, where massive numbers of people were doing their errands. Whirl got closer to his owner, just in case to not get lost in the concreted maze. “We’re here!” black haired announced proudly “Only shop that has stuff you seek when it’s sold out everywhere else.” Without even waiting, Chase already marched in leaving Dimi outside. To kill time, Ial boy window shopped few of the items. There were mostly second handed items, like toys and clothes. Thinking about those, brunette remembered about being without any money. Each Ial had a specific credit card on which certain amount of money was transferred every month or week, depending on the status of an Ial. Dimi has lost his on the day he was kidnapped so he couldn’t ascend money unless he found a bank under ran by Order of Silver. It seemed simple enough, but there was one major problem. Location of those banks and facilities were long lost out of his mind. Brunette kept thinking forward of what to do when cheerful Chase finally came out of the shop. “Sorry to keep you waiting pal, but check out what I have!” he pulled out Batman’s sidekick, dressed in black and red costume “I can’t wait my classmates to see this!” Unknown to them, black haired made a lot of noise in side alley, attracting group of guys in early twenties. As Chase was showing extra mini weapons that came with the action figure, street gang got uncomfortably closer. “What do you have there, kid?” the one looking like the leader asked despite obviously knowing the answer. “That’s kind of expensive toy you have.” other grinned evilly, reaching for something in his pocket. “Let’s go Chase.” Dimi tried to lead black haired from the alley, but was stopped by the leading man. “Not so fast twerps.” two of them blocked the alley, one drawing a gun out of his pocket “Hand over the money and no harm will be brought to you two.” Scene was way too cliché to be true, but Dimi knew it was. Street gangs meant what they said as the guy with gun kept playing with trigger. Too afraid, Chase took out his small wallet, handing it to the grinning leader. Others expected for brunette to do the same, but he couldn’t since he didn’t have anything worth taking. “Come on, we don’t have all day.” guy with the gun impatiently pointed the weapon towards boy’s head. “I don’t have any.” Ial boy replied emotionlessly, gripping the Trinity in his pocket. “Search him then!” leader barked orders to others. Man with dreadlocks was about to reach for Dimi’s backpack when two things happened at once. One was Whirl’s fangs in arm that dropped the gun and other unexpectedly appearing wind blast. Gang surprisingly gasped giving Ial boy the moment he needed to take Chase’s wallet back and drag the said friend out of circle of the gang. “What the…” Chase looked at Dimi in panic as he was expecting an explanation. “Later!” brunette rushed, Whirl going after them. They almost got back to the main street when out of sudden Dimi’s arm was pulled back as going to be ripped off. Unfortunately one of the gang members had kept his head straight during surprise wind. Brunette let out a squeak when feeling his arm forcefully pinned on his back. Despite the pain, Dimi used both of his feet to kick the man until he finally released him. After that he done a finishing move that many martial arts teachers claimed to be effective. Hitting the man in the back of the head, gang member lost consciousness instantly. Ial boy was out of the breath already, going towards his new friend. They quickly got somewhere much safer than the alley they had escaped from. “If I didn’t know better, I would say I interrupted action movie filming.” black haired still couldn’t believe his eyes “But really, how did you managed to do all that. They had a freakin’ gun!” Dimi was about to explain the situation when out of sudden he collapsed on his knees. Whirl was with him instantly trying to figure what was going on. “Hey, you alright buddy?” Chase helped him stand up, only to notice blood leaking through his hoody “They shot you man!” Brunette stared at the wound on his shoulder, caused by an arrow during his escape from abby. Ials could heal themselves, but the wound was too great to heal on its own. Despite bandaging and other purely performed first aid, gang member caused barely closed wound to flash back into being open. “We must get you to a hospital!” black haired supported him as he searched for the fastest way to get him there. “Don’t! Not… hospital!” brunette uttered as more blood came out of his shoulder. “But you’re going to bleed to death!” Chase already started dragging him away, earning worried glances of passers-by. “Please, anything but there!” Dimi shouted, feeling the agony of re-opened wound. Other boy stood still for a moment, being caught in his thoughts. Then he felt Whirl next to his owner, worried about the current state. He didn’t have many friends but he knew what some of the kids were going through such as conflicts among closest of family members. Convincing into gong to the hospital became a harder task when Dimi started struggling. With final decision, Chase sighed. “Alright, I’m takin’ you to my place. My mom is a nurse.” was only thing he mumbled as he dragged him towards the direction they just came from. Waiting for a bus was waste of time, since Chase’s home was minutes away. Struggling to get dazing brunette up the stairs, black haired finally got in front of the door. Getting the key into lock, he almost threw the door out of the hinges when dragging Dimi inside. Ial boy was placed on couch aware of the other locking the door and getting first aid kit. That had been close, almost too close to being in center of attention, practically shouting to Men in Gray where he was. Whirl licked his hand, trying to calm him down which worked. Chase was suddenly by his side, holding scissors. “I need to cut your shirt to see what we’re dealin’ with.” black haired already started cutting his clothing apart, only to see makeshift bandages completely soaked with blood “Holy sh….!” “Honey what’s going on?” black haired woman came from the other room, gasping when seeing both boys. “Mom, he needs stiches!” Chase was only able to shout, not minding with new friend’s introduction. Dimi breathed unevenly when seeing woman setting the syringe with a painkiller. At the look of it brunette backed off, covering himself with healthy arm. “No…” he nearly started crying, traumatic events returning to his head. “But stitching such a big wound will be painful.” Chase was next to him, trying to be convincing. “I don’t want… a painkiller… just stich it up.” Dimi uttered with pleading eyes. Chase’s mother has probably reached her limit of confusion, but her nurse instincts kept her head clean when putting syringe away and started preparing thread. When seeing that he won’t be injected by anything Dimi finally set his shoulder so woman could fully close his wound. Meanwhile black haired threw all bloodied makeshift bandages along with tattered shirt away. The whole time Whirl followed him, as it tried to study him. At least twenty minutes passed when woman finally fastened the knot and laid him on the couch so he could rest. When covering him with thin sheets she looked so motherly and caring. That look completely changed when Chase appeared on scene with Whirl by his side. “Alright young man! You have exactly thirty seconds to explain! Second more and you’re grounded for entire month!” his mother crossed her arms when glaring at him “And who allowed you to bring the dog into apartment? You clearly know we have cats!” “Dog is Dimitri’s… and it’s my fault that happened to him.” Chase took a look on Dimi who was despite the injury wide awake. “It wasn’t.” brunette replied, partly standing up. Due to being an Ial, his healing powers started working. Now that the wound was stitched up, specific cells had no problem closing the wound completely. Seeing how quickly he recovered, other two gasped. “It’s an old wound which would open sooner or later, so Chase isn’t to blame. I should’ve been more careful when I suggested that we go skateboarding.” Dimi embarrassingly scratched back of his head just like a little kid with big grin “So I’m really sorry for taking your time and getting your son in trouble.” Black haired listened to this open mouthed. Not that his new friend just made up a perfect cover story, no, he also charmed his mother with polite talking what he had never been able to do in fourteen years of his life! Woman only went closer to Dimi, gently patting his shoulder. “Oh I didn’t know about it. You better be careful next time you go to play.” she took the first aid kit from the desk. “I think that was about twenty-five seconds. So, I’m not grounded right?” Chase tried to play along. “That was only the first question of explaining! Why aren’t you at school? Why was your game console on when I clearly told you no playing games until the next week? From where do you know this boy?” she returned to her glare state “Now you have less than a minute to explain!” The whole time other two had mother-son conversation, which was pretty loud, Dimi tried to figure how to get away. Not that didn’t mind being around his new friend, but he knew Men in Gray were tracking him down at the very moment. Staying in this apartment meant involving innocent people in it. He was about to sneak out, only ending up being noticed by Chase. “Goin’ already?” he asked, his mother also making a puzzled look. “Yeah, I think I should probably go. My family must be worried about me.” Dimi made an identical charming look as before. “But we just met, you can’t just go. Here!” black haired protested as he took something from his pocket “It’s my cell’s number.” “Thank you Chase, I’ll try to call you as soon as I can. Maybe we can hang out more one other day, when you won’t be grounded.” brunette got his usual smile back. “Yeah, about that… If my mom won’t find out about me skipping today’s test I’m luckily grounded for only two weeks.” Chase held the door “I hope our next meeting will be less dangerous.” “You can say that again.” Dimi made one last smile as he went down the stairs. Moment he was outside, Ial boy rushed back to the Central Park while black clouds started gathering. Blocks away, black wolf woke from the nap. Morning walk still bugged him as something was there which he should notice. He was still struggling with his own personality. For the fact he knew only the most basic answers to his complicated questions. His name was Cloud, but for some reason name starting by L kept rushing into his mind. Then there was this boy Toby, who claimed not to be his owner. Why was he taking care of him? Puzzled Ial stared at the thirteen year old who was doing homework, soon after coming from school. In many ways Toby was a trigger to his memories, still not aware if they truly were his. Toby had some sort of routine, since he kept checking specific things in house and going into the room at the end of the hallway. His parents weren’t to be seen. In fact he didn’t even mention them at all. “Toby…” wolf mumbled through his mind. “What is it, Cloud?” boy turned from his desk with pen still in his hand. “Are your parent’s still at work?” Ial walked around the room, staring through the window. “Sort of.” Toby stood up “I rarely see my dad as for my mom… well she’s sick. Very sick.” Wolf’s suspicion was correct. There was something odd comparing to all medical equipment in living room. So, barely thirteen year old child had a great responsibility when his father was supposedly working hard to pay off medical bills. Why that triggered another big amount of memories? “What kind of disease?” not caring of being polite, wolf kept asking through mental link. “Cancer.” was Toby’s only reply “But she’s doing better.” Ial again stared through the window, at the grey clouds that seemed as dark as his fur. But no matter how worse was getting outside, for some reason the same feeling as before was calling him. An image of two boys, brothers was the one that screamed to him to find an answer to it. “Cloud… are you going away?” boy kneeled next to him, gently scratching him between ears. “I don’t know who am I, Toby.” wolf didn’t move from the window “I need answers, but I don’t know where to look for them.” “Perhaps this will help.” Toby crawled under the bed in order to pull black and blue object from it “It was next to you when I found you.” Wolf carefully sniffed old bag full of various objects that worked practically as the memory bomb. There were Carl’s keys, making him remember about meeting with him and being offered a help on unknown quest. Triangle necklace, cellphone and wallet brought his identity back. Leonardo Blackbird was his full name. And finally a photo of two boys whose image was in his head minutes ago. That was right, his name, as everyone called him was Leo, his Spirit Mate name was Cloud, now finally realizing why it was so hard to think and he was on a mission to fulfil the promise he had made. To save his little brother Dimi who carried strong resemblance to the boy before him. Like he understood him, Toby stood up, unlocking the front entrance. Despite watching wolf leave, he smiled while petting him. “Will you come back?” Toby asked quietly. “I can’t promise anything, but I will remember this address.” was wolf’s reply. “You’ll always be welcomed to come here. After all, you’ve saved me.” boy said while Leo passed him. Unable to find words, Leo just howled as he ran outside. By the time he was out, rain was already dropping to the ground. People were bringing out umbrellas or just went into houses. In matter of minutes, number of people outside was reduced to more than two thirds. Leo was practically alone, but aware of his solo mission. “Where to?” Cloud’s voice echoed after weeks of being distant. “Wait…” Leo closed his eyes, focusing Ial powers of mind. The familiar feeling sensed voice in the distance, the one he wished to hear for so long. Without a doubt it belonged to Dimi. Slightly pitched, still childish but in some ways deep was definitely his brother’s. Running towards the Central Park he knew he wasn’t wrong. Raindrops were getting heavier as they filled the pavements with puddles. Park wasn’t far behind, gates were already seen. Leo sneaked through, again focusing where his little brother might be. Stands were closed, gardeners seeking shelters and walkers already headed home. Apart from the park animals, Ial was the only person there. Boy’s voice again echoed through the trees, but this time it was different. It was almost more like a scream of panic. Or more like pain. “Leonardo, wait!” Spirit Mate called, using his full name in hopes to sober him. “It’s Dimi! There’s no way I’m going to stop!” Leo stubbornly continued to run into direction of the voice until he reached the area surrounded by many red strips. Next to it was a working sign. “This part of Central Park is being rebuilt. Please keep a safe distance from the tape.” Ial didn’t pay attention to it, just slipping under the warning sign in order to get closer to the source of the voice. Behind the tape was a grass field with many holes and weed. Other than that were bushes and trees, ramified as the jungle. According to Leo’s sense of hearing, Dimi should been close, close to being seen. Leo kept looking around, prepared for anything. “Stop it! It hurts!” same boy’s scream was again heard, this time coming from very near. Focusing on the source, coming from the mass of bushes, Leo’s wolf paws carried them here. Going through thicket of thick grass, it was his turn to scream. On one of his back paws, wolf trap was cutting deep of his leg. He immediately got back into his human form, Cloud being by his side and hands trying to open metal teeth that penetrated through his skin. While struggling he hit his head into another metal object. Speaker and recorded sound. The whole thing was a trap from the very start! Digging through his backpack, Leo prayed to find anything useful. But since his pocket knife had got destroyed he needed a plan B. His materialized Arrowblade was no use, metal was far too strong for thick wood of an Arrowblade. He didn’t dare to join with Cloud and change into hawk or snake. Metal trap would’ve literally cut part of his limb off. And losing his foot from the calf down wasn’t something he wanted. Minutes of pointless struggles were interrupted by approaching lights and steps through the mud. “Dammit, how they knew I was here?” Leo kept trying to get his foot out of the shards as more blood swept through his jeans. Group of at least ten Men in Gray was closer as they started preparing metal sticks. With no other choice, raven haired summoned arrow after another, shooting at the group of dark rain coats. Some were shot, some dodged, but most of them were dangerously close. Teen had no other choice than to use his inner powers. Hitting three of them in minds with orders partly slowed the group when feeling of being squeezed stopped him. From the other direction, leader came, hand gripping a remote. Beside speaker was also an antenna, the exact same one that knocked Carl and Nate down. Electromagnetic shocks were pain to Ials, since they interfered with ISLE – extra veins that only they possessed. Those veins had partly metallic molecular structure, which was the reason why electromagnetic shocks were affecting them. At once they were forced to stay still and being moved at once, giving painful feeling to his owner. When agony finally ended, Leo forced his eyes open, only to see the most unwanted person in entire Men in Gray organization. “My, my. It seems you got a little thinner since that day.” person slowly revealed thickly bandaged face, dark eyes staring at him “I really should’ve checked instructions before I chased all of you. How could’ve slipped the line that said – The one with black hair and inner powers of mind.” His blood turned cold. Instead of Dimi, he was indeed a real target through all this time. What would Men in Gray do with air-Ial if there was an Ial with powers that control mind! “What do you want?” Leo demanded, death glare growing on his face making the person in front of him laugh. “Now that’s just rude. Asking a lady such questions.” person finally revealed to be no other than Lam “Oh well, we can always say chit-chat for later. Take him into van.” Leo gritted his teeth as he fired another set of arrows, only to injure few and getting himself shocked again. Cloud next to him tried to get away, so at least one could get away and warn the others. But net of ropes prevented just that. They were rats in the maze, trying to reach the cheese only to fall into a trap. One of the Men in Gray was already putting steel rings on struggling Leo when out of sudden storm got worse. Beside heavier rain, tempest joined it. Some of the men needed to put better hold over their equipment as the bolts of lightning joined. “Come on hurry up!” Lam barked, ordering her men around. “Wind… it’s getting stronger!” one of the nearest men protested. What that guy just said, bugged Leo too, wind getting stronger. Seeing pieces of branches and leaves all around, he felt its powerful blow. Wait… he knew this wind. The wind that wasn’t natural. “Get off!” voice shouted and as listening to it, wind blast with power of hurricane knocked every single Men in Gray, including Lam on the ground, at least one hundred meters away. When all bad guys were unconscious and unaware of what just happened, Leo finally looked up, meeting that cheerful face that he had lost months ago. “Dimi…” he uttered in shocked while brunette dealt with the trap. He luckily possessed a pocket knife which opened the trap almost instantly. Moment Leo got free he nearly suffocated his little brother with hug. Dimi returned it as well, not really sure if situation was real. “We have to get away Leo. I might’ve knocked them out, but they’ll wake soon.” he helped his older brother up. “I know the place where we can go. Get into wolf form.” raven haired said as done the said. “Won’t be faster if we’re in hawk form?” Dimi made a confused look. “Trust me… darn, they’re up already!” Leo shouted at which his brother, as hearing his thoughts, made another wind blast, only it was not as strong as before since Dimi’s powers were pretty used up. Following the black wolf, brown one found himself in front of another complex of apartments. Taking a human form for a second, Leo opened the door then turning back into wolf again. “Why are we here?” Dimi asked through his thoughts. “They won’t look for us here.” raven haired replied simply. As they were walking up the stairs, Leo smiled and took a look on his brother. “You know… I’ve been trying to keep the promise of saving you from Men in Gray. In the end you were the one who saved me.” black wolf gave another hug to Dimi who just returned it back. “Either way, I’m so glad I found you.” brown wolf still followed “I know now what being lost really means.” Leo searched for the right number of doors and when finding them, scratched with his claws on them. Toby was the one who opened them, staring at both him and another wolf, much fluffier than Leo. “So you did come back.” Tobies happily patted Leo’s head. He was about to do the same to Dimi, when another person came to the doors, making brunette jerk off a bit. Man was definitely Toby’s father, but it wasn’t the looks that gave him the creeps. It was a business card on his shirt saying dr. Phil Willows. The very same Phil that was working for Men in Gray. *NOTE: While checking the very first version of Nature's Strenght I found this interesting thing about Alex. In original version he was supposed to be a side character named Cloud with powers of earth. He was also meant to have only one arm due to accident when he was litttle. With powers of earth he would regulary materialized his lost arm out of pieces of rocks. **NOTE: I'm already translating Nature's Strenght into my native language and I found Spirit Mate names translation interessting. Also have anyone noticed that almost none of main characters is using the full name? Alright there goes: Alexander "Alex" Lander - Blaze (Blisk) Roxana "Roxy" Hidelight - Spark (Iskra) Oscar "Os" Hidelight - Hydro (Hidro) Nicole "Nikki" Hidelight - Misty (Meglica - c is pronounced as s) Dimitri "Dimi" Blackbird - Whirl (Vrti) Leonardo "Leo" Blackbird - Cloud (Um - it actually means *The one who thinks*) Nora Freeze - Snowy (Snežka) Gabriel "Gabry" Freeraid - Sandy (Kopač - č is pronounced as ch and it actually means Digger) Amelia "Ami" Freeraid - Scar (Švig - š is pronounced as sh and it actually means Flash) Piko Visionux - Mirgy (Trik - it actually means Illusion) Carlos "Carl" Fallfree - Force (Sila) Nate Ignitman - Flame (still deciding between Vžig and Plamen - means both) Stayed tooned!
  13. *NOTE - may contain spoilers of Yu-Gi-Oh franchise Just a little share of my thoughts about my point of view on Yu-Gi-Oh, simmilar anime and differences. I really loved watching anime since I was kid, with Pokemon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh being my favorite. But when I'm looking at Yu-Gi-Oh now, I really can't shake the question what happened to it. Alright better start from the beginning. The first generation of Yu-Gi-Oh really was something. Every character is unique (no matter how useless they are, they still have interessting backgrounds), story has a sense, villans are absolutely epic and even those long episodes of duels are some sort worth watching. I firstly watched only first season and I liked it a lot due to being in english with subtitles. Then second and third seasons came, this time dubbed in my native language (which I really hated becuase voices just didn't suit the characters and most of the time I didn't really understand what they were saying) but I was really curious what was going to happen so I just watched it. After fourth season, Yu-Gi-Oh stopped airing in my country. Since I already knew enough english, I started watching it on the internet and by the time Yu-Gi-Oh GX (dubbed version again) started airing I finished watching the first generation of Yu-Gi-Oh. I don't really know what to say about Yu-Gi-Oh GX. From the start I was kind of into it, seeing Yugi giving Jaden card and all, but after a while it just looked like a joke to me. I mean, neither of characters had specific background, character design was a way too kiddie and colorful for my taste, not to mention lame story and forced humour. Even monsters weren't really to be remembered, only Jesse's Crystal Beasts maybe.There were few exceptions (the ones with Shadow Riders, where Jesse appears and Dimensional world where Jaden is evil), but that was just it. Out of curiousity I checked english version (but most of the time just listening to it while doing something else). Storyarc with Yubel was the only really interessting part of entire GX. There was also another season that hasn't been dubbed yet, but I just skipped it becuase I had enough of it. Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule monsters were great too, except for the fact that * power of friendship and working together thing* is said to have a big role, but it's only talk (except for the final episode when all dragons protected Yugi from the blast). Though I really liked originality of Yugi's five challanges and the fact that both Tristan and Tea finally got to be part of the battle team. After the year of not watching either of Yu-Gi-Oh shows, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's came out and man, how I loved this show. Yusei was just amazing main character along with all other Signers. Despite GX being totally different from original, 5D's brought bit of origins back. Yusei was almost completely as awsome as Yami Yugi, Jack was a little bit off, but I really liked how they made him into Yusei's friend instead of eternal rival, Crow was perfect for carrying out Joey's legacy (even though Joey's *cousin* was presented) and Akiza showed girls can be badass as much as boys can be. From time to time I was missing *the other Yusei* next to him, since he was so simmilar to Yami, but twins Leo and Luna were great for Yugi's replacement (from time to time I found Leo annoying, but I liked it how his character developed through the series). Not to mention the meaning of 5D's - five dragons with each of them having one and dueling on motorcycles. When watching them duel, it almost felt as creators were trying to show their best out of it. I absolutely liked how great storyarcs 5D's had, with Dark Signers being my favorite one. Nazca Lines, drama of the bacground stories, well made villans and final battle - everything was just enjoyable to watch. Maybe some of the duels were taking a lot of time, but motorcycles brought excitement. The time when I was watching 5D's, not all of the episodes were dubbed yet. So I started watching japanese version with english subs. It felt a bit of weird on beginning, but I soon got used to watching it. But that was when I started noticing stuff that I didn't before - massive amount of cenzorship! Okay I understand some of the scenes had to be changed, but not that much to take an effect on the story. I mean take an episode where Yusei fight Kalin in Dark Signers arc for an example. When Yusei crushes with his Rider, his friends are making shocked faces over his injuries when in fact he didn't seem injured. In Japanese version there's entire answer, Yusei has been stabbed by pieces of metal and was awfully bleeding. For simmilar reason deaths were removed and story didn't have any sense, later I noticed the same thing was happening in first generation of Yu-Gi-Oh (plus guns were removed so some of the times there were just *empty* hands threats). An entire story arc was removed from dubbed version - it was just so weird when just before the massive enemy appeared, Yusei was saying it's finally over. Scene just wasn't suitable for the final moment. Japanese version of the final moments were much better with all of them showing how they grew up and how they found themselves. Expecting a great new generation of Yu-Gi-Oh, I was disappointed when another *kiddie sugar and rainbows* show was released. It was as they wanted to make even worse show than GX! I mean everything was a joke all over again. Maybe Astral's and Yuma's connection was slightly simmilar to Yami's and Yugi's, but it didn't bring out the excitment I felt when watching original or 5D's. I only checked few episodes and that was about it. While it aired, I got myself to watch season 0 and movies. For season 0, I got the idea why it wasn't dubbed, but it was enjoable to watch a bit more dark side of the show. The first movie was great too (except for the never changing Kaiba) and Bonds Beyond Time weren't half bad (except Japanese was way better). I also checked the manga of entire series and for some parts I kinda wanted to be brought in the anime (when Yugi fights Duke, Yugi's battle with posessed Joey, Milenium World...). I compared Japanese and US version, finding the first way better than second. Japanese voices suited characters way more than english ones (I'm not saying voice actors like Dan Green are bad, it's just that I find Yugi's and Yami's japanese voice actors more fitting). Plus some of the Japanese openings refresh the story arc. Instrumental US intro is great to listen too, but after 100 episodes of listening to it, you get a little tired. Not saying it's bad, melody is terrific, it's just that you kinda want something more. Now I see there's yet another generation Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V (AGAIN! GX and ZEXAL style) and I'll probably skip it out. Where's the epicness and characters from the first generation and 5D's? Instead of continuing the sucess of those two generations, show got turned into something only little kids would love to watch. I get it, it is meant to be a kid show, but why was so much cenzorship? It completely changed the story. If you want kids to watch it, let them wait until they grow up into teens, not putting *empty hands threats* just for them to watch it. Not to mention, new shows were created like Bakugan, Monsuno and simmilar *toy anime*. The whole thing is about little toys that save the world, but the world itself is supposed to be different. In first generation and 5D's there was at least a limit to how world was involved. So what is your opinion about Yu-Gi-Oh? Do you really want to watch something what was firstly meant for teens and then for little kids? No, this show deserves a generation of a badass main character and developmenting story. Not something with forced humour and rushed episodes. Not something with pointless comercial for trading card game. In my opinion new generation should have a main character simmilar to Yami or Yusei, memorable monsters, epic story and little bit of drama. I really hope that after ARC-V is done, show will again bring the excitment. Did you felt it when watching first and third generation? I know I did. Leave your opinion about the topic below, I wanna know what kind of opinion you guys have. You can as well as criticise me if you want, as long as it has a reason to do so. *thanks if you at least read all that
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