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  1. Link To All Ventus Forze De´ll Oscurita Forze Del Male Daybreak Town Field Theme Birth By Sleep - A Link To The Future Rage Awakens Other Promise Sora Aqua
  2. Well, maybe X-Blade grants some kind of immunity for Master Xehanort or something. Besides, Nomura told once that not all incarnations were there because of time travel... but its still pretty confusing, i guess In the end only Xehanort might know how the whole thing works
  3. Its pretty iconic for Roxas, Axel and Xion, so it might as well appear
  4. Dont really mind. Chi might not be much, but the connection is pretty cool in some ways and might work for the main series advantage, as it seems it already kinda is.
  5. Well, it could be that the original animatronics were used somewhere else originally. In FNAF2 they were dismantled and in FNAF they had been repaired again. Not sure what wouldve happened to the remodels then, unless five children had been stuffed in them and pizzeria emplyees disposed of the remodels because of that.
  6. With those abilities, it sounds kind of pointless, since Sora was never a character who absolutely needed to support other characters with HP and MP, rather others were the ones supporting him with such. And if he would support himself in this form, it wouldnt practically allow the enemies to defeat him
  7. Ill say 2016, at least for japanese release (others might get early half of 2017 release). Numbered titles have always took 2-3 years when theyve been in development. But well, rushing a game everyones so hyped for and having high hopes for would end up them making a bad game
  8. Wonderland and Captain Hook´s Ship havent been that great, but ive enjoyed the rest. Want them to stop recycling the same old worlds over and over though and use some new ones for a change.
  9. I must say KH3D. I really enjoyed the plot and how it was connected to the stories of past titles not to mention that gameplay is pretty entertaining. Game could use some more cool secret bosses though. I like BBS and KH2 almost as equally.
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