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  1. yes ffrk x kh crossover. About time

  2. Please let Kairi or Riku to finally make an appearance in a new outfit
  3. Only a few more days to d23 expo japan. Cant wait for new information

  4. Happy New Year everyone.

  5. Merry Christmas everyone

  6. Frozen. If the world of tangled and olympus is so beautifully done, can you imagine how pretty the world of frozen with its ice themed environment would turn out..
  7. That infinity war trailer is so good. Cant wait to watch it on may 2018.

  8. Wow, pokemon ultra sun and moon are really going all out with the legendary pokemon and villian teams.

  9. Huh Marluxia's somebody is the 5th . The thing I want to know is did he really kill the a union leader or was he already one of them ? I mean we didn't see who did the deed of killing Strelitzia so for all we know it could be Blaine. Nomura love to do these crazy plot twist so I can see him doing this.
  10. Nomura must be smiling evily somewhere

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