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  1. So, it turns out, the official English translation replaced the reference mark with a blank space like this: ____ "a ____ world." - The Master of Masters
  2. The scarf thing that the normal Dark Infernos have is more red while the Dark Inferno χ's scarf thing is more yellow. So, if Ephemer is connected to them somehow, it's most likely to the normal Dark Infernos instead of Dark Inferno χ. KHUχ is connected to KH3 in many ways, not just this one example. There was the whole section where Ephemer and the light from the Keyblade wielders of the past helped in the Keyblade Graveyard as Sora rode on top of their Keyblades.
  3. Those are Nightmare Dream Eaters, not Spirit Dream Eaters. And we actually currently have no reason to believe that Spirit Dream Eaters other than Chirithys can turn into Nightmare Dream Eaters. In χ Back Cover, The Master of Masters says that if Spirits get consumed by malice/darkness, they turn dark and become a Nightmare, but he was only talking about the Chirithys in that moment. And Chirithys were the only Dream Eaters that existed at that time. It's currently unknown where all the Nightmare Dream Eaters we see and fight in KHDDD come from/how they are made. I have a theory though. "See you in another dream." Dark Chirithy said this way back in the original KHχ. And we all assumed he was talking about seeing us again in KHUχ because we were brought to the Unchained realm AKA "a world made of dreams." We all waited for Dark Chirithy to show up in KHUχ, but he never did. And we learned that we didn't go to "a world made of dreams," we went to data worlds. But now, at long last, the Dandelions have finally gone to "a world made of dreams." Because their hearts are now sleeping and they are now Spirit Dream Eaters due to forming together with their Chirithys. And now that the Dandelions are in a world made of dreams, Dark Chirithy can still fulfill his promise of returning in another dream. And the way that he returns is in the form of Nightmare Dream Eaters.
  4. The Dream Eaters are both the sleeping hearts of the wielders as well as the wielders' Chirithys. We see the wielders' hearts and the Chrithys form together to create the Dream Eaters. The Chirithys do this to protect and watch over the sleeping wielders' hearts. It can sort of be seen as the Chirithys turning into protective shells over the hearts.
  5. Other than the series always thematically showing that love is the ultimate answer and power, even more so than the power of light or darkness, here are some quotes: From Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Aqua: "A pure heart filled with light... It's strange, the Master taught me darkness needs to be destroyed. But how, if not with light?" Fairy Godmother: "Oh, my dear, you're too young to know. Experience more things, and you'll find the answer. Just trust in your dreams." (Fairy Godmother implying the only way to defeat darkness other than with light is with love.) From Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Yen Sid: "I will tell you what your friend needs right now. It is not your protection. He needs you to believe. You see, Ventus's heart hangs in the balance. It sleeps in the place between light and darkness. From all I can perceive, that means he will be looking for a friend--one who believes in him, to show him the way home. Just as long as you love him...then Ventus will be able to find you when he wakes. He can follow that love back to where he belongs--the realm of light.” (Yen Sid implying the balance between light and darkness is love and that love is the only thing that can lead Ventus' heart home.) From Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Riku: "What are you making me choose now?" DiZ: "Between the road to light and the road to darkness." Riku: "Neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road." DiZ: "Do you mean the twilight road to nightfall?" Riku: "No. It's the road to dawn." (Riku not choosing light or darkness, but choosing what he calls "dawn.") From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: Riku (to Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Young Xehanort): "I walk the road to dawn!" Riku (to Ansem, Seeker of Darkness): "Consume the darkness, return it to light.” Young Xehanort (to Riku): "I don't know how you did it, but you really have found a way to trap darkness inside your heart. And a boy who's immune to darkness is of no use to us." (Riku reaffirming that he wields both light and darkness, and that he turns the darkness into light. That is the state he calls "dawn." And Young Xehanort confirming that by walking the road to dawn, Riku has somehow become immune to darkness.) From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: Data-Ansem the Wise: "The heart has always been quick to grow. Each exposure to light, to the natural world, to other people, shapes this most malleable part inside of us. Nobodies are not different from us in that manner. Sora was the only one able to return to his human form without destroying his Nobody. That is a statement to the love in his heart for other people, and the bonds that tie them together. Perhaps...he has the power to bring back the hearts and existences of those connected to him—to recreate people we thought were lost to us forever. Our most precious treasures—even an empty puppet—the trees of the forest, and the petals on the wind—there are hearts around us everywhere we look. And it does not take superhuman powers to see them. Surely we remember as children the way our hearts made everything seem so shiny, and perfect. Sora has a heart like that—uncorrupted, willing to see the good before the bad. When he sees the heart in something, it then becomes real. When a connection seems broken, he may have the power to mend it. He has touched countless hearts, he has accepted them, and he has saved them. And some of those hearts have never left him—whether they fell into darkness or were trapped there—whether they sleep in the darkness of Sora's heart, or were welcomed into its warmth—they can be saved. All Sora needs to do is be himself and follow wherever it is that his heart takes him. It is the best and the only way." (Data-Ansem the Wise saying that Sora's uninhibited undying love for people and his willingness to always see the good before the bad in anyone or anything is the ultimate answer that could solve everything and save everyone.) From Kingdom Hearts III: Ventus: "I didn't ask for this. To be sifted apart nice and neat. We should be free to choose. Not just light, not just darkness. We decide what we are." (Ventus implying light and darkness are choices and you can choose to be both or neither.)
  6. Here's King Mickey arriving in The World That Never Was in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Here's the Replica for Roxas being sent to the Keyblade Graveyard by Ienzo, Even, Ansem the Wise, etc. in Kingdom Hearts III. (Which Roxas' heart comes out of Sora and then goes into the moment it arrives.) It's the exact same method of travel/arriving at a world. They have the same animation of a sparkle in the sky and then a beam of light coming down from where the sparkle was, transporting a person or object to a world.
  7. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying if this was a more typical and mainstream series, such as Marvel, they would just simply call it another universe to make it simpler for the audience even if it's not an entirely accurate descriptor. If this was a more mainstream series, such as Marvel, I definitely think they would use terms such as "dimensions" or the "multiverse" or whatnot to make things easier for the mainstream audience even if those terms aren't really accurate. But, I guess a more mainstream series probably wouldn't even have concepts as crazy as unreality in the first place. Multiverses and alternate dimensions are already a hard concept for most people to grasp, but I guess unreality is even more of an out there concept in comparison.
  8. That's not what he says though. The direct quotes are: "Where voices can't reach... The other side of our world, of reality... Unreality? A fictional world? I'm afraid such mysteries are beyond our comprehension." "Yes, perhaps. The three realms of our world—light, darkness, and between—these are all places we can travel to because they are on "our side." This also includes the worlds of memories, data, and dreams. If I am correct, then this "other side" of our world from which voices cannot reach must be a place outside of our reality. Namely, it must be unreality, or fiction. But...that is the extent of our knowledge." He never calls it a realm or says its "like" a realm. There is their side of the world which consists of realms, and then there is the other side of reality/the world. When I said "Ansem the Wise states it's not a realm like the realms of light, darkness, between, dreams, memories, or data, and is instead "the other side of our World."" I meant "Ansem the Wise states it's not a realm such as the realms of light, darkness, between, dreams, memories, or data, and is instead "the other side of our World."" I was using the word "like" the same way you would use "such as." I was using it as a way to say it's not a realm and is instead something else. I wasn't using it as a way to say it's not a realm similar to other realms. The way people use the word "dimension" in media and stories is completely different than what the actual definition is. I think it's pretty obvious what I was saying. I was saying that instead of calling other worlds or universes or "other sides of our world" or whatever things such as "alternate dimensions", "other universes", "multiverses", etc. like usual mainstream stories and media do, Kingdom Hearts instead chooses to use words to describe things like that that aren't typically used in stories and media. I'm saying the easy thing to do to make things easiest for the audience to understand would be to just use those typical terms that most stories and media use such as "alternate dimensions" and whatnot, but Kingdom Hearts chooses not to. And I explained why I think it chooses to do that and why I love that about it.
  9. We don't know enough about the nature of this new realm to say what for sure? That they used the term "unreality" instead of "alternate dimension?" But, that's what they literally did. Instead of using the term "alternate dimension," they used the terms "unreality" and "fiction." Also, it's not a realm. Ansem the Wise states it's not a realm like the realms of light, darkness, between, dreams, memories, or data, and is instead "the other side of our World."
  10. He acted as if he was from there to protect the World Order. It's explained right when Sora arrives at Country of the Musketeers. Sora is confused as to what world he's in because it's not Disney Castle but Mickey is there for some reason. Mickey tells Sora to shh when he's about to mention his Keyblade, realizes that Sora is also from another world, and tells Sora he's only in this world being a Musketeer because he's currently working on a problem. And then Sora realizes he's just in a world that Mickey has visited before. Sora: "I'm not in Disney Castle, and that world isn't one of the one's that's asleep. I don't get it." Mickey: "You okay? What's wrong?" Sora: "Oh, um... I was wondering... where I was?" Mickey: "Hmm? Where'd you get that key?" Sora: "This? It's a Keyb—" Mickey: "Shh. I know. You came from another world, right?" Sora: "Huh? Uh, yeah." Mickey: "My name's Mickey. I'm workin' on a problem. That's why I'm in this world bein' a Musketeer." Sora: "Hmm... So, am I in a world the King visited that I don't know about— a world that's trapped in sleep somewhere?"
  11. They're portals that people who have the Power of Waking can create to enter someone's heart/dream. Riku creates one at the end of Dream Drop Distance to go into Sora's heart/dream to wake him up. Inside his heart/dream took the form of Destiny Islands. And Sora creates one at the end of KH3 to go into Xehanort's heart which took the form of Scala ad Caelum.
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