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  1. If I start performer I will have to do it for each and every song for all difficulties.Thats another 450 songs.I loved the challenge so far and would like my experience to end like that The biggest ''grind '' is for 1 million points.But when you are going for AE on 900 songs it becomes an afterthought
  2. I think that after 364 hours I will take a little break from the game.I ve been a major kingdom hearts fan and collector for almost all my life and my wife is now on board as well.I ve done every feat ,all red Mickeys in the journal and all excellent on all 3 difficulties on basic and one button mode (full collection is a given at this point) ?.I don't like rythm games at all but kh music is special.Anyone who may have questions about anything please ask away and have a great day!
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