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  1. Killua0707

    Who's your waifu? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    This sweetie right here ^
  2. Killua0707

    Noragami Aragoto episode 2 review

    Awesome review! Kuguha you evil bastard T^T Poor Suzuha!! T^T
  3. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Sign-Ups and Discussion)

    I'm wondering that too... What happened? D:
  4. High school is actually not that bad :)

    1. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      So glad you're enjoying it! :)

    2. Elbow Juice

      Elbow Juice

      I really enjoyed High School, also so I hope that continues for you :D

  5. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Role-Play)

    Adeline looked up at the woman, and realized how pretty she was. She said her name was Kuryu. Saviors and Salvation comes in many form? "I wonder what she's talking about..." thought Adeline. "...Nice to meet you, Miss Kuryu." she said. Ever since she was little Adeline was taught to respect older figures such as Kuryu. Although.. she didn't look that old. She also asked what they wanted in this place. "O-oh, um.. I just got here... and I asked Thorfinn to help me out a bit.." she said, nervously. Kuryu also said, "Cherish the fears, because it makes heroes out of us. The courageous stay where they are but the fearful can only get stronger." But with her accent. Adeline stared blankly at her. What did she mean by that? Why was she telling her this? "Um, Miss Kuryu, what do you me---" Adeline stopped herself. "T-thank you...I guess.." said Adeline, smiling softly.
  6. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Role-Play)

    Adeline sighed. "Rare, huh..." He had called out her attention and got close to Adeline. "Um.." She was happy to hear that Thorfinn would help her get started, he even knew someone who would also help Adeline. "So, he does know other people. Judging by his personality, I thought he wouldn't talk to other people. Much less even glance at someone." she thought. Get off his back? "So I am a bother after all." she whispered. Then a woman in a black kimono appeared. She seemed nice. "So, is she the one you were talking about?" she said to Thorfinn. The woman came over to them, and bowed. Adeline quickly bowed as well, even though she didn't know what it meant. Maybe a hello? The woman asked for their names. Since it was in her nature, Adeline shyly responded. "...I'm Adeline."
  7. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Role-Play)

    Adeline smiled slightly when Thorfinn shook her hand. But she could see that Thorfinn's hand was ready to grab that dagger and kill her on the spot. She quickly took a few steps back. Her stutter? "Ah!, I'll get rid of it." she said. "At least, I'll try." she whispered. Adeline turned around. "Okay then. Would you please take me to a place where I can find a "cursed weapon like yours?" "What are you saying, idiot?! Just run away already! He's dangerous! He can kill you right here and now! Run!!" She shook her head. "I'm not letting panic take over me." Adeline turned back again to Thorfinn. "P-pleas-- I mean... please? I actually want to know what I'm able to do here."
  8. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Role-Play)

    "900 years?!" said Adeline. "It must have been lonely. The guy told her how someone can die again. "Abyssal creatures? Cursed weapons..." He took out his dagger for her to see. So, know she knew how she ended up here. The guy said that people who died at sea came to this place. Like a purgatory. "W-wait. Abyssal creatures? Cursed weapons? Pirates?!" said Adeline, as she stood up and walked closer to the guy. Her curiosity was sparked. Sure, she was afraid. Very afraid. She felt like running away and just hide in a cave. But she wanted to get rid of fear. "I don't want to be a coward anymore." she thought. She then realized she might of made the guy a bit uncomfortable by getting up so close like that. "S-sorry! I got a bit carried away." she said. Adeline took a few steps back. "So.. does that mean I'll get to have a cursed weapon like yours?" He, whose name was still unknown to her, was kind enough to tell Adeline his name. "...nice to meet you, Thorfinn." She stretched out her hand towards him, with her head down. "M-m-my name is A-Adeline!" This was really the first time she's ever introduced herself to someone else. Her parents usually did it for her. I guess you could say that he was Adeline's first friend.
  9. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Role-Play)

    Someone spoke to Adeline. She turned around a saw a, it looks like a teenager. Maybe a bit older than her. But he did look very wild and fierce. Someone like him would usually scare a girl like Adeline, but with all of this happening, being scared was the least of her problems. She rubbed her eyes. "I'm...annoying? Sorry but, I just got here, and it's not my fault for feeling this way. And I'm not giving up hope! I'm just... being realistic." He also said something about killing her again. "Kill me again..? So it's possible to die again...tell me, how long have you been here?" But the guy only went back into the shadows. "Um... who are you, mister? What is this place? I'm supposed to be dead, so why am I here?" Adeline stopped herself. "Sorry... for asking too many questions..." She faced forward, giving her back at him. And hoped the guy, whoever he was, won't harm her.
  10. So, I was shopping today at the mall and I got a free selfie stick.. I don't even like taking selfies xD

    1. Frisk


      Now you can tap people on the shoulder with it and they'll never know it's you!!

    2. catmaster0116


      Its a sign that whoever gave it to you is passively saying that you are photogenic.

  11. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Role-Play)

    Adeline's eyes flew open. For a moment she wasn't breathing,but then gasped for air. But then as soon as she realized she was under water, she panicked. She covered her mouth. "I'm...breathing...under water?!"she thought. She then started to feel her body. " How..why...?" She looked up. "I am under water..." She layed down on her back. This wasn't so easy to process, especially when you know that you should be dead. She looked up, and smiled. "It's so pretty" she whispered. She frowned and closed her eyes. "Why am I here? I should be dead. I want to be dead." She then had a flash back. It was of her and her parents. "Be a good girl and just...shut up..okay?" "Here, have this doll, now don't bother me." Then the scenario changed. She had a bag of groceries with her. And all of a sudden she was pushed. "Hey there pretty girl. Wanna go for a swim?"said a girl in a mocking voice. " Um, no thanks... I have to go home now...." "Hey hey. You're not going anywhere." Adeline remembered being tied up and getting her eyes covered. She screamed,and kicked but it was no use. She felt being lifted up, then felt the cold water touch her skin. She tried to swim up, but the sack of rocks would bring her down with them. She couldn't hold her breath any longer, and so, she drowned.Adeline blinked and sat up. She looked around. It was actually kinda empty. She covered her face with her hands. "What am I going to do now....? I'm... dead." She wanted to cry. (Sorry for posting so late. I was busy )
  12. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Sign-Ups and Discussion)

    Okay! Thank you for letting us know
  13. Goodbye braces :D

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      Hello Retainer Lol

  14. Killua0707

    Dead Man's Tale (Sign-Ups and Discussion)

    That actually makes more sense ^^ I myself wanted to ask you that. Thank you for explaining