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  1. But Kronk and Yzma would feel more like a comic relief in the games and Maleficent was always a really serious villain, honestly I don't think anyone else can replace her since as a character she is so strong and universal in the disney world. Kronk and Yzma would feel kinda off idk Maybe doctor Facilier could work as a replacement? Using his shadows and spreading darkness everywhere as a sucessor of Maleficent?
  2. Atlantis and Treasure Island PLEASE. Both would work beautifully don't even get me started omg. And since there were early model worlds of Space Island in DDD fingers crossed developers saved it for KHIII
  3. Is anyone else wondering what is the box Maleficent is looking for? I mean it could be the box that the MoM gave to Luxu during the end of KHX Back cover. And if so do you think Xehanort informed Maleficent during the events of BBS as a backup backup backup backup plan that she would get it for him?
  4. HONESTLY EVERYTHING maybe because its been so long since we've gotten info... We now got a date to look forward but other than it looks really promising
  5. yeah I'm getting what you're saying also I agree... Everyone deserves to be happy after so many years We'll see
  6. Really, just try picturing Westeros in the KH universe. Imagine just how TERRIFIED Sora and gang would be.Don't even get me started about the morals in this show (WHICH I LOVE) Tbh Westeros can't even be made into a World in KH since its so huge and detailed it would loose its essence. But think about how the Keyblade could work like the Swords made by Valyrian steel, capable of defeating(not killing ofc in KH ) the White Walkers and how everyone would start a war(Lannisters,Starks,Targaryians) so they could obtain the Keyblade and rule over the 7 Kingdoms. IDK just fantasizing here Also here is another awesome pic just because:
  7. But Nomura stated that Sora will always be the protagonist of all the KH games. Personally I don't see KH3 ending on a happy note, I believe that something bad will happen which will be the basis for the next saga to come
  8. unless you're sitting on the iron throne or you've got an army and dragons then again, come to think of it, no matter how powerful you are you can still die. but westeros
  9. i feel like Aqua is such a badass and serious character I couldn't put anything on her she is perfect the way she is
  10. She is a character that we MUST meet someday... I mean its SORAS MUM
  11. So I was wondering we now know that because Xemnas and AnsemSoD have been vanquished(in present time) Terranhort has been restored since the split became when Xehanorts heart was in Terra's body. So supposedly Terranhort is somewhere hiding with all of his memories restored but surprisingly enough he didn't make an appearance in DDD... why is that so? Also in DDD ending we see Master Xehanort being the leader of the Organazation thus serving as his the main antagonist in that particular version of himself. My question is how will Time travel play out in KH3 if as we can see there clearly seems to be a time limit in time travelling since they all went back to their own eras to carry on the same path only to end up again in the present. Wont this also cause a paradox? In order to vanquish all the 13 version of Xehanort The Guardians must travel back in time and defeat every version in its own era. But as it has been said you can't change what it destined to happen. I'm I missing something or am I just overthinking this whole thing? EDIT: and so that ultimately means that all of Xehanorts versions can travel in the present because of the existance of Terranhort. So its possible he didn't appear in DDD so it would be assured that he would be safe and able to make it at the keyblade graveyard so everyone could be there?
  12. So the Kingdom Hearts franchise has given us so many moments of happiness, sadness and (looking back at them nostalgia), so many tearjerker scenes but for me this particular scene out of all is the most beautiful. Blank Points. From the moment Aqua meets Ansem The Wise till the end, I believe its the most powerful scene in the series. The music, the way everything connects, the realization that Aqua has,and Ansem's confessions, all of these create a scene so powerful which sets the mood for what's next and we all know its epic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QkVQkmRONM Which one is your favourite scene from the series?
  13. that would actually be a really good name for a song imo
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