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  1. A new version of Rowdy Rumble would be amazing and I expect remixes of every theme of the members of the Organization,unless they make new ones inspired by the old ones
  2. The scariest one I'm played is FNAF with Resident Evil close second
  3. That's fair I guess there is a lot of issues when trying to release a KH game on many platforms,but the 1.5 and 2.5 collections could have been release on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One,they are very popular consoles and Square Enix had release many games on Xbox at that point.Of course Xbox doesn't do well in japan,but still.The Wii U was pretty new when KH1.5 came out wasn't it? So why not have a little faith and release it there,Kingdom Hearts is a series that would do well on a Nintendo home console I'm sure.
  4. I hope it's true,about the Sony exclusivity deal being fake,it'd be pretty stupid to limit such a great series to only one system,it never made sense to me
  5. It's fine if they make a new version with more battety life and more internal space,but it would suck really bad if they make a New Switch more powerful,I really hate those New 3DS/PS4 Pro type of update for obvious reasons. When they do those more powerful versions of consoles they should allow people to sell their old version and buy the new one for a discounted price of 80% at least and allow us to transfer everything to the new system THEN I'd be all for it.
  6. Wow 40$ for all the KH game is a steal,but it's still not on Xbox One,now would have been the perfect time to port all the old games on Xbox.
  7. I'm not a fan of COM,but I do enjoy the card system,but only against bosses,it's fun to manage your cards against a boss,it's can be really tense to try to get the higher number and hit him with your special moves and preparing a deck for specific bosses is fun too.
  8. I'm still not sure why it's so popular,but hey if people enjoy drawing and sharing a fan character good for them.It's just like those Sonic fan characters,people just love to reimagine video game characters. It's funny though how Nintendo just release that artbook with a Peach/bowser too,perfect timing. Also unless I'm misunderstanding something the name Bowsette would imply that Todette put that special crown to look like Bowser,Bowsette's name should be Bowseach or something
  9. It's hard to say for sure,but active presence in the story is one of the most important.I'm not a big fan of Zemus or Necron type of villains who randomly show up at the end of the game,it's not a bad idea,it works fine,but I prefer the Kuja or Golbez type of villains who interact with the main characters on multiple occasions throughout the game
  10. I doubt it,but when I watched Moana,I couldn't help but think about KH1,with Moana wanting to leave her island on a raft lol.That movie was begging to be in KH3,if it had come out earlier I'm sure it would have made it and it was pretty good too
  11. I think all of them could become good again,even Xehanort,he might be himself possess by some mystery evil who know
  12. Of course he'll save Aqua,maybe not in this fight,but it's Kingdom Hearts,everything will work out for the good guys in the end I'm sure of it.
  13. It's beautiful,it might be my second favorite boxart after the PS2 KH1 boxart
  14. You're missing out on a great library of games,the PS1 has so many great games beyond Crash and Spyro.Get this Playstation Mini or buy PS1 games on PSN,so many amazing classics
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