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  1. I won't watch that trailer. But I'm betting on a new world.
  2. Yup, I believe Atlus disabled PS4 Share for Persona 5 completely. (Don't know if now you can record footage) But capture cards still work so... I also think it will be part of a Day One patch.
  3. What does he mean "The games's epilogue and secret movie [...] are planned to be released at a later date" ? They will be in an update ? It's a good way to prevent from spoilers but... I don't quite like the idea of having such important content to be released as an update. I like to have my full game on the disc. Oh well. I guess it's better than getting spoiled.
  4. I think it will take me a few days to complete the main story. And hopefully there will be enough content to keep me playing for a couple of weeks.
  5. It's good they altered the steelbook. It's still not what I would love to see but it's alright. (And we have the original Bluray case so, as far as I'm concerned, I'm okay) The artbook however... Errrrrrrrrrr... Hope it's better that the ReMIX artbooks. I really hope they'll come with a massive artbook at some point.
  6. Cyberos000

    Favorite reveal from The Game Awards?

    I saw the announcement about 2mn after I bought the game. I was stunned. It's amazing to see a Persona character in Smash. I hope the other DLCs will be as surprising as Joker. I wonder if the DLCs character are all going to be third party DLCs. But as long as they make interesting characters, I will be happy.
  7. Cyberos000

    Kingdom Hearts III can now be preloaded onto Xbox One

    It's okay. It's okay. All I have to do is avoid spoilers until mid-February. So, starting from next week, no more youtube, no more news-site and no more discord. I can do this. (Wish youtube had some kind of filter that hides videos with certain key words like "Kingdom Hearts", "Secret boss" or "Death scene".)
  8. Cyberos000

    Which FFXV character would you want most in KH3?

    I despise FFXV. But if I had to include one it would be Iris.
  9. I'm glad I feel asleep before the stream started. I'm not particularly angry, but I understand the reaction of the fans. I was also excited, and eager to see what DLCs they had in store for us. The fact that the trailer is a new one doesn't bother me personally, I don't watch KH3 trailers anymore since the Aqua reveal. (Don't want to be spoiled to much, but that's another suject)
  10. Thinking about it... Maybe they will announce Japanese dubs as DLC. This would be a solid consolation for those who wanted voice localization. (just like KH1 and 2 had) Come on it's possible. Give us at least that. As free DLC... Just like the majority of the games. (who proposes Japanese voice DLCs) Now, as for the "actual" game content... A world I hope. I just hope they won't sell us Keyblades pack for like 10$. Yes, yes, there's Keyblade transformation, KH3 Keyblade are definitely not your typical "change the skin and the stat" weapons. But... Eh. I'd like to see like a "Dark Souls" kind of DLCs. New worlds, new enemies, new items. Not DLCs that straight up gives you items. I would be massively disappointed if the DLCs boil down to skins. Music packs. That kind of stuff which is irrelevant in term of gameplay. And if I gotta pick, what Disney world I would like for DLCs, I gotta go with Treasure Planet.
  11. I forgot Eraqus's Armor, for sure, and I checked, there's a "secret boss" on Re:Coded.
  12. The notion of secret boss is a bit blurry but, I'm counting 26. 5 in KH1. 15 in KH2. (if you include all data battles) 1 in 358/2 Days. (that wyvern guy which appears after you take 5 bosses down on a mission) 4 in Birth by Sleep. (If you count Monstro and No Heart) And 1 in Dream Drop Distance, unless you count the special boss encounters on the portals, and I don't know how many are in the game. I remember there is a "special encounter" on Re:Coded, but It's just a reskined enemy, as far as I remember. And sadly, there's no secret boss in CoM. So, my answer doesn't fit any of the poll.
  13. So, they're finally gonna announce paid DLCs for Kingdom Hearts 3 heh ? Hope these are worth it. Like new worlds or something, with a super duper mega secret boss. Or a "Final mix" content upgrade. But since it is DLC, it can't be tied to the main storyline. Isn't a second character supposed to be playable ? Maybe they'll add playable side stories. And what about this "Twitch Prime exclusive" thing ? I feel like European players are going to be screwed.
  14. They released artbook for Nier Automata, (several for N:A even) Dragon's Quest XI, Final Fantasy XV. (even though these two were collectors exclusive) Why the heck can't we have a 200 pages artbook for Kingdom Hearts. No, I want a complete serie artbook, covering all the Kingdom Hearts games. I don't know, maybe the "Disney" factor plays a role. The manga based Kingdom Hearts artbook is quite good, I own it, but it got two problems : 1- No 358/2 Days artworks (I guess it has been originaly printed when this manga wasn't released) and, 2 -Some of the art are shinked down to a ridiculous degree. I'm hoping for a new manga artbook, which would include additional art from 358/2 and previous mangas, but since the manga serie stopped completely... *sigh*
  15. Looks like the standard Bluray case will be bundled with the collector editions of KH3. Nice. (Seriously, why the steelbook is so blend ?) Now, let's hope the PS4 Pro will be announced worldwide. That'll make the perfect excuse for me to get a PS4 Pro. Nice artbook cover tho. I love these KH1 title screen throwbacks. (Now, I hope the artbook won't be as... "eh..." as the HD ReMIX ones. Release a real artbook please.)