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  1. Keyblader number one

    Known & Speculated KHIII English Dub Actors

    Rumor has it that Mark Hamill is The new voice of Xehanort.
  2. Keyblader number one

    Kh3's PR and Advertisement Discussion

    Just you wait till they're on Youtube annoying commercials where you won't Skip. I also wonder if they will be on ESPN ads. Gosh imagine they do a commercial skit with Stephen A Smith.
  3. Keyblader number one

    Leonard Nimoy's replacement

    Any ideas who it is?
  4. Keyblader number one

    KH3 wish: Skip Boss after repeat failure

    I hope this game takes me weeks to finish.
  5. Keyblader number one

    (SPOILERS) Randall confirmed to be in KH3...

    He's two. He Shouldn't play games yet should he?
  6. Keyblader number one

    Adorable reaction to a Kingdom Hearts trailer

    My 5 year old niece is becoming a fan.
  7. Keyblader number one

    (SPOILERS) Randall confirmed to be in KH3...

    Cool. My nephew loves Monsters inc. I mean it. I get forced to watch it all the time but I'm not complaining because it is a good movie.
  8. Walt Disney would've been proud.
  9. Keyblader number one

    Teen Rating?

    As long as no swear words are in the game, I have no problem. Don't get me wrong, I curse like a South Park character but not when it comes to Kingdom Hearts because it's not necessary.
  10. Keyblader number one

    Galaxy toys question

    Do you think Galaxy toys is Al's Toy Barn? You think Al sold it after Toy Story 2?
  11. Keyblader number one

    KH3 Worlds You Are Looking Forward To Playing?

    Toy box since Toy Story is my childhood.
  12. Keyblader number one


    I'd prefer the Incredibles.
  13. I think that is him.