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  1. I was just browsing my local town's newspaper site and came across a short, funny ad/commercial for KH3 with a duck and a dog and a guy dressed up as Sora. Anyone else seeing this? Trying to link it but it just takes me to GameStops website. Dont really post much on here anymore either, just wondering if this commercial was reported before? Edit: tried again, but definitely just redirects me to GameStops site for newest releases, etc. Not under the media tab for KH3 either on GameStops site. It's a very short skit commercial with a real dog wearing parts Goofy's costume and a real duck wearing parts of Donald's costume and a guy dressed like Sora saying "Guys, you aren't taking this seriously..." after a few seconds and then an announcer (which kinda sounds like HJO) says "Go on a real adventure..." or something close to it and says pick up KH3 at GameStop and then the typical black screen GameStop logo background, display of both games for xbox and ps4, website address, etc. Seems to be an easy find to keep reloading the webpage and running into the ad again. Added photo for proof its real. Sorry for blackouts, but dont want anyone knowing where I live.
  2. Making videos from recent trailers and enjoying my Sony Vegas Pro I recently just bought. This is a preview and will be finishing this up soon when I get well. Hope you like the preview so far even though its short. (I'm also really loving the vibrancy of the colors from the trailers and messing with those haha)
  3. Facebook or Tumblr because ? Preferably Facebook between the two, as there are research and statistics on certain themes and adverse reactions/stimulations to health, and more. Not to mention, as a Geographic Information Technologist, I've had to dig deep into apps that work off of location based technology or global positioning and FB is one of the most terrifying with how intricate it tracks and builds off of you.
  4. Yeah, I'm a bit confused as well. He knows it is Terra's mind and will that wouldn't submit to his control, as seen here at 2:38... Could be possible Lingering Will could become a separate identity altogether from Terra and Terra-Xehanort is noticing this change/phenomena. Although, Lingering Will isn't supposed to possess any feelings of its own or its own personality...
  5. Where's Kairi and normal Riku? ? As I replied earlier, I think it will be difficult and almost impossible for Vanitas to be redeemed or 'good.' But this is pretty cool with the merchandise, and I'll say, I am gonna be pretty surprised if he somehow joins the Lights/just is done with MX's shit. Again, there's a realm of possibility.
  6. Gonna pass. A bit too pricey, although I can afford to buy a piece if wanted, but way too overpriced in general for all of the items.
  7. Infinite fun with Vanitas and darkness. This was fun to make and getting better at using many different effects with frames. Enjoy~
  8. Well, this is depressing. I did enjoy FFXV when it first launched, even though it has certainly been a huge mess onwards. It's good they did not cancel all of the DLC, but maybe this is a step forward SE delicately needs to re-evaluate some key points when developing long-term projects and those overseeing said projects. Really terrible that they lost $33 million...
  9. The right answer is up there. One of the game's had the idea or a presentation of the world in the data and then another game had the actual models of Woody and Buzz in it.
  10. Yeah horror games are a no-go for me. Don't want to rely only on a camera to save me. The first, horror game I tried to sit through was that Resident Evil or Silent Hill game that had a demo a few years ago and a person walked by the doorway and was like nope ?
  11. I kind of have been wanting to play some old FF games lately and, surprisingly, I still have my PS2 from when I was 11 years old. I have FF12 Zodiac Age for the PS4 and the remaster of FF10. I have never played Fatal Frames before. I'm kinda hopping between a lot of games right now until KH3 is here ^^;
  12. Just beat 0.2 for the second time the other day, playing through FFXV Royal Edition, probably gonna give in and buy Let's Go Pikachu or Eevee 'cause nostalgia.
  13. Not really surprised and not upset about it. TWEWY seemed to make a solid cameo/plot in KH3D and was executed pretty well at the time.
  14. There is remnants of its code in KH1 as well and a chest in Hollow Bastion where it was contained, but the chest is blocked off and unable to reach. Not gonna give it away either, but if people try to bypass getting to the chest with other 'means' and summon it, the game will give up on life.
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