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  1. danimuu


    Silly me, I forgot to put a description;;; Just a drawing of my favorite Foretellers: (from left to right) Aced, Ava, and Invi! Its been a while since I last drew anything, so I'm really glad I'm able to draw more KH stuff again! Drawn in Colors! 3DS app ----> http://colorslive.com/details/3586096
  2. Wowie, its been a while since I was on here! Hope everyone's doing alright. I'm staring to draw again, so hopefully I'll have some nice KH stuff rolling out soon <3

  3. Long time no draw! It's a 4-day weekend so I'm trying to draw as much as I can. Here's good ol' Kairi with keyblade in hand. I really REALLY can't wait to see her bigger roles in KH3 because she's a great character in my eyes, but she just hasn't had the chance to show her full potential, y'know? Overall though, I'm just really hyped for kh3 and 2.8 in general. Hope you guys enjoy! Drawn in Colors! 3D Kairi belongs to Square Enix and her rightful creators
  4. AH WOW Its been a while, kh13! September 17th was SoKai day but I missed it because of illness and auditions.....meh. But anyway, here it is! Sora finally gets to tell Kairi about his adventures. ALSO CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT 2.8 AND HOW GREAT THE BACK OF AQUA'S HEAD LOOKS??? But overall. seriously can't wait for 2.8 OR KH3. Drawn in Colors!3d
  5. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/87807-favorite-versions-of-sora/ Out of everything I've posted on KH13, this is my favorite yet. Please feature it!! I'd really appreciate it u v u
  6. So apparently I never posted this even though I could've sworn I did???? Aw well Here are my favorite versions of Soras from KH2. It's a nice little throwback to KH2 from now since KH3 was basically just announced. Hopefully they add more new versions of Sora!! Why is Halloween Town Sora so attractive??? Drawn on 3DS via Colors! 3D.
  7. Hallelu.
  8. June 20th is RokuShi Day!! I kinda rushed through this so I'm sorry if some stuff looks awkward ahggg;;; It's finally summer break, which means more time for drawing! Expect more stuff soon! As usual, this was drawn on the 3DS via Colors!3D.
  9. AHHHH Thank you all so much!! I really appreciate it! ;v; Yuppers! And thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it
  10. Thank you so much!! ;v;
  11. WOW long time no post, guys! I'm on spring break, so I finally got some time to draw! I haven't drawn Xion yet, so I thought I'd celebrate the new season as well as continue drawing the various KH characters I love u v u AHHH I GOTTA GO STUDY FOR THE SAT NOW Uhhhh but yes enjoy the lil cutie See me draw Xion here: http://colorslive.com/details/2782215 Drawn by me via Colors 3D on the 3DS. Xion belongs to Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura.
  12. Currently looking for contests to enter drawings into. Anyone know any good ones going on? (especially if they're KH related)

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