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  1. Going to get Overwatch on PC! ^^ I'm super excited!

  2. Then lose the jacket :cool: I want my dog to get better
  3. Curse my friend for getting me into Osomatsu-san hell

  4. Finished all current story quests for KHUx! I can finally be less active on the game for now... ;^;

  5. What is your game ID Number/Nickname? Naegi and my ID number is 32005 What level are you? 66 Why did you join the Anguis union? Used a random generator to pick Are you a member of a party? Now I am, joined a beginner friendly guild If not, would you like to join one? Still a noob at this game What is your favorite medal? The Tidus(?) medal, after getting it up to 5 stars the AOE damage is pretty good.
  6. Oh ok my bad. Have fun with the RP! ^^
  7. Name: Denis Age: 16 Gender: Male City/State/Country of Origin: England Background: Growing up in the streets, Denis survived with a band of thieves wielding a bow to steal from the rich. Sadistic, selfish, and cold he grew up with a hatred for people who have lavish lives that they did not deserve. One day, a robbery went wrong and Denis was left behind and was caught by the police. When he was about to be sentenced to death by the judge, a wealthy family made a deal with the police to hand Denis over to the police if he doesn't meet a certain condition. Apparently the family's daughter, Zina, couldn't sync with anyone in her bow weapon form and the parents, hearing about Denis's ability with the bow, wondered if he was able to do it. Unreluctantly, Denis somehow managed to perfectly match his soul wave length to Zina's and Denis officially became Zina's meister. Excited about this occurrence, Zina's parents waited a year for Denis to gain their trust and eventually they shipped their daughter and Denis to Death City to become students of Shibusen. Before the two left for Death City, Zina's parents promised Denis that if he does well in Shibusen for 15 years, he is free to go. Currently Denis's sadistic personality is still intact, but he's less cold than before and is quite sarcastic most of the time. Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/ca/93/2f/ca932f5db67f83421e43bafc8d4c5d36.jpg Weapon or Meister: Meister Fighting Style (For Meister): Kyudo but more mobile Name: Zina Mitchell Age: 14 Gender: Female City/State/Country of Origin: England Background: Zina Mitchell was spoiled since her birth which developed a care-free and clueless personality that was made fun of by the servants in her house. When she was 5 years-old, her parents were shocked to find out that she can transform into a bow and were willing to look for a meister to send them to Shibusen to serve for the current Lord Death, Kid. One by one meisters from various areas tried to sync with Zina but none of them succeeded. However, when Zina first met Denis, she had no clue Denis was insulting her and yet oddly enough, they managed to perfectly sync. Zina is for now the only person that never gets offended by Denis's sharp tongue and considers him her only friend despite his protest against it. According to the servants, they never saw Zina express any emotion of regret, anger, and sadness. Appearance: Weapon or Meister: Weapon Type of Weapon (For Weapon): Bow http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee326/celine_diaz89/Bowandarrow.jpg Watch out, or I’ll take your soul!
  8. Persona 5, Fire Emblem Fates, 2.8, and FFXV but I'm a bit more excited for Fates cause I can actually play it.
  9. Whenever I compete against someone I'm usually the one who ends up losing so I find co-op to be a lot more fun.
  10. Rae frowned. 'More questions?' Hopefully the questions aren't some type of test, she usually fail those... Snapping back to concentration, she grabbed one of Demyx's water clones, "Hmm, I guess being with my best friend is my answer." As Rae replied, she swinged the water clone like a helicopter smashing the clone into others as they dissipated. When she heard Derik's response about being alone she flinched. 'Those he love dies?' Rae thought. That's a depressing mindset. The thought of losing her father or her brother scares her to death. Did Derik lose someone important to think this way? Shoving the thought in the back of her head, she continued to focus on the clones. After getting rid of the water clones, Rae let go of the clone she was holding and sliced it apart with her keyblade. "As for the second question," She answered with a sarcastic tone. "I'm perfect."
  11. At first Abigail tried to ignore the storm, but that's when it happened. The house suddenly began to shake as the sound of thunder pounded in her ears. It felt like the house was being ripped apart. Terrified and alarmed, Abigail bolted to the door. However with her hand just inches away from the doorknob, her legs started sinking into the floor. "What the?!" She looked down to see a pool of darkness pulling her body into the abyss like quicksand. With a scream she called for her parents as she tried to grab onto the doorknob. But there no sign of rescue as Abigail's whole body was engulfed by the darkness.
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