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  1. That new KH3 trailer has me back on the Hype Train. Also hi everyone!

    1. Xiro



    2. Jim


      Or am I? :O

    3. Xiro


      oh no


  2. I haven't really done anything on here in forever. How are you all doing?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Oli


      Yeah, Jim, join us

    3. Jim


      The what? Hahaha

    4. Oli


      the coalition of death

  3. If I made a subreddit that would be of interest to KH and FF fans, would I be allowed to briefly ask people here to check it out?

    1. Xiro


      Probably, as long as you don't spam it xP

  4. So I'm actually working on making a youtube video. It's a long, in-depth analysis of The Force Awakens, debunking all the lame hate it's been getting over the internet. Writing the script now, I'm at 19 pages, 9 thousand something words, and I'm probably at about the halfway point. Yikes.

    1. WakingDawn96


      Meanwhile, I am still busy with school work but trying to formulate ideas for more AMV and GMV type of videos after taking about 3 years off from making videos.

    2. Javelin434


      I don't think I'll even put that much effort for a university level research paper xD

  5. Anyone here ever watch Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece: "The Room"? 10/10 greatest movie ever

  6. I found a couple people on youtube who did angry rants about FFVIIR on Youtube, and both of them said Nomura is everything wrong with SE because (they thought) he was responsible for the XIII series. lol

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    2. Sora96


      MythrilMagician, 7.1 million before mobile sales is pretty dam good. Haha.

    3. MythrilMagician


      @Jim Yeah, they were rather good, despite what some say about them.


      @Sora96 Yeah, it is. Surprising for a game that is criticised as being one of the worst FF games, but that's just the Internet for you.

    4. Sora96


      Yep, 5th highest selling FF game ever behind VII, X, VIII and X-2.

  7. Now that I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles, I feel like the FF7R trailer looks a lot like a cross between the original FF7 gameplay and Xenoblade. As in, the ATB fills up with minor auto-attacks and then you choose what you can do after the gauge fills.

    1. Shana09


      i think that's stretching it a bit.

      I think its more like a FFXV-FF7 hybrid if anything. Or KH like.

    2. Jim


      You could be right. I don't know, I guess this game just has one of those kinds of gameplays where it's really difficult to see what the player is actually doing to trigger the character's actions if you don't know how the game actually plays with controller in hand.

    3. Shana09


      If you are talking about the teamate AI reacting to what you and other AIs are doing then FFXV has been huge about that.

  8. I just beat FF6 earlier, and... being totally honest, I personally enjoyed 7 and 9 more. I'm assuming this is probably a pretty unpopular opinion :/ It's a very good game though!

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    2. Dave


      But, unlike Kefka, they CAN understand love and can find meaning on their own through the hearts of one another and the people who they've met in their travels. Even if the universe might not be geared towards it, they can still find a world worth living in. And that's kind of what's tragic about Kefka: he's a broken man on fire who, in the end, is the only true victim of his own nihilism, and the one thing that he couldn't destroy is the one thing he never understood or...

    3. Dave
    4. Jim


      That's exactly the kind of analysis I was hoping to get! Thanks man, I really appreciate it! I hadn't really looked into him that deeply while playing the game, so it's really neat to hear about him in that context.


  9. I've seen some people on the internet who legitimately think Darth Maul is a better villain than Kylo Ren. H..how?

    1. Silvia Kuroi

      Silvia Kuroi

      Probably because, while Darth Maul hasn't much of a personality, he's more frightening and ominous, and more of what people expect of a Star Wars villain. I enjoyed Kylo Ren as a character, but some people like a character that isn't so childish.

    2. Kalebninja


      Because that opinion may not be formed solely off of the movies, Darth Maul didn't die in and came back in the clone wars so we got to see a lot more out of the character.

    3. Kalebninja


      *didn't die and*

  10. Playing FF6 to the end for the first time -> feel ready to do give Kefka's tower a second shot -> spend at least 5-10 minutes in beginning of dungeon getting everyone tricked out -> get fairly far in -> some random encounter uses "Blaster" 4 times in a row and wipes out my entire party -> ragequit

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dracozombie


      If an enemy's being cheap, then be cheap back: Vanish-Doom glitch ftw. (Unless you're not playing the SNES version, which in that case gooood luck.)

    3. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Ugh, I've always hated stuff like that. :/

    4. Jim


      Draco- nope, PC version for me. (I know everyone hates that version but I like it just fine)

      Pangoro join the club xD

  11. yea hes a pretty cool guy his unlocker sword is pretty cool
  12. i like kingdom hearts

    1. Enix
    2. Jim
    3. Soul_Seeker


      wel kingdum hartz is 2.5/10 cull of doody iz best game

  13. do u like kingdom hearts i like kingdom hearts
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