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  1. Just snagged an Oblivion keyblade from a Spirit Halloween. The cashier said it's the first time he'd seen anyone "buy one of these things."

  2. Won't speak for coded since I'm not too familiar with it, but the original Days fleshes out a lot of things that the movie missed, mainly the interactions between the characters and Roxas's development. Only problem is that if you're not a fan of Days's gameplay, it's a chore to slog through. Ah well, that's what Everglow's videos are for, to give you the best of both worlds.
  3. Vexen. I don't really understand the hate this guy gets. People think he's a creep, but he's not much worse an asshole than the rest of the Organization. He's smart and has common sense, and he strikes me as a kind of guy who would be respectable on his own merits if he didn't demand it from everyone (then again, considering his coworkers...).
  4. I die of embarrassment if I go outside with my Oathkeeper keychain on my purse, unless I'm going to some once-a-year geek convention. There's no way I'm letting anyone see me with a pair of Kingdom Keys danging from the side of my head. Plus I never got around to getting my ears pierced, so there's that. ... I'm sorely tempted to buy them anyway...
  5. You assume that people in KH actually die. There's no death in KH, only hiatuses. Even if death was a thing in this franchise, I can't see it happening to Riku for a variety of reasons. Main reason is that I don't see a point, plot-wise or character development-wise. It'd just seem like such a waste. Riku spent how many games going through all those lessons about conquering darkness and not being a dick to your friends... and just dies? Like, why? Can't Riku spend the finale being cool and enjoying his spiffy Master title, and give some space for the other characters who desperately need development? Like that chick, what's-her-face... Kari or something. I think I remember her. Plus I just like Riku and don't wanna see him gone. And stuff.
  6. There's one overlooked element to the original FFVII Cloud that everyone seems to forget exists: his sense of humor.
  7. I got it for like $2 from Harbor Freight Tools. Dunno if you have one in your area but there's an online store. Just search for 'key-shaped folding knife'. Everyone who notices I have it thinks it's really cool. I call it my keyblade and I'm just waiting for someone to get the reference.
  8. This thing. The best part is that it's real. I should know. It's on my own key ring.
  9. They read the subtitles just like most of us do. The other characters understand him just fine because they understand him. The game's not gonna take time out of the dialogue every other sentence to ask Donald to repeat himself, and then he gets pissed off that he has to repeat himself all the time and gets even harder to understand. Part of Donald's character is his weird talking habits but the game also has to keep the narrative flow. So, even though I catch maybe 60 percent of what Donald says without the subtitles, the other characters just have to understand him because the alternative wastes time.
  10. Kids can't always shell out the money it takes to buy the collections/consoles, and fuddy duddy adults like me won't always spare the time and effort to play everything. If who I am now just now wanted to get into KH, I probably wouldn't bother with it no matter how much it interested me. Even Youtube videos summarizing the story can be a huge time investment, given how bloated KH has become. I honestly quit watching Everglow's recap videos for that exact reason (that, and I already know most of the non-Chi storyline). I have mixed feelings about forcing newcomers to play everything before KH3. A story spanning multiple games across multiple consoles is different from a story across multiple books or movies. Books and movies don't have the same amount of cost or time investment as games do. And yes, there are the PS4 collections, but veterans who've been with the series since the beginning didn't have that luxury. For most of KH's life, you either shelled out the money for the different consoles, or tough luck -- you weren't playing the games. Youtube mitigated this somewhat, but it's still an honest criticism that I think can be leveled at KH. But on the other hand... yeah, you kinda do need to be familiar with the previous games to understand KH. If you go into the final game in a long-running series without having understood the previous installments, then you're out of luck. That's just how it is. Should that be a mark against KH? I dunno, probably, but I don't really care. I was lucky enough to catch KH around the middle of its lifespan and be at a point in my life where I could freely enjoy the games I could play. The argument just doesn't affect me, and I don't want it to. I just wanna enjoy KH3 and not watch arguments between confused newcomers complaining, and veteran players complaining about the confused newcomers complaining.
  11. I try not to let myself get hyped in general, and given how bloated KH has become, my reactions to the trailers pretty much amounted to "Ooh. Neat!", if that. Just watching Sora running around having fun and kicking ass has been oddly satisfying for me in the trailers. Really, him being a dude who makes the lives of other people better just by doing what he does -- caring about others and kicking ass.
  12. My only expectation for KH3 is for it to be a fun, satisfying game. And maybe over-reliance on mini games.
  13. Nabbed a six-inch Sora figurine from Anime Expo. He is currently brandishing his keyblade while riding on a t-rex.

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      My guess: Meet the Robinsons.

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      That, or Disney's Dinosaur. Remember that film? I sure don't.

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      Pics or it didn't happen :P

  14. https://soundcloud.com/hawkrausch/future-masters-but-theyre-kids-wip-2 This is the most adorable thing I've heard in a while. This belongs with a montage of itty bitty Terra and Aqua playing, having fun, and attacking each other with wooden keyblades.
  15. Noice, thanks for the heads up. I'm actually headed to AX this week. If I don't play it myself, I'll at least watch the people who do.
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