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  1. This is the PERFECT video to watch before jumping into Kingdom Hearts 3, featuring 20+ KH Content Creators, DON'T MISS IT ? It was an absolute pleasure making this video, my goal was to make it the best video on my entire channel. With that being said, I hope that you all thoroughly enjoyed watching it. This project meant a lot to me, and I aimed for it to hopefully give you the same feels that a Kingdom Hearts game does. I finished the final production at 6am today, pulled my first all-nighter in over 2 years ? Any sort of support on this video would be greatly appreciated, share it with a friend or a loved one. Anyway, thank you again to everyone that has been on this journey with me. Most importantly, thank you to all of you that support my content, I owe it all to you!One last BIG thank you to everyone that helped make this video possible and contributed in someway, big or small. As Sora would say, I’m proud to be a small part of something bigger!
  2. This theory was intended to dive into the details of what makes Xehanort, Xehanort! Most specifically discussing how he obtained his NORTorious yellow eyes! Let me know what you think about my ideas and speculation? Do you think that these trips in The Lanes Between without keyblade armor left Xehanort open to corruption of the dark? Could he have possibly killed his own Master?
  3. Let me know what you plan on doing when Kingdom Hearts 3 FINALLY releases? Additionally, how do you feel about my opinion I shared today? Thanks so much for watching
  4. *USE LINK BELOW* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7JKK4G-WFw Sephiroth is probably my favorite Final Fantasy Character in Kingdom Hearts, and with KH3 quickly approaching, I felt this was necessary & important to discuss! Let me know what you think about Sephiroth making a return in Kingdom Hearts 3? Do you think we'll see him and will we get to fight him again?
  5. THIS TRAILER IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL, BUT IT PLAYS WITH MY FEELINGS... UGHHH ?? I'm so excited to get my hands on this game, and I'm sure soooo many of you are as well!! Let me know what you think about this trailer and some of the things I discussed, did you see something I didn't?
  6. A New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! Big Hero 6 may FINALLY makes its grand appearance! Stay tuned for the Playstation Line-Up Tour on September 10, 2018. What do you think will be shown?
  7. Here we will be discussing a topic that I believe is very likely to happen in Kingdom Hearts 3, Riku's Death... Riku's purpose in Kingdom Hearts 3 is a huge topic of discussion amongst the Kingdom Hearts Community, his impending future makes many of us wonder what is his purpose, what is his destiny? Could it be as a sacrifice to further to plot of the largest entry in the Series? Try not to cry :sad: Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy - Volt
  8. Hey everyone, I made a really cool video discussing this topic before it was announced. Maybe you'll find some enjoyment in watching it! Thanks so much - Volt
  9. Here I will be discussing a topic that I believe deserves more attention than it's been given. The leveling system in Kingdom Hearts 3 is a huge topic of discussion amongst the Kingdom Hearts Community, yet not many people have decided to jump in and tackle the idea head on. So, I bring to you a complete analysis and concept design for the leveling system, keyblade transformations, forms, and much more! I put 48+ hours of work into this video so if you enjoyed this video feel free to leave a like to help support my channel and content. Thank you so much for watching
  10. Made this video talking about everything we saw in the new trailer, and I feel like I noticed and found a lot of things many other people may have not noticed! So I'd appreciate if you could check it out, and let me know what you think. Thanks
  11. Merry Christmas Volt!

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