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  1. I'd like it, I might even buy the figure for no reason, but I won't buy the game
  2. Whenever I hear "Kingdom of Hearts" from someone who doesn't know what they're talking about it makes me cringe. So hard. Knowing that it was once THE ACTUAL TITLE OF THE GAME AT ONE POINT makes me want to stab myself (with a Keyblade)
  3. Wait, I'm the first person to see and vote this poll? IMPOSSIBLE!!! Anyway, yes, I am a shut-in (almost NEET level, cannot wait)
  4. I was just thinking about something, I'm not sure if it's been explained or not before, but why does the X-Blade have two Kingdom Keys crossing? And another thing, it's said that all the normal Keyblades were man-made and passed down, made to kinda be like the original X-Blade. So what if Sora has (one of) the oldest Keyblade(s), too? I just re-watched the new Re:Coded cutscene that was in 2.5 to be sure, because I knew it says something about Xehanort having "the most ancient" of Keyblades (and it does), so Sora can't actually have the oldest... Maybe someone took "forging Keyblades in the likeness of the X-Blade" too literally and copied a design on it? Or maybe there's something deeper about it that we (I) don't know yet, but whatever.
  5. I love this line from KH1 so much, because of the way Sora says it..!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT9y7Edydgk I think this fits
  7. Anything from the Touhou Project,but I guess this as somewhere in my favourites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=195XntreoMc Also how do you make your videos show up (like the ones above me) instead of having to click?
  8. I naturally don't draw characters with ears and noses since I draw in a Walfas-esque style
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