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  1. I am learning as well! The second chapter will be uploaded in a few days - I will write as much as God would like to make possible. I appreciate your compliment!
  2. I understand that he will not remain dead, but it tugged my heart, and still does. The game series has a way of making scenes in that you cannot watch them enough
  3. Thanks! For many years I have been wanting to do something like this. I believe the parents of Sora and others need inclusion.
  4. I understand, and appreciate the feedback! As the specific time thought of by his mother, it would be the arrival at Hollow Bastion with the scene with Riku, Donald, and Goofy. I have several chapters written so far. It is full of Scripture and many scenes are additional, with a few added characters.
  5. "For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness,

    and their sins and their iniquities I will remember no more."

    -Hebrews 8:12

  6. Who else has watched this scene more than ten times? This ending was sad in that, what most Kingdom Hearts fans were looking forward to at the end of this game was Sora and Kairi being able to be together. For several years we have waited, and saw what we had been waiting for. They finally held hands. But then, he disappeared. Thoughts on this?
  7. I just recently started using this forum again. I hope to speak with many of you! I am a devoted Christian, and an avid Kingdom Hearts fan. I honestly have no friends currently that know or enjoy Kingdom hearts. I would love to talk to some of you, Please check out my latest post - it would mean much to me! Please comment or criticize or message! Thanks!!
  8. To any that love The Lord Jesus Christ, May find this written version of Kingdom Hearts to be a good, wholesome, Christ-honoring entertainment. Looking for criticisms and comments, including and hoping for grammatical corrections and sentence, paragraph, wording improvements. Send me a message!Thanks, and God bless! Introduction to the writing: It is the opinion of the writer that this saga has a tremendous thoughtful and emotional depth; Knowing this, It has been a great personal desire to see Biblical Truth implemented within this series; knowing that this will lead to its great enrichment, and bring out and give further meaning and culmination, by the Truth of The Word of God, to the themes that lie already within the games, such as the clash between Light and darkness; friendship; love; faith, and forgiveness, courage, and so on - all of which are truly first from The Word of God. The primary goal of this writing is to bring the readers into a closer relationship with God Himself; hopefully this will be done while being able to enjoy the seeker of darkness saga. The writer has a great love for the characters, and for the script of the story of Kingdom Hearts. Therefore, due diligence is taken in remaining honest to the characters, their qualities, and the worlds themselves. New characters have been implemented by the thoughts of the writer, not being added to bring detriment to the story, rather, to bring positive addition. Futhermore, there has been a greater inclusion of characters that already exist within the games. Many familiar quotes from the characters will be found again, additionally including many new scenes. Where there are changes or additions to the storyline, character descriptions, or words from the characters themselves, it has been done to manifest Biblical Truth, declaring the burden of the writer; to provide a deeper insight into the story, and also to make the writing as heartfelt and realistic as possible. This will, being the prayer of the writer, become a joy to all Christians who have loved and played this series. All Scriptures are either taken from the King James Bible, or the New King James Bible, being the most loved translations of the writer. "Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved." May The God of Heaven, who has redeemed my soul by the blood of His Son Jesus Christ, take all glory for Himself. EMAIL: Wesryan2014@gmail.com - Email me if you are visiting and would like to talk about it! 1 From mother to son “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he shall not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6 She awoke from her sleep early in the morning. The sun had barely risen over the island village in which they lived. The familiar sounds of the morning began to take place. The waves could be heard crashing on the shoreline; and the birds were beginning to call. The dull muttering of the fishermen at their posts; and those who ventured to the market place to set up store. The bell of the church ringing soundly throughout the isle. None of these noises, however, stirred her from her sleep, for these noises were a joyful sound to her. She had a troublesome dream that she could not shake from her mind. What she had seen still gripped her heart. It was a dream of her only son, a young child that was so full of light. It was unmistakably the light of God, the light of Christ could be evidently seen even at such a young age. Never was he to be seen without a smile, never was he to be seen downcast. Never was he witnessed to be hopeless or be ready to give up. But a constant joy and happiness surrounded him in which she knew, could only come by the Holy Spirit. What a blessing he had been to her. The thoughts of any negative thing happening to him made her sorrowful, even the smallest thing. He was nine years old, nine years in which she had no complaint in her heart of him. The dream was not very clear, but it was a dream in which she had witnessed her son very alone, and in a terribly dark place. Without father or mother, and without the comfort of a friend. A place in which his friends had betrayed him, and he was all alone, upon his hands and knees. And perhaps an inkling of fear that, even God had turned His eye away from him. She could feel the anguish of his heart, a crushing loneliness, in a time of great peril. The marks of his emotions were still imprinted upon her heart, as if these things had truly happened. She beheld the face of her son in the night, the face of genuine fear and anguish, a face that she could not bear to see. Something had to be done. She had to tell him of the times that may come, and give him the hope that, in all circumstances, God would never leave him, nor forsake him. Her husband had already left. Usually she awoke to see him off before he began his work, but perhaps she had been in such a deep sleep, that he did not wake her up when he left. She turned on the lamp and took an old Bible, the one her grandmother had given her, and rose from the bed. She knew the only encouragement that could be given to another was scripture. She passed through the small living room, and silently ascended the staircase to where his room was. His door was cracked. She looked through the doorway and almost instantly smiled. He was awake, his spiky brown hair disleveled, his bright blue eyes watching intently through the window that was left open. He seemed to be waiting for someone. She knew, it was for his friend that he had grown up with. His friend came to get him every day, so that they could venture the island together. They would leave until the sun would set. What a joy it was to her that, he had no troubles in the world, and eagerly awaited the start of each new day, a new day that for him would be full of adventure, full of new things to be discovered. She hoped his life would be this way until he reached manhood, in which there would be no grave sorrows. But just in case, her purpose this morning was to prepare him for those times, should dark troubles come. She wanted to be sure that, the same guiding light that had been with him in childhood would also remain with him until the end of his days. Of course his father had always taught him the Bible, his father had done a wonderful work in both of their lives; but her nightmare had given her an urgency that had not been before. She opened the door fully and stepped into his room. Books were piled here and there, and wooden weapons his father had helped him craft were leaning in various places. But the Bible was to be found separate from the others, on the table beside his bed. She recalled him saying that being able to see it before he slept gave him peace. Her eyes watered gently. “Sora.” He turned to look, and was happy to see her. “Yes?” She sat down next to him, with the Bible on her lap. She took his small hand, placed it in hers, and laid them both on the Bible. “Listen to my words, my son.” The seriousness of her voice caused him to straighten up, but he did not interrupt. “Yes, mother.” He replied obediently and soberly. Give me grace, Heavenly Father. She prayed silently. “My dear son. You have been such a good child. You have walked in the ways of God very early on. Your father and I are so proud of you, and so is He that sits in heaven.” His face reddened, she knew, because he was not apt to accept compliments. He was very humble. It made her heart glad. Then she felt the Spirit of God fully in her heart, and the scriptures came forth without restraint. “You love God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength. Let this never depart from you, for this is the first, and the greatest commandment. If you do this, and you love Him more than all else, you will not stumble, but your days will be full of rejoicing and gladness. For where your treasure is, there will your heart also be. If your heart is with God, there is the greatest treasure of all. Always remember, if you have Him, you have all you need. You know what it means to help others, when they are in need. This is what Christ has commanded us, that, we should love our neighbours as ourselves. And that what we would want others to do for us, we should also do for them. And not hoping for a reward. Because your reward is not here on the earth, but your reward awaits in heaven, which shall never fade away. If you keep this, my son, you will have an everlasting hope, an expectation that will be received in the final day. Tears began to well up in his eyes. She kept going, for she must. “There will be times when those you love forsake you, even those you trusted the most. There will come a day when every friend that you had ever gained will not be seen by your side. Worry not, my son, neither be afraid. For those whom Christ the Son of God loved, left Him also. Do not be afraid, for He has felt this pain, and is also able to bring you out of it. But you must know this, that God never left His Son, and you, being a child of God, shall never be left behind either. Keep this in your heart, and you shall never be disappointed, for the Bible says, ‘I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.’ Your friends may forsake you in the moment of your greatest trial, and your greatest fears may seem to come to pass very shortly. Be not troubled, for our savior was forsaken before He went to the cross. Tears were now falling from his eyes, but he held his composure. So she held hers. “There may be a time, in which it seems the world is falling into complete chaos, but let not yourself be moved. For God has said, ‘Heaven and earth may pass away, but my Words shall not pass away.’ If you keep this in your heart, you will have an everlasting courage from the Father of Lights. Let the light of Christ shine in you always. That no matter the storm, no matter the darkness, the light of God might be manifest for all to see, in what you say, and in what you do. Never forget, my child. Actions are the proof of your love, not words. If you do that which is right in the sight of God, you will have many enemies. If you stand for the truth, and stand firm in the righteousness of God, those that are unrighteous shall pit themselves against you. My son, do not be afraid, for they hated the Lord Jesus without a cause. Because He told the truth, they would not hear Him. But remember that He has said, ‘Blessed are ye, when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven. For so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.’ Sora, do no wrong to those that have wronged you. Avenge not yourself upon those that have hurt you. But He has taught us to love our enemies. Be kind to those that hate you, and pray for those that curse you. For in this is the love of God made perfect in you. A happy life, my son, is a life that rejects evil. That speaks no evil to his neighbor, and that follows after Christ. When no man will hear you, Sora, remember that God hears even the most silent thoughts. Know that, when it is time to answer your enemies, the Lord Himself will speak through you. When you feel as if God is not with you, remember that Christ felt this way when He was on the Cross. But never forget, His eyes are always over His children. Remember the whole armor of God, and take it to yourself, that you may be able to withstand the evil day. With this armor you will keep yourself unspotted from this world. The greatest defense you have, my child, is in the faith of Christ. The shield of Faith will protect you from all of the arrows of the wicked. And your greatest weapon, is the Word of God. Many weapons are made in this world, but the greatest you can arm yourself with, is in this book. Never forget. These words are sharper than any double edged sword. And pray always, my son. For the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. If you do these things, you shall never fall. You will stand upon the rock of ages, and the winds and the storms, and the floods, cannot bring you down. Do you understand?” “Yes, mother.” He was now trembling. She embraced him, with the kindness only a mother could give. “Never forget, that God looks upon those that tremble at His Word. Be brave, be strong, do not be moved. And Sora, remember,” Tears were now falling from her eyes, “That nothing can separate you from the love of God, which is in His only Son. Not life, not death, not your enemies, not your trials, and no darkness. Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good. Can you believe this?” “I do.” She pulled him back by the shoulders and looked firmly into his eyes. “It shall be well with you.” He smiled, being now strengthened by the Word. She was so proud of him, Never had she seen a young one able to receive the Word in such a way. She thanked God continually. They heard the quick patter of footsteps running quickly beside the window. The sun was now fully up, and the sky a bright blue. The promise of a warm and clear day. A voice called from outside, “Sora! Hey! Sora! Come quick! You won’t believe what I found! It’s so fantastic! Hurry!” Sora and his mother both laughed. It was his friend Riku, obviously excited by his new discovery. “Go with your friend, Sora. Have a day full of joy and rejoicing. Let your light ever shine before you. You will forever be safe, because our God watches over you.” She kissed him on the forehead, ruffled his hair, and gave him the Bible to put into his pocket. He received it gladly, and gave her a hug. “Be home in time for dinner.” He gave her a thumbs up, picked up his pack, and his wooden sword, and dashed out the room. Bearing about in his mind the things his mother had told him. She watched him depart through the window, and prayed, Protect him always. 2 The Door “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” -Jeremiah 33:3 As he stepped out of the front door, he was met with an intense sunlight. The beams of light always seemed to shine even to the darkest corners of their beloved home. So that no secret could be hidden for very long. His home was in a place called Destiny Islands. A small chain of beautiful islands that seemed constantly enveloped by the light of the sun. Very rarely was there a cold or gray day. Sora felt that, each and every day God showed them all his wondrous works of creation. And here, God showed it through the greater light in the skies; The sunlight. Possessing warmth and strength, expelling darkness. As one of the older folk of Destiny Islands would say, ‘The sun and her light always reveals those secrets locked tight.’ And today, as far as the eye could see, there was light. Riku was waiting, wide eyed and impatient. His silver hair was ruffled from running against the wind. He spoke quietly and earnestly. “You can’t tell anyone else about this, got it?” “Not even our friends?” “No! No one can know.” He emphasized those words with his hands. “But wait, wh-“ “No time to explain! Let’s go.” Riku sped off down torwards the sea without another word. Sora clumsily sprinted as fast as he could to keep up with him. It was not an odd thing for Riku to leave Sora several paces behind, no matter what they were doing. Not that Riku meant to, however. The small houses were but a blur as they flew down the sandy pathway that led to the shoreline. The air had its friendly salty taste, a sure sign that the ocean was not far off. His heart leapt with joy as it always had. “Got your fishing pole?” He asked Sora between breathless pants. “Always!” He tried to sound as if it were easy keeping pace with his friend, which admittedly never was. “How about your sword?” “Check!” “We may need it…” The two made it to the dock, which had several small boats tied to it. Riku hastily untied the closest boat and lobbed himself in, Sora followed and quickly picked up the rear paddle. They paddled swiftly. The islands that they had just left were the community islands, where everyone lived. Directly in front of this, about half a mile on boat was another, smaller island. This could be seen from the window in Sora’s room. This is the place where Sora, Riku, and their other friends did all their exploring, fishing, and where they battered each other with their home-made weapons. Much of their time was spent there. From a very early age, their parents had taken them there. To teach them the things that they now know. His father had shown him how to paddle across the ocean. How to bait a rod, and to clean fish. How to build fires, and taught them how to safely handle themselves in the outside world. Sora and Riku were fairly confident that, they had searched out most unknown places of the island. But today, that confidence was shattered. Most of the people were poor, growing up here. They did not have very much, so the greatest entertainment that could be found to them was outside. “I found a place. A cave! Something must be in there. I wanted to go in but I had to come get you. I thought we knew where everything was! We were wrong. But there is something odd about it. ” He was talking so quickly he could barely get the words out right. “Wonder how we have missed it so far.” “Well, it’s in a hidden spot. Near the waterfall.” Riku was paddling frantically. For an eleven year old, he had considerable strength. Sora, being two years younger, was a bit smaller in stature. Their island came closer into view. It was mountainous, full of trees and life. The white sand gleamed from a distance. The waterfall could be seen glistening as it fell from over the mountains, along with their Half-hazardly built bridges, small shacks and tree houses. The curved Paupou tree stood as the welcoming sentinel, on a higher plateau than the rest of the scenery, with its star shaped fruits glowing. Small fish were darting around the boat as they approached the opposing shoreline. “I thought I heard something in there. Like a growl, maybe. Weird huh?” “Yeah… Let’s see what it is.” Sora gripped his wooden sword. Sora tied the boat to the dock as Riku found his own. They made their way to the waterfall, which was the only source of fresh water on this island. The splashing water collided with the light and brought forth a few constant soft rainbows that never faded. The small waterfall fed into a reservoir that had been built to retain drinking water. Here the light was dimmed, and it was cooler than the other spots, Because it was in between two giant rocks. One of the rocks had a ladder one could climb to reach one of the cabins they had built. This was the place the kids would cool down and refresh themselves. A place of rest and safety. “Is it here?” Sora asked, looking to the left and right, unable to find anything abnormal. “Yeah.. Look.” Between the two enormous rock, vegetation had grown. Small pink and purple flowers were visible. Even at a steady glance, the plants looked as if only solid rock were behind them. Riku knelt and brushed the plants aside, to reveal a dark opening. “Wow!” “See? We would never have seen it. I just tripped and almost fell into it. But listen-“ They both went quiet. A small noise could be heard from inside the cave. “Ready?” Riku looked over his shoulder at Sora. “Yeah! Let’s go.” Riku crawled in first, Sora following closely behind. Once they entered in, the ceiling of the cave arched very high. After crawling a few feet, they were able to stand upright and walk the small pathway with much more room to spare. The pathway curved to the left and right, and they reached the opening. “Ooohhhh…” Sora was dazed The cave was very spacious. The sunlight filtered through the opening, giving some light to see. The walls were smooth and bare, and met together to form a circle wide enough to fit a small crowd. “Do you see that…?” Riku asked in a hushed whisper. They advanced to the middle of the cave. Their eyes had begun to adjust to the darkness. A large, solid wooden door stood ominously in front of them. It was rounded at the top, almost in a leaf like shape. It had a golden guild around the frame, with an elegant design at its crown. The door had no handle. “Riku… what could it be?” “I don’t know.” Sora stayed back, but Riku approached the door. He ran his hand over it. “It has nothing to pull.” The door seemed to be embedded into the cave wall. Riku pushed the door with all his might. Sora came to help him. Nothing happened. The door was as dense as it looked. “Dead end.” Said Riku somberly. He knocked on the door. The sound echoed throughout. “Oh well. Still neat though. We found a hideout!” Sora remarked cheerfully. “Yeah…” Riku was deep in thought. “Do you think our parents know about it?” Sora asked hopefully. “No… I talked to dad about everything here. He never said anything about this.” They both looked in awe at the new discovery. “Should we tell them?” “No. Then everyone on the islands would want to come and see. I think we should try to figure it out ourselves. We can solve this mystery, right?” “Right.” Sora affirmed. “Maybe it leads to another place.” Still deep in thought. His brow was furrowed intently. But something felt off to Sora. Something was not right “Well, it looks like that’s all that is in here. I’m ready to catch some fish. The noise that we heard was the wind.” Sora turned to walk to the entrance. Riku reluctantly followed, but turned once more to look at the door. A great golden keyhole could now be seen, in the middle of the door. A larger than normal keyhole. A huge key would have to unlock it. It could not have been missed before. “Sora! A Keyhole!” “What?.. I don’t see it.” Riku gawked at him in disbelief. “Its right there! Wait… wha-?” The keyhole vanished. “I’m telling you man… it was there…” They both stared at the odd door. Both now feeling uncomfortable. Riku shivered a little. “Oh well, let’s go.” He said quickly. He was ready to get out of there. They ducked their heads and crawled back out of the dim shadows into the comforting light. They walked back to their boat to get their rods, and soon enough, after baiting their hooks and joking back and forth, the worry faded from their minds. The two boys commonly competed against each other, and fishing was not the least of the competitions. Whoever caught the biggest fish of the day had to buy the other an ice cream from the market place. They fought one another with their wooden weapons, bet on who was the fastest tree climber, raced on their feet across the blazing sand. Riku almost always won in these things. He was faster, stronger. This made Riku slightly arrogant, but Riku always cared for Sora as if he were a younger brother. He made sure no one picked on him. And was a very faithful friend of his. But there was one thing that Sora knew exceedingly far above his friend, that Riku could not dare compete him with: The Word of God. Sora was a sort of moral compass for Riku, and he too, saw the light in Sora that everyone else saw. And not only was Sora a moral compass for Riku, but for the whole crowd. The clear, blue water was refreshing just to set eyes on. Fish of nearly every color could be seen swimming about. They usually caught more than they could handle. Having a line in the water made Sora almost vibrate with excitement. Riku, was usually just as excited. But before a few minutes passed by, he seemed distracted. His eyes were not even focused on the water. He was staring intently at the horizon. No doubt, the earlier discovery was occupying his mind. Sora could imagine all of the questions that were beginning to take shape within his mind. Riku seemed to ask many more questions than Sora generally would. Not that Sora was in any way unable to think; but he was able to dismiss things that bothered him fairly quickly. Riku, on the other hand, when something brushed his curiosity, he was unable to stifle the matter. Riku had generally always been this way, as long as Sora could think back. Sora, when worried about a matter, would quickly commit it to God in trust. This was a principle that his parents had taught him. Riku did not seem to foster this same trait. “Hey, what’s the matter?” He did not answer for a moment. “Sora. we think we know everything about the islands. Better than anyone else. We have been out here almost all of our lives. Right?” “Yeah. So?” “Today we were proved wrong. And if there are things that we do not know here… What about out there?” He pointed past the village island, past the lighthouse, and the other familiar surroundings, to where the water seemed to stretch endlessly. “I don’t know. You know what our parents say.” Riku looked at Sora. “You know the rumor... The one boy that lived here long ago. Where do you think he is now?” Sora didn’t like these sort of questions, however. There were questions that the answer possibly was in reach, but questions like these were not. “I really don’t know. But you know they don’t like us thinking about it.” There was a rumor floating around, for how long they were not sure. The rumor was that there was a young man that once left this island, seemingly by himself. No one seems to have heard from him since he left. Some say that he died, some say that he may have found something - and that is why he has not yet returned. Nevertheless, this was a topic that their parents would simply not allow to be spoken of often and, they were discouraged from seeking to leave the islands heavily. Naturally, this would make Riku all the more curious, all the more unsettled, and all the more desirous to leave that which he had always known. “There’s gotta be something out there! This can’t be it… And… those visitors?” The questioned stunned Sora for a moment. He had forgotten about this. “Yeah… I forgot about that.” “So did I! But I remember now…Because of them, I know there is something out there.” A few years back, there had been some visitors. He strained his memory in order to recall that day. He remembered those two… Had they come on different days? Or was it the same day? He remembered the two having what looked like some sort of metal armor upon their shoulders, and upon their feet. He could remember that they were very friendly. Very faintly, he could visualize a kind, smiling woman, and a stern, but generous, young man. But they were gone as fast as they had come. He was taken aback that he had forgotten this. He was certain Riku would link these two visitors, and the door together. “I don’t know... Maybe we just… thought we saw them?” Said Sora. Their parents seemed to disbelieve them concerning the visitors. No one else saw them – only he and Riku. Perhaps they were far too young at that time to be taken seriously. Riku shook his head. Sora answered again, “I know what we need. We need to pray and ask God to show us, if there is something over the waters.” For Sora, though these things made him weary, was just as curious. Riku nodded firmly; but did not seem satisfied. Sora was not certain Riku felt the same way. “He will show us. He is the revealer of secrets!” “Yeah, of course. HEY!” Riku’s rod had bowed over with a hard tug. “Got one! You gotta help… this thing is huge!” Sora leapt up and pulled the end of the rod while Riku struggled and walked backwards. With much struggle they managed to pull it out of the water. “Aww.” Riku hung his head. He had caught a log. He cut the line with his pocket knife. He eyed the sunset, the sun now showing forth wondrous golden rays that encompassed the sky. “Im finished for the day. I bet you can’t whoop me in a duel.” “Oh yeah? Let’s go.” They both grabbed their wooden swords and begun clobbering eachother like usual. This time it was a fair fight. The prayers and words of his mother had given him strength. Afterwards, they decided to head to the marketplace. Sora had said he would pay for the ice-creams anyway. They walked slowly along the pathway. For some time, it seemed that Riku had forgotten the earlier incident. But Sora could see his mind being pulled in different directions. Finally Riku stopped with a jolt. “It just came to me. Maybe they came through that door!” To this Sora had no response. He said quietly: “Do you think Midna knows?” As if she might be able to hear him. Sora answered honestly: “Probably.” Midna was an aged woman of the islands, however old she was, they did not exactly know. But she seemed to be omnipotent; and omniscient. Nothing seemed to escape her attention, and nothing seemed to be an unknown topic to her. Sora knew with everything in him that she would have something to say concerning it. “If we ask her, she will probably make us stay away.” “You’re probably thinking too much about it! That probably has nothing to do with it!” Sora was lying in bed, with a bruised shoulder. His body ached from the fight they had. Images of the strange door within the cave passed through his mind. He faced the fact that there was another unexplained mystery on the islands. He thought of the one who disappeared from the islands as well. Could the one that left the islands, and the visitors be connected? Could they both be connected to the door? He could remember the Bible Verse where Jesus had said “I am the door; by Me if any man shall enter in, he shall be saved. And shall go in and out, and find pasture.” At the thought of this truth, he smiled, the troubles fading away. Very sleepy, and almost not being able to hold his eyes open any longer, he prayed silently: Dear God, please show us what secrets may be across the ocean. And protect my family and friends. In Jesus’ name. He fully believed that, what he asked would come true. After all, that’s what the Bible said to do. He let his eyes shut in peace, listening to the waves meet the sand. 3 The Truth of Love “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man should lay his life down for his friends.” -Jesus Christ – John 15:13 He heard his father tell his mother goodbye before they had left. He heard his mother tell his father that she loved him. It was a common saying within their household, something which had not been much investigated by Sora. “Father,” Sora tugged the hand of his father, becoming curious. “What is love? I hear it said many times between you and mother. What exactly does it mean?” They were walking towards the marketplace to pick up food for the week. Sora liked to spend alone time with him after he finished his work. He trusted his father, in every word that he said. His father smiled gently down at him. “Much could be said about love. You can love, but you can also be in love. Which of them do you want to know of?” Sora answered honestly, “I don’t know the difference.” The quaint houses passed by slowly. This was because his father enjoyed the time as well. His father thought for a few moments. He was a man of many thoughts, and few words. “Love is what someone holds in his heart for others. All kindness, goodness, forgiveness, and righteousness come from love. Yet, true love can only come from God Himself, for He is the essence of love.” He looked down at his son, almost sadly. But still bearing about his joyful smile. “Love is what Christ showed for us on the cross, the greatest of all love shown. That even though, when we did not love God, nor seek after Him, He was willing to lay His life down for us. A Bible verse came to the mind of Sora: “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” 1 The sun was bright red, showing over the peaks of the mountain. The path began to buzz with noise as they neared the markets. “When you have love in your heart towards others, you will suffer long with them. You will bear their burdens. Christ Himself bore our greatest burden, all of my, and all of your sins to the cross, though we had not done any good thing for Him. You will sacrifice yourself, your time, your thoughts, and your strength, for those around you. Just as He did. And true love, is in your actions. Not your words.” Sora said not a word. He tried to soak in as much as he could from his parents. “Love is an attribute that will sprout within, and permeate the heart of a man in whom Christ dwells in. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. In fact, it is the greatest proof that He lives within you, after all.” He continued, “It is hard to find a man who will lay his life down for another good man.” He looked down again at Sora, to emphasize this to him. “But God loved us so much, even when we were evil, He died for us. He paid the price for our evil deeds and ways, that we could be with Him forever, to live in heaven with Him for all eternity.” Words like these put him in awe. “True love, Sora, is giving when you have not received. This is the love of God. Love is what I have for you and your mother - I am willing to die for you both. And Sora, God is love. This is what He is. Above all, God will love you more than any other.” “I love you, dad!” He squeezed his hand tightly Tears of joy fell from his face. The street was very busy now. Joyful laughter passing through the air. Children running about. All seemed very well with the people of the isle. They stopped to buy bread, milk, and other assortments. He bought Sora his favorite candy, a salt taffy. He saw his friends, Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. They were kicking a ball as they walked. He waved at them. They approached the table that Midna kept. Midna was the wife of the Mayor of the island who had passed years before. Being a widow, she served God day and night, always praying and serving those who were in need. She was very kind, and was gifted with many skills. She could craft an abundance of items that were needful. He enjoyed just looking at the things she could make: Candles, quilts, clothes, shoes, necklaces, and made a variety of colorful paintings and drawings. She was also an exceptional cook. When she saw them she smiled. “Hello, Midna.” His father greeted her “How are you, Roland? And Sarah?” “All is well.” His father answered with a smile. “Very good! And how is our island guardian?” She peered down at Sora with a favored expression. She seemed to have always had a special liking for him. She had visited them innumerous times and always seemed to have something to give him. Sora’s face turned red. “Good!” She frowned “Look at those shoes! My, you have worn them down. That simply cannot do. How will you explore the islands with those?” She came around the table with something in her hands. She knelt down to Sora “I made these just for you!” She whispered happily, and patted his head. They were a pair of brand new sandals. They each had a sun, and a cross embroidered on foot straps was inscribed upon both. Upon the ankle brace was gracefully written: “For God so Loved the world, he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” 2 Sora’s eyes filled with tears. It was his favorite verse. “But Midna, I have no money. Can I work for them?” “My dear child! These are not for sale. The labouror is worthy of his reward. You have run those poor shoes to death because you have been looking out for those that live here. Am I right?” He blushed even more. He could not find a word to say. He and Riku did like to think of themselves as the protectors of the islands. “Just give me your word, young man. That you will do as God would have you to. Even as your parents have taught you!” “Of course!” “Here, try them on.” She put the shoes into his hands. He took off his sandals. She was right. They were stained with dirt, torn in various places, and the sole had begun to split at the bottom. They were soon to be obsolete. They had started to wear into his feet from prolonged use. He pulled the new ones on with ease; and they were very comfortable. “Oh look! Very dashing. They look like they were made for you!” He laughed shyly. “They are waterproof. If you step into the water, it won’t sink inside. It will stop the blisters from coming.” “Thank you Midna. I will remember what you said.” He replied, still very embarrassed. “You are very welcome, and I know you will, child.” She looked into his eyes for a moment, as if searching for something. She stood again. “Here, Roland.” She handed him some clothes and a few loaves of coconut bread. “Midna-“ “Do not think to repay me.” She said sternly. His father graciously accepted the gifts. “God bless you, and your family.” She said genuinely. Her eyes shone brightly beholding them. “Have you two heard? There will be a meteor shower tomorrow night. If you come down to the ocean, be sure to stop by! There has never been a meteor shower here in our history. It will be a wonder, I am sure!” “Really? Well, we will certainly be around. I am sure Sarah will be ecstatic to hear, it will be our fifteenth anniversary. See you tomorrow night, then.” She waved them goodbye, and winked at Sora. As they were making their route home, his father said to him: “Do you see, Sora? That was love. Midna gave us those things knowing that we could not pay for them. A very good example.” “I see.” “Be sure you follow that example.” He nodded. Very thankful for the kindness that had been shown to them. “Midna has known us since we were born. And she delivered you when you were born. She also raised your mother for five years.” “Really??” “Yes. So she looks at you as if you were her grandchild.” “Why did she raise mom?” “After her parents passed, she offered to take her in.” Sora had never known this. Now he understood why favor was given to them. He was glad now to understand. His heart burned with affection for Midna. The noise of the market began to die away as they advanced back down into the village. “But dad, what does it mean to be in love?” “This is something similar, but also very different. It carries those same qualities, yet it is a special bond between a man and woman.” “Like you and mom?” “Yes, exactly.” “To be in love, means that you would be willing to live with that person for the rest of your life. Even when things become very difficult. To be in love with someone leads to marriage. A Holy union between two people. When you are in love with a woman, she becomes someone you could not live without. Then you ask her to marry you.” “How did you and mom meet?” He asked curiously. “At church. Even though she was very pretty, that was not what drew her to me.” “What was it then?” “It was her love for God.” He looked down with another smile. “Don’t love a woman for how she looks, or who she is. Love her because of what is in her heart. When you do this, she becomes the most beautiful woman of all the world. If you love her heart, you will love her for who she is.” They continued down the path towards home. “Do you think I will ever be in love?” “I don’t see why not. Unless God wants you to be alone. It is rare, but some are not meant to marry. But if you are, God will show you who that one is.” “How did He show you mother was the one?” “After I realized how good of a cook she was.” They both laughed, and he ruffled Sora’s head. “No, son. It was because He told me.” “You heard Him talk to you?” “No. When God sends you a Word, it is not heard.” They approached their house now. His mother was waiting for them. She took the groceries, and left them alone. She looked at his father with understanding. She too, liked for them to have alone time together. “Want to walk to the ocean?” His father asked. “Sure!” They continued down the pathway. The breeze picked up as the traversed toward the water. “When you are married, many storms will come. But when they pass, you both must be standing. The trial of life is hard enough on your own. But with another, it is twice as hard. But son, it is worth it. Having someone to confide in, to comfort you, and to share joy with, is an incomparable gift from God to be given on this earth, other than His salvation.” The ocean lapped gently at their feet. He picked up a rock and threw it out into the ocean. Sora watched it skip several times. “But marriage is a life time bond. When things are difficult, you cannot let go. Marriage means, two become one. As long as you both live.” “One what?” “One person.” Sora looked at him curiously. “You will not understand this yet, you are young. But just know marriage was given by God to unify two people. Just like we are unified with Christ. A man and his wife is symbolic of Christ and His Church.” Sora looked up at the sky, trying to understand. His father bent down to pick up something. Then he knelt down in front of Sora. He had two sea shells. “See these?” He put the two shells together. “Though they have some differences, when joined, they become one shell. And they share what is between them.” Sora looked at him, astonished. “Even their thoughts?” He asked His father chuckled. “No, but how I wish that were true! Maybe then I would know what she really thinks of my cooked fish. We love you, Sora, you have been a very special gift to us.” “Thank you for loving us so much.” Said Sora, very grateful. He thanked God for giving him such a wonderful life. His prayer that night, after his mother tucked him in, was that God would send him someone to love, someday. He hoped that it was not a silly request. He also thanked God for the sandals that Midna had made him. He knew they would endure much travel and toil. He hoped he would be able to give to others, as others had given to him. And he prayed also that, he could return what God have given to him by the cross of Christ, the greatest of love. He thought of his favorite verse again. For God so loved the world… 2 What his father had said, about God showing His love by the cross, to be with Him forever, was declared in that very verse. 1 – Romans 5:8 2 – John 3:16
  9. All of this is true but I feel that the only way to get my work out there for everyone to read and enjoy would be to publish it!
  10. Well I did not mean to literally make a deal with enix or anything. But would there be a way I could even publish it should I write? I don't have to partner with Tetsuya or anything but I know for sure I'd have to get his approval. But again the novels are already being created....
  11. The Deepest cutscenes take place in this world. I have to say Ansems voice and the soundtrack for end of the world go great together!
  12. Well I was thinking Nomura might not pay it attention since there are works already being made about KH. This thought is what is preventing me. But then again this should be something I would want to do for myself.
  13. You feel nothing. Nothing is real

  14. So, I'm new to this website and I've come here seeking people like me, people that love Kingdom Hearts. As you all probably know, its hard finding people where you live who will have an in depth conversation about these epic games...But I'm wondering something. And I need serious opinions! I have been writing for a long time, since I was very young. I have a very vivid imagination and I love to imagine what I could write about for hours on end. Well, Kingdom Hearts has to be my favorite story, for very many reasons. The love, the deepness of it, the imagination, and the characters that have been with us since day one. I love this story very deeply, and I do not believe that I could ever forget what I have learned, or what I have loved about Kingdom Hearts.For a while now I have been thinking about writing a book series about these games. I literally think about this series every single day of my life. I feel that I could deeply expand and enrich the series that has been presented to us, without taking a single thing away from the story line of Kingdom Hearts. Now I know that there are a Manga series, and soon to be novels translated for us to read in the near future. What I am asking is, do you think I should? Would it be worth it, seeing that others are already making Kingdom Hearts readable?This is very important to me, so please tell me what you think.
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