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  1. I remember talking about this in a different topic a while ago, completely agree. It depends on what I'm wasting money on and the quality of the DLC. I rather there be none.
  2. I don't really understand how anyone can watch a movie just for the story, that's what books are for. For me it's the characters and plot that make a well thought out story but to each his own I guess.
  3. Nice trolling. This is entirely insane because what impatient person would pay money for a tournament they can literally do the next day. maybe if used the right way.
  4. Using limit form on the first Xemnas battle crashed my game once. That's really the only big issue I found, never tried it again afterwards.
  5. You have an imagination right? You can have whatever opinion you like.
  6. Wether you think the jokes are unfunny or not doesn't really matter lol.
  7. Just because a video has over used jokes doesn't make it not good. The whole point of anime honest trailers is to point out the obvious flaws in animes and make fans upset. some people like it, some people don't. Oh well.
  8. Eh, I didn't really like when Itachi stopped being the antagonist either. There even making a spinoff story based on him so you can feel even more bad for his death. I also like how some are literally getting offended over this video. kek.
  9. Riku won that fight. I don't care what anyone else has to say. ♥ Riku knocked Roxas unconscious, dropped the keyblade, and walked away. Roxas picked it up and attacked him unarmed and at his most vulnerable. So who's the real cheater?
  10. I just want to live one day of my life without someone saying The Last of Us is a masterpiece.
  11. I never really cared much for the manga. To me, Days was the only decent one. If you like over reacting, lame jokes, and a rushed plot then go for ittt.
  12. Pretty much. And people still have the nerve to tell others to be patient.
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