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  1. This is still WIP, but I've been doing a lot of work on it lately. Thoughts?
  2. Thought I'd share a sad little photo we put together. Enjoy! Find more at @kh_days_hd (or my personal twitter, @calebmooreus), we post a lot!
  3. Wanted to share these two little GIFs from our fan game showing off Aqua! One is serious and one is a result of my boredom. These are from a very WIP build of the game, but they're polished enough to show. Wandering around one of the areas. She seems trapped, the caves have collapsed on either side. But wait- what does the spinning gear do? We'll find out soon enough. I was adding in the sounds for her footsteps and decided to add dust particles flying around on each step. I was going to choose the dust option and saw the explosion option- my new mission was clear. Michael Bay Aqua! Maybe there can be a hidden cheat code to turn this on. We'll see. BONUS, here's a nice screenshot with some of the HUD included, since it was cut off in the first GIF: There are other elements of it not shown here, but they're WIP still. Thanks for looking, as always! If you want to follow my progress, go to my Twitter: @calebmooreus Also, I'm working on this with the lead of 358 HD, find him at @r3draw_studios
  4. Oh it's still going strong, but without me as one of the leaders they switched over to Unreal and made a couple key changes to the original game that I don't agree with (I wanted to make it as close to the original as possible), so I won't be returning to it. They've got a great 10 person team though!
  5. I had to take a long break from the Kingdom Hearts fan community (due to family members with health issues, classes and a production I was in all at the same time), and handed over 358/2 Days HD to the co-leader I started the project with.Unfortunately, they switched over to Unity and as I don't approve of that and won't work with that engine, I can't work on the project anymore. I am back though, and R3 and I have decided to work on a Birth By Sleep 0.2 fan project in Unreal Engine! We're not revealing a name yet, as we have a trailer and demo coming soon that will tell all. But basically, it's mainly a 'tech-demo' of sorts. You can explore a few different worlds from BBS, but fallen into darkness, fight heartless, complete small missions, level up and collect items. It'll amount to at least a few hours of fun, we hope. Bonus GIF with a bit of her animations (we're pulling a Square Enix here and cutting it off just before she turns around.) Hopefully this will be done within 4 or 5 months, maybe less. Depends on classes and such. But everything with my family is sorted out, which was taking up all my time, so I should be good to work for a long time! Again, more coming soon. If you go over to my Twitter, (@calebmooreus), you'll see more.
  6. I can only do status at the moment, I'll do reply later: In the picture: Through the home screen, swipe through the menu until you choose 'status updates.' Here, you can scroll through the most recent status updates and if you click on one, open the full status. Here, you'd see the full text (if it didn't fit on the other screen), comments, and the ability to add a comment. Back to the screen pictured here, if you press the blue button on the bottom right, you can add/update your own status. That's all for now!
  7. KH13 App Design - V4 "Yes, another one. Probably final." I added that on my KH13 App Concept v3, but obviously I've lied. I've been completely inactive in the community, mostly because of school taking over my life. But I was practicing my design skills and decided to redo one of my favorite designs I've done in a more modern approach. So I present v4 of my KH13 app design (not real, just my ideas.) Here you can see: Left Image: KH13 home/news page! At the top, you can switch between news, poll of the day, and social media (the twitter feed of the site.) Below, you have the newest OR pinned article (I made this when the last big 2.8 trailer had debuted, that was the pinned article at the time) as the focus, with the rest below for you to scroll through. Middle Image: Pretty simple, the sign in screen. When you load up the app for the first time or sign out, this is what you'd see. Could've probably added a 'sign in as guest' option. Right Image: This is two things. Mainly, we see what the menu would look like. You press the menu button (seen on the left of the nav bar in the left image) and this menu comes out. From here you can access the normal pages, plus profile, messages and settings/preferences. Underneath this is the profile page. You can't really see all the profile information because the menu blocks it, but you can see that the user's profile picture stretches across the top with the username on it, most recent status update below and then a small menu where you can switch between the user's overview, likes, friends, topics, etc. Also in here, you see on the nav bar a new button (the 3 dots) which you'd press to edit your profile if it was your own. Also, I forgot to put it in that showcase so I just made it separate, I made an example of the forums: This one's pretty straightforward. You see each category and it's subsequent sections. You can see the section names, descriptions, the last post and the user who posted it. Pressing on a section would open up to a similar looking list of the posts. So yeah, that's what I've made this time around. Anything you guys would like to see in this concept? Make some suggestions! I could take some practice so I don't lose my skills while in school.
  8. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will change me from a productive member of society to someone who's life is their PS4

  9. Today, my team announced our KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS HD fan game! We released a trailer and launched a Twitter for our game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MLI51eaIsI We're very excited to have announced this and hope to get more content soon! Right now, we're showing off that one area as it is the most polished. If you want to support us, be sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube! It's SO appreciated. BONUS: Our RTC asset!
  10. Birth by Sleep! I know 358 had Xion's death and all that, but Birth By Sleep just had the most heartbreaking moments, especially towards the end. Ven asking his friends to put an end to him, Terra helping kill Eraqus who's practically his father, Terra losing his body, Ven's heart being shattered, Aqua having to fight Terra, Aqua falling into the Realm of Darkness to save Terra (and that line, "Ven, I'm sorry... I might not make it back as soon as I thought. But I promise I'll be there, one day, to wake you up.") Terra and Ven's keyblades coming into the Realm of Darkness to save her, etc etc. So much sadness. Ugh.
  11. I have a multitiude of problems with Star Wars being in Kingdom Hearts. Mainly, it doesn't feel like a Disney property or feel like it would match the world of Kingdom Hearts if you compare it to other worlds inside of it. I honestly didn't like Port Royal as much as other worlds. BUT, this is what bothers me most. Why would they ever turn off Kingdom Shader? It's beautiful, and it'll probably become a staple of the series. The only way I could deal with Star Wars in KH is if they used this. Maybe have a 'Clone Wars' themed world that borrows animation styles from the TV show.
  12. I mean, I never really thought Star Wars would ever be a good fit for Kingdom Hearts for a multitude of reasons, overall I just don't think it belongs. But if it had to include it, I'd either want it to start with earlier movies instead of The Force Awakens, or just be a summon or something.
  13. I can guarantee it lol, he's already made 3 other videos about me. I feel like I owe him my soul. Anyway, thanks! Yes, yes you do. Thanks!
  14. I have a new fan game announcement coming soon! I haven't updated the community in a while (even though I should after the response to the last Destiny Islands demo.) To celebrate, I released a screenshot of one area on Twitter and I figured why not post here. Anyway, thanks for all the great support I've gotten from you all and I hope you enjoy our new trailer when it comes out soon. "Destiny Islands" the fan game has had quite the transformation into something else.
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