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  1. And other TP-stuff. Sora teleports too far when using Sniper's RC so it doesn't work. LW fight and Riku in Session Limit were a little broken, too.
  2. Ooh nice! I love Dark Souls, I might give this a watch. Kinda sad it's not blind, but then again, knowing this game.. Maybe it's good that it's not blind A little rusty, you say? I bet O&S are going to be nice to watch ;P
  3. After experiencing some really good TV-shows, I wouldn't mind if KH was adapted as one. as long as it's not animu
  4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps. And then maybe Shadow of the Colossus and Beyond Good and Evil 2
  5. For the love of the Great Ones™ give me my son Bloodborne II
  6. Now that you said it... Is there a difference? Counter Shield is a keyblade transformation, but it also seems to be a Drive Form. Second Form is a Drive Form, but it may also be a keyblade transformation? I may be missing something, and I would appreciate any corrections.
  7. Being lucky isn't an answer, as no-one can choose to be any luckier.
  8. If FROM SOFTWARE announces Bloodborne 2, me and countless other people are going to ascend to a higher plane of existence.
  9. No..? The ranges are the same regardless of your Union Ranking. If your Union is #1, you can get 5 Gems if you are in Top 1000 If your Union is #5, you can get 5 Gems if you are in Top 1000 No longer only for top 600 or something like that. or this is how I understand it
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