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  1. Kaweebo

    Kingdom Hearts III promo playing at PS4 kiosks

    I thought it’d at least show off Sulley’s English voice. Ugh.
  2. The game comes out in less than three months, I don’t understand what there is to get disappointed about in terms of content.
  3. If Xehanort is 80, then how old is Eraqus?? They look like they’re around the same age during the KH3 chess scene.
  4. Kaweebo

    What animal makes the best friend?

    Capybaras. Look them up.
  5. The lack of imagination when it comes to this fanbase and how certain worlds could be adapted always surprises me.
  6. Well what the hell? Nomura said that Big Hero 6 would be featured by the next convention appearance after E3.
  7. “I actually don’t like human relationships more than just work” Is Nomura an alien?? lol
  8. That’s a bit of a misleading title. Nomura has already said in the past that there will be more Kingdom Hearts after KHIII and that Sora will always be the main character.
  9. I was half-expecting this so I’m not even mad. If it gets delayed even more though, I’ll be a little mad.