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  1. When was the stabbing of Dylan Turner proven false? And I’m not gonna sit here and justify robbing people as a means to survive, especially when that involves hurting other people in the process. He lived with his grandmother as a kid, he was not a homeless vagabond, starving and praying for his next meal. He may have been poor, but he stole for himself, not to survive. The only thing I can say is that you’re right, he probably did change his attitude once he started making bank. He treated his family well, as I’m sure most people who got rich quick would. His crimes as a kid weren’t out of malicious intent, but petty endeavors. There’s no need to rob people when you’ve made it. But that does not absolve him of the people he hurt, some for the rest of their life, like Turner. And the court review of his cell phone records only exonerates him on the charges involving his girlfriend, who dropped them before he died anyway. So you can say he cleaned up his act when he finally made it, but to me, that’s just an excuse to justify his behavior as a teen. The only thing I think we can both agree on though is that he didn’t deserve to die. I’m not a fan of the guy, but I did do my research on him before posting and I understand he suffered depression and other things in his life. It still doesn’t justify anything he did, but I can empathize with the struggle of mental illness.
  2. Ok because the difficulty curve in Union X has become INSANE for the story missions. Fighting regular ass cybugs is literally killing me and making me run out of jewels
  3. It literally says “I thought I recalled everything.” This implies that he didn’t actually because he still didn’t remember Xion.
  4. I don’t think that’s what he said. He said that when he was standing in front of Sora, he THOUGHT he recalled everything. To be honest, I don’t think he truly remembered until after he properly reintegrated into Sora at the end of KH2, but by then, he wasn’t truly himself. Not until that brief reunion in DDD.
  5. Repliku was great. I’m disappointed in Rikus story though. It’s just a recounting of a scene in KH2 that we’ve all seen with some descriptions thrown in. Lame.
  6. I know this is gonna upset some people, but frankly I’m completely okay with this. It’s like a little mini expansion for UX. However, I will be a little miffed if they just recycle the Disney worlds again and have Xehanort and Eraqus interact with future holograms of Aladdin and others. I’d honestly rather the worlds just be backdrops with no characters in that case.
  7. All that and pregnant too? Shimomura is a legend, and the only living female musician named Yoko who can claim as much. ?
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