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  1. Hey, anyone here good at digital coloring and is intimately familiar with the right ones to use on some manga pages? I'm willing to pay for art commissions for anyone here artistically inclined enough to color in some pages of the manga for me!
  2. All he’s said about that afaik is that there’s very little difference between a mobile game and console game graphically anymore, not that he’s porting it to consoles.
  3. It’d be interesting if, since KH4 may be the beginning of a new trilogy, we use the re-recorded Hikari/Simple and Clean as the intro instead of a brand new song. I’m down for either tho
  4. I know this may be an unpopular opinion but I hope to God KH stays in this bubble of just getting cameo references and sticks to the games/book/manga transmedia. I do not want current Hollywood Disney casting it’s Sauron-like gaze over this franchise hoping to turn a profit.
  5. Why is it that the most consistent updates involve interior decoration or clothing? Is this Castle Oblivion? Because I’m slowly starting to forget that Kingdom Hearts is a videogame franchise.
  6. Agggh so now not only do we got to keep waiting, we gotta be paranoid about whatever the hell Nomura meant by that lol
  7. I’m totally fine with this getting scrapped though there is a bit of nostalgic pining for the good old days of hearing young David Gallagher and Hayden Panettiere as kids.
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