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  1. The placement of the characters is weird to me since usually those are restricted to those closest to you. If so, Alice’s sister should probably be on there more than the Queen and King of Hearts. Obvious nitpick but it’s always been weird to me.
  2. Four generations is 100 years. Brain is still a teenager and Eraqus is his grandson (presumably), meaning the Dark Road era is probably around 50 years later, so 150-ish years after the time of Ephemer. 75 years after that is KH3 era, so 225 years. The only real question is when in relation to Daybreak’s destruction did Ephemer arrive? It still leaves room for interpretation for how long after the events of Chi and Union Cross that happened. EDIT: Actually wait, the wording of the translation is four generations “after Ephemer was alive.” So if we presume that he lived a long life building Scala and recruiting Keyblade wielders, then the 100 years would be even longer. So if Ephemer lived to 75-80 years old, that adds another roughly 65 years to the tally if Ephemer is 15-16 during Union Cross, making it around 290 years since he arrived in the future. So all in all, it’s looking like the timeline between Scala’s founding and present day is close to 300 years.
  3. Always wanted this. Ever since KH2 busted out Pirates and Tron, I knew the sky was the limit for inclusions. My dream come true.
  4. Nice! I love getting little tidbits on how the original lines were written compared to the translations done for us in the West.
  5. I’m not sure what you mean, the screenshot is clearly in the Queen from Snow White’s castle. I agree it’s over-explaining but there’s no other reason I can think for why Xehanort would be there.
  6. I’m very curious what Xehanort is doing at the Queen’s castle. Does he reveal to the magic mirror where his location is, and that’s how the mirror knows when Terra asks in BBS? I didn’t think that needed an explanation and just assumed the mirror was omniscient but hey, I guess it works. It’s Xehanort adding crumbs to the trail.
  7. I disagree with with cloud gaming as a concept, especially for games that are inherently single player like Kingdom Hearts. You’re buying a game full price for what is essentially borrowing the right to stream what should be YOUR PRODUCT now. Like, owning your own video game means you can do whatever you want with your copy and can play it whenever you want forever without needing permission. This push by companies to stream does not come off as a genuine enthusiasm for new technology, but simply a way for them to take money from you without actually having to give you anything. It’s a way for them to take control away from the consumer. No thank you.
  8. They could make it run flawlessly, you’re still streaming a video game they could have let you download outright. Digital media is a dangerous game to play with anyway when it comes to whether or not you really ‘own’ it, but this is just a joke.
  9. I had never actually watched the sketch until seeing this and, not realizing what you meant, decided to go and look it up on Youtube. Yeah, uh...this is better.
  10. Leonard Nimoy will always have a special place in my heart as the OG Xehanort, but Christopher Lloyd absolutely nailed it in ReMind and Melody of Memory. He is an outstanding replacement and I wish they got him before Rutger Hauer, tbh. No disrespect to the man and may he rest in peace, but I was never a fan of his portrayal.
  11. When was the stabbing of Dylan Turner proven false? And I’m not gonna sit here and justify robbing people as a means to survive, especially when that involves hurting other people in the process. He lived with his grandmother as a kid, he was not a homeless vagabond, starving and praying for his next meal. He may have been poor, but he stole for himself, not to survive. The only thing I can say is that you’re right, he probably did change his attitude once he started making bank. He treated his family well, as I’m sure most people who got rich quick would. His crimes as a kid weren’t out of malicious intent, but petty endeavors. There’s no need to rob people when you’ve made it. But that does not absolve him of the people he hurt, some for the rest of their life, like Turner. And the court review of his cell phone records only exonerates him on the charges involving his girlfriend, who dropped them before he died anyway. So you can say he cleaned up his act when he finally made it, but to me, that’s just an excuse to justify his behavior as a teen. The only thing I think we can both agree on though is that he didn’t deserve to die. I’m not a fan of the guy, but I did do my research on him before posting and I understand he suffered depression and other things in his life. It still doesn’t justify anything he did, but I can empathize with the struggle of mental illness.
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