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  1. God, I’ll be 26 years old by then. I always joked that this series would still be making games by the time I’m an old man, but it looks more and more like that’ll be a reality.
  2. That wasn’t so difficult, at least compared to the Foreteller bosses.
  3. That is the trouble with mobile games like this. They expect you to pour a ton of money to get the best medals every time. I’ve been lucky to grab a few of the good ones without having to pay but it seems like Square has recently downgraded how likely your chances are of getting the strong medals.
  4. Nightmare Chirithy was a pain in the ass as well, but at least I could HURT it. It just took patience and strategizing to bring it down. The Foretellers are just BEASTS! I actually used my force skip tickets on the event just to see if any are easier and they ALL barely take damage from anything!
  5. I’ve been playing since UX first came out. I’ve not been able to go beyond level 301 but I’ve acquired some of the strongest medals and leveled them up accordingly, I’ve tried to set them up in such a way to counteract the Foretellers’ buffs and it’s still friggin impossible to fight them! Has anyone here had any luck fighting them?
  6. It would be really interesting if this entire DLC is just showing how Sora saves Kairi and has to redo the events again, but with the benefit of knowing the future.
  7. That’s fair and most likely what it is. And I completely respect her as a person even more for doing something like this for someone she’s only ever heard about; it’s just that, for me, I can’t reconcile his actions with his music or his tragic death to justify celebrating or honoring him. There are far worthier people who died too young and were KH fans I’m sure. Regardless, the thought is nice.
  8. Bad as in he invaded someone’s home, pistol-whipped them, and stole their stuff; physically assaulted a pregnant woman and stabbed at least nine people. I can agree on principle that a person is still a person and deserves to be treated humanely, but celebrating or tributing art in the memory of a crook, regardless of how well made their music was or not, is a misguided endeavor. The only reason he isn’t still in jail is because a lot of his crimes were committed when he was underage.
  9. This is nice, but the dude was a genuinely bad person regardless of how good his music may or may not have been. Just look at his rap sheet, and he was only 20. Shimomura wasted her effort imo.
  10. Also, I just wanna say; the potential of a ‘double feature’ is greatly interesting. Does that mean that there will be a mixing of two Disney properties into one? It can’t mean just a simple back-to-back type thing, right? And how is it a revolution? Hmmm
  11. RIP. I never really care about the Japanese audio in KH, but jap Goofy is one of the voices I can still hear in my head, so that’s an accomplishment in it of itself.
  12. ALTHOUGH, that doesn't mean we won't possibly get another trailer for the Re:Mind DLC. Maybe with some actual English voice acting?
  13. Geez we’re gonna have three different voice actors for old Xehanort before the 2010s are even over.
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