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  1. dlc's are becoming really popular lately and i was wondering if kingdom hearts 3 had dlc what would you like to see from it? or would you rather not have it at all? personally i think it would be cool to buy some alternate outfits or maybe some keyblades, but i would hate buying more worlds to explore because that just seems like purchasing more of the story which should already be in the game
  2. as a long time player of final fantasy and kingdom hearts i can say with full confidence that yeah there will most likely be more than one final boss square enix isn't known for making one big final boss they gotta cram in 10 bosses all at once
  3. i can see lightning being in kh3 since she's practically became square's mascot right next to cloud but there's also a good bet gilgamesh could be in kh3 maybe as a secret boss or a dlc boss fight like in ff13-2 however i would definitely love to see zidane in kh3! maybe in the tangled world? he could be one of flynn's thief friend/rival! whatever it may be ff9 needs more love
  4. - only playing as sora - sora not getting any character development (i kind of feel that his "character development" has been rather stagnant for the past few games? like yea we get it you like your friends and thats great but what else is there to his character) - kairi getting shafted AGAIN (LET KAIRI DO SOMETHING P L E A S E) - barely any screentime for lea - too many loose ends not finished/explained - more of leon and the gang i was disappointed we never got to see them in birth by sleep i would like to see how their stories go in kh3
  5. i talk about the story mostly since that's what kh is mainly known for, it's incredibly complex plot. i do sometimes talk about the gameplay though but most of the time it's me raging about those near impossible boss fights
  6. i've been wondering who will appear in mount olympus as well. so far we've had zack, cloud, and auron appear in this world but who will it be this time? i hope it's zack because if you rescue aqua and/or ven it would nice for them to meet up again.
  7. i haven't seem any forum post like this yet so like the title says i'm actually very curious to see what final fantasy characters people want to appear in the game since this is of course a disney/square enix crossover game. i do have a few characters i would like to see such as: leon and the gang, i'm pretty positive these guys will return but it would be great to see them since they started sora off in his journey and they could help him finish it gilgamesh, this guy would be perfect for an optional boss battle in my opinion. his goofy personality would be hilarious to watch as he comments how strange the environment is around him and it would be shocking if he suddenly pulled out keyblades before you battled him zidane, i didn't think about him appearing until i saw that the tangled world was confirmed and i thought "hey you know zidane would be perfect for this" and i've started wanting him to appear plus i would like to see conversations between him eugene since they're both fellow thieves cloud and sephiroth, since nomura is making this game i am half expecting cloud and sephiroth to make a cameo of some sort. i'm not sure how they would appear but i'm pretty sure nomura will find some way to put them in it so who do you guys want to appear in the game?
  8. this is long overdue but i finally made an account on here! so my name is kc and i've been a kingdom hearts fan for a veeeerrryyy long time and it's one of my favorite series along with final fantasy! my favorite in the series is birth by sleep and i love aqua (obviously). i'm glad to be here and i'm very excited for any upcoming news on kingdom hearts 3 which i've been waiting for literal YEARS now
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