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  1. Welp im now hyped for this. Its my favourite FF tactics game. I do have my old gba copy of it but i dont mind buying it again for a cheap price to play it on fullscreen (legit and not on emulators i know those exist)
  2. Im so proud theres a Finnish musician there as well *manly tears* Wish i could attend this thing ;__;
  3. Just... Just no. Atleast try to keep KH away from all this DLC bull D: Its the one series that hasnt done it yet (unless you count final mixes although those are separate versions of the games anyway). Well you get the point. Free updates for the game? Im fine with that. Pay 10 bucks to unlock a new keyblade? Wheres my shotgun? >_>
  4. ^ I can relate to this although nowdays lvl1 isnt a problem for me anymore.
  5. Bruh how dare you not mention Donkey kong country trilogy O_O Then again the list was kinda long already so i guess it can be forgiven ;D Ah good ol SNES I keep coming back to its games year after year cause theyre just that good Happy 25th anniversary i say! *Proceeds to dig his old SNES out of the closet* Cause these things STILL work after years. Why cant most new consoles be like the old ones ;__;
  6. ^ this. I agree with this so much. Im 20+ too and seriously most people dont care even if they do find out i love KH lol. Except for a occasional "COD IS THE BEST GAME SERIES EVER" so called "gamer". But theyre easy to ignore. Or punch in the gut. Take your pick o /
  7. I was pretty young when KH2 was announced and i remember being super hyped bout it. Thats how i generally am when i know a good game is incoming ... I still bounce off the walls when games get announced... They look at me funny while im at work
  8. Everyone dies eventually, including our pets. My symphathies to you though. I lost my cat not too long ago and i guess i still havent gotten over it myself D: *Gives dragonmaster a brohug* Its gonna be okay buddy. Life goes on
  9. Thats a good question. Personally i still dont find turn based combat boring but each to their own i guess D: Theres so many games that spice the turn based combat up too like the mario luigi series for example Although i also like older games like the SNES FF games, Lufia 2, old dragon quests etc etc and those dont really have many gimmicks to spice it up. I guess people nowdays are just impatient or something.
  10. Heroes isnt a normal dragon quest game though so i dunno what this means for the MAIN series. Some people probably didnt buy it because theyre not into repetitive smash one button to beat hordes of enemies kind of gameplay. Im one of those people btw but i do love regular dragon quest games (recently played dq 8 and loved it). Theyre releasing 7 and 8 remakes for 3DS outside of japan. Lets hope those sell well.
  11. Elixirs do exist in real life. I shalt borrow dictionary definition for it *ahem* Elixir: Pharmacology. a sweetened, aromatic solution of alcohol and watercontaining, or used as a vehicle for, medicinal substances. Also in KH elixirs probly taste delicious since they heal you to full hp and mp
  12. I play both and i also enjoy both styles alot. I play games like phantasy star online 2 (action mmorpg) and smash bros wii u, street fighter etc etc with my friends o/ In smash we like to do random team matches against each other with 4-8 people depending on how many are present at the time. Also PSO2 is only a co-op game so you cant fight each other anyway. I might slightly favor co-op more because i usually kick most of my friends asses in any pvp games we play D:
  13. Well im a grown ass man who barely ever cries over anything but yet somehow that death cutscene with Xion had me up in tears. And i had not cried in years before that. Kinda lame i know but eh dem feels were real i suppose
  14. Dude im horrified by this. Rikus and Kairis models looked pretty bad too. Then again its most likely indev so theyre subject to change... I hope O_O"
  15. These aint fans, theyre assholes O_o Also generally every fangroup has their own... Less than stellar people so you cant really just say that the whole zelda fanbase is like that. Btw i love zelda games but i dont think ive ever commented on a zelda video... Mostly cause im having too much fun playing them by myself/with friends
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