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  1. I mean we got BH6 which is a Marvel property, Toy Story and Monsters Inc which are Pixar, but Ghibli is where you draw the line? If you can tolerate those because they're owned by Disney now i hope for your enjoyment you can tolerate Star Wars when it comes down the line. Heck we'll probably get the Runaways at some point in the series.
  2. The last boss was complete BS, it took me 3 hours on proud because of its attacks you cant dodge in phase 2 and its combos that can stunlock and instantly kill you. We better pray they are receiving assistance from the original team for KH3.
  3. Done with the X-Keepers only one that doesn't act like a whiny buffoon is Alam.

  4. I'm gonna kms waiting for XV, so close.....

    1. Joker


      The very least youll get to play it soon, I still gotta wait till sometime possibly late next year

  5. I was almost sure it was going to be Abraham, however, the recent episode of Talking Dead after FTWDs finale completely changed my mind. Kirkman's explanation for the big death in FTWDs finale was that when they kill off a character they try and make it someone that would affect everyone on the show and if that reasoning were to transfer to TWD it wouldn't be Abraham because not enough characters have a deep connection. There's also the fact that for the Talking Dead episode after TWD season 7 premiere they're going to have all the cast members that were in the scene and have a crowd of 2,000 fans. Its going to be a huge character that dies and likely between Daryl, Rick, Michonne and Carl. There's also the possibility of it being multiple characters if that were the case it'd be huge to kill both Glenn and Maggie.
  6. I hope its not her new outfit, still hoping for some purple/white.
  7. Seems no one brought up the age gap, Aqua's clearly somewhat older than Ven even though they're friends the way Aqua and Terra spoke to Ven in BBS made it clear they were older than him and have more of a younger brother relationship.
  8. Shadow Hearts definitely, though from what I know about the Chrono games I'd be highly interested in a new modern entry or a remake of the original.
  9. Not a chance, the ps4/Xbox versions have serious issues PS4 pro won't fix that.
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