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  1. Thanks man I wanted to have the LA logo in a more unique way and what would make it more unique than Kingdom Hearts am I right
  2. Hey guys I know its been a while since I posted here but I'm back and here to show you guys my first tattoo that is Kingdom Hearts related. So my tattoo is a combination of both Kingdom Hearts and the Los Angeles Dodgers logo but just the LA part of the logo and the Kingdom Hearts part of the tattoo is the Kingdom Hearts text. Now your probably wondering how do you combine to different logos into a tattoo; like it can't be done. Well I'll assure you it can be done for my Kingdom Hearts related tattoo is just that combination where I changed the text of the "L" of the LA logo to the Kingdom Hearts text and left the "A" of the LA logo the same. Honestly speaking in my mind I was going back and forth from it could work to I don't think that it could work. Well my tattoo artist proved me both right and wrong at the same time cause after seeing the tattoo finished I couldn't believe that it worked. So now that I have my Kingdom Hearts style LA logo as my first tattoo I do not regret getting it at all and I love it. So without further ado you can now view my first tattoo below thank you for taking the time to read this it means a lot to me that you read this.
  3. PREACH!!!!!!! True words spoken here and like you said there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Also in the words of Kingdom Hearts "Even in the deepest darkness there will always be a light to guide you. Your heart will shine with its power and push the darkness away."
  4. Dude I know seeing it live was just amazing and everyone else's reaction was just insane. And in a way I was hoping that we see something about Kingdom Hearts III during the concert but I didn't think Testuya Nomura himself would show up and reveal it for us . But you're right we did it we got a new KHIII trailer
  5. Hey guys check out my first event Vlog from the Kingdom Hearts World Tour concert and sad to say but no music from the concert was recorded
  6. Yes sure enough we did see a Kingdom Hearts III trailer during the concert last night in LA and I'm so glad that I went to it last night
  7. Good points in your video but you forgot one event that is happening this that KH3 might also show and that's D23 Anaheim we know that something big is being planned for D23
  8. This is an update video for my channel so be sure to like, comment and subscribe. And I did this video unscripted so I messed up a little.
  9. They already did that with Lea/Axel in Dream Drop Distance which is in KH 2.8 but it would be nice if they did it again for KH3
  10. Yup it is I also believe in the idea that we make our choices by free will and not made by destiny
  11. I'm hoping to hear remastered versions of Dream Drop Distance music, maybe a newer version of Dearly Beloved for 0.2 and maybe some new music for both 0.2 and X Back Cover
  12. Well I don't know about you being included in the game but you are right about we'll probably have more in store with the new year coming up so fast.
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