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  1. Still got to find a lot of my games cuz still packed up from flood

  2. I think I'd like Oswald to get a story before having him come help us. The thing that was cool about playing as Mickey was that he had a fighting style differing from Sora's due to his size. If Lea used his chakrams it would be cool, but I don't know.
  3. Weird thing with Port Royal is that Donald and Goofy felt more in place there to me than Sora aesthetically. I think the reason was probably because Donald and Goofy not being human, and having drastically differing styles for humans is what feels weird to me, I just didn't like Port Royal because it's kind of dull, but I did enjoy having the pirates as enemies instead of just heartless and think more worlds need to do that. The scene in land of dragons was completely ruined, because they removed the Hun army and replaced them with those weak flying heartless
  4. Yeah, I'm really hoping they take full advantage of the worlds and can blend the main plot into them like they did in kH1 where you're going through the worlds in your search for Riku, and Kairi, and they had the Disney villains working together and manipulating Riku to get Kairi's heart. The watered down movie plots were just annoying, and I'd rather something original as I've already seen the movie and the worlds just disappoint me after they when don't try an original plot.
  5. I'm usually pretty lazy when it comes to drawing so most of the time I just put out crappy doodles, but I do try occasionally. I'm not very good at proportions so humans aren't something I can do natural figures ares aren't something I can really do.
  6. I don't know if this is really an issue to be brought up here, but I just want to know if anyone else was experiencing a similar problem. Basically the problem is upon trying to start up the game it never stops loading. It gets me into my party's little home area, but once in there it still keeps loading so I can't click anything
  7. Icarus was only in the tv series, and I'm unsure of him having an adult character model. I think fighting Nessus out somewhere in the wild would be fun.
  8. I don't really care that much about Sonic in general so there isn't any reason I'd be excited.
  9. I went with Team instinct, but think I was really sure what the teams were for when I did because I wasn't paying attention, and now feel I made a mistake.
  10. I don't really go anywhere living in a small town so cosplaying would be kind of pointless, and I also don't have the money.
  11. It's been rather glitchy for me. Game keeps crashing and deleting my account, and I can't create new accounts. The servers are terrible.
  12. It would be cool to have multiple playable characters, but I wouldn't want it to be like BBS. I would rather have certain moment's in the game where we go off to play another characters story and there skills are set The Active Time Events feature from final fantasy 9 would also be nice. Pretty much the active time events were short optional scenes in the game where the player could see what was happening at the same time elsewhere in the world. While the player is off in a different location, they can view the actions of their other party members, or non-player characters that occur roughly at the same time. The scenes weren't really all that important, but they were still a neat little feature
  13. Usually do fireworks, but not doing anything this year since everyone is busy.
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