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  1. Just a hunch, but I feel with disney castle being in, I think they will do what they did in kh2 but a diffrent version of disney castle.New Mickey Mouse tv series version? I wouldn't mind it.
  2. I believe it... and besides(and I know alot of yall will disagree) they could add the stuff through dlc. Im not gonna lie: a dlc patch containing a few keyblades, new game mechanics, and a new world with story that isnt connected to the overall plot(like just visiting and helping the worlds worldy situation) would be cool. Call the season pass final mix and im good lol
  3. I like your style, mate. I would love another POTC world, because we all know the kraken fight would be amazing.As for the rest I say hell yas! All would fit good
  4. your theory sounds legit and to even prove it more: sora is wearing his new duds in the newly added screen shot. Maybe he gets his new outfit in the middle of his visit to Mt.Olympus?
  5. Idk.I Thought the game was perfect. If any thing erked me it was just Mickeys voice. If kh3 is gonna be bigger and way better than this,then kh3 will be the all time greatest game evvvvva!!!!
  6. I don't understand is why dlc is a problem. If the "Full game" was great. why not spend an extra 14 for some dlc world especially since the first go was extremely good, and could be playing some extra content( whether cut or brand new)? It's not like 1994-2006 any more where games could include what is wanted. Giving 14 bucks for a few dlc add ons especially for worlds with a bunch of stuff in it. I say square Enix deserves it plus the worlds don't have to be canon or could just be a small episodic adventure adding more fun to the vanilla game. We live in the digital age now this isn't new. I'm all for dlc.
  7. Toy Story just because they could do so much with that world, plus the world (I'm guessing) would be huge. The main question though is would you rather have that world take place in andy's mind or his room?
  8. Thanks, you guys! I appreciate the love. We've been waiting eleven years for this and I just think that side missions would help make the game worth the wait.
  9. Alot of people are not for side quest (fetch,escorts,searching,ect.),but I think it would not only make the game replayable, but if the implented lore in the side missions we would learn more back stories and stuff for each world, giving us much more to do than the regular old : complete the world's story, and off to the next one. For example: after completing M.T Olympus, there's 5 good lore quest to to do for that world. Such as: a ncp has gotten a letter stating that icarus is trapped in the Labyrinth you get there and find icarus, and do 2-5 objectives while learning about icarus,how he is friends with herc, and how he even got thereAlso I think minor real time events should appear.another example:when ever your just exploring a world,at random you see off in the distance a darkside is attacking a city. What do you guys think? And please excuse my bad English.
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