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  1. Freya because she has a cat chariot
  2. worlds I want: Frozen, The Princess and The Frog, Alice In Wonderland worlds which will be in it: Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Chicken Little I'd say Chicken Little is the wildcard because it's a relatively underrated Disney movie but CL was a summon in KH2.
  3. Alice in Wonderland. I think it would fit well since the music is pretty dreamy and classic Disney. I think if there was another musical world that it should be music + action since Atlantica in KH2 was pretty boring.
  4. I think we'll have 13 worlds. Frozen, Moana, Zootopia, Treasure Planet, and maybe Cars or the Jungle Book will be the final worlds revealed.
  5. Treasure Planet or Chicken Little. I have a feeling that Moana, Zootopia, and Chicken Little will all be worlds.
  6. Made In Abyss Season 2 and The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2
  7. Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Laputa, and My Neighbor Totoro would all be great worlds. I'd love to see a Totoro world and how they would execute and the same thing with Laputa. I'd love to explore the castle and see all the details that they create it would be magical.
  8. I chose Chernabog but I also think Monstro could be a cool summon.
  9. I think the world's that reman untouched could be Moana and Zootopia. A huge maybe but it would make a lot of sense. I believe most of the world's are finished as well but it could be that they want to put those 2 worlds in the game.
  10. I liked Girl's Trip and mother! a lot. I only saw a small bit of Wonder Woman but it was really good.
  11. Frozen please. Story cutscenes. A few new worlds. A sneak peek of the final battle. I hope that an original song is played from the game too.
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