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  1. I really want a new world in KHUx, like Brave or something that wouldn’t work for KH3.
  2. Personally, I feel that Passion orchestra ver. or Hikari orchestra ver. would work best, they're just very iconic and beautiful pieces.
  3. I didn't see any of these trailers, as my TV went out. I'm not much a sports person, but I stick around for the Super Bowl for the commercials.
  4. I have beaten Birth by Sleep and the original Final Mix at level 1, but KHFM is easier than BBS, but that's just my opinion.
  5. After I had just watched the 358/2 Days cinematic on Kingdom Hearts I.5+II.5 for the PlayStation 4 after not playing the game since 2013, I wanted to watch it just to unlock the gorgeous theme for my PlayStation 4. Upon further investigation, I have come to the conclusion that 358/2 Days is deeper than we all thought. In the beginning, Xion first appears in Day 7. Xion is hooded up, starting the beginning of her depression. The Organization XIII represents her friendships. She has cut ties with most of her friends, except for the ones she cares about (Roxas and Axel). Xion doesn't even talk with them that much, up until Day 24 at least. Here, she begins to talk, as if she were to confess about her depression to her best friend, Roxas. Xion chokes up a little bit, as she doesn't want to frighten him. If you notice during scenes, Xion gets herself into dangerous situations, as if she were to kill herself, but doesn't want anyone to know about her depression. During Day 74, Xion appears with and without a hood in several shots. When her hood is up, it is her depression taking over her, but when the hood is down, it is her overcoming her depression. When Xion can't use her Keyblade, it is representing her being too depressed to do anything significant. When the Organization wants to get rid of her (calling her puppet, "Poppet", etc.), that is a representation of her cutting ties with her friends. Between Days 174-193, Xion is asleep, representing her deep depression. When Roxas is told in the end that Xion has to be killed in order for Roxas to be him again, it is symbolic of her having to cut ties with Roxas, almost as if it were suicide. She doesn't mind being killed off, as she sees herself as insignificant. During Day 357, Xion commits suicide. sorry if this theory is weak, but I felt this was interesting during my viewing of 358/2 Days. (image credit to semokan of DeviantArt.)
  6. I voted for Episode IV, but I'm in a tizzy with deciding... Episode I is mediocre, and a fight with Darth Maul would be cool, but it's so boring in terms of presentation. Episode II is garbage, except for the ending with Yoda and Count Dooku... I'd hate if they picked Episode II. Episode III is the best of the prequels, but I feel you can't start there if it were in KH. Rogue One is very action packed, but I think it'd be lame in KH. Episode IV is very iconic, but it's story would be lame, with just teasing us with Darth Vader... Episode V is the best of the original trilogy, but I think if Frozen was included, it would just be a world too similar in terms of presentation. Episode VI would be cool to play in, and could lead to some antics with the Ewoks, but I felt that Episode VI wouldn't really fit with KH. Episode VII would work, but I feel that it'd be a slap in the face to people who wanted the original trilogy instead. Episode VIII would work as well, especially in terms of marketing. However, we don't know the story, and it'd be weird to be thrown in the middle of an epic story. Episode IX would not work, as we have no idea what to expect, and Episode VIII will be the newest Star Wars film when KH3 releases. Really? The Holiday Special.... need I say more? I'm not against Star Wars in KH, so that option wouldn't apply to me. In terms of an original story, I like the idea, but would Disney consider it canon? lol
  7. I'd love to apply, I've been a fan of the franchise since Day One, and I've always gotten every game at launch!
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