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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. That what I was thinking. Riku saving I thought would happen off screen(or at least through cutscenes) due to the game focusing on Sora. And as much as I love Kairi, the main story can live without that.
  2. So I am going to make a video on this topic, but I wanted to know after FFXV did separate episodes for their characters' would it work for Kingdom Hearts III? Maybe have an Episode Riku, where we are going to save Aqua. Episode Kairi, where we train as a keyblade wielder. I am not saying to the point of XV(Maybe 2-3 max, and have them as free add-ons instead of a season pass), but that would solve the problem brought up by the rumour today. BTW, that is not true. It sounds like they took the DDD description and pasted it in there with the new stuff.
  3. Leona Lewis is British, and I don't care for My Hands. I prefer Because You Are Here. Eternal Love I'm not sure. So yea, I agree with you.
  4. Can someone please tell me why? This is the only thing that baffles me about this series at this point.
  5. Personally, I would love if Utada came back, but if not, I would love Porno Graffiti to a Kingdom Heart 3 themes. Or they could do a Sanctuary remix, I love the remix of Simple and Clean from BBS 0.2.
  6. At the end of KH1, a girl appears. Now, this may just be Kairi, but if not, does anyone know who she is?
  7. Sora, Kairi, XIII and Hearts along with friendship.
  8. I agree with you dude. The game is forcing you to strategical thinking or for you to choose what you think is best for the person's type of play.
  9. Sorry to self promote, but I noticed that no one was really talking about the new drive forms. I hope this will fill that void!
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