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  1. How i find this damn random joker for riku omg i can't go on with this thing anymore
  2. Do you think they'll bring some demo playable for the public at the concerts?it would be really cool
  3. Do you think they are going to give the release date next month?
  4. i still hope that it will be in kh3.It would suits really well
  5. Regarding the final stage of KH3 "For a long time [from back when I worked on Final Fantasy] I thought, ‘I want to try this.’ Now, because I get to do it, I'm enjoying figuring out where how far it will go and how it will move," WTF do you think he's doing with this final stage?Something that moves?Any idea,at a first think i thought that he was talking about maybe a death Star from star wars,But even something that he thought before even kh?What do you think it can be?
  6. since the d23 is done.I need to know if for you the collectors edition will be announced at e3 or before.I want that DB fighterz but im scared that they spam a collectors edition in like 2-3 days
  7. i know it's strange that boo is there but remember that the organization brings back the baymax left in the portal.So it's possible that it is set like really closely after monster inc. ending (perhaps even at the same day of the ending) and at that moment vanitas came to create problems with the doors bringing back boo.
  8. If you see the enviroment and how Sully and Mike acts,they seems rather familiar with her like Mike says "c'mon boo,im Mike wasowski" they feel like they know her.But the prove above all are the room where they works with the doors are full of balloons and you know when balloons are in monster inc.That's right during the ending.So the kh3 events are basically shortly after the first movie.
  9. Do you know if they are going to stream anything for d23?Or is just a private thing and everyone will get hell mad?
  10. So for a long time i've been keeping money for the kh3 collectors edition (i did a lot of sacrifices for this if i won't buy it i will be mad)! I initially thought that it would be the same price of FFXV ultimate collectors edition,but then i thought that the price of ffxv collectors was due to the anime and movie kingsglaive blu ray too!So could be that kh 3 collectors would cost less than ffxv's?
  11. Silver soul arc is the definition of HYPE!Watch gintama guys,watch gintama.
  12. Since the leaking hell is going on i mudt say that the world list not only it isn't complete,but also the disney worlds will be leaked anyway,more than that the files and the screens seems like pretty old (like 2015-2016).More than that i just makes me curious for the gameplay in the world.
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