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  1. I’m looking for Shana09, what’s she been up to?

  2. what happened

  3. When I first saw it I thought the starters were underwhelming, similar to Gen II starters. Like I didn't know what to pick and not because they were all good (like Gen IV) but because they all were lacking something. Then I saw them a bit more and now I like them. Rowlet was the best out of them with the whole character and bowtie thing but I dislike Grass/Flying type combo. I personally see them as "supporting" or "secondary" typings and having them together seems to make him a little weak for me. Popplio or however you spell him is very very plain. I mean it reminds me of those fans who hate the new Pokemon for being over designed and want a plainer one like Gen I. He might turn out cool but he isn't as great as the last 3 Water types we had. Lastly there is Litten. I thought he was a little trying to be sinister starter but now he is my favourite. He looks cool, he has that "i hate everything" look on him, and he might become a tiger. Plus I'm getting a kitten soon so I might rename him/bond with him more. But I think he might be feline Houndoom tbh. Both legendaries look great but I had no idea what the hell the moon legendary was. I thought it was a curtain with rods. But now it looks cool and even tho I love Solgaleo more I might just go with Lunaala. The region seems great, I love the idea of Hawaii and multiple islands. The name Alola seems alright but seems a bit underwhelming. The characters look great (especially the cousin :wub: ) with the exception the actual playable characters. They seem to be not going strong for the main character looks since we are going to change them anyways. So yeah basically this generation at first felt like a spin-off or a 6.5 to me instead of a full Gen 7, but now I feel it being a full-fledged generation.
  4. I don't hate it but people feel it is a filler title so they can keep their "KH title per year" thing plus KH3 probably coming next year.
  5. Well it's official. Bernie is done.

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    2. OmegaForte


      I meant it for the first comment Takuya said, but I guess it doesn't matter since someone can't let it go. /:

    3. Svard


      You're going to attract the mods at this rate, guys. Best not continue this argument any further.

    4. WakelessDream


      @Svard Shana is a mod sooo....


      Now guys really cut it out, all of you. No arguing, no personal attacks, let's be respectful when discussing things with each other.

  6. Random would make it too obvious. Would've ruined the prank lmao. Can't make that promise. Scaring you is what I wanted. lmao
  7. That post you quoted supposed to be my way of saying April Fools lmao
  8. I like Luna way more than Stella. She looks like grown up Namine with a bland look. Honestly we don't know jack shit about Luna or Stella. The only thing we can judge them on is their looks and what they seem to be doing so far which was just standing there in the case of Luna.
  9. It's been some years being on this site and I'm going to miss it, but I believe it's time to move on. I love this site and everything about it but I feel it's about time I go. I want to give another congratulations to Flaming Lea on her position, I am sure she will do an amazing job in my place. I want to thank the rest of the moderator team for being an amazing staff to work with. You made this site a better place. And finally I want to thank DC for the site and the members for making this site I always will remember it as; fun and ridiculously amazing. So it's time to say goodbye.
  10. I thought that FFXV gameplay was really easy till I got to the boss. This game is gonna be hard for me.

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    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      in the old demo i got my ass kicked by a knight holding a flag...he LITERALLY KICKED ME i was sold then

    3. Soul_Seeker


      I died a couple times at the boss, but only because of my careless mistakes. Time your dodges right, and strike when he's open. It becomes like real combat from there.

    4. Emrys


      It was my training with Dark souls that helped me with that fight. If you perfectly time a block against the iron giant you can do a cinematic looking counter.

  11. I wouldn't be surprised, he is Sean Bean after all.
  12. Bless Cersei is Luna

  13. People do it in real life as well as on the Internet, just to say. Honestly I think it's only fine when needing to vent and just saying things in private rather than public. Nothing should ever be publicized because let the person do their thing even if you/me/someone does not like it since it's not hurting anyone.
  14. Second one. The background on the first one could be better.
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