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  1. tangled big hero 6 olympus toy story monsters inc twilight town/ daybreak town mysterious tower frozen star wars (tai yasue said back in 2013 they were strongly considering and they are known for surprises) shibuya treasure planet marvel? kingdom hearts? key blade graveyard
  2. I believe there will be a new enemy type present within Kingdom Hearts 3. Multiple heaps of evidence have led me to speculate this. I believe the new enemy type will be a manifest of the characters and ideas in the specific world you are present in. A darkness taking over a familiar attribute in the world. Take a look at the concept art for Big Hero 6 and notice there is a baymax taken over by darkness. Recall from Union X the nightmare Chirithy from wielders that fell to darkness. In the toy story trailer there are mechs that attack you, most of which carry a purple/ reddish pink colorway. Within the most recent Toy Story trailer Young Xehanort also specifically says "One heart's shadows fill the emptiness of another. See how they bring them to life?" and then goes on to say "Like Heartless and Nobodies, they fit together." Its almost as if he is gathering information on this. This could relate to something else but remember that this is the next numbered title entry in the series and big changes/ surprise elements are bound to happen. Basically this new type would always be dependent on the world and whatever is susceptible to falling to darkness within that world. You can even go farther and say the 2.8 secret boss did in fact have significant meaning and and the phantom aqua you fight is compromised of a darkness specific to that world and aqua. My next point could branch off but it could also be going somewhere. I know Unversed are only present due to Vanitas but take a look back at what they are based off of. Unversed were centered around emotion, in the series thus far there has always been a counterpart to an already existing enemy type (heartless:nobody/ dream eater:nightmare). The opposite of being emotionally based would be materially based. Material meaning physically and existing within the confines of the respective world. I'm not saying this enemy has to be an opposite of a previously existing enemy but it could be its own category. The new enemy type would be a dark manifest of a familiar being in a world, not a reoccurring enemy that appears in the same form across worlds. If Square Enix has chosen this route for a new enemy type I would imagine it would be fairly easy to incorporate lore wise. Let me know what you think
  3. Impossible you fool, Kingdom hearts 3 was already announced. >>>>>"Peace!"<<<<<<<
  4. Great review! I got the game today and briefly played through it and I enjoyed it for the most part. Only thing I didn't like was the longgggg tutorial
  5. seeing it from different angles reveals more details that point towards a bear
  6. So I know the twilight mansion could have a possible backstory with all the unicorns but I've something else that is interesting in twilight town and its a bear in the other side of town with the sunset hill and 7 wonders. Now I haven't looked for many other possible references to the 5 tribes or whatever they're called in x chi and if someone could look around twilight town for any more that would be great. Another thing is that I think twilight town and daybreak town are somehow connected. Just look how similar the 2 names twilight and daybreak are. This could be possible but I'm just throwing things out there
  7. and If 3d never released and I told you that xehanort traveleved back in time you would give me this logic and doubt everything, well WHERES THE PLOT HOLE with xehanort. I xehanort time traveled and it didn't have a domino effect. When traveling in time a past incarnation of yourself must be at the location. Destiny is written out and CANT be changed. Kingdom hearts time travel is different from how it should be, please watch the end of 3d all over again if you don't understand kingdom hearts time travel and that it is very different. read ^^^
  8. I'm trying to get you to understand that Groundhog Day project almanac logic and kingdom hearts DO NOT mix. Kingdom hearts sets an animistic happy yet dramatic tone for its series. This isn't back to the future. Maybe if there was a back to the future world in kh3 you would be happy about that but there's not gonna so go to bed and dream about it seriously though ITS Kingdom Hearts. not firetrucking time traveling rubix cube Jenga butterfly code diffusing a Bomb while terrorists scream at you in another language. lol think about it. Square would keep it simple I understand where your going with the time travel stuff and I've seen my share of movies so I know but this is kingdom hearts for Gods sake not doctor who read ^^^^
  9. no it's more of a spinoff sense and there could be many encounters with new darknesses or ancient shit or whatever that could lead to the next chapter in the series no it will lead into the next chapter I was saying that like some darkness encountered in this game or some ancient keyblade maker shit would lead into it and Mickey would encounter it but diregard it
  10. it's basically bbsv2 which nomura was reminded of in 2.5 and said the story would be told one day
  11. They only underwent a mark of mastery to be able to save ven, terra, and Aqua. The organization was in castle oblivion to find ven but they wouldn't be there if ven was saved. Kingdom hearts logic wouldn't include your insect theory and everything would be fine and kingdom hearts would continue on. read ^^^
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