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  1. Yzma seems like she'd be the most creative fight- throwing potions at Sora and Co. to turn them into different animals to mess with them and give them different kinds of attacks/abilities sounds really cool to me. (Plus I just want Emperor's New Groove to be in KH3, so there. ) Is that really unique in KH though? Master Xehanort does the same kind of thing to TAV.
  2. I'll only be okay with it if Lauriam's name is translated as Pinky.
  3. "Get me outta here!" YEAH NO I WAS ACTUALLY GONNA JUST LEAVE YOU THERE BUT SINCE YOU ASKED I'LL HELP KEEP SAYING IT IT'LL MAKE ME GO FASTER Anyone who thinks Phil is annoying does not appreciate fake Danny DeVito enough and should be ashamed. Well, she doesn't, you're not very tasty.
  4. See, that's already what pushed it too far. That's when it turned into literally anyone can have a Keyblade. It used to be something special; it used to mean something. Now it's just whoever wants one can have one. So firetruck it. Who cares. Give everyone from Org. XIII a Keyblade, why not. Make Ventus and Marluxia part of the Keyblade War, sure. It doesn't matter. The whole story is so oversaturated with ridiculous shit like this that it literally cannot get stupider. DDD broke it, and this or any other reveal is just par for the course at this point.
  5. Console exclusives are what really trump everything for me, but price is almost as important. If a console costs more than $300, it's pretty much impossible for me to consider getting until there's a price drop. Money's just too tight.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Terra's pants look super friggin' comfy and I'm really jealous of them.
  7. okay who's the guy that wants to be xehanort because someone should really keep an eye on them
  8. I'm riding the Sonic Mania hype train all the way to the end. I've been playing S3&K again to be ready for it and I forgot how much fun I had with that game when I was a kid, so I'm super looking forward to getting to same feeling from a new game. Also really interested in Yakuza Kiwami, and the Yakuza series as a whole, but I want to play Yakuza 0 first and that game is still in the $50+ range, so that's gonna be a while. (I swear Sega is doing their damnedest to capture my soul in 2017)
  9. Usually I just name it Highwind so that when I win against Riku it makes Sora seem really petty and stupid. Now that's my kind of protag! Y'know, I did the same thing once. I just named the ship "firetruckRiku" to, again, be petty. It's my default.
  10. Spent the day at Disneyland, and if you were wondering, the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride is GREAT

  11. Dunno if it counts, but the only "trailer" I saw from Comic Con was the opening for the Rocko's Modern Life reboot, and I was impressed. They managed to keep the same frantic, semi-adult vibe as the original series, which makes me excited for the full thing. Here's hoping for another Samurai Jack.
  12. It's an absolute tragedy. Hybrid Theory was the first CD me and my brother ever owned; that and Meteora are some of my most listened to albums ever. Even if I don't always enjoy their music, Linkin Park was a huge part of my childhood/adolescence and it's heartbreaking to see a major part of that literally die. Like everyone else my heart goes out to his friends and family.
  13. Woody looks so good I wanna kiss him. (also toy donald and goofy look so dumb and so adorable i want those action figures so bad)
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